Cody Stermer; X-box commando

| December 27, 2013

Cody Stermer

Scotty’s FOIA Machine strikes again, this time with Cody Stermer, seen in his authorized uniform above. Cody claims to be a Warrant Officer in the Army, and he’s a helicopter pilot, in his mind.

To prove it, he wears some video game dog tags. Totally legit. However, the National Personnel Records Center says “Who?” And AKO agrees with them.

Cody Stermer FOIA

Scotty has been cranking out these phonies at neck-breaking speed, but I think that it’s because the log jam at NPRC after the government shutdown has been broken.

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Dennis - not chevy

I checked the rolls of the British, Australian, and New Zealand Parliaments and didn’t find James Ares. I couldn’t get the roll of the Canadian Parliament; but, I’m going to guess he’s not there either. I’ve encountered many phonies, but never a phony Member of Parliament.

If the Honorable MP Wannabe will allow me; may I join MrBill and feel the honor of the occasion?

The Walter Mitty is strong with this James Ares.


Anyone interested can log onto;

and enter Stermer, Cody to view his case number. Click on the Case Number to view the case history, and you can THEN click on ‘view case minutes’ to get a little more detail on the rulings.

From what I can see he managed to get one charge dropped, and entered into a plea agreement on his CLASS 6 FELONY charge in order to get probation. No where do I see that the Class 6 was dropped or reduced, only that his punishment was reduced by his plea, and that among the things he’s not supposed to be doing, is consuming alcohol. 🙂

Green Thumb


Check your messages.

I believe Commander Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics called to offer you a job.

Son, he is IMPRESSED!

Good job!

MP James Ares

Haha Hondo I created a military profile and put your full name and picture of you on it saying I am a military poser


Haha…no you didn’t. You don’t have the skills to form a coherent sentence much less work the internet.


Yeah, right. Sure you did, Stermer. Sure you did.

We both know you’re lying.

Post the link.

MP James Ares

Who is next

Pinto Nag

Ruh-roh, Shaggy!

*Runs off to make popcorn*


Who’s next for what? To see more of your semi-literate drivel? Face it, moron. Your in a battle of wits and are severely handicapped. I’ve actually seen dog turds smarter than you are.

The Other Whitey

Wow, Spermshitter, you’re getting creative. Of course you realize that this newest claim of yours confirms that you are indeed a liar, a shitweasel, and a giant pussy who’s afraid to own his mistakes and even more afraid to face a superior man in person.

I’m curious. Do you volunteer to be the “bottom,” or do your johns force it on you?


One of the best albums of all time –


I absolutely agree. This was The Who at the height of their creativity. This album is awesome from start to finish. I have a special place in my heart for “Goin’ Mobile” and of course “Behind Blue Eyes” just rocks.

2/17 Air Cav

Here you go, twit. If Hondo is a poser, so are these guys. Hey, and any time I post a comment to you or about you and omit calling you or referring to you as a royal, flaming asshole, please read it into the comment. You earned it. You deserve it. Congrats.


An anus has a useful function, 2/17 Air Cav. Best I can tell, the tool posting above as “MP James Ares” from the Mesa, AZ, area doesn’t. All he does is serve as a source of irritation.

I suggest we refer to him as a “burning hemorrhoid” instead. IMO that’s both more accurate and apropos.

The Other Whitey

I think “oozing, yeast-infected vaj” is far more accurate.


Cody Stermer
Follow Follow

@marowut Hey now I got proof for you that I am military. Someone who knows Chris really well before he died. Which also got him to go JROTC – 14 Nov

I have a ton of tweets on this clown when he was exposed.


To MP James Ares aka Cody Stermer, either or both. I have a clue and a question for you. Clue comes first. I KNOW you’re the same person because your LACK of English and composition skills are as DEAD a give away as a set of your Cheetos stained, fingerprints.

Question comes now. This is rather round and circular which I’m SURE you’re very familiar with and tickles you ass. So here goes, pay attention now.

“Have you…stopped…sucking dicks yet?”

Think hard now, it’s your time boy.

Pineywoods NCO

Well, James.

I have like everyone with some degree of intelligence have read your statements and comments.

Shall we start? Let’s start with you are completely a moron. Do us all a great service, especially the Navy, a big favor:

Feed yourself to a shark or two.

Fuck off.

Dennis - not chevy

I’m in an inquisitive mood today. A few entries ago MP James Ares wrote he was Navy (his lack of grammar, not mine). Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but when would a Sailor refer to himself as an MP? Wouldn’t one risk a well deserved clubbing by calling an MA an MP?


I’m so glad you asked.

Sailors who perform those duties are Shore Patrol or SPs.

Back in them there olden times, they frequently came from the rates of Boatswain’s Mate or Coxswain’s Mate, and wore large, highly visible armbands with SP in plain, very visible letters. They were easy to identify because they dragged their knuckles on the pavement when they walked, unless they were handling a recalcitrant truant gone UA, or breaking up a fight in Rosie’s in Subic Bay.

Not sure how it is today, but that was then.


The MP in his name stands for Mostly Pathetic. Or it could mean Major Prevaricator.


Well, Mesa is in the Southwest. Maybe for this guy it stands for Mondo Pendejo.


I was thinking Mouth Pussy…

OIF '06-'07-'08

Well, it may seem that ol’ Cody is trying to find gainful employment and when said prospective employers Google his name, they see his full shit buggery in all it’s glory

Hack Stone

Maybe he can be hired by FirsTech to make sure that their mail does not blow away, since Paul Wickre does not qualify for the Home Depot 10% military discount, and cannot afford a mailbox with a door on it.


Don’t ask me why, but that comment is making me laugh more than any other I’ve read today. I’m just picturing this clown covering up the opening of the mailbox with his hands but still managing to let the highly confidential business correspondence of FirTech Solutions blow away on down Wilson Lane with Spermer here futilely chasing letters and large business envelopes down the street. Would that qualify as a Black Swan Event?


By the way, has anyone figured out what, if anything, FirsTech Solutions actually DOES?

Hack Stone

I don’t know what FirstTech (or is it FirsTech this week?) does, but whatever they do, I am sure the are doing a heck of a job.


So you’re saying they are a subsidiary of Vandelay Enterprises?

Hack Stone

Can someone please help me understand what position MP James Ares is taking regarding the Cody Stermer stolen valor issue? Some of his postings seem to say that, yes, Cody Stermer did indeed serve in the military, and other statements seem to say that Cody Stermer’s various social media accounts have been hacked and that a third party is posting the claims of military service.

Mr. Blue

Typical loser behavior. Throw out a barrage of lies, and hope one sticks. Of course, this technique only works on their mom.

2/17 Air Cav

Hack: Cody and James are the same flaming asshole. That’s really all you need to know. CodyJimmy is a very lonely guy and comes here for attention between love sessions with his rabbits. Poring over his claims, which he himself can’t keep straight, is an exercise in futility.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder when the snot-headed little zit farm will resurrect his thread once more?

2/17 Air Cav

It will be in 3-6 months. He needs his semi-annual beat down. Of course, if he’s doing time, we may have to await his release before he returns. But he’ll be back.

Green Thumb

Old Cody Spermer here posses the degree of buttfuckery to make a deep tourney run.

You are my boy, Cody.


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