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| July 1, 2021

Taurus Tracker 44

HCSO: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder during home invasion in north Harris County
The suspect died at the scene, Sheriff Gonzalez said. The couple said they did not know the person.

Author: Doug Delony
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — An alleged home intruder is dead after getting shot by a homeowner in north Harris County late Tuesday, the sheriff’s office confirmed.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez reported the home invasion and shooting happened before 9 p.m. in the 10500 block of Kenneland.

That’s where a man and his wife saw someone breaking into the back of their home. The suspect made his way inside, and the husband opened fire, killing him.

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KHOU again.

Teen fatally shoots man to protect mother during domestic violence situation, police say

SAN ANTONIO – A teenager is being detained while police investigate a deadly shooting that looks to the culmination of a domestic violence situation.

The shooting happened around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Days Inn off Interstate 35 North and Whirlwind Drive.

Police said a 33-year-old man showed up at the hotel after tracking the mother down who was hiding from him due to family violence. The man was said to be threatening the woman during the argument and that’s when her 18-year-old son shot the victim in the hotel parking lot.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police also say that the victim showed up to the hotel in a stolen vehicle.

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Florida suspect’s gun jams — just after police officer avoids shot to head, sheriff says

David Aaro
A Florida suspect is facing several charges after he allegedly fired at two St. Petersburg police officers over the weekend, nearly striking one of them in the head.

“If Officer Kuznetsov’s head had been tilted slightly to the left, or he had taken one more step before he stopped, there’s no doubt that he would have been shot in the head,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said during a news conference Tuesday.

The shooting occurred Saturday after Officer Ronald McKenzie and Officer Pavel Kuznetsov were attempting to locate the suspect, Austin Kingos, 23, who authorities said had probable cause for his arrest on a misdemeanor charge of violation of an injunction for stalking. The officers arrived at an area of St. Petersburg where they noticed a white van with Kingos inside.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office played dashcam and body cameras footage of the incident, which appeared to show the struggle between Officer McKenzie and Kingos.

“Officer McKenzie asked him for identification. Kingos did not immediately produce any ID and he was fidgeting around, and Officer McKenzie was concerned because of the movements and he couldn’t see Kingos’ hands,” Gualtieri said. “He opened the driver’s side of the door, at which time Kingos turned and began to actively kick and resist Officer McKenzie.”

Soon after, Kingos pulled a semi-automatic handgun from his waistband and allegedly fired at the officers, the sheriff’s office said, in a news release. The suspect then fled the scene on foot.

“Kingos fired a round and as described by Officer Kuznetsov, ‘It literally whizzed by his head,’” Gualtieri said, according to FOX 13 Tampa Bay. “He said he could hear the round whizz by his head. It was that close.”

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Yahoo News
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I’m not allowed to purchase a Taurus Trakker. The hateful and much hated Attorney General for Massachsuetts does not allow U.S. citizens to participate in a free market place because she doesn’t like some brands and styles.

Massachusetts has “a list” of acceptable manufacturers and models.

Freedom and Patriotism don’t have the same meaning in every state.

That revolver could use an upgraded set of grips.


Needs a bigger front sight.


BZ to citizens standing up against dirtbags…and ‘specially to young’uns defending the Mama Bear. That shows good home training. Too bad the St Pete Officers didn’t go ahead and kill the bastard that fired at them. St Pete area was bad enough when I FIRST (ht 2 Roh-Dog) started going down there in ’06. Gotten a whole lot worse since then. Glad my Babies GTFO in ’08.

Wilted Willy, Hope you’re doing well Brother. We thought we had a trifecta of DRTs for you this morning, but msm redirected the linky sent in to a fluff festival story. Several hours of searching this morning found another link to that home defense story DRT, so, maybe, our Beloved AW1Ed can lead with it for Friday. The sleeze media are putting out less and less home defense stories, because, you know….you don’t needz a gunz to defend your home and hearth…that’s what the popo are for.

Nothing at all wrong with Taurus Gunz. Them’s fine shooting irons. And that’s no Bull!


Most accurate .44 Special I own is a 6″ Taurus I bought on a whim 30 years ago. Full barrel underlug makes recoil about equivalent to a .38, and I load the Keith bullets to about 900fps. My kids will fight over that one.