SOCOM Diversity and Inclusion Chief reassigned, investigation opened

| March 30, 2021

We talked about this guy last week. He’s being investigated now for his past history of clearly biased tweets in the most ironic of ironies for someone who “leads and directs all diversity and inclusion initiatives, policies, and programs at the [Special Operations C]ommand.”

The real investigation should be why SOCOM of all military organizations needs a diversity and inclusion chief.

Stars and Stripes reports;

The new chief of diversity and inclusion for U.S. Special Operations Command is under investigation for controversial social media posts, including one that compared former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, according to the Pentagon.

John Kirby, the chief Pentagon spokesman, said Monday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been notified by Gen. Richard Clarke, the SOCOM commander, of the investigation into the posts made by Richard Torres-Estrada.

“[Austin] appreciated being kept apprised of that and that he supports the work that they’re doing to look at this more deeply,” Kirby said during a news briefing at the Pentagon.

While Torres-Estrada waits for the results of the investigation, he has been assigned to other duties, McGraw said. The command also does not look into social media posts for hiring of civilians in these positions, he said.

So not only has this guy not been fired, but the hiring process doesn’t do the most basic of vetting people in the Internet age. The investigation shouldn’t be of Mr. Torres-Estrada (he’s not fit for the position he was hired for, it’s that simple, no investigation necessary) but should be about those who led to his hiring.

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Only Army Mom

One of the first things I saw this morning. Always good to start the day with a deep belly-laugh.

Hear that? That’s the sound of someone getting their butt chewed. Yeah, I’m not hearing anything either. Unless you’re listening for the sound of teeth gnashing over whomever let this bit of information slip out, it’s dead quiet.

I’m really beginning to wonder if there aren’t some grownups inside the administration that have figured out the best way to fight this progressive idiocy is to feed them all the rope they need.

Green Thumb

Was the fucking clown even in the military?


I’m betting No. He isn’t wearing a NDSM lapel pin.

Appointed on a Thursday, fired on the following Monday.

Thanks for your “service”./s


Belay my statement of “Appointed on a Thursday, fired on the following Monday.”

Further research reveals he was appointed on Monday, March 1st, then fired on Monday, March 29th.

So, Yeah, One month in the position. Also, none of his on line job history listings have any mention of time spent in uniform.

Mea Culpa./s

Hack Stone

Almost as much time as Hunter Biden in his illustrious but brief career as a Public Affairs Officer in The Naval Reserve. And what exactly does a Public Affairs Officer in The Naval Reserve required to do in his/her exalted position during those weekend drills, help the Admiral with the Washington Post Sunday Crossword Puzzle?


Somebody has to reliably supply the crack and hookers. You can’t trust just anyone for that.


He probably shops at Old Navy so I think that counts.


“Rum, sodomy and the lash” appeals to him.


He was the Captain’s “Cabin Boi” on QSS Raging Queen. His mess detail included tossing salads and serving up Creame d’ Sumyunguy Soup


“So not only has this guy not been fired, but the hiring process doesn’t do the most basic of vetting people in the Internet age.”
Of course not, he was part of the correct camp, and expressed the correct ideology they wanted. The just need to rename these guys “political officers” and just start putting them into parallel command positions at all levels like the Soviets did and end the charade as to what they are.


One would think that with a political position like this they would look into the person’s past to include their social media to prevent something like this, but then again, with this new regime maybe they thought that this guys thought process was a resume enhancer.


Next time they’ll just scrub his social media profiles prior to announcing the hire. Make no mistake about it, his expressed beliefs are exactly what Austin is looking for.


Don’t forget I take it up the buttjudge is the secy of transportation…..
Or something like that….

MI Ranger

Yep, the very basics of government hires! Do not vet their so called credentials, just allow them to list them and say they check the boxes. I am always amazed at how many government employees were instrumental in establishing government policy and treaties as experts… Don’t even get me started on all the supposed PhDs required to perform in the positions!


