Boomer’s Sunday

| February 25, 2024

There was some initial culture shock but I’ve adapted to the Florida lifestyle pretty well. My boy Phideaux agrees.

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I’ll be the first to say I will be stealing many of these!


As usual………..GREAT stuff!!


Good stuff


Another excellent collection. Thanks for the grins.


The salt mines are rich today!

New York Prosecutes Couple For Fraud For Listing Their House For $499,000 When It Ultimately Sold For $485,000 —BBdotcom (link)

NEW YORK — Local couple Marty and Shelly Cross have been officially charged with fraud after listing their home for $499,000 when it ultimately sold for slightly less.

“The Cross family knowingly and willfully tried to get a good deal when they sold their home,” explained Attorney General Letitia James. “The State of New York hereby assesses the Cross family a fine of $50 million for their egregious actions. If they cannot pay by tomorrow, we will begin kidnapping their children to hold as ransom.”

Maybe NYers will see ‘hiring’ ‘people’ like “Attorney General” Letitia James has disastrous consequences. They’re incapable of higher-order thinking and disconcerted with anything approaching Liberty.
My money’s on; It’s only a matter of time before she self-detonates, as The Law of Trump Kumite seems undodgeable.

Get rekt NY!

Also, meme:


‘fore Reb beats me to-it, see image below.

I lost it at ‘hat connoisseur’.


“That’s not a hat…THIS is a hat!” John B. Stetson George Bailey, concurs.

I may not agree with the gentleman’s opinion of what a hat is, but I will agree that some (most?) of today’s youth could not build a Gulag with a warehouse full of Lego parts.


Us Old Geezers remember when nurses wore a nice uniform…with stockings and garters. That was well before some SoB invented “scrubs”. I think he was the same SoB that invented panty hose. We also remember the “Training films” that emphasized the importance of “No glove…No Love”.

Here’s another thing that you need to do to…Prepare

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Welcome to the Free State of Florida

Slow Joe

The one about Bill and Hitlary was really funny.


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