The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly…

| November 12, 2020

Our ninja brings us an update on a story first posted by The Dave a year or so ago. Seems Attorney Kevin Creed simply could not help but take advantage of the generosity of others. Long story short, he stole funds from a branch of the Fisher House Foundation that he set up, to the tune of 1.4M USD. Read the background posted here: Valor Guardians

…Yet They Grind Exceeding Fine.

Lawyer Who Founded Veterans Charity Sentenced to Prison for Scamming Donors

By Don Stacom

With angry victims demanding a stiff penalty for disgraced attorney Kevin Creed, a federal judge on Monday sentenced him to three and a half years in prison for swindling $1.4 million from a Connecticut veterans charity.

Creed, a former state trooper and decorated military veteran, showed no reaction when Judge Janet Hall announced what she said was the second-toughest term she had ever imposed in a fraud case.

“You stole from veterans and people who gave in memory of veterans. You stole from schoolchildren,” Hall told Creed at a hearing on Zoom. “You used your background to make people trust you; you did it over a period of years.”

Creed’s lawyer proposed a sentence of home release, but at least one victim told Hall that wouldn’t be nearly enough — especially since COVID-19 restrictions are keeping millions of Americans largely inside their homes.

“He has given all nonprofit organizations a bad rap. Why should he deserve to live in a home he loves and is accustomed to? He belongs in jail,” said Lucille Rouse, one of hundreds of people whose donations to Fisher House of Connecticut were embezzled by Creed. “He’s a scammer.”

Creed pleaded guilty last year to wire fraud for diverting money when he ran statewide fundraising to construct a Fisher House near the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Haven.

I donate, but will leave the charity unnamed to avoid the appearance of any impropriety. Dave’s opinion on supporting Veteran charities is well known, if a bit harsh. It’s because of scam artists like these that it is so; if you decide to support a charity regardless of the beneficiary do your research. The wallet you protect is your own. Read the entire article here:
Thanks, ninja.

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Thank You, AW1Ed, for posting this update. Some interesting parts of the article that caught my eye: “Creed, a former state trooper and decorated military veteran”… “Creed, 69, who reached the rank of Major in the Army and served for more than 20 years…” “…set up the charity in 2010 and initially turned over about $1 million from a series of small fundraisers, donations and appeals to VFW and American Legion posts across the state.” “But after a few years, he began pocketing money to cover mortgages on his Litchfield Home, loans and his law firm’s expenses…” “..Creed was in a unique position to gain trust, McGarry said. He was welcomed by veterans and their relatives after talking about his military service and his time as a Shelton police officer, Connecticut state trooper and lawyer.” “He used his status as a veteran and as a police officer. People are on guard when a stranger comes to the door asking for money,” McGarry said. “He was named Man of the Year by the Hartford Yard Goats. He posed for photos with congressmen and senators.” “Blair Creed said, adding that his father’s mental health suffered while trying to help a suicidal daughter and a wife with serious medical difficulties.” “He earned a Meritorious Service medal, a Bronze Star — all of his achievements are meaningless now.” “This was egregious — a fraud at a level I haven’t seen often in my 23 years,” Hall said, and emphasized that she was especially troubled that his crime went on for years.” “I can’t excuse but I can understand a person under stress who sees money on the table in front of them [and takes it[ — that’s called aberrant behavior,” Hall told Creed. “A person who does that over and over and over again, that’s not aberrant. It’s very serious. What got lost here is trust.” Not only will he serve 3 years and 3 years of supervision after his prison term, he will also have to pay back all the money he stole at the tune of $1.4 Million. As a start, he… Read more »


Any vet who would steal from the Fisher house deserves a special place in hell. What a scum bag.

Steve 1371

I am with you!

Green Thumb


5th/77th FA

Rope, scaffolding, this POS. Some assembly required. Film at 2300hrs.

Let the donater Be Aware…Be Very Aware. I donate to a certain Military Themed Blog. And to a True Man of God’s Ministry. And will gladly give some deserving someone a hand up. Salvation Army gets some kettle rattling, and I’ll help fill up the Firemen’s Boot.

I will patiently await the posting of the “I Support Single Moms” picture.


I was sure you were going to suggest a trebuchet!

