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| January 13, 2021

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Intruder killed by resident armed with shotgun at home in Miami, Oklahoma

Sheila Stogsdill
MIAMI, Okla. — An Ottawa County man believed to be breaking into a private residence was fatally shot by the homeowner, Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson said Friday.

Roger Nelums, 30, of Miami died around 1 a.m. Friday, according to Anderson. He had been released from the Ottawa County jail on Tuesday on charges of knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property and false declaration of ownership in pawn, according to online court records.

A burglary in progress was reported in the 900 block of B Street Northwest in Miami around 12:16 a.m. The resident told police he shot the person who broke into his house, according to Anderson’s statement.

The caller told police he was in his living room when the man began banging on the back door. He said he armed himself with a shotgun after he heard someone climb through the window of a back bedroom, according to the statement.

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The entire article may be viewed here: Tulsa World

Man Fatally Shot After Road Rage Incident in Scottsdale
Police in Scottsdale say a man has been fatally shot after a road rage incident.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. — A man has been fatally shot after a road rage incident in Scottsdale, according to police.

They said 42-year-old Nathan Lindman died after the shooting Sunday.

Police said Lindman and 27-year-old Andre Hall became involved in a road rage incident.

Hall left the scene and returned to his Scottsdale residence, but he was followed by Lindman and a verbal altercation between the two ensued in the parking lot.

During the altercation, Lindman allegedly reached into a bag.

The other man told police that he feared Lindman was reaching for a firearm, so he drew his own weapon and shot him.

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Read the rest of the incident, here: US News

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Took awhile to play catch-up from the overnight dispatches. The Natives were restless and sending in smoke signals.

Picture from the OK story shows that deadbeats, ne’er-do-wells, and trash in general comes in all races. Wrong house mofo! Good riddance!

Kudos to the AZ Citizen that Hall’ed out the trash. “I was in fear for my life. I will co-operate. I want a lawer. That’s all I have to say right now.”

Nice little sleight of picture there, you Aeronautically designated Swabbie Squid. Tease us with the ARMY SAA Hand Cannon, then clicky thingie to linky and there’s that short stroke pea shooter. It is cute, tho. Maybe if you fed it one of those Blue Bullets it would swell up to full size.

Speaking of cute, blasts from the past, and cute, while going thru the overnight dispatches awhile ago, I had the TV Set on. The Decades Channel was playing an old school The Millionaire Show. Low and behold a young Barbara Hale was playing the part of twins/look-a-likes that ol’ homeboy was trying to win her heart. The cocktail dress evening wear rig she had on really accented some of her hidden attributes. Only caught the last few minutes and the volume was down low. When that one faded out I flipped thru the channels to Movies (Classic TV too) and low and behold, Miss Hale was starring alongside Randolph Scott in 7th Cavalry. I get another shot in a bit bit when Perry comes on. Attached is a 1950s pic of the lovely Miss Hale in evening wear similar to the outfit in the show. Hubba Hubba. Nothing like the Classic Beauty of an American Icon!

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When the ideal of a woman was a pretty girl-shaped girl. I seriously wonder if the reason some of these stick-figure girls are hyped as “hot” is to get modern kids confused as to what a girl or guy IS. Toned abs coupled with a flat chest and no butt ain’t hot.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Put red hair on B Hale, and she’d be a close-enough twin for Maureen O’Hara. Hubba hubba!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Airborn Airdale Ed,
What was that gun cover pic supposed to be? A Colt?


They don’t say what was in the bag. Maybe they are still investigating it. Following a person home over a road rage hissy is a good way to get yourself killed, even if the guy you followed is guilty as hell and had it coming.

Like Dirty Harry said, man just has to know his limitations. Or, the lack thereof.

Mike Gunns

That little pistol packs a punch for its size. The one a buddy let me try was in caliber .22 mag. As I recall, I had to hold the grip with my middle finger and ring finger and thumb, pinky curled under the base of the grip. It has a pretty strong recoil because of its size.