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| May 28, 2023

Kimber Micro .380

Man fatally shot attacker in self-defense at South Austin Dairy Queen, police say

Police say a man shot and killed another man in self-defense Monday night at a fast-food restaurant in South Austin. The incident occurred at the Dairy Queen situated on the southbound I-35 service road near the East Slaughter Lane intersection.

The Austin Police Department (APD) reports officers responded to a 911 call of a shooting at around 9 p.m. The caller, who was also the shooter, claimed he had shot a man who was dating the mother of his child after the man had attacked him.

When officers arrived, the man who had been shot was not at the scene. However, APD received a second 911 call reporting that 19-year-old Efrain Jaimes had been rushed to a local hospital with a gunshot wound. He later died at the hospital.

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CBS Austin

No charges against the new sugardaddy. Yet. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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Shooting his babymomma’s boyfriend.

I’ve heard inmates talking about things like this. It could be the shooter and the boyfriend are/were in different gangs.

One inmate told about shooting his babymomma’s daddy because the daddy put his gang colors on the inmate’s baby – and they are in rival gangs.

Stay out of South Austin as well, y’all. Or carry a full loadout.

That .380 could be a good backup gun if your main gun runs dry in a fertilizer-meets-ventilator situation.

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I carry an LCP Max in my weak-side pocket. Some of the guys at work don’t like Ruger, placing their pistols in the same tier as Taurus autos. I’ve had good luck with the LCP Max and my EC9s, though the Security-9 has been less than reliable. Anyway, .380 ACP isn’t a bad round, just less powerful and more expensive than 9mm Luger. I carry everything from snub-nose revolvers to full sized Glocks, but the LCP Max is a constant and occasionally only companion. Ten plus one rounds, with a spare mag or two for good measure.

I’m glad I know little about gang culture. I’ll stay down in semi-rural LA, not to be confused with that hellhole in CA.


fm2176 – since I get an occasional paycheck from teaching inmates so they can get a GED (and hopefully get an honest job when they get out) I have learned a lot more than I wanted to know.
The GB Compound is out in a National Forest – but our AO still gets some spill-over from Harris County, another hellhole.


Question – in what manner has the Security-9 been unreliable?
My favorite EDC has had to take a trip to the tune-up shop, and I’ve been looking at finding a better backup EDC, including some of the Rugers. I’m interested in details of why some folks may not like Ruger pistols.
I rag on Glocks, but I know that a lot of folks like ’em and they are reliable carry pieces.
I’ve always had good results with Ruger (not Walther, but y’all know that), S&W, Colt, and Sig. I remember when Taurus was like “Saturday Night Special” but know they’re getting better.
But I like details. Unreliable when not cleaned after a range session, after 50 rounds at a range session, with Russian ammo…?


Years ago in the early 90s, I purchased a Star Firestar in 40 S&W. It was billed as the smallest commercial 40 in those days. Stock it had a 6+1 capacity but years later I acquired a number of 7+1 mags without changing the size. Similarly I’ve acquired a number of 8+1 45 ACP mags for my Commander 1911.

I have a pair of Taurus (PT99 9mm and PT101 40 S&W) I used the latter at Gunsite for the 250 Course and put about 800 rounds through it during the week with no issues.


I carry a great little AMT .380 double action only, with six 90gr. Federal Hyra-Shok rounds.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Bought the Colt .380 Mustang all steel back in the early 80’s before I retired and down here in Florida, I bought a Spanish Star .380 from my upstairs neighbor along with a Colt Det. Special .38. He gave me a box of super vels and I didn’t know the value of the no longer Super vel business and I shit canned the box along with the rounds. Guy at the gun show told me I could have made some money on that box but can’t bring back the past.


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The Pirates Cove

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I see “Campus CarryNow” on that young lady ‘s shirt. Is this the same young lady that caused a ruckus when she posted pics of herself on campus, open carrying an AR15 while dressed in her graduation gown & cap?


Looks like her, to me, and still looking good.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Today’s FGS reads like a soap opera.


Gotta wonder if feeding that thar Baby Kimber some of them “blue boollits “ would make it swell up to a full size Kimber 1911 Model Custom LW? I do know this…feeding the KoB’s “gun” a “blue boollit “ makes it swell up to full size and he could give Sister Golden Hair Ms Thang a surprise. Ok, OAM, I’ll put myself in time out!

Power to We, The People and not to the despotic politicians!

Rise up! Resist! Revolt! Rebel! The Freedom you save is your own!

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Just sayin…

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