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| April 21, 2019

cody 3
Atomwaffen Division head Cody Moreash holding a pistol and flanked by the apocalyptic Neo-Nazi tract ‘Siege’ which advocates the use of mass terror and violence to effect destruction and the total collapse of the institutions of government and society, and “White Power” (Photo ©Nate Thayer)?

I’ve been in comms with Nate Thayer, the journalist who put together yesterday’s excellent Stolen Valor article. The man is a straight-shooter, and a fan of TAH. He’s writing a series on this Atomwaffen Division, and if yesterday’s SV article is any indication, he’s got them by the short and curlies.

All this comes with a price. Unlike most of us using board names, Nate is out in person with his name and contact information (he did request I not reveal his SSN, which I will honor). As such, he gets fan mail, and sometimes threats. Like this:

Nate Thayre

As an aside, the story you re-posted is one in a series of five I am doing on this particular group of Neo_nazi white supremacist Satanic paramilitary domestic terrorist cult/organization, Atomwaffen Division. They are not happy. I have fielded innumerable death threats over the last week, hacks that took down my website, the doxxing of my SS#, DoB, home address, relatives particulars, legal notices threatening suit if I don’t cease writing about them, etc etc. Importantly, I have received zero complaints of having written anything that is not correct.

Mostly I ignore them, but i did respond to two threats. Here are the threats and the responses:


I have been receiving a stream of anonymous death threats over the last few days after I began publishing a series of articles based on a months long investigation profiling an armed neo-Nazi paramilitary U.S. domestic terrorist group, the Atomwaffen Division, such as this one:

“You are putting a big risk on yourself trying to expose Atomwaffen friend, the organization is disbanding but still has national reach. It would be best for everyone if you just left them alone. You don’t even understand what they represent, if you think your American dream is anything more than a lie than you’re quite naive. For everyone’s personal benefit I highly advise you drop the next article you’re writing. Good day sir and remember ?????? ?????? 18”

I replied: “If you find any inaccuracies in the articles I have published to date, or in the several more in the series on Atomwaffen Division that I will be publishing and you will read in coming days, please do let me know and I will make a correction accompanied by a public mea culpa note attached to that article.

So far I have received no complaints of publishing incorrect information or requests for corrections. To the contrary, I have instead received several messages similar to yours that object to publishing the truth.

You should be aware, however, I have, in addition, received even more messages from others associated with the AWD providing even more details about your terrorist group.

If you have any additional information that would contribute to a more thorough understanding of and balanced portrayal of Atomwaffen Division, I encourage you to get back in touch and share your knowledge.

Secure communication are available and all confidentiality assured, if desired.

I am a journalist. My job is to bring accurate, empirical information of legitimate public interest and import to free people so they can decide for themselves its significance.

There is nothing that tyrants lurking at the edges of legitimacy fear more than the harsh glare of public scrutiny on the truth. And there is nothing that free and, even more so, those not free or living under the threat of the jackboot of tyrants deserve, need, and want more.

And for the record, I’ve been doing this since before you were a pup. I have pissed off far bigger and more impressive armies with far superior firepower than (and this is where I throw in my opinion. Everything else above and below is unvarnished truth) you knuckleheads.

Stay tuned for more articles, written free of fear or favor or intimidation.

Nate Thayer, free man and investigative journalist, reporting for duty.

And the second fan mail:

The “on Reporting on Nazis” Diaries Continued:

Among the many incoming death threats, crank calls, attempts to hack into my social media accounts, infect my website with sophisticated malware, and thinly veiled attempts at intimidation I have experienced in recent days after publishing the first in a series of articles and profiles on the armed Neo_Nazi paramilitary domestic terror group, Atomwaffen Division, I received this unusual missive: a letter from a prominent Nazi activist who is also an attorney. My next article will profile a leader of the clandestine Atomwaffen Division who, as I conclude my due diligence, I did as I always do: I reached out to him for comment, including sending him a written list of the the issues related to him I intend to publish and seeking his comment or clarification prior to publication. He declined to reply directly, instead retaining the service of Augustus Sol Invictus ((Latin for majestic unconquered sun), who was born Austin Gillespie. Invictus nee’ Gillespie ran for the U.S. Senate in Florida recently when a 2013 letter he wrote was publicized in which he renounced his citizenship and planned to retreat to the forest only to return bringing war: “I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I would begin it myself. Mark well: That day is fast coming upon you. On the New Moon of May, I shall disappear into the Wilderness. I will return bearing Revolution, or I will not return at all.”

