Jason Merrick – Phony BUD/S Graduate

| March 24, 2020

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Jason Lee Merrick.  Merrick comes to us from Cottonport, LA.  Merrick is 51 years old at the time of this writing – March 2020.

Merrick went to high school with Dane Reason, who we recently featured here at This Ain’t Hell / ValorGuardians.  Once it was put out that Dane Reason was not a Navy SEAL, Merrick seemed to change the story a bit as to how much he knew about Reason’s Navy career.

Some people are under the impression that Merrick was a Navy SEAL.  He claims he completed/passed all phases of Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL (BUD/S) training but was somehow screwed out of graduation.  In the following post, he uses the phrase “finished” BUD/S as well as “completed” BUD/S.

Here, Merrick was interviewed by the local news when a friend of his barricaded himself in one of Merrick’s houses and shot three policemen.  Merrick claims he was “in the SEAL program and finished BUD/S in 1988.”  (Start at the 2:18 mark if you want to jump to it quickly.)

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3mKy_9nDgY (Start at 4:00 min mark)

We checked the BUD/S-SEAL database and Merrick was not listed as graduating.  He did attend, however.

We also asked the Department of the Navy to shed some light on this.

The Department of Defense Manpower Data Center was also checked to confirm service dates.

Then, a photo from an old cruise book to establish the timeline and rating…

. . . . .


Jason Merrick’s official military records from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) do not support his claim of finishing BUD/S school.

BUD/S and SEAL training is an extreme challenge and worthy of anybody’s respect. Merrick attempted BUD/S several times so this is something he should be proud of.

However, it is rare to see someone claiming they went to medical school or law school if they never graduated. Other than making a point about the training or schooling, why would one bring this up and leave off the part about never finishing?

It could give the appearance of leading a horse to water and not taking responsibility for it drinking. This is a nuance of language to parse terms and they way words are placed together.

So, we just thought we would help clear this all up for anyone under a false impression that Jason Merrick was a Navy SEAL – he was not.

In spite of this, Merrick insists he “finished BUD/S” but was screwed out of graduation and these postings were all about trying to locate old classmates.


Merrick’s records show no training as a Navy SEAL nor any duty assignments as a Navy SEAL. A good deal of Merrick’s time was spent aboard the USS Forrestal (CV-59).

As mentioned before, Jason Merrick was not found listed in the BUD/S-SEAL database when it was checked.

. . . . .

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Let me be the FIRST, Jason Lee Merrick, to welcome you to your new found Google Fame as an embellishing POS that couldn’t be happy and proud of your record. You can be proud of adding to the long list of fake Navy seals (sic) that have come to grace the pages of infamy. Embrace the suck…Bitch! Yesterday WAS the last easy day.

    • Berliner says:

      I giggled after I googled Jason Lee Merrick. First 2 hits were Military Phony & Valor Guardians.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      You mean Jason Lee Merrick who attended USN BUD/S but did not graduate? The Jason Lee Merrick who falsely claimed to be a USN SEAL? The Jason Lee Merrick who is spinning his ass of in a feeble defense? The Jason Lee Merrick who is wallowing in The Power of Google®™? The Jason Lee Merrick who now realizes that THE INTERNET IS FOREVER?

      Oops, did I just leave a puddle of Google hits on Jason Lee Merrick? That’s NOT going to look good on Jason Lee Merrick’s Resume’!

  2. Combat Historian says:

    He washed out of a training program that is extremely tough and demanding; no shame in that. But the lying and fudging, that’s something else, something very unbecoming…

  3. Comm Center Rat says:

    Alert BUPERS, Jason wasn’t awarded the Good Cookie during four years of active duty service.

    • MI Ranger says:

      Wait so Jason says one our of ten instructors had a problem with him, and because of that he did not graduate BUD/S…then he doesn’t get his “Good Cookie” either? Could he have been flushed from BUD/S for a discipline problem?
      Having only been to Ranger School I can not truly compare the training, but suspect it is something similar to getting peered (possibly as a chow thief) on your last eval in Florida phase! Mom and Dad would have gotten the invite, and you would be back at Fort Benning like everyone else, just not hiding in the wood line waiting for the smoke cannisters to wake you up and rush out to formation! I knew an S3 that used to tell all of our guest Operators that visited that he went through BUD/S…they all whispered to me as they left “…yeah, but he didn’t graduate”. Make of it what you will, they respected the rank, but seemed to always defer to others who did not brag about exploits they attempted but did not complete. Better to prove you know what you are doing quietly than to storm in an prove to everyone you are full of $h!t.

