Air Force promotions influenced by completion of DEI related training

| May 24, 2024 | 34 Comments

James O’Keefe, of O’Keefe Media Group, released another undercover video. In this video, a man working for the Air Force discloses what DEI people are actually doing in the military. The man, Jake Reyna, has a low opinion of “old white men” mainly due to their conservative leanings. He admitted that the completion or none-completion of DEI training influenced the chances of promotion.

Merit is not a factor in these decisions, candidates for positions are disqualified based on not being a specific gender or demographic. Reyna also admitted to the absence of data supporting the idea that DEI candidates “do better” or improve things. The undercover journalist matched with Reyna on a dating website.

James O’Keefe’s tweet, including video:

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For example: Chicoms
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DEI is ruining the military and auxiliary units are not exempt. I have decided to retire from USAF aux unit this year for this very reason. They have a hard time retaining people and wonder why.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

“Life is hard, and it’s even harder when you’re stupid!” The DEI pimps are a special heavy-duty variety of stupid, and I’m sure they’re allergic to facts and logic, thoroughly brainwashed by their college professors.


They have infested our institutions, and as KoB often says, it is highly unlikely that we’ll be able to vote ourselves out of this…
EVERY position related to DEI needs to be rooted out and removed. There is NO place for this cancer in society.

Old tanker

We have no other choice but to vote it out. Otherwise the dems will simply finish destroying the nation and us with it.


We can certainly try, but as the deep state proved by sabotaging President Trump at every turn, stronger measures may be required… I hope I’m wrong, but…


Thanks, Fyr…warms the cockles of my Black Irish Heart to see the replies of those that have paying attention. If what went on between 2017 and 2020, along with the (s)election of 2020 didn’t wake people up, I honestly don’t know what will. I would love for us to (((vote))) our way back to the Country that most of us grew older in, but I do not see that happening. The domestic enemies of our Republic have smelled the smoke, they know what works for them, and will NOT cease nor desist until the America that we all love is completely destroyed. Most folks forget that the head of dominion (sic) stated before the (s)election of 2020 that DJT would NOT be re-elected, “I’ve seen to that.” I made mention the other day that the corrupt DA and judge in Fulton Co, GA was re(s)elected in the demonrat primary. These bastards will burn the whole thing down, just so they can rule over the ashes. What they don’t realize is the foreign enemies will dispose of the useful idiots when their usefulness is gone. Our entire society is rife and rotten with this DEI crap, where qualifications don’t mean anything and businesses are required, as is the military, to “check the boxes” and promote the narrative.

Imagine, if you will, a world where whyte pee-pill never existed and what it would look like from your mud hut as you died at about 30+- years old. The White Race and in particular, White Men, have done more to advance Mankind than all of the other races combined have. That includes all of the equipment this Jake dood is using to spew his bullsh*t.

There will come a reckoning…Prepare


Having DEI training on your resume is the new ‘ holding up your Party membership ‘


DEI = Jerry Springer (let’s be honest)

Green Thumb



Been going on a bit while but – “Yep”, sad.
*** Hugs my DD-214 tighter ***


All fun and games until you got fight a near peer. Luckily, we are at peace with Russia and China.


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But we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.


Or Eastasia, whichever…


But they still expect whitey to pay taxes and be drafted into the infantry.


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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Fine. Don’t recruit/retain/promote/etc the conservative white male.
Keep the DEI (Didn’t Earn It)/ LGBT(etc)/trans/snowflakes/et al.
Then, like The Swamp is wont to do, involve the US in another war overseas. Sent the DEI (et al) into that war. The gene pool needs a thorough Clorox cleansing.
FOR BEHOLD MY FIELD OF….well, I think you know the rest by now.

Last edited 20 days ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yep. Just sit back and wait for the bad guys to come here. Whether or not Yamamoto actually said that there will be a sniper behind every blade of grass, that’s what it would actually look like if the Chicoms came on over. I’ll happily welcome them to their graves.


From Red Dawn:

553rd CICO

I mean what could possibly go wrong?


Bull Run, Pearl Harbor, Task Force Smith, 9/11…

As one careerist cocks*cker told more a few months before the last one “It’s peacetime, like 1931; no one cares about fighting-off bad guys, you shouldn’t either!” Couldn’t get a reply out of him with “You were saying?” in later-September 2001, for some reason. 😉

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At least when we have to fight on our own shores, I’l have my own weapons and will not have to do my old AF Job.
I can either Win or go down swinging.

Hack Stone

You’re starting to sound like an “erectionist”.


So….you gotta suck the DEI trannydick if you want a decent shot of promotion?
And they wonder why so many are content with being a CPL/E4 for life.


I’m going to do anti DEI today. Spending time on the range to familiarize myself with range etiquette. Always calms my nerves!


I learned this from “You People”…

D= ” Didn’t ”
E= ” Earn ”
I= ” It “


That is so weird that all the engineers are white males.

Green Thumb

And most combat arms.

RGR 4-78


Green Thumb

Air Force promotions used to be about cocks sucked.

Guess times have changed.


Now “blowing a tranny” ain’t about car repair.

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The civil service has been infected with this for more than 30 years. The DEI people, like the clown in this video, were usually slugs who could not perform the functions they were hired to do, so they became diversity coordinators and received a pay increase. Managers’ merit pay was based on this nonsense. The whole philosophy of this is an insult to the women and minorities who earned their pay and would have been hired anyway- based on merit.

Prior Service (Ret)

2016: There I was, Carlisle Barracks, Army War College. Sec Army walks into the lecture hall and announces: “you send me a command select list that’s not diverse enough, I’m sending it back.” In that moment, no matter my qualifications, I knew I’d never command at the O6 level.