Invictus apparently has returned and sent me this message tonight on behalf of his new Neo-Nazi client who is trying to squash prior to publication a profile I have written on the man. Good luck with that.
Here is the exchange of letters:

Legal Notice in re: “U.S. Soldiers Uncovered in Atomwaffen Division Satanic Nazi Death Cult Terror Group”
The Law Office of Augustus Invictus, P.A.

Mr. Thayer,

I am writing on behalf of the person you contacted this morning at in regard to your series about the AtomWaffen Division. The person you contacted is not the head of the AtomWaffen. He is, therefore, absolutely not a public figure as you have claimed, and publication of the statements you have made in your email will expose you to liability for defamation.

It will also make you liable for common law assault, among other things. The publication of information intended to bring physical harm to the subject of your writings is legally actionable, and you know full well that anyone accused of being the head of the AtomWaffen is ipso facto placed on the unwritten hit list of radical leftists. In publishing a knowing falsehood like this, no intent can be inferred but the intent to cause this person physical harm up to and including death.

You said in your email that you do not do “hit journalism” – but that is exactly what this is. From one professional to another, I advise you to double- & triple-check your information before making claims of this magnitude, especially against a private citizen, and most especially when those claims are total falsehoods.

Best Regards,

Augustus Invictus, Esq.
The Law Office of Augustus Invictus, P.A.
Phone: 310.824.3725

This electronic communication is privileged and confidential. DO NOT read, copy, or disseminate this communication unless you are the intended addressee.

This email communication contains confidential and/or privileged information intended only for the addressee. Anyone who receives this email by error should treat it as confidential and is asked to reply by email:

This email transmission may not be secure and may be illegally intercepted. Do not forward or disseminate this email to any third party. Unauthorized interception of this email is a violation of federal law.

Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

I replied:

Mr. Invictus:

Thank you for your earlier message sent on behalf of Cody William Moreash regarding the article I will be publishing that will feature, among others, Mr. Moreash.

Mr. Moreash is currently a leader in the Atomwaffen Division organization, having recently assumed leadership over the umbrella which overseas the state based cell structure of AWD, according to documents in my possession and numerous sources associated with AWD.

Prior to that Mr. Moreash was head of the Arizona cell of AWD, a role he took on after he left Vanguard America where he was head of that organization’s Arizona chapter. While with VA, Mr. Moreash was also a top associate of the head of VA and was involved in numerous activities on a national level organizing for VA. Mr. Moreash has been a prominent figure in the white nationalist movement for a number of years, according to his own words in numerous documents I have acquired during my many months long thorough investigation, in addition to a number of sources who are and were political associated of Mr. Moreash.

This makes your client a public figure.

As a professional journalist, I always reach out to any subject for their comments, guidance, and clarifications for the purpose of including these in reports I intend to publish.

I always welcome and encourage them to participate in their own stories. I have done so with Mr. Moreash.

I remain hopeful that Mr. Moreash will respond to my detailed message outlining the subjects I intend to address in my stories involving him. But it is his decision to do so or decline, and I respect that.

Regardless, I intend to publish the article, informed by where the facts led me, as a matter of public interest on issues of import to the common good and free people.

Mr. Moreash’s current new position in national leadership of AW is only one of the topics relating to Mr. Moreash that will be addressed in my profile.

Another prominent focus of my research has been Mr. Moreash’s numerous and detailed claims to be a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan while serving as a U.S. army infantryman. Mr. Moreash has contended on numerous occasions that he was deployed to the above combat theaters while active duty in the U.S. armed forces. He has recounted in detail having engaged in combat that has deeply traumatized him after, according to Mr. Moreash, he shot and killed numerous women and children while a soldier in the U.S armed forces deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Moreash has gone into detail of how he currently suffers from PTSD as a result of his military service.

My due diligence has produced U.S. military documentation and confirmation that shows that Mr. Moreash has never served in the U.S armed services and was never deployed to a combat theater anywhere. Further, my due diligence has resulted in my acquiring written documentation of his verified employment from when he graduated high school to the present that shows he has been employed full time in Arizona during this period. Further Mr. Moreash has claimed he is a serving member of the Arizona Army national Guard. Records of the ARNG show that Mr. Moreash is not currently and never has served with the state National Guard. Records do show that he attempted to enlist in December 2011 and was abruptly discharged less than one month later, prior to having undertaken any military training. Further, the Arizona National Guard says they have no record of Mr. Moreash having served prior in any branch of the armed Uniformed Services.

