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| March 19, 2023

Veteran swaps transit rides for a personal vehicle…

Lemmuel Thomas, Army veteran, worked a job that required an eight-hour round-trip commute; four hours to work and four hours back. He had the option of using the New Jersey transit or ride shares. Both options burned time and money. Thanks to Caliber Collision and to Geico, Thomas can now bypass the unneeded stops and cut his transit times.

From 6 ABC Action News:

Former Airborne Ranger Lemmuel Thomas used to commute eight hours daily to keep his full-time job.

Recently, some generous donors stepped in to change that.

Thomas hasn’t had a car of his own, which meant that to get back and forth to his job in New Brunswick, New Jersey, he’s commuted four hours each way.

So far, Thomas has taken the NJ Transit or expensive rideshares.

On Thursday, however, that all changed.

At a surprise event in Pennington, New Jersey, Thomas got the keys to a newly refurbished car, thanks to Caliber Collision and GEICO.

“Things like this never happen to me,” he said. “From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate it. My day just got a little more fuller. Now, I can move around. I can just have some time for myself and my kids, which I was losing every day.”

6 ABC Action News has the article here.

Veteran, homeless for 16 years, moves into permanent home…

David Cox went from home to home after he left the military. He stayed with his grandparents, his parents, and his brother. According to Cox, their passing required him to go from one family to another. He ultimately ended up homeless. An organization, Nation’s Finest, assisted Cox with finding a permanent residence.

From ABC 7 KRCR:

Cox is a military veteran who returned here to Shasta County after things took a turn with his health. Cox had to undergo open heart surgery amongst other medical procedures that set him back after he returned from the military.

“I bounced around from home to home to my grandparents, my father, my brother, and my mother, which have all deceased and I ended up being a chronic homeless person.” That is when Cox met Nation’s Finest, a Veterans Organization in Redding.

Nation’s Finest Supervising Case Manager Rebecca Daricek spoke to KRCR about what they do, “helping many local veterans get connected to housing and resources. We help them catch up on rent if they are behind on utilities. For the veterans that are completely homeless, we will help them find permanent housing.”

ABC 7 KRCR has the article here.

Frank Castor, 71, right before the bus hits him. (Indianapolis 13 WTHR)

Senior citizen, Marine veteran, hit by a bus…

Frank Castor crossed the road, following his daughter, to get to where he could carry out his next plan. That plan changed. A bus turned right into him, hits him, and rolls right over him. In the aftermath, the daughter talked to the bus driver. According to her, the bus driver was more interested in walking around and interacting with his phone.

From 13 WTHR:

“I turned around to check on my dad to make sure he was behind me. I turned around and he got run over by the bus,” Kelly said. “I was freaking out. I didn’t know what to do. My instinct was to call 911.”

Kelly said they were leaving a downtown bank that morning and were walking to the transit center to go home.

She also said the bus driver never apologized at the scene.

“He didn’t even say anything to me. I said, ‘My dad is on the ground.’ He didn’t say anything. He was on his phone, and that’s all I saw,” she said.

13 WTHR has the article and video here.

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I would try to find a job closer to home.


Yeah, you would think. Scratched my head over that, then Google Fooed the distance. less than 30 miles. Bus/train takes nearly 3 hours, car approximately 40 minutes. $ spent on those tickets every day/week would make a car payment easily. Not sure of the job market or the price of vehicles in Joisey, but….?

Homeless for 16 years? More to this story that we don’t know.

Yep,…”Kelly said her family is currently working with a lawyer on a case against IndyGo and the driver.” I’ll bet they are. Now, just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean you should try to take it…or a driver will give it to you. Down here, pedestrians are supposed to be crossing on the painted lines. He was not in the crossing lane. Driver probably was on the phone to dispatch and had probably been told NOT to talk to anyone. Either way, the lawers will make a paycheck, the driver will be looking for another line of work, and the taxpayers will ultimately be on the hook for the payout.

My anti theft device is a clutch and 6 speed. I’ve seen some of those castles in the sky along the rivers here.


“I’ve seen some of those castles in the sky along the rivers here”
Any with the axles still attached?


Some with tires still on the axles.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Castle In The Sky by the Bop Chords 1957 on the Holiday label


Same ‘ol…


He didn’t make enough full-time to get a car, too?

Hack Stone

Word on the street is that selling outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software from home pays pretty well. You could earn enough to acquire a 1980’s vintage Jaguar.


I understand the guy had to undergo open heart surgery…but did it really have to set him back SIXTEEN YEARS?


That bus was clearly just having a bad day. /s

Five bucks says the driver keeps his job, because reasons.

A speedy recovery (& FAT payday) for Mister Castor.


Off-topic, but just in… Democrats finally get the strategic situation– what was the first clue?


It’s not really Russia too, it’s just China. Russia is now China’s plaything. If they don’t play nice there could be Chinese Tanks in Red Square.


True. Russia and Putin are the Chicoms’ useful idiots today, but it’s finally getting through to ’em.