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| April 7, 2020

S&W 649

Deputies:Two Macon teens found with stolen car

MACON, Ga. — Bibb County deputies arrested two men that stole a car earlier in the year and for possession of a firearm on April 3.

Deputies received a call reporting that two men in the Cumberland Drive area were knocking on doors and saying their vehicle was broken down.

The two men were found at the corner of Hyde Park Drive and Cumberland Drive near a red Dodge Charger. The men claimed the vehicle belonged to them and that the battery died.

Deputies checked the vehicle and discovered it was reported stolen on March 2.

18-year-old Devin Cornelius Edward Howard and 18-year-old Amontreze Freeman Moss, both of Macon were taken into custody.

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Gun Bunny sends. Read the article and view the gun pr0n here: WGXA
Caution, Hondo level gun ugly. You have been warned.

LVMPD: Man shoots suspect armed with knife in central valley

Kristen DeSilva
LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Las Vegas police said detectives were investigating a shooting in the central valley on Sunday night.

The incident started about 6 p.m. on April 5, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. David Gordon. Officers were in the area of West Washington Avenue and Spyglass Lane, near Decatur Boulevard.

At the scene, LVMPD homicide Lt. Ray Spencer said the investigation started as the Metro air unit observed a motorcyclist acting “suspicious” in a shopping center near Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard.

Spencer said the motorcyclist then took off recklessly, speeding northbound on Decatur. The air unit followed to a community near Decatur and Bonanza Road.

At Vermont Avenue, Spencer said the motorcycle either stopped or crashed. The rider got off, removed his motorcycle gear, then ran eastbound toward the Friendly Ford dealership.

The suspect then jumped a barbed wire fence behind the dealership into a neighborhood. Spencer said a citizen, a CCW carrier in his 40s, went outside and saw the police helicopter above him.

The man told police he saw the suspect, a man in his 20s, jump the fence. He reportedly told the suspect he was calling the police and to stop running. The man followed the suspect to a pathway in the condominium complex, Spencer said, when the suspect pulled out a knife.

With predicable results.
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Read the rest: Fox 5 Vegas

Armed home invader shot dead, another arrested in Arlington Heights: police
Home surveillance video shows two masked men approach the home and ring the bell, Arlington Heights police said.

Police are investigating a Saturday home invasion that left one suspect dead and another arrested in northwest suburban Arlington Heights.

Officers responded to a call about 2 p.m. from someone who said there was a man with a gun in their home near the 2400 block of North Evergreen Avenue, Arlington Heights police said in a statement.

One suspected home invader, 58-year-old Larry Brodacz of Buffalo Grove, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. He died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, and his death was ruled a homicide.

Home surveillance video shows two masked men approach the home and ring the bell, Arlington Heights police Cmdr. Joseph Pinnello said. The video shows the men fighting outside and then enter the home, he said.

Pinnello would not say who fired a gun inside the home, but said a gun discharged and struck the 58-year-old man. Two children who lived at the home were present during the altercation, he said.

Video of the incident leaked online shows the scuffle return outside the home, where a resident of the home can be seen punching the other suspect.

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Read the rest: Chicago Sun Times

Guess the goblins are getting tired of being cooped up, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, and are back on the prowl. Except having ones stolen car break down because of a battery problem, bringing a knife to a gun fight, and picking the wrong house tell the FGS Editorial Staff they are still denizens on the shallow end of the gene pool.

Score? A respectable 2 / 3 / 0. Believe that’s a Full House.

“A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.” — G. GORDON LIDDY

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    “Devin Cornelius Edward Howard”

    I wonder which one is the father.

    “Amontreze Freeman Moss”

    not touchng that one.

  2. Hondo says:

    Caution, Hondo level gun ugly. You have been warned.

    Yeah, Hi-Point firearms are pretty homely – even before some fool gives them a “triggerguardectomy”. But they’re reputedly quite reliable, and if it’s the best you can afford it might just save your life.

    Although with those two, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the pistol is stolen and that “afford” is irrelevant.

    • David says:

      HiPoint has shut down during the Covid scare. I know several folks who own and like HiPoints… they may not be pretty but seem to be pretty reliable. One of said owners is a regional guy for a chain of gun stores who can pretty much buy anything, too.

  3. Hack Stone says:

    It’s a pretty bad reflection on American values when a 58 year old man has to resort to home invasions to keep him in the lifestyle that he is accustomed to. Pretty sure that this probably would have been the last heist that would allow him to turn his life around. Hack Stone is getting whiplash from shaking his damn head.


  4. OWB says:

    At least the LV reporter had no trouble identifying who was the bad guy. The Chicago one managed to be confusing in spite of rather clear cut circumstances.

  5. Old tanker says:

    Just being nit picky on the gun pron at the top. That is a S&W 642 that has been modified with an after market rear sight and a different barrel. It is what the S&W SHOULD be instead of a hog trough rear sight as it comes from the factory.

    • David says:

      Nope, a 640 Pro. Fluted barrel, Trijicon sights, stainless steel, already machined for moon clips, Pachmyer Gripper grips. Basically a J-frame for serious social work.

      • Old tanker says:

        I stand corrected. When I went to the S&W website I couldn’t find that model even in the performance center section.

  6. MI Ranger says:

    Have to agree that the Hi Point is one ugly gun after someone removed the trigger guard and generally neglected it.
    I note that Cook County ruled it a “Homicide”, but did not file charges. Wonder who they will charge with the homicide, the home owner who defended himself or the one that ran away and was picked up by police as an accomplice? Hopefully the later!

    • OWB says:

      Is IL one of the states that defines any intentional death of another as homicide? Has nothing to do with whether the death is justified or not, hence the term “justifiable homicide.” Like self defense, etc.

      Dunno. It may now be the universal definition. Haven’t kept up with that. Seems like a while back somebody pointed out that FBI stix define it so.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Homicide is just a medical determination that someone died at the hand of another person. Other causes of death are accidental, natural causes and of course, “self murder”. Homicide does not always mean murder.

  7. 5th/77th FA says:

    A full house is ALWAYS a winning hand; ‘specially when it takes 5 bad guys off the street. Unfortunately, the perps in Maconga will prolly be arrested for another crime before this one comes to trial. The area that they were busted in used to be one of the nicest, safest areas in town. Section 8 rental helped ruin all of that. Surprised no one has called for a spin of the Ol’ Wheel. Claw, you up?

    Vegas perp couldn’t cut it. Played the odds and lost.

    Chiraq…just another day at the office.

    The fugly gun pr0n? Par for the course with the ‘hood rats. They might could hit the side of a barn…if they threw the pistol toward it. I do likes me some hideaway S&Ws, be they a 642 or a 649.