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| August 8, 2019

Education is not the chips of arithmetic and grammar, — nouns, verbs, and the multiplication table; neither is it that last year’s almanac of dates, or series of lies agreed upon, which we so often mistake for history. – Wendell Phillips at a speech he gave in Boston in 1881

Napoleon said essentially the same thing: History is the set of lies that people have decided to agree upon.

And before Napleon, it was Fontenelle who said in 1728:  Il n’y a point d’autres Histoires anciennes que les Fables.  (There are no ancient histories other than these fables.)  (Hat tip to Q1 Research for those historical references.)

There’s a whole bunch of linky thingies in this article, for a reason. The real impact of these articles is in the body of copy, which is too long (in my view) to take up space on the column itself.  When the Wall Street Journal chimes in on the issue of Trump vs. Obama on immigration/deportation, I read further.

One of these links is to an article with an interview video with some students – on campus – regarding Trump vs Obama in the deportation debate. Those interviewed thought Trump is far worse than Obama until the differences were shown to them by the interviewer. For the record, Pres. Obama’s immigration authorities deported 3 million++ illegal immigrants.

So here you are. Get some refreshment before you go into all of this. It’s worth your time.

Obama was the president whose ICE people came up with the “cages”.


And students who thought a quote from “a president’ was from Trump, were shocked to find  that it was from Obama:  https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13464

And then Joe Biden steps on his crank about it, because he assisted in getting illegals deported under Obama’s two-term administration: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/12/biden-immigration-2020-1411691

It just gets better and better all the time, especially when the Wall Street Journal chimes in:  https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-trump-has-deported-fewer-immigrants-than-obama-11564824601

If you forget the past, you may be doomed to repeat it. If the past is intentionally buried under false fronts and lies and political propaganda, it becomes the undiscovered nemesis that will sink those who tried to bury it.  Stalin was really good at changing Soviet history to suit himself. He had an entire crew of expert photo retouchers who could completely eliminate someone standing next to Joe Stalin in a photo, someone who fell out of favor with Joe Stalin, as if he had never existed.

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The facts, while interesting, are not relevant.

A Proud Infidel®™️

“1984” and the movie “Idiocracy” were not meant to be prophecies.

5th/77th FA

Ex, dahell you doing inserting verifiable facts into this conversation?

orange man bad “click”
orange man bad “click”
orange man bad “click”
orange man bad “click”

Sad when what little bit of history that’s taught these days is either distorted or down right wrong.