Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| August 9, 2022

Groomers gonna groom

This dude looks like Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy. Same level of creep.

Even when she smiles she’s frowning. Wonder if she’s a lib?

They can try, but kids will still be kids

Me too, Spike. Me too.

Most parents try to keep their kids from working the pole


Heat waves are racist

She seems nice

How is this ever appropriate in a school?

This is alright. Everything is fine.

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Old tanker

I feel so sorry for the Marine one crew. Actually, I feel sorry for all of them, air force one, marine one and the secret service assigned to the white house.

Skivvy Stacker

The safety net for Biden is, if the crews jump out those aircraft are damned expensive to replace.


Remember when child abuse was punishable by hard time in prison? Pepperidge Farms remembers…and so do I.


It must not be molestation when Leftists do it or something.

Prior Service

How appalled would Iron Maiden be to see this lib whacko wearing their shirt?

The Rock and Banana pronoun kid is my new hero. Keep it up!

For the record, I spent four years in The Old Guard and, despite all the high vis jobs I did, I absolutely lack the self discipline to keep a straight face if that presidential train wreck was unfolding in front of me.