About Us

This blog was founded by Jonn Lilyea.  We pay our own bills and we do not get subsidies from any other organization, contrary to the rumors that are spread across the internet by our detractors. We encourage donations, 100% of which goes to the operation of this blog, investigating valor vultures and verifying the legitimate service of honorable veterans.  The opinions expressed by our authors are theirs and not necessarily the policy of their employers or any other contributor to the blog.

Before you read the rest about the authors here, understand that this blog is what it is because of the folks who contribute here. Before you judge us by our blog posts, read the comments. Folks agree with us and disagree with us, and we welcome it all. Whenever we do interviews with the Old Media in regards to what we post, the journalists always ask me about what our readers think – that is our strength. Veterans’ opinions are far from monolithic, every opinion is valid – and we celebrate that here.

Your first comment will be moderated here – it’s not an attempt to stifle debate, it just keeps the spammers and trolls at bay. So if this is your first time here, please be patient. If you change your screen name or email address, it might happen again. Unless you use a proxy server. If you use a proxy server, your comments will never be approved because that’s a mark of a troll.

We are all military veterans and we write primarily from that perspective.  We write about issues that matter to combat veterans. We’re known for our work in the Stolen Valor arena, but sometimes we talk about politics, most of us are supporters of Second Amendment rights and we talk about that as well.

Jonn Lilyea was a retired infantry Platoon Sergeant and was the founder, owner and primary author here until his death in July of 2018.

There are various authors who post frequently and even more that have built a thriving community in our comment section.  We are not interested in selling anything, advertising for anyone, we do not do this for profit.   Any material used on this blog is done so under “Fair Use” such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.