“Toys” block highway after truck overturns

| September 19, 2022

Biden ok.jpg


A  semi-truck loaded with  dildos,  toys and lubricants overturned on I-40 in Oklahoma City Wednesday, blocking traffic and closing the on-ramp.  Footage from the news chopper overhead at the link.

Complex via Yahoo

Gotta keep the site sorta safe for kiddies so had to search for a G-rated dildo pic.  Jeff and all you punsters… knock yourselves out. Happy Monday!

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Where the rubber meets the road?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Love your comment Beans, and right now, the old punster brain can’t think of anything to add so I will pass on this one.


I figured that you would at least comment on the lubricants, but that would be a slippery slope, or on-ramp.


I hope everyone got off an exit or two before this. As for the collision I wonder who got all up in whom. Regardless, it made for a slippery situation.


I see what you did there! 😜 


Scratch and dent sale?

Pay no attention to the rash, its not contagious.

The comments just about write themselves.


With all that lube on the pavement, maybe the road rash damage will be pretty minimal.


Traffic jam?

Yeah, a bunch of dicks are blocking traffic.

F-ing tools.


Surprisingly, not the first time I’ve seen that.


I seem to recall being told that I should be offended by that picture of Joe Biden… something about a symbol of white power…


In many countries around the world that is the symbol for asshole. So, I am going to give him a pass since he is clearly referring to himself.

Hack Stone

Looks like the shelves in the gift shop in the lobby of All Points Logistics will be empty this week.


There go left/libtards’ plans…
comment image


From the above link, a comment by Mike:

“Semi was going in and out, in and out, in and out of traffic until it tried to merge and was rear ended. Driver’s hand was on the stick when it lost control and blew its load all over. A sticky situation with lots of hard evidence. Created quite a buzz. All the other drivers had to get off at the next exit. Authorities pledged to stay on the scene until everyone was satisfied. This is what happens when the rubber meets road, people.”


I was gonna comment, but didn’t want to blow it.


A truckload of dicks? Sorta makes the use of that old pejorative expression, “A bag of dicks”, seem insufficient… 😜 

RGR 4-78

A semi-truck loaded with dildos, toys and lubricants”

That is all it took; I have not laughed that hard and long in forever. 😆 

I worked a lot of truck wrecks thru the years but never this.

Skivvy Stacker

If I were a traffic cop I’d retire at that point. I mean, it could never get any better than this.


Welp, that driver blew that delivery. No Happy Ending for him. Strapon Sallies everywhere…weep.

Hack Stone

If Joe Biden didn’t kill the Keystone Pipeline his first day in office, that oil would have made it to the retailers safely.


Can you imagine the police at that accident scene? They must have been laughing their asses off.

The only thing missing was a Navy pilot overhead to draw a dick in the air.

Skivvy Stacker

Good thing this didn’t happen in New York; could have filled up the Queens-Midtown Tunnel for hours.