Robert Lane (4)

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Robert Lane (4)
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L/Cpl Nelson

“I volunteered for everything- jeep license,jump wings, neurosurgery , repairing the Hubble space telescope”………
You’re a world-class POS, Lane

Ken Wagner

you stupid fuck, we did not even know what the fuck a grenada was till the night on ship on the way to relieve our 1/8 when the ship piped alert, then the ships co hit us with the news that our sister unit had taken over 200 KIA, and “oh yea, we need to detour to this Cuban held Island to kill something called the PRA. And we did, I know this to be fact. I was 2/8 Guts Golf 2nd platoon, as they say, “you got stars on your C.A.R.?”
really cool you volunteered for something that Reagan thru in there to get the peoples mind off our massacre in the root. You need to come play war with me. seen a lot since then, but here to tell you we rocked the fucking root

Ken Wagner

Camp Geiger is where the 8th lived and played we lived alone, ITS was also on Geiger
If I ever cross paths with you I will break your body and piss on your forhead so St. Peter knows from the smell you ain’t allowed in there with the real Marines.