Norks Are Back To Normal

| October 21, 2020

This image made from video broadcast by North Korea's KRT, shows a military parade with what appears to be possible new intercontinental ballistic missile at the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, Oct. 10, 2020. (KRT via AP)

Nd:tBF is itching for a war with us.  He really is, he’s practically attacking the nearest scratching post to show us how badly he wants it.

Seriously, he’s brought out his newest and shiniest missile for a mobile display for all of his humble subjects to see. He’s like a proud Papa, showing off the kid before he even gets home from the hospital. That’s it in the photo up there.

From the article:  WASHINGTON — “Where’s the war?” That’s how President Donald Trump defends his North Korea policy at campaign rallies even though he’s joined the list of U.S. presidents unable to stop the ever-growing nuclear threat from Kim Jong Un. That threat will transcend the November election, no matter who wins.

Despite Trump’s three meetings with Kim, the North Korean leader is expanding his arsenal. This month, Kim rolled out a shiny new, larger intercontinental ballistic missile during a nighttime parade in Pyongyang.  (See above photo. Can’t miss it.)

Arms experts said the missile could possibly fire multiple nuclear warheads at the United States. It serves as a reminder that despite Trump’s boasts, North Korea remains one of the biggest dangers to U.S. national security.

North Korea hasn’t been a major campaign issue, though it could surface in Thursday’s debate, which is supposed to include a national security segment. Democrat Joe Biden has blasted Trump’s chummy relationship with Kim, saying that, if elected, he would not meet the North Korean leader unless diplomats first draft a comprehensive agreement. Trump, meanwhile, predicts he can get a deal quickly if reelected, citing the dire conditions in North Korea. – article

He indicates now that, after three in-person discussions with dTrump, he’s not happy with not having his way and wants no more talk. Talk no good now. Throw missiles at neighbors, upset neighbors, upset USA. No more talk.

Of course, Biden has to stick his oar into it, forgetting that even his hero Obama couldn’t get Nd:tBF to stop launching missiles at his neighbors.

From the article: Biden says that if he’s elected, he will inherit a North Korean challenge that is worse than when Trump took office.

“After three made-for-TV summits, we still don’t have a single concrete commitment from North Korea,” Biden said in a statement on North Korea. “Not one missile or nuclear weapon has been destroyed. Not one inspector is on the ground. If anything, the situation has gotten worse.” – article

No, it’s pretty much the same, except that it’s mostly parades and displays right now. I’m sure that, once winter is over and Fatty Kim da T’ird gets his mojo working again, we’ll be right back where we were in 1983 when Pres. Reagan spent some time at the DMZ with a set of binocs.  Don’t get me started.

I know we’ll all sleep better at night, now that our Nork friend, who likes emmentaler cheeses, is back on his feet. In a world gone bonkers with the equivalent of a medieval plague, when some things start to go back to near-normal, it makes us all feel just a teensy bit better.


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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

(Zoom) Guided missiles (Zoom), Guided missiles (Zoom)
Guided missiles, aimed at my heart
Bound to destroy me, tear me apart
Guided kisses none of them true
Now I know the enemy is you, Cuff Links 1957 Dootone label


Just listened to that tune (title is “Guided Missiles”). Pretty standard 50s doo-wop, but the lyrics are certainly a sign of the times!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

FuzeVt; If your into the music and want to get away from the standards then tune in to Hofstra University, Uniondale LI, NY on Sundays from If I remember 3-6 PM and you can hear collecters/obscure stuff on your PC. I think that Fordham University is still running the Time capsule show on Saturdays which I think it’s called something else but cant remember.


Quaker Gun


There’s no way we will ever start something in NK. If we succeeded with the most perfectly executed decapitation strike in history but the Norks got one nuke off at the ROK, whoever was President would bear that as his legacy to the end of history. Now, if the Norks fire first, we’ll take the opportunity to genuinely F that country up. I don’t think, even then, we would do anything nuclear. The big nuclear… Read more »


Excellent novel “Resurrection Day” in which during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Russians launched and we retaliated. Russia got flattened, but we became world pariahs.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

First, a question?
What is Nd:tBF’s health and physical status?
Last I heard/read, he was mysteriously disappeared, presumed to be at Death’s Door, if not dead.

Second, all these saber rattling “experts”……how do they know that that “thing” rolling up and down the streets isn’t a plywood, foil, and paint mockup meant to look scary but accomplish little else?


I bet the engineers who worked on that are praying to every god they can think of that the damned thing will fly and hit, at least close to where it’s supposed to. Death by 40 Mike-Mike is not a good thought. But it may be one hell of a motivator to check that shit twice and three times. The trick is to then hand it off to a lower dude and tell him to… Read more »

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Presuming that it’s even supposed to fly, that it’s not a dummy mock up supposed to look good and little else (and not fall apart during the parade).

5th/77th FA

It doesn’t have to work perfectly. And it only has to work once. And it doesn’t have to hit a target. Twenty some odd miles above the continental US, you pop a nuke, create an EMP, and we’re toast. It’s that simple. And if the damn thing is launched from a container ship fairly close in, we have maybe 6-9 minutes to react. At the most. Despite all of the advances in technology, the improvements… Read more »


Believe it or not, creating a destructive EMP is a lot harder than it sounds, and even if it managed to fuck up civilian electronics, most of our critical infrastructure and military gear is hardened sufficiently to where it would be minimally disruptive.


I think atmospheric nuclear detonations automatically create an EMP due to the Earth’s magnetic field, but I agree that military gear would likely be protected enough. TAH would be probably down, though, and that would be chaos.


Atmospheric detonations produce little EMP, putting most of the energy into blast effect. It is the exo-atmospheric ones that generate major EMP. It has to do with physics of the blast in vacuum, and the transition of that un-attenuated radiation wave into the atmosphere. That edge-effect converts it into EMP instead of shockwave/fireball. It needs to happen in hard vacuum, and have a good long run to spread before hitting atmosphere. Then you get megazorch.… Read more »

5th/77th FA

The concern is not for the hardened military systems or our Strategic Forces per se. A portion of that may be OK. The concern is for the National power grid and the phone system. Neither of those are even semi hardened unless it has happened in the last few days. An E1 level EMP from a coupla megaton nuke over the middle of CONUS is gonna knock every phone and power substation on its ass.… Read more »


And then the folks who did it get an extinction-level nuclear event. They cease to exist, and everything immediately downwind is SOL. And whomever helped them do it also gets extinguished. And we recover and go on. Those doomsday predictions generally assume perfect maximum-order maximum-effect enemy action and total headless-chicken US response. Never happens that way. But the scenario sells books, and consulting gigs. In practical terms, it can’t destroy us, and it can’t disarm… Read more »