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| June 29, 2021

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Officer shoots man during struggle after alleged catalytic converter theft attempt, Corpus police say
The original suspect has been arrested after fleeing the scene as is facing charges of aggravated robbery.

Author: Mariah Gallegos, Haley Williams
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A man who was rushed to the hospital after being shot by a Corpus Christi police officer during an incident on Monday morning has died, officials confirmed to 3News.

The shooting happened just after 6:50 a.m. on the 3800 block of Caravelle Parkway.

Corpus Christi Interim Police Chief David Blackmon said an officer who was walking through an apartment complex saw a man on the ground, under a car, attempting to steal a catalytic converter. When the officer tried to take the man into custody, a struggle ensued. While the officer was in a struggle with the suspect, another suspect came up to the officer at the scene with a gun, Blackmon said.

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KHOU Again.
Link courtesy of our Gun Bunny.

The government is mainly an expensive organization to regulate evildoers, and tax those who behave: government does little for fairly respectable people except annoy them.
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Now that’s a sidearm.


Testify, ‘beans! fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap Drop dead gorgeous and made out of metal, just as God, Colonel Colt, and The Most Saintly JMB (Howitzer Be His Name) intended it to be. fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap… Need a cig to go along with this cup of Irish Coffee…watch out for the wet spot. What’s with all these people wanting to convert Cadillacs? As in the Model 1911, they are beautiful, functional, and were made out of metal just as God and Fisher intended. BZ to the officer (a) preventing the theft of a converted Cadillac, (b) ventilating the dirtbag that came up on him. BZ to the other officers that caught the original thief. Had a 3%er of the 13% convert a Cadillac right in front of me here at Firebase Magnolia Sunday Evening. He and his buddy, Al Key Haul, converted a STS to a pile of junk, nearly rolling it, almost wrapping it around the ginormous pecan tree, and close to taking out the Picket fence. It was a real charge. Just like Hancock, I watched it unfold. Only thing that stopped the roll was the tire/wheel got caught up on the cement DOT Right of Way marker, breaking the wheel off the axle, snapping the brake disc like a broken cookie, ripping out the exhaust system, and leaving the tire/wheel 30 feet from where it all came to rest. As I tricky trotted up to see if he was OK, he was saying, “Man don’t call the poo-leese, I’ll drive out and fix… Read more »


If Jesus had a 1911 he would still be here.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s only IF he paid his premium!


Roger that API. I expressed my concern to my Deputy Bud about that. According to his computer, dumbass did have a current insurance policy in effect. GA is downright terror on uninsured motorists. If a policy lapses or is cancelled, an officer is dispatched to take the tag and the vehicle can be impounded, but we all know that there are a butt load of mofos out there that get away with it. Gotta get the report sometime today and see what kinda hoops I’m gonna have to jump thru. One good thing about living in a small, rural area, the Po Po are good guys, they really do Protect and Serve, and we have a bare minimum of riff raff. This particular riff raff was known to all the deputies and that’s where the resisting charge came from. He had dealt with the initial deputy in the past and got combative/obstructive when told he was under arrest. Big guy too, the S&W Bracelets wouldn’t fit his wrists so they were gonna put him in leg irons, hands and feet. When other deputies showed up, he decided he would be more co-operative. That taser option got his attention.

AW1 Rod

A few scraps of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are hardly worth dying for.


Rod, ya just gotta do the math, man. Catalytic Converters are just a small part of Gropey Joes’ Covid Relief Stimulas Package.

Currently, Palladium is roughly $2,875.00 per ounce, Rhoduim is roughly $21,900.00 per ounce, and Platinum goes for about $1,080.00 per ounce. Gold and Silver also have historic high prices per ounce. But, given that most every metal recycling joint will give up between $200.00 to $250.00 for a Prius converter, you just know that all those hard working urban entrepreneur apprentices are keeping score on their progress towards earning a Precious Metals Recovery Badge./smile

Dennis - not chevy

You might be on to something. A TSgt from supply once told me I had to account for every bit of tantalum my shop used (it was less than 1/4 ounce per year). He figured if it ended in -um it had to be valuable.


Neighbor had his stolen from his truck, now both our cars are inside the garage. News this week out of Kent, WA:

“Kent police have recovered hundreds of stolen catalytic converters and made multiple arrests following an investigation into skyrocketing thefts across the region.

The Kent Detective Unit recovered 800 catalytic converters and seized about $40,000 in cash, the department announced Friday.

The suspects in custody have been traveling to the King County area from out of state and “are purchasing stolen catalytic converters from local criminals off the street,” according to the department.”

The photos in the article show a van stuffed to the ceiling with converters and an enclosed trailer half full. WA state requires scrap metal dealers to copy drivers license and obtain vin number of vehicle the converter came from.

In Lakewood, WA, just prior to this, an auto shop paid a man living in his truck to park in their lot at night for security. The man awoke to vibration and noise in his vehicle. Looking down out the window, he spotted an individual half under his truck with a cutting tool. He fired one shot hitting the man got out and was confronted by the man and shot him again. Then he grabbed rope, tied the man to his trailer hitch, and towed him to a nearby vacant lot. A passing truck driver spotted him enroute, called 911, and while speaking to the officer that arrived, pointed out the truck driving by.


Forgot to add the guy shot did not survive and the shooter is in jail pending murder charges.