Military Working Dog (MWD) Recognized at Retirement

| November 24, 2020

MWD Jessy Sports Her NCM. Good Girl!

Congratulations to Jessy on her successful Military Working Dog career, and her award on the occasion of her retirement. A nine-year-old Belgian Malinois, Jessy has been adopted by her current handler and family. She looks forward to lounging on the sofa, keeping an eye on the tree rats, and chasing the occasional Frisbee. Congrats, Jessy!

This very good girl was awarded a medal at her retirement ceremony at NAS Key West

Author: Harm Venhuizen</strong

Naval Air Station Key West officials honored military working dog Jessy for her service at a retirement ceremony on Nov. 5.

Capt. Mark Sohaney, commanding officer of NAS Key West, presented Jessy with a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and a Certificate of Meritorious Service at the ceremony held on the air station’s Boca Chica Field, according to a news release.

Jessy received a standard MWD retirement certificate, said Danette Baso Silvers, an NAS Key West spokeswoman, in an email to Military Times.

But that wasn’t all.

“At the discretion of Commanding Officer Capt. Mark Sohaney, she was presented with a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for her six years of outstanding performance and loyalty as a U.S. Navy Military Working Dog and her protection of her 10 handlers while at Naval Air Station Key West,” Silvers said.

Jessy has worked with 10 different canine handlers in her time at NAS Key West on assignments including two overseas deployments, 38 presidential missions, and Fleet Week New York City.

In her most recent assignment, the nine-year-old Belgian Malinois and her handler were on standby in New York City to serve the hospital ship Comfort at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well done Jessy! Read the entire article here: Navy Times

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You go girl!


Fvcking POG dog….two overseas deployments were probably to Oki. Lol.

Good Dog. Enjoy the retirement, lounging, and tummy rubs.


HEY!!!!… all you haters…..
6 years of service is like 42 human years, so, any of you that’s got 42+ years…..fine, but the rest of you…..
(Remembering from my old AF days, the guys that used to have K9s…you gotta clicky da linky)


Another literal dog with more personal decorations than me. I’d like to think I too was loyal.


In my fathers 26 year Marine career, retiring as a MGYSgt his sole personal decoration was a Navy/Maine Achievement Medal with V device for his time with 1 MAW at Danang. He used to needle his kids (Army/Air Force) for the apparent way our services “handed out medals like candy”.

Having said that I am certain that he would view this award well deserved for her 42 dog years service at Key West and wish her a heart felt Good Girl.



Maybe you should’ve humped more legs?


Or then again maybe that’s why.



Hack Stone

Hack Stone had a faithful companion who did five PCS’s to include a B Billet. His last overseas was his final, he died on Okinawa. Had him cremated, and his ashes are now in a Japanese Urn in the Fortress Of Solitude at Stately Stone Manor.

A few months later, luck smiled on the Stone Family when Hack found a puppy wandering the barracks of Camp Hansen, shaking down young Marines for spare change. Hack’s friends tried to warn him that this mutt was just using him for a free ride to the Big Pet Smart in CONUS. The flight back to the States took an extra five hours because he kept sticking his head out the cockpit window to look at the planes flying in the opposite direction. Then there was all of that extra paperwork on the SF-81 because of the non citizen residing at Stately Stone Manor. Eventually, he did raise his right paw and pledge his allegiance to America. He’s gone now too, and his remains are next to his big brother’s.



5th/77th FA

BZ Jessy! Enjoy your well earned and deserved retirement. Not only a good girl but a pretty girl too. You carry your age well!


Who’s a good girl! Jessy is!


I keep finding shovels


Wasn’t looking for that.


Standing by peaceful waters