Regarding the Two Koreas

| October 1, 2020

Regarding the two Koreas:

This 2017 article is a closer look at the defenses of South Korea’s military, following an upgrade to their agreement with the USA.

This was when Fatty Kim da T’ird was trying to Jones-up his missile program and finally succeeded with the underground test detonation of a 250 kiloton nuke that rang seismometers in the USG’s US network, as an earthquake of 6.3-magnitude not far from North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

From the 2017 article:  SEOUL, South Korea — With Seoul expecting another North Korean missile test, South Korean warships conducted live-fire exercises at sea on Tuesday in a second straight day of military swagger from a nation still rattled by the North’s biggest-ever nuclear test.

The test on Sunday (in 2017), which North Korea said was a hydrogen bomb, was a huge advance in the North’s push for nuclear-tipped missiles capable of hitting the United States. It has also resulted in South Korea boosting its own military capabilities. Washington and Seoul agreed to lift restrictions on South Korean missiles they’d previously agreed upon, according to the South Korean presidential office, allowing Seoul to improve its pre-emptive strike capabilities against the North.

The Korean Peninsula has been in a technical state of war since the Korean War ended in an armistice in 1953. The near-constant unease has worsened in recent months as North Korea has displayed rapid improvement in its weapons capabilities, testing intercontinental ballistic missiles and a string of other missiles meant to target U.S. forces in Asia and the U.S. mainland. – article

Currently, the North has been less explosive and somewhat more subtle, as with the accusation that the Norks were responsible for the theft of $81 million from the account of the Bank of Bangladesh at the NYC Federal Reserve in 2019.

As it is, South Korea has gone back to its alert status because of this most recent event in which the Norks shot a fish inspector and then incinerated him and his boat. Realizing their mistake, they apologized to the South for the act. There is a rumor that he was trying to defect to the Norks, but no confirmation of it.

And now in 2020: It appears that, despite the drawdown in the Middle East, and the current shutdown of onshore activities, we are straying from our Cold War attitude and becoming slackers.

Per the article  WASHINGTON – The way the United States military has had forces arrayed in the Pacific for the last 70 years must change to meet a new threat environment, the US Marine Corps’ top general said Wednesday, arguing that the force must be in more places and spread across a wider area.

After WWII and the Korean War, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps have had their forces set up to respond to a possible crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger said, but with the rising Chinese threat that force laydown is no longer going to cut it.

“I know we are taking a look at the posture of U.S. forces in the Pacific, Berger told the virtual audience at the annual Modern Day Marine conference. “They were well designed and well crafted, pointed from California to Japan like an arrow at the Korean Peninsula to make sure that if there was another problem on the Peninsula we’d be well positioned to handle it.

“It’s not a good laydown for 10 years from now or 20 years from now. We need to look at it again.” – article

Well, frankly, having grown up in the Cold War with the DEW line up in Alaska and the Pac Northwest, and NORAD, and the very real threat of annihilation by the Soviets (not the one living with Dave Hardin, BTW) during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I’d have to agree that being mindful of the potential for an unwarranted launch of anything toward the USA, including dead animals – oh, wait, they eat those. Sorry – including dead Nork Generals, is simply a smart attitude.

The current generation’s crop of (failures) know-it-alls coming out of schools have never had to live with that threat because of the due diligence and alertness our government has maintained. And most likely, they will not believe that there is a real threat, because they are that naïve.

Perhaps it’s time that the lessons of the Cold War were repeated.

Just sayin’. The Cuban missile crisis is not that far in the past.

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5th/77th FA

Anybody here think that China is our friend? How about the fact that the Chinese Communist Government takes a long view of their ultimate goal to have world domination? Anybody think that they won’t bring every weapon they have to bear and make a surprise pre-emptive strike on us? Probably everywhere at once. Remember, the Japanese did not JUST strike Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. China controls the Norks, it’s that simple. We think we control the ROKs. The scenario of the Iranians using a Nork missile, fired from a neutrally flagged ship to create an EMP over the western world is a real and present danger. They have also bought off US career politicians, news media, and can inudate Social Media for a disinformation campaign. Once the grid goes down, their container ships loaded with working vehicles can offload at the various ports of the US, “for humanitarian reasons” and we are toast. The career pols, sitting in ther supposed safe hard sites will eventually be swept up and since their usefulness is over, shot. Larsie boi can talk all his trash he wants to about, “The Cold War is over”, or “China doesn’t want to destroy or take us over because we are their biggest trading partner”, and even his old standby, “China is not Communist”! Bull cookies! The Cold War never was over, it just shifted to a back burner on simmer. They used us as a trading partner to sell us all of their crap,… Read more »