These are serious issues. I very much would like, and I have inquired directly with Mr. Moreash regarding these important questions, for any clarification or evidence that any of the above is incorrect. He has so far declined.

I would encourage you to encourage your client to get in contact with me and offer any comment or explanation, but it is not professionally required by me, given the evidence I have in hand, that he do so for me to publish.

I have hundreds of comments made by Mr. Moreash claiming military service and activities that the U.S. government contends are not true.

If you indeed have the best interests of your client in mind, I would encourage you to encourage him to get in touch with me directly, on whatever basis of attribution he is comfortable with, to discuss point by point every reference to him that is destined for publication.

If he can show there are inaccuracies, I will delete them prior to publication.

If there are issues which he can reasonably argue require nuanced clarification, I will include them.

I have been an investigative journalist for 30 years. I am happy to acknowledge that I am uniformly respected for my fact, evidence driven, unbiased style of reporting.

I have spent the last several years writing on and studying the far right political movement in the U.S. I count many WN’s among my friends, despite when I may or may not have personal disagreements on ideological stances.

What I never have and never will do is bow to intimidation or threats. I have and will continue to report without fear or favor and will never take into account attempts at intimidation.

On a personal note, I have little time for lawyers, but all the time in the world for rule of law, and its essential role for free people to remain free. There is nothing that I will publish that does not have court admissible evidence that corroborates it.

And please remember you are not communicating with a virgin here: I know defamation law, I am confident, far better than you.

And as a skilled attorney, you know well you would never attempt to take a defamation case to court based on the merits of the case which would be based on the merits of my reporting without getting cash money up front because you will lose. There is no “intent of malice’ on my part. Quite the opposite. This missive is to encourage you to encourage your client to discuss the issues the public has an interest in knowing regarding your clients activities.

I look forward to hearing from him before the article is published or you after it is published. Whichever works best for you is fine with me. Indeed, I look forward to the fantasy which will never be realized of deposing your client during discovery in any legal action you might be so misguided to mistakenly advice your client to pursue. My fight remains in the court of public opinion, but in this case I am quite comfy in also engaging in a court of law. That could be entertaining as well as revealing.

As a friendly word of unsolicited advice: if I were you I would be sure to get paid cash up front and forego any contingency arrangement.

I remain at this email and 443-225-1498.


Nate Thayer, reporting for duty

Now remember, these are not the garden variety Stolen Valor thieves we deal with here, our ‘bread and butter’ if you will; the keyboard commandos who threaten and bluster from the safety of their basements, much to our amusement. These are no-shit home grown terrorists who are armed and on the edge. And they really don’t like public scrutiny, which is exactly what Nate is doing. And will continue to do. I’ll be posting his articles in the upcoming days and weeks as they become available. My honor to do so.

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And they should be exposed for what they are.

Kudos to Mr. Thayer for his yeoman’s work.

5th/77th FA

Moreash may be a dangerous, unbalanced, lying piece of shit and his lawer Invictus is what gives pieces of shit their odor and special taste, (so I’ve been told by ones that are shit eaters). Invictus is also indicative of what makes Attorneys become lawers. Moreash, if backed up by his Nazi wannabe buddies, does bear watching, or better yet, he wants to be the big bad killer, give him a HANO into the ME somewhere and see how he does it in real life, not as a keyboard commando.

Bravo Zulu Nate Thayer. I knew there was at least one real investigative journalist left out there that was doing something other than chasing Trump rumors. Keep hitting ’em.

And AW1Ed, thanks for bringing Nate to our attention.


Good job, AW1Ed…

Wilted Willy

AW1Ed, I know that Nate is a very busy man, but do you think it would be possible to get him to take a look at my POS brothers case? I think his case is a shinning example of what is wrong with the entire system! I would be forever grateful if you could get him to look at his case?
Forever in you Debt,
Wilted Willy

Wilted Willy

I can’t thank you enough! If he wants a good laugh, all he has to do is read his file on here! It would mean the world to me to see him back in prison where he belongs!
Thanks again,


Most of these Neo-Nazi types are phonies, just like those Oath Keeper clowns. Most never served or were washed out of boot camp/basic training. We should never forget that real, rational patriots are not psycho pussies like these ass-clowns. These so-called AtomWaffen Division dipshits are in fact traitors who are bent on the destruction of our constitutional representative republic. If they ever have the real numbers to warrant our serious attention, it will again be time to water the tree of liberty.