      • SFC D says:

        I had a SSG in my platoon, prior Navy, was straight up about dropping out of BUD/S. Guy was plenty badass, and had great stories from BUD/S, but not once did he ever claim to have graduated.

  4. 2banana says:

    He attempted something 0.001% of those in the military wouldn’t even try, let alone actually get on the bus.

    But then he shat all over it.

    • Ret_25X says:

      when you consider the hoops to be jumped through just to get a slot for training, showing up and starting is an accomplishment of its own.

      There is no dishonor going and washing out. There is dishonor in washing out and pretending you graduated…..

  5. jimmyb says:

    He joined thousands of other men that tried and didn’t make it. He should not be ashamed of that. I knew several Navy guys that were in my opinion the kind you don’t mess with and they all said that SEAL training was not for them. Not everybody can do it, most don’t get the nerve enough to try. The first real job I ever had as in that didn’t involve farming and did involve punching a time clock, there was this big dude with arms as big as my leg that would help me getting my parts loaded for machine work, he said he dropped out of the Green Berets after 10 weeks, said it was the only thing he ever tried and didn’t finish. These guys think people would think of them as losers, but in fact, we wouldn’t – at least I know I wouldn’t.

    • Ret_25X says:

      many years ago when Ronnie Raygun was president and kevlar helmets were a novelty I went to air assault school at Ft Campbell…

      Day Zero obstacle course I broke my ankle (and my pride) on one of the obstacles. Took a year to get back (6 months in a cast) to the school but graduated that time.

      The fact that I had that experience made the badge pinning so much sweeter…so here’s to AASLT class 11-87!

      BTW, everyone knows what class they were in at these combat and special skills courses…I immediately suspect anyone who says they don’t remember.

      • MI Ranger says:

        Funny you mention that. I had trouble remembering which class number I graduated in…and it was before I started taking Gabapentin for the pain.
        I recycled so the picture day (you take a picture at Benning phase on the Land Nav course) did not match with my actual graduation class number. It wasn’t until I was talking one night in a bar with a Lawyer buddy (who I did not realize went to Ranger School) and mentioned the bleachers collapsing on us, that he later sent me a photo and said…is that you?! To be honest I didn’t think it was, but he knew everyone else in the photo and it was where I remember standing (I had not described where I was standing to him). Turns out we were in the same class (to start with). He knew a bunch of the guys that got me recycled to a different platoon in Mountains because I was a know it all Batt Boy/Specialist showing up the officers.

      • Mike says:

        I’m with you. I did airborne ground and tower weeks twice due to a hospitalization and an injury. The karma gods finally flipped the switch during jump week. The weather was so bad we did five daylight “Hollywoods’ in three days; no night or equipment jump.

        Still proud of those wings.

  6. Keepin' It Real says:

    Is it just me or does Weinstein look like Merrick?


  7. AW1Ed says:

    Always had a special place in my heart for IS’s and their “We bet your life” Intell Briefs.

    Almost as much as the weather-guessers, who after a dire forecast of high turbulence and generally dogshit weather would invariably end with “Have a nice flight.”


    • Mick says:

      “Have a nice flight.”

      — sigh —

      If I had a nickel for every time that I heard that over the years from Intel briefers and weather-guessers…

  8. Today is Tuesday and he missed by 1 day to be a Monday morning phony Seal. I’m suprised that he didn’t claim to be a Merrick Marauder or was that Merrill.

  9. Skippy says:

    Almost is his name
    Enjoy your fame
    It is forever

  10. 26Limabeans says:

    Anybody that served on a Carrier has my respect.
    Except when they shit on it for no good Reason…

  11. Roh-Dog says:

    A huge Bravo Zulu to your idiocy Jason Merrick!
    Enjoy this humbling experience.
    Let it soak in.
    Like the refreshing surf of Coronado.

  12. Ret_25X says:

    Just for this lame ass….

  13. tommer says:

    I remember everyone wanted to be a paratrooper until they got to jump school. It was like now you see them,now you don’t .lol

  14. Daisy Cutter says:

    Q: What do you call the last guy in his medical school graduation class? What is he labeled?

    I’m talking about the guy or gal that barely squeaked through on each exam, failing a few but barely making it up later. The guy that was constantly late for practical exercises and got behind on the concepts, even slowing the rest of the class down.

    What do you call that guy – the last guy – in his medical school graduating class?