The left will quietly offer this POS up as a sacrifice to deflect from the bigger plans for our Military. They’ll continue to insert their leftist agenda in all aspects and push forth this corrosive, divisive, critical race theory clap trap. Expect to see a new ̶C̶o̶m̶m̶i̶s̶s̶a̶r̶ chief of diversity and inclusion who has less of a social media presence but with the exact same ideology.



So is “reassigned” the new word for “fired”?

Asking For A Friend.


“Pentagon Diversity Chief Reassigned After Social Media Posts Comparing Trump To Hitler Surface”


Gee whiz, ya think TuCa’s profiling of this guy on his week nightly show on Fox had anything to do with this fellow getting the boot? Except, they will just reassign him to another Big Brother gov’t agency or department where they appreciate the “Trump is like Hitler” meme.


He’s got a strange look about him. Like he belongs on the same ‘list’ Carlo Dobrich phony SEAL is on. Maybe I just don’t have enough diversity and inclusion in my life…


He looks like he should be handling out towels at Brucie’s Bath House, entrance in the rear.


The only thing he should be in charge of is truck stop and rest area bathrooms. He looks like he spends a lot of time hanging out around them. For research purposes only, of course. Nope, nothing sinister or kinky.

The Other Whitey

He has a face that screams “Amber Alert.”


You just bought yourself a slot on the The Hemisphere of Insults®™

” He has a face that screams “Amber Alert.” ”



very nice indeed….

The Dead Man

Honestly he looks like he comes from Innsmouth.

The other jokes were already taken…

The Stranger

Wow, that’s really digging deep for a reference. However, you are right, he does look like a member of the Exalted Order of Dagon!

The Stranger

ESOTERIC Order of Dagon.


I agree. He does look like one of my minions.

Retired Grunt

I was a shop “chief” in a division plans office once. Part of these duties meant supervising and rating civilian employees. I never really had problems with my veteran hires but oh man my non vets were constantly trying to goad me into political discussion. My answer was always the same, I HAVE NO OPINION ON THESE THINGS, I AM A SOLDIER and it is not for me to express political views at work or opinions that may or may not disparage my elected leaders. Glad I’m retired and I’m glad it looks like they are holding this turds feet to the fire.


You know it’s bad… when CNN runs the story on a leftwingnut.
Eating their own… like baby hamsters.


I noticed the Commie News Network left out of the story the fact the BLM rioters set fire to that 200 year old church in background, across the park from the White House.


This asshat needs to be promptly fired and the position eliminated. This is a solution in search of a problem and we all now how well that usually works out. Let’s just call this position by its proper name, Zampolit.


He won’t be fired. Instead, he will be reassigned to another Big Brother gov’t agency or department. I think he would be a perfect fit for the bureau that employs those crack fan belt inspectors. As I recall, they have done an extraordinary job investigating and proving Trump and his supporters sold out to the Ruskies (and likely are working for those secret Nazi’s, as depicted in that Amazon movie “Hunters”).


Just a speed bump. The five sided puzzle palace ain’t gonna give up on their good idea fairy.

Forest Bondurant

Commissar weeps.


I’m not sure of that FB. The spapos may be rejoicing that the position is open. He wants that job for himself. But then again, a full time gig may cut into spapos’s pantifa medic work.

Hack Stone

He looks like the type of guy who gives free hernia checks in the en’s Restroom at the Bus Terminal.


Through the gloryhole…


Replace him with Major.

Am gonna say it.

If Major was a pet of President Trump, the left and the MSM would DEMAND the dog be put down.

“Biden’s dog Major Bites Another White House Employee”


So, the dog is an ill-tempered and obnoxious creature who happens to be called “Major”, eh?

Wonder if he also answers to “Seagull” or “Poodle”? (smile)




The question should not be why was he selected and who fouled up the hiring process; the question is Why is there such position to start wirh?


CNN awaits?


Dude will probably show up on the valor vulture roster. “Yeah, baby I ran SOCOM, but it’s all classified”.