Amen Brother ! Keep your powder dry .


Nate Thayer for the WIN!!
Don’t let the bastards and sock puppets get you down. Their brand of stupidity needs the highest scrutiny under the microscope of public opinion. They are simply tyrants hiding under the presumptive legitimacy of First Amendment protection.
One of the Key Leaders lied about military service, now they have this blog’s attention, if they keep it up who knows how far their notoriety may go.
Keep up the GREAT work!
(Aside: I was wondering where I’d read the name Thayer before, Jane’s Defence and SoF. Also works about Pol Pot. Check him out)


As used to be said: Keep the faith.


Moreash and the merry band of wannabes…pathetic.

Why is all these anti-government and white supremacist piece of shits want to be military so bad? As if it gives them street credit with their scrawny nerdy/virgin recruits.


“militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for woman.”

The “scorn for woman thing” is telling.
Very telling.


Keep up the solid journalism Mr. Thayer! We appreciate it.


Nate, Dan Noyes and Andy Kravetz all seem to be a dying breed of “reporter”… one that actually does the legwork of making sure their “ducks are in a row” before publishing a story.

All three should be teaching at “J” Schools about how to be real reporters, not propagandists.

I’ll be saying an additional prayer today for Nate to be kept safe from those that wish him harm.


I posed this link on the other thread about Nate’s work if you’re not up to date on the background of the AW:


“Vasillios Pistolis, a United States Marine who was a member of Atomwaffen”

Tnx. It’s getting more clear now.


So who is this Gutless Dickless guy?
Never heard of him until now.
Does he have a dog?


Well, the link from the othet thread to Nate’s research was quite an education.

These guys are beyond fucked up.
Best remove them from society.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

WOW, what an article.


Atomwaffen? Nuclear Weapons? They are smart enough to build their own, so where are they getting them?

There was a movie a while back, 1968 to be exact, a black & white film titled “Panic in the City”, with Howard Duff as an FBI agent tracking down someone who had hired a physicist to build a nuclear bomb in his basement. Linda Cristal was also in it. Good movie. Watch if you can find it.

Is this what inspires these morons? They think they can do that, too, when they probably can’t even do their own laundry and eat at fast food joints all the time? They want attention but they don’t want anyone (except themselves) posting about them online?

Please let me know when they grow up. Yes, I do agree that they are dangerous because they can cause more trouble for vets by claiming military service they didn’t have. Most of us are too tired and too busy to act like these looney-toons.

To Nate Taylor: Carry on.

A Proud Infidel®™️

KUDOS to you Nate Thayer, these lunatics need to be exposed in every way possible!

My, My, My

Wow. That is damn damning. Thayer is doing an outstanding job. Looking at the link from which Mr. Lima Bean posted, he worked for a contract company (or two) that does business with the company at which I work. Odd and small world.


Excellent work, Mr. Thayer! These asshats and their brethren will die by the sword, that’s all that will stop them.


And you can see the headline if something does happen. “Vet Shoots Reporter”.
Mr. Thayer, please be careful and don’t take these fools lightly. Even a fool can plug a trigger behind you.


I am still not impressed with these ass-clowns. They like to talk shit on Fakebook, but when have any of them actually carried out an attack or blown anything up? One thing you can say about Bill Ayers’ crew, the Weather Underground, they actually blew shit up, multiple times. Hell, his girlfriend and several of his pals blew themselves up making bombs. I suspect this fake Waffen outfit is just another bunch of keyboard “warriors” with low IQ’s. They are likely only dangerous when playing Call of Doody, cuz that is how they spend most of their waking hours.


I am still not impressed. The ‘Slamonazis have killed or maimed likely over 12,000 of our citizens here and abroad over the past 20 years. How many have these ass-clowns killed or injured outside their own little internecine conflicts? Likely zero. Talk is cheap, especially on the innertubes. I think I’ll keep my concerns focused on the Islamists here who want to exterminate every one of us they classify as an infidel, which is about 99% of our population. I am also not convinced of anything in a Wiki article since they are frequently edited by those with an axe to grind.


I really hate these wanna-be Nazi scum. Sad that I have tk share a state with some of them.