    He fulfilled all the criteria. He made it. He did not flunk out.

    The situation with Merrick here was different. He did not fulfill all the criteria. OK, he tried and tried through several classes. He stuck with it, but in the end, was not deemed worthy of graduation.

    Merrick can feel he “finished” or “completed” all of the BUD/S phases to his satisfaction, but what counts is the instructional and command staff at BUD/S. It sounds like he is unwilling to accept their evaluation of his fitness to have been a SEAL.

    Life goes on, get over it. It shouldn’t define you.

    Perhaps the psychology here is that it opens the door and lets Merrick talk about how much effort he gave and how much he tried before being denied graduation? I don’t know. Only he does. It just strikes me as strange that he clings to this notion that he self-identifies as having “completed” or “finished” BUD/S.

    The concept of being “finished” or having “completed” something is always a negotiation and agreement with another party. You must have a sign-off. In this case, it is a certificate and entry in your military record. That didn’t happen, but bless you for trying. You’ve got stories that others do not have. You were just never a SEAL. It doesn’t make you less of a person – it just doesn’t make you a Navy SEAL.

    Society is a little more forgiving these days. A Caucasian male can self-identify as a female Filippino prostitute. You can self-identify as the opposite sex or being asexual.

    The military still requires certificates and record entries.

    • Ret_25X says:

      and what do you say to the person who took all the classes but didn’t graduate from medical school?

      “yes, I’d like fries with that”

  15. rgr769 says:

    First, there is no shame in washing out of an extremely difficult school in the military. About half of those starting my Ranger school class didn’t get the tab, including two Navy SEALs who graduated, but were heroes when it was time to swim a rope across a river. But lying about why and when you boloed out is a no go 🙅‍♂️.

    • Mick says:

      When I went through Flight School, there were quite a few guys that washed out before we graduated and received our Wings of Gold.

      The ones who gave the training everything that they had and “went down swinging” when they washed out were respected by those of us who remained in the program.

      However, the ones who got shitcanned from the program for integrity violations, now that was a completely different story. We were glad to see those kinds of shitheads go away. Some even managed to get shitcanned from Flight School before they ever even sat in a Navy training aircraft. One guy got booted for cheating on the final Navigation exam during Aviation Indoctrination; another guy got thrown out during Aviation Indoctrination for cheating during the one mile swim by walking on the bottom during each lap through the shallow end of the pool. (One of the submerged Navy safety divers busted him. TINS.) Both of those young officers were processed for discharge and sent home without delay. And none of us who remained were sorry to see them go.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Mick were some of those shitcanned for various infractions used as examples of Naval Aviation in a certain motion picture depicting…well…Naval Aviators? Are you going to point them out as you throw things at the screen when you, ‘Ed and I go see part deuce? Asking for a friend.

        • Mick says:

          Nah; the fictional characters in that “certain motion picture depicting Naval Aviators” were actually a step up from those shitbirds.

          There are plenty of other stories about idiots who threw away their opportunities in Flight School, but if I were to recount all of them, I’d be sitting here writing all day.

          The majority of that stupid shit was flat out unbelievable…

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      “First, there is no shame in washing out of an extremely difficult school in the military. ”

      Very true, it’s been said that USN BUD/S typically only has about a 30% Graduation Rate BUT not graduating and saying that you did, that’s where the big disgrace is.

  16. NHSparky says:

    This guy reminds me of Dan Bilzerian. Same deal: finished almost all of BUD/S, only to commit a big enough no-no to get booted.

    Many and varied are the ways you can lose your school. We nukes had many of the same issues to deal with, and INTEGRITY was high on (if not at the top of) that list.

    I don’t know why he ended up not graduating. I don’t care. But it seems that the lesson regarding integrity didn’t exactly sink in, or at least he chose to ignore it. Take from that what you will.

  17. Green Thumb says:

    Extra Clown.

    Circus material.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Merrick and Reason.

      Sounds like some shit law firm that would rep[resent the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress.

      I wonder if Laurie Benton is still around?

    • marinedad61 says:

      Green Thumb, it’s a THREE RING Circus.
      Reason, Merrick, and Brandon Carpenter.
      (2 of 3 down, 1 in jail for shooting cops)

      Jason Merrick stacked on last night on his POOF Fakebook page,
      with this little bit about his jailed friend Carpenter,
      and, that he didn’t make it up, it was told to him by Carpenter:
      [Merrick] – “He’s got tattoos of his entire squad that got killed fast-roping from a helicopter; that’s when he got flacked in the head”

      Note, Merrick is already on TV video (above)
      claiming this his friend Carpenter was a Special Ops Airborne Ranger,
      Iraq and Afghanistan, shot in the head, and hit by frag.

