Hate to run into it: but a clever idea

| September 5, 2022

Smart buggers… seems some of the “air vents” on at least one of the Normandy bunkers were a bit sneaky.  While you would think an air vent a great place to drop a grenade – clear out the inside, and the walls would protect you, right? – some of the vents were piped back toward the outside. So, when Pvt. Snuffie pulls the pin, and drops the grnade into the vent – the grenade falls out at his feet. Nasty.

Warfare became infinitely more gruesome during World War II thanks to some rather incredible advances in technology. But a very deadly trick deployed by the builders of a bunker in Normandy used nothing more than the art of misdirection — quite literally.

A hole, disguised as an air vent, would seem the perfect place for an advancing enemy to pop a grenade. However, the tosser would come to regret that when the explosive simply dropped through a small pipe and fell out at the assailant’s feet.

Military Times

Looks like it took a second or so to pass through and roll out – with a 3 second fuze on the grenade plus reaction time, that adds up to an “oh Sh..” situation.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Watched the video. Didn’t know they had those built into some bunkers

A Proud Infidel®™

Murphy’s Laws of Combat #13:

Mr. Grenade is nobody’s friend after the pin has been pulled and the spoon has gone flying.

Prior Service

Slick. I’m positive the guy who invented this was the German equivalent of a SPC4 or lower…


Nobody ever accussed Fritz of being stupid. Imagine, if you will, a world where Adolph had of let his Military Commanders run his Military…and the war. Scary thought, isn’t it.

As bloody as D-Day 6th of June 1944 is reported to be, it pales compared to the Americans that died at Shiloh or Sharpsburg or Gettysburg or…well…you get the idea.


Don’t forget the 19,000+ British dead on the first day of the Somme Offensive, 1916..

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How about the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Bloody Angle? From what I remember, 18 hours of combat! Whenever I was in DC, I would go to the history museum to see the oak tree which was whittled down from a mighty tree to just a shadow of itself. It almost makes you weep to imagine the horror of that event.


Oh yeah, I coulda went on and on…Mule Shoe, The Crater, Cold Harbor…Grant lost more men in just a few weeks than Lee had in his entire Army. Hence the moniker, The Butcher. It took the combination of every war since 1865 to reach the # of Americans killed ’61-’65. And yes, it does make one weep. As Messkit discussed above, the early casualties of the French and Brits in WWI were horrendous too. 500K in just a few months. And when you compare the short time that the US were in actual combat in WWI those numbers are pretty bad.

If the politicians had to fight the wars they start, there would be no wars started.

Green Thumb

Pic looks like the taxpayer’s asshole after The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) fucks it as he lies to Congress, Veterans and his friends over his false Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims to gain taxpayer-funded contracts based on said claims.

Great guy he is. Lori Benton is cool w/ it as are his new batch of Phildo supporters.

And people are bitching about college loan repayment. Phildo et al. have been running this con for years.

Just ask Paul-mer (of the ballsack) and Keith “The Big Turd” Queef Keeton. Phildo got to kept on a dranking while these losers got cunt-punted and had to a start thankin’….