5th/77th FA

No more recipes? Oh hells to the nah, that’s fighting sho’ nuff dirty. No worry Mi’Lady, I ain’t a’gonna give up. I’ll fight til the last bullet and/or the last drop of blood. They may pull me out of a pile of brass or they may see me rooting thru the pockets of the dead looking for a smoke. Either way, in my count, I win. Guess my main point is we cannot trust the ChiComs, or anybody else. And like Penguinman000, I feel that they will continue to do whatever they can, with whomever they can, to spread terror and discontent. They don’t the domestic enemies we have, and are spreading the continued hatred of the Great Satan worldwide. The more they encourage the Norks, or anyone else, to poke at us, the better off they are. The US, IMO, really needs to quit being the Policeman of the world. I used to say, back in the 70s and 80s when I actually gave a damn, that we ought to pull ALL of our troops, equipment, technology, and money, back to this side of the ponds. Kick the drug dealing dictators the hell out of Central and South America, secure OUR CANAL, (we paid for and built the damn thing) and take care of the Western Hemisphere. Let the damn Europeans, Russians, Middle Easterners continue to kill one another as they have for years. Let the Asians fight it out amongst themselves, like they have for centuries, and darkest… Read more »


I’m in the camp of the Chi coms attempting to break us politically, fiscally and technologically. I don’t see them launching a planned offensive war.

Aside from their lack of ability to sustainably project power via naval means in any sort of large scale, they crave stability over all else. Open warfare introduces too many unknowns for them.

They have health care issues, environmental issues, religious issues and too many men. Plus their flubbing of COVID initially looks like it May be damaging their manufacturing base.

My guess is they will continue to stoke BLM/racial division, steal intellectual property and back door all of our infra structure to take advantage of any crisis that presents itself.

Then again, I got my crystal ball from the bargain bin. So I could be wrong.


I agree. After checking the show China in Focus, I am beginning to believe that China is a lot more fragile on the inside than they are willing to admit. The parent company for these guys and NTD (New Tang Dynasty Television who host the show and are based in New York) is The Epoch Times (Larry Elder does videos for them and I am sure many people on here have heard about the Epoch Times) so I can safely say that they are no friends to Communist China. The folks on NTD also happen to be Falun Gong practitioners so they most certainly are not friends with the CCP (as it is taboo in China and from what I have heard on Wikipedia, not only are they persecuted, they are reportedly common targets for organ harvesting).


We are not going to have a war with a China. They would lose.

China does not want to take over the US.

That does not mean they are not a threat. They are an economic threat. They are a political threat. They are a technological threat. They are an espionage threat.

China is not a communist country. It is authoritarian and technocratic….but not communist.

Lumping China and North Korea together as though they are anywhere near the same category of national security threat proves you know fuck all about either of them.

Your worldview has not changed since you climbed into a fallout bunker in the 1960s.

You are one of the more intransigently ignorant people on this board.

You keep calling me out as though you bludgeoning me with the gravity of your stupidity will somehow get me to submit to your absurd retrograde dotard hysteria over then threat of communism.

Communism is a discarded, debunked, and dead theory.

It is not spreading, it has no advocates. It is not a threat to the a United States.

Just google the question “Is communism spreading?” And you won’t find a serious discussion of the threat of the spread of communism written after the Reagan era. .


Aren’t you late playing “medic” at a protest for BLM/ANTIFA sponsored by the CHICOMS and Putin? How do you answer the questions about participation in activities advocating overthrow of the US government/participation in activities sponsored by foreign actors hostile to the US on your SF-86? The mental gymnastics necessary to avoid admitting the actual truth must be exhausting. I’m basing this off the assumption you actually learned something during your time at civil affairs school at Bragg. So, if you are too stupid to recognize the clearly linked information warfare efforts the Chinese and Russians are conducting (and you’re participating in) I’ll understand. Let me guess, you don’t have the stones to actually reply with an intelligent response. Vegas oddsmakers have you failing to reply or throwing a red herring. A red herring is a logical fallacy similar to your pathetic appeals to authority regarding your law enforcement “experience”. I’m including this very basic definition since your “professors” at Berkeley clearly didn’t explain the concept of logical fallacy to you (based off of your posting history) during your polysci “degree” and you clearly lack the intellectual curiosity to discover information not spoon fed to you by sycophants. Having a signed book by Zinn you never read does not an academic make. In short, you are morally and intellectually inferior. I have more respect for the shit fingers I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan than you. At least they were honest in their world views. You clothe yourself in the glory… Read more »


So, I guess Marxism has nothing to do with Communism in your parallel universe.


He attended some sort of institution of “higher learning” where they taught him double speak. That’s how he can say with a straight face there are “mostly peaceful protests” and focus on esoteric political definitions in an attempt to justify the bad behavior of China.

His “learning” can be summed up in one statement. “White men=bad.”

Just An Old Dog

Berger ( The Hills Have Eyes Looking mother fucker he is) is too busy removing Confederate symbols from bases and licking the Asses of the SJWs in Congress to concentrate of real strategy.
Fuck him. He’s just another POS Amos


Re. China-US trading partners…in 1940, Japan’s biggest overseas trading partner was the US.