      IMHO, Carpenter was overseas at some point,
      but the tales,
      coming from this source (Merrick), are obviously in doubt,
      as Merrick was LYING about himself in the same TV interview.

      • Green Thumb says:

        I wonder if all of these tools know that the other two are full of shit.

        Probably keep bullshitting each other and have no clue who is fake.

        • marinedad61 says:

          Green Thumb,
          I’ve got the Fakebook screenshot of this,
          When asked about his own TV claims of Brandon Carpenter…
          [Merrick] – “He said it; and I have no reason not to believe it”

          Guys spewing suck generally don’t question, and often back,
          the suck of others.

          So there you go,
          Reason, Merrick, AND Carpenter.
          Triple suck in rural Louisiana.

          • Green Thumb says:

            Good point.

            I bet that the three of these turds would overload even the most powerful industrial toilet on a flush.

            Then they could be dumped into the Mississippi and float on down to New Orleans.

        • marinedad61 says:

          Green Thumb,
          I don’t know if getting the FOIA on Brandon Carpenter
          is worth the time of the MP / TAH staff.
          However, with the crime stories and his internet mugshots,
          IF he turned out to be a Rick Jowers type
          (you know, Fake Ranger, bad discharge, etc.),
          it would make one hell of a riveting story on MP & TAH.

          Also, I’m sure the judge(s) and police in his county of Louisiana,
          would like to know the truth behind a cop shooter.
          It’s not nice to lie to police and judges,
          especially when pleading for leniency.

  18. sbalm says:

    Merrick is defending his position by a series of posts over at MP. He appears to insist that he “completed” BUD/S and he was a victim of being screwed out of the final graduation by Instructor Roberts if I am reading this correctly. I’ve never seen this type of defense made before. Interesting reading.

    Merrick - Ask-Answered

    • marinedad61 says:

      Jason Merrick tried the same thing,
      late last night, on Fakebook.
      Not only didn’t it work, it backfired.
      He made MORE incriminating statements (claims)
      about his cop shooter friend Brandon Carpenter
      (stacking on what is already in your TV station video),
      and when no one was buying his explanations (and insults)
      he went to delete mode,
      then private mode,
      then POOF.

      Jason Merrick has not yet realized,
      that is he no longer in control of his narrative,
      and he certainly can’t control the internet display of his behaviors.

      Too bad, he can’t put the POOF of MP nor TAH.
      His words remain, for internet infamy.

    • SFC D says:

      “What is a 201 file?”

      Are you shitting me?

      • Ret_25X says:

        I”m not sure what the Navy calls a 201 file…but the concept was pretty universal back in the paper records days (which he served during).

        His excuse making is tiresome.

      • Green Thumb says:

        I use to have/know a bunch of dudes that had it either on their car, or for the more “hardcore” ones, on their back.

        • Ret_25X says:

          Yeah, you had to have your own copy because for some reason, the people paid to keep the files straight could not pull it off with the technology and training of the era.

          Frankly, nothing has changed.

          I never really had any problems as a 1SG or SGM except with my S1. For some reason, every S1 in every unit is just useless.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            A 201 file? Wasn’t that the file that had one side for doing your fingernails and the other side for sharpening your P38? FSN was 0U812.

            • Ret_25X says:

              that was the DA 2496. The 201 file was where the Army kept its most secret information about tours with the CIA.

              Also, don’t forget DA Form 4187 which was used to request double super dooper sekret assignments.

              The there is the 2A…the “dream sheet”…LOL

  19. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Turd burglar.

  20. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus on a bamboo raft, WILL WE EVER SEE a bogus Mechanic, PAC Clerk or Cook?

  21. Ret_25X says:

    The story of Merrick’s year at school…

  22. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    J. L. MERRICK:

    1) Did you graduate BUD/S? NO, NO, NO, HELL NO

    2) You were awarded ZERO (0) NSW NEC’s per your OFFICIAL DD-214 (Block 11).

    3) Same DD-214 also does NOT list COMPLETION of ANY kind in regard to BUD/S (Block 14).

    At this point, you are yankin’ & bankin’ and throwing chaff harder than a Sailor throwing pesos into Shit River at Alongