How’s that Gaza Aid Pier coming along?

| April 18, 2024

Won’t you help hungry Hamas Freedom Fighters?

Navy Ship Slated to Help Build Gaza Aid Pier Forced to Return to Port as Experts Warn of Other Delays

By Konstantin Toropin

The Navy revealed that one of the ships it deployed to support the mission of building a pier to deliver aid to starving residents in Gaza was forced to turn back last week after it suffered a fire in its engine room.

The incident comes as the Pentagon’s self-imposed deadline of having the pier operational and delivering the needed aid by May rapidly approaches, and experts say there are other delays and problems cropping up with the mission.

The USNS 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo “experienced a fire in the engine room while in transit to the eastern Mediterranean Sea” on April 11, and while the crew evacuated the area and used portable extinguishers to put out the fire, the ship had to return to Jacksonville, Florida, using just one engine, “for further assessment,” according to a Navy statement provided Wednesday.

When the Pentagon first announced the plan to use the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore, or JLOTS, platform to construct the pier that would serve as a way to quickly deliver large amounts of aid to war-torn Gaza in early March, spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said the pier would be operational in the next 60 days.

Shortly after that announcement, a group of five Army ships left for the Mediterranean, followed by the MV Roy P. Benavidez, a military sealift command vessel that was carrying “heavy equipment and material needed to construct a temporary pier,” according to a statement.

Finally, in late March, the Navy said that it would deploy Naval Beach Group 1 along with the Bobo and the USNS 1st Lt. Baldomero Lopez. The unit and the ships would bring enough watercraft and equipment to operate a huge floating dock three miles off the coast of Gaza that would serve as the off-load point for aid.

Now, more than a month later, not all of the ships in the flotilla have made it to the Mediterranean, a tracker run by USNI News shows.

The latest example of the famous Biden foreign policy acumen is on display as his Handler’s Good Ideas meet the realities of a hollow military of their own making. It’s actually kind of breathtaking.

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Bobo class vessels are old and tired. I was at Diego Garcia in ‘17 when the USNS Lopez inexplicably lost a section of hull plating, took on a little water and had to sit at anchor for temporary repairs before heading off to a shipyard.


Bobos they make your feet feel fine, Bobos they cost $1.99…


I was on the Lopez and the Williams when they were brand new in 1988. Shame they WERE beautiful ships.


I was never on them, always heard the living accommodations were really nice, quite spacious.


Bobo is Spanish for clown/fool BTW
Bobo was also the name of my beloved 18yo Lab/Shepherd X who I had to put down 2 years ago 😢


Instead of a Mulberry, Big Navy gets a Raspberry.


Navy and sheeeeeit…


Is that Gandalf in the pic?

Amateur Historian

I didn’t see Hobbits, so no.


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This guy, Sal, is THE AUTHORITY on shipping in my opinion. He got lots of good stuff including the Key Bridge Collapse.

What’s going on with shipping is his channel

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Perhaps these ships were chosen because they were low priority vessels. On the other hand, perhaps the USN chose ships likely to have casualties so they can slow walk performing the mission. I would think getting a black eye for not completing the pier would be better than having to do this stupid mission. If they slow walk it just enough. . . .

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder if 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo is related to JB Bobo author of modern Coin Magic and a couple of other magic publications.


For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Company I was establishing night ambush sites when the command group was attacked by a reinforced North Vietnamese company supported by heavy automatic-weapons and mortar fire. 2d Lt. Bobo immediately organized a hasty defense and moved from position to position encouraging the outnumbered marines despite the murderous enemy fire. Recovering a rocket launcher from among the friendly casualties, he organized a new launcher team and directed its fire into the enemy machine-gun positions. When an exploding enemy mortar round severed 2d Lt. Bobo’s right leg below the knee, he refused to be evacuated and insisted upon being placed in a firing position to cover the movement of the command group to a better location. With a web belt around his leg serving as a tourniquet and with his leg jammed into the dirt to contain the bleeding he remained in this position and delivered devastating fire into the ranks of the enemy attempting to overrun the marines. 2d Lt. Bobo was mortally wounded while firing his weapon into the mainpoint of the enemy attack but his valiant spirit inspired his men to heroic efforts, and his tenacious stand enabled the command group to gain a protective position where it repulsed the enemy onslaught. 2d Lt. Bobo’s superb leadership, dauntless courage, and bold initiative reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Hack Stone

Truly inspiring. Now, how about the citation that tells the heroics of of the namesake of the USS Harvey Milk? There’s as ship any Sailor would be proud to serve on.




Heroically resigned from the Navy with an OTH discharge in lieu of court martial for peter-puffery, groomed and porked teenage boys over the next few years until being shot by someone who didn’t like him. Inspiring. /sarc


“USNS 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo”

Is it pronounced “bo bo” or “bob oh”.


“boo boo” in this case.


As in Yogi’s buddy? (That’s rough…)
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jeff LPH 3 63-66

So it a piers that the pier will be delayed. How would Herr biden make out if he ran the country during WW2 and asked Mr. Hitler if he needed a pier for humaniterian aid and the same goes for Mr. Toto and also Italy.


They could just launch MREs, out of the 5-in gun. What is the rate of fire on that thing anyway?


Gotta do that PMCS.


…and this children is how Uncle Joey replaces his bulbs.

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Maybe we can have them put something on it like that place in Jersey back in the day…Action Park amusement and water park in Vernon Township, New Jersey


Hack Stone

Sic Flags Great Adventure in Jackson New Jersey used to have a drive through safari. Not sure when they shut it down, but what did they do with the animals? Two weeks severance pay and turn them loose in the Pine Barrens?


Opening this Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Green Thumb

Seems like a straight up All-Points Logistics contract.


Yeah, and PINO B-LIE-den scare mongered about war w/ Iran if Orangeman was re-elected prez. 😏


Kind of heart warming, hope they really F’d things up at the infrastructural level.


I didn’t feel anything here so couldn’t been much of a retaliation.


Just in… Israel’s hitting sh*t in Iran (either than or Iran just blew some crap up and said Israel did it):


The ‘ aid ‘ should consist of pork chops, ham, bacon, trotters, rinds and blood sausage.
Perhaps we should just delegate the pro-Hamass LGBTNKVD crowd to distribute the aid whilst staging Gaza’s first ( and last) Pride Parade and Kid’s Drag Show…..actually the latter could prove popular if they are anything like Afghans.

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Blue and Gold stack rings of shame.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yet another fine display of the competence of the Joe Biteme administration,