5th/77th FA

We’ll use that for the burial part Berliner. Buzzards got to eat…same as worms. (spit)


This information about him is displaying on the Internet at this link:

“Attorney Kevin Creed was a Connecticut State Trooper for 6 years and later he retired from the United States Army as an officer with more than 24 years of active duty experience. He was admitted to the Connecticut bar in 1997 and admitted to the U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut in 1998. He received his B.A. from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and his J.D. from DePaul University IL.”

And the IRONY of this link on him…

“They also provide services for people who’ve been accused of a crime or need help navigating the Veterans Affairs system.”


So far, what I found of his Military Service claims:

(1) Claims he spent 17-18 Years as a Helicopter Pilot in the US Army.

(2) Claims he was a Battalion Commander (as a Major???)

(3) Claims he was an Advisor to the Army Reserves in the Chicago area.

(4) Claims Bronze Star Medal.

Found a 1974 newspaper article about him when he was a State Trooper in Bridgeport, CT that identified him as Air Force National Guard Veteran.

Found a 1995 news article from the Chicago Tribune where he was identified as an Army Major living at Fort Sheridan.

And check this 2008 news article about him..

(Hmmmm..this one is a wee bit interesting…because I was Boots on the Ground in April 2003 in the Sandbox and I DO NOT remember any of the incident he describes as happening…):

“Economy Among Issues Leading Veterans Away From McCain”

“Creed, a Litchfield lawyer and former Connecticut state trooper, spent 17 years as an Army helicopter pilot before retiring from the military in 1996. After Sept. 11, 2001, Creed was one of 33 retired Army aviators who agreed to be recalled to meet the Pentagon’s need for specialized officers during a national emergency.”

“At the age of 51, Creed left his prosperous Connecticut law practice, lost 40 pounds, dug his old logbooks and flight suits out of his attic and returned to duty as an Army major, traveling between Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait as the Army’s theater aviation maintenance officer. In April 2003, Creed was shot down south of Baghdad and spent the night camping in the desert until he and his crew were rescued.”

Don’t know what to believe about this Dude.

5th/77th FA

Here’s something you can believe ninja. Dude is a lying, embellishing POS.



He claimed to have been the “Army’s theater Aviation Maintenance Officer.”

I know THAT is NOT the Truth. Trust me on this one.

I feel so sorry for all those Folks he scammed.

3 years is NOT enough.

IF he is drawing an Army Retirement Check as a Major (have this feeling he got RIF or Passed Over for promotion to O5) and drawing SSN, the amount STILL would not be enough to repay $1.4 Million.

Greed Will Get You Everytime.



Dinner/Supper time for the ninja family.

Afterwards, to get a good laugh and a break from Politics, we will be watching “Attack of the Giant Leeches” on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

Enjoy the evening!



If he is drawing a mil retirement check that will go away when he goes away to PYITAP.

Green Thumb


Except that he will wing up at All-Points Logistics.


1996 would be about right for the less than 20 year TERA (Temporary Early Retirement Authority) As part of the Peace Dividend a number of Field Grade Officers with multiple passovers were retired short of 20 rather than be continued to 20 years. In the AF that occurred on a wholesale basis for members of the 1977 promotion year group. For the 78 year group just about all except a couple rated/aviation AFSCs were shown the door as well.

I don’t know how the Voluntary Rated Recall for Army aviators went but for the USAF most were brought back to fill staff billets above Wing level. One major exception was F-15E WSOs. It was said you couldn’t swing a dead cat in Goldsboro without hitting a LtCol WSO because of the bathtub caused by shutting Nav school down for a while.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I wonder if Bubba & Thor already have him picking up the soap for them come shower time?


Hoping that he gets passed around on an hourly basis in Cell Block “C” during his “stay”.

There’s a special place in Hell waiting for him…

Green Thumb

I heard All-Points Logistics (CEO “Phony” Phillip D. Monkress) in Merritt Island, FL was looking for a replacement for Lori Benton.

Not to mention pulling double duty in parking lot security…

It looks like they may potentially found their man. Dropped right in their proverbial laps, if you will.


Green Thumb

Just saw the helicopter pilot bit.

Damn, Phildo now has another backup to fly his taxpayer-funded ride.

You know, the one he procured based on his false Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims.