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| July 3, 2021

State police K-9 finds missing girl; another locates a suspect in a separate search

Dialynn Dwyer
State police K-9s had a busy 24 hours this week in Massachusetts.

On Wednesday morning, Millbury police requested help from state police searching for a female juvenile. Trooper John Doherty and his K-9 partner Roxy responded to the home where the young woman was last seen, and Roxy was deployed on a track with the juvenile’s scent, according to police. The four-legged officer led her partner down the street toward a wooded area and eventually to an overpass of the Mass. Pike.

“Roxy pulled to the left side of the road toward the fence line where she displayed a proximity alert and appeared to want to get through the fence down to the roadway below,” police said. “Trooper Doherty and K-9 Roxy found a path around the end of the fence to below where she pulled under the overpass.”

They located the missing girl, who was not injured, up an incline near the bridge deck. The girl was taken for evaluation by EMS.


The next morning, Trooper Dan Purtell and his K-9 partner Binks responded to help Tewksbury police after one of the town’s K-9 officers conducted a traffic stop where the vehicle backed into the police cruiser and fled the scene.

The Tewksbury officer was not injured, and shortly after officers located the vehicle abandoned in the front yard of an Andover Street residence, according to police. Officers received a 911 call from residents of a nearby home reporting a man with a flashlight in their backyard.

Purtell and Binks arrived in the area a short time later and conducted a traffic stop of what Purtell observed to be a suspicious vehicle.

“The operator informed Trooper Purtell that he drives for a rideshare service and was heading to pick up a passenger at a nearby residence,” police said. “The individual never arrived for the pickup at which point Trooper Purtell deployed K-9 Binks from the backyard of the intended pickup point.”

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K-9 Helps Police Arrest Suspect in Tewksbury

Kelly Garrity

A K-9 officer helped police in Tewksbury locate and arrest a suspect early Friday morning after the man backed his car into a police cruiser, police said.

According to authorities, Tewksbury police officers were conducting a traffic stop when the operator of the vehicle, Edwin Figueroa Jr., intentionally backed the SUV he was driving into a cruiser before fleeing the scene. Though no human officers were in the vehicle at the time, a K-9 officer was.

Sergeant Colin Trelegan said he was in the middle of a routine check when Figueroa drove straight into his cruiser which his K-9, Leo, was sitting in.

Luckily, both Trelegan and Leo were unharmed. “The second I checked on him, his ears were up. He wanted to go look for someone,” Trelegan said of his K-9 partner. “He seemed completely fine, and were pretty fortunate.”

After an investigation, police said they discovered the SUV, which they say Figueroa had stolen, abandoned outside a home on Andover Street. When residents nearby reported seeing a man with a flashlight in the backyard, a K-9 unit was deployed in the area, police said.

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A Trifecta the hard way, thanks to our own Gun Bunny.

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Good Doggies! T-Bone Steak Dinners all around. Did ya notice in the linky that K9 Officer Leo made a positive ID on the dirtbag that hit the patrol cruiser? Got to wonder, too, if K9 Officer Binks’ FIRST (ht 2 Roh-Dog) is “Jar Jar”? Betcha Betcha! 😀


Bandit… best dog ever.

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