Boomer’s Sunday

| December 3, 2023

You’ll know when you see it.


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Awesome stuff, will enlighted my co-workers and irritate my daughter!


Just a little something I put together for the Christmas memes.


Mariah a bit easier on the eyes and ears than Taylor Swift.


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Old tanker

nuf said


It’s kinda cute that some think we’ll be able to vote ourselves out of this mess that we didn’t vote ourselves into. Prepare

They’ll get my cast iron skillet(s) when they pry them from my cold, stiff fingers.


For some reason, I saw the iron skillet thumbnail meme and thought it was an ode to our dearly departed Ex-PH2. Over the past 14 or so years, this site has welcomed me into its arms, despite occasional disagreements and differences of opinion. As TAH transitioned to VG after Jonn’s departure, and many older contributors (both staff and commenters) seemed to drop off, it amazes me how many familiar screennames I see when I visit the archives from the early 2010s.

As we enter this holiday season, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and think that the America we grew up in and shed blood, sweat, and tears for is a lost nation. Things have been worse in the past and will [hopefully] get better in the future, and fortunately our political system is one of checks and balances, even if those seem to be diminishing with each passing year.

As you state in every comment, “prepare”. We don’t know where we’ll be as a country in a few years, especially should next year’s election go to Ol’ Joe and his handlers, or his designated successor, be they Harris, Newsom, or otherwise. Even if Trump or another America First candidate wins out, we’re constantly making new enemies despite attempts to appease them, while alienating long-term friends. We’re incentivizing violent criminals while prosecuting those who wish only to express their (former) freedoms through peaceful activities. “Prepare”… ensure that you and yours have adequate supplies and training, that you are ready to defend yourselves when the system is overwhelmed or simply shuts down, and that if we ever go fully down the globalism path, with the United Nations enforcing un-American ideals, that you are ready to do whatever it takes.


It probably was, fm2176. Tho our Beloved AW1Ed is a salty old tar, that can go all FIRST SGT on you in a Noo Yawk Minute, he’s an old softy at heart. shhh…don’t tell nobody…the boy’s got a rep to maintain. He and Dave were both very close to Sara and her passing affected them more than we’ll ever know…or they’ll ever admit. Not skeered of no man, but I’d think twice about taking on Ex-PH2 when she was riled, holding her skillet in one hand and Sister Mary Grace’s Ruler in the other. As Dave said, she was the glue that kept the site together after we lost Jonn. Many of the screen names you see in the archives are still lurking, just not commenting. And, yes, a number of them have gone on to another plain. I’m already 5+ years past my use by date, yet still here being a burr under some saddles. When I do make that final PCS, instructions have been left to let the usual suspects know. I expect a full blown party of celebration when it happens.

50 years ago my concern was a nuke attack from a foreign enemy. Never concerned myself with a ground assault/invasion. That “rifle behind every blade of grass” thing. Now we have domestic (s)elected enemies that are hell bent to destroy us for that almighty $. We not only have to concern ourselves with the feral pavement apes but the possible 1000s of sleeper agents that are here and just waiting. I would like to think I’m wrong, but IMO we saw the last semi true fair election on the national scale in ’16. TPTB have smelled the smoke, they know what works, and have brainwashed enough sheep to get away with it.

I will defend what I’ve worked for all my life to my last drop of blood and cartridge. The preparing won’t stop until the FIRST round is fired. If one is not ready by then, it’s too late.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great Sunday toons


And now you know, Slow Joe…
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Skivvy Stacker

I made one of my own…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yes, I caught the last one.
ExPH2 will always be The Cast Iron Mother Superior (with a self defense cat under one arm)
It’s too quiet here now at TAH knowing The Lioness of TAH is gone.

waxing nostalgic…….if no one has heard from her, maybe Admin could try and get ahold of Farm Girl With A Mosin Nagant, see how she’s doing.

Funny, I just made a typical long-winded comment alluding to that meme being an ode to Sara. The men and women of TAH/VG are still with us somewhere, though I wonder where many have gone. Jonn, Ex-PH2, Frankie Cee, and I assume Zero Ponsdorf, among others, are gone and possibly engaging in eternal debates and commentary elsewhere.

We age, gaining wisdom and… frankly…don’tgiveashitismitis in the process. In my mid-40s, I feel young and vibrant, while at the same time feeling like a dinosaur from ancient times, coping with physical pain and mental anguish, and becoming more and more cynical with each passing day.

Hopefully everyone has a great Christmas in three weeks. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and let them enjoy it as well, even if you disagree with current affairs and politics.


If you think you are a dinosaur in your forties, try being in your late seventies after 36 years of dealing with arrogant asshole lawers, in the battles of litigation. One of my satisfactions is a couple of them ended up in prison and several more were also disbarred for their various forms of misconduct.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Now THERE is true Karma justice.

Prior Service

Mid-fifties here. Enjoy your mid-forties while you got ‘em. It only gets harder!


I like my dad’s comment when he was in his 80’s: “Son, getting old ain’t for sissies.”


The 70s are the new 40s.

except I had vision in both eyes, my shoulder didn’t hurt when I pulled my bow, and I could still run without killin’ my knees. But yeah, “40s” it is!


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Early 60s here knocking on mid 60s. Take care of your health issues now if you have any. They can become a cast iron beach to deal with later on.