Gun Rights Report is Haze Gray and Underway

| February 13, 2021

It is snowing in my kingdom. I have nine feet of snow piled up in my yard that my neighbor shoveled to clear out the sidewalk, front steps and trashcan spot, and I have nothing better to do than annoy you by foisting news about gun rights violations, opinionated articles, and wake-up calls for you to absorb.

TLDWR? Tough bananas. If you want to keep your rights – ANY of them – knuckle down and read on.

Grab yourself some snacks and drinks and settle in for the long haul. Today is your day to do your homework, like it or not.

Virginia news:

From the article:   None of Christiansburg Councilman Steve Huppert’s colleagues on Tuesday voiced interest in pursuing an ordinance that would ban the carrying of guns in town buildings.

Huppert recently suggested that the town consider gun control measures similar to what Blacksburg adopted last month.

Starting March 1, Blacksburg will ban the carrying of firearms in town buildings, parks and streets when they are used for permitted events. The ordinance is allowed by a local option measure that was passed by the General Assembly last year and went into effect in July.

Huppert reiterated that he has nothing against the Second Amendment and people who own and carry guns. – article

Some Missouri news:

The following is Part Four of a 4-part series of essays on why we should and do have the right to own guns.

From the article:  After all, the very existence of an armed citizenry galls the radical Left—the Collectivists—who are intent on creating an omnipotent, omnipresent central Government, a Government that isn’t answerable to its citizenry. The founders of our Nation would be appalled. But, then, the Collectivists don’t give a damn about what the founders thought or would think, about the Collectivist agenda.

The Collectivists envision a new world order, where sovereign, independent Western Nation States, including the United States, will cease to exist. The Collectivists envision the erection of a new political, social, cultural, economic, financial, and legal system of governance; one where edicts emanate from the European Union’s Executive arm, the European Commission, whose headquarters is in Brussels, the Capital region of Belgium. – article

Read the first three parts, also. They will do you good.

From the state of Alabama:

Article: A former police chief who represents a Mobile County district in the Alabama House is sponsoring a bill intended to block state and local authorities from enforcing any new gun control laws passed by Congress or gun regulations ordered by the president.

Rep. Shane Stringer said his bill, the “Alabama Firearms Protection Act,” is meant to protect Alabamians from any loss of their rights to have guns.

“Despite the fact that our nation was built upon the promise of the Second Amendment, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are determined to attack our fundamental gun rights and erode our ability to own various firearms,” Stringer said in a press release. “The Alabama Firearms Protection Act will ensure that state and local law enforcement resources cannot be used to enforce any gun control laws or executive orders that might be enacted on the federal level.” – article

The interesting thing about this proposal is that if the attorney general finds the federal peeps in violation of this law, then the federal government gets zero – ZERO – funds from the state for a year. Best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time: deny taxes to the federal government when they start picking on your people.  Wait – didn’t something like that happen in the 1760s? Some town called Boston, people got fed up with being taxed out of business and did something about it…. or so I’ve heard.

This blog site is labeled “not secure”, but has much to say.  For example:

All four parts are there. Start at the beginning.

Now, I did recognize this unannounced plan at the beginning of the election campaign, and wondered just how long it would take to start the attack by the Lefterds on our Constitutional rights. And Joey signed more EOS on his first day in office than anyone before him. I think Obama signed a couple, but that’s all. Bill Clinton signed one.

But this time, the Dems were so sure of themselves that they had these things prepped, booked and ready for signature before the votes were even counted.

If that isn’t about as tacky as you can get, what is it?

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Old tanker

Things are getting more than a little crazy. It’s as if the lefties never knew that guns are selling faster than ever, to the point where ammo costs as much as gold (but is FAR more useful). January set yet another new record for sales even with the diminishing inventory on sellers shelves. If they keep it up I am really seriously concerned there will be some kind of violent push back. They are sowing the seeds and may end up reaping the whirlwind.

Oh and first.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Fenix Ammo manufacturers in Michigan won’t sell their ammo to the peeps that voted for der new 1,000 year 4th Reich Fuhrer. We need you back Pres. Trump. I wonder how the 2 million+ NRA members whom are democrats feel about what is going to happen to the 2A. if pres harris/biden get their way


Closer to 5 million, Jeff.

Problem at this point is not that manufacturers are unwilling to supply, it’s tat demand has gone up. As the head of Federal said a while back if every one of the estimated 800,000 new gun owners last year just wanted a couple of boxes of ammo at 50 rounds per box, that is added demand of 80,000,000 rounds. Personally, I know of no one who wants “just” 100 rounds… more like a thousand or so. Minimum.


Try to find 12 GA OOBuck or slugs.


I have reloaded shotshells & metallic rounds for a fair number of years. I do a fair amount of target shooting with centerfires & do a fair bit of clay/sporting clay shooting.

Can’t even find #7 1/2 or #8 shot to save my soul. Primers?—-Powders?—-zilch. However, plastic cup wads seem to be available in my AO.

Good thing I laid in a decent supply of the above years back before all of this foolishness started.


Out here in deepest Red State-land guns and ammo be sold out, gone as soon as any hits the shelves.


Ex-PH2, one of the rumors that I have been hearing is about the reason for the shortage of primers. Apparently it is more profitable for the manufacturers to keep the primers for their own production of ammunition versus selling them to re-loaders. More bang for the buck, so to speak. (smile)

An aside….15 degrees below zero with wind chill factor between 27 to 45 below zero up here in CheeseHead land.
Glad my new furnace is running good.

Keep your “tootsies” warm.


Correct. The markup on loaded ammunition is significantly higher.

The cartridge makers are running flat out. They are also hitting “deferred maintenance” issues.

Primer manufacture is the bottleneck. The compound used is quite hazardous in bulk, and heavily regulated. It is very expensive and difficult to expand that primer capacity, and firms are hesitant to sink that kind of cash when some assholes could crush the market in a week with an unconstitutional but enforced law.

The current ammo consumption is like nothing seen before. It is approaching “major war” levels. And most of it is not being expended.

If some foolish folks keep poking the sleeping giant, things could get very, very noisy. It is a tribute to the fundamental civilized nature of our free people that things remain calm.

Because if America wanted noisy argument, it is sitting on enough arms and ammo to fight a theater conflict of WW3.


I repeat what I have said for decades…They would not be a’wantin’ to take away the People’s gunz if they were not planning to do things that would make the People want to shoot them.

Molon Labe…Mofos…from my bloodless, unbreathing body.


Leftists’ idea of gun safety is people they’d abuse ain’t got any.


Utah just passed and signed into law permitless concealed carry.


One of several linkys out there. Grabbed this one just cause it was the FIRST (ht 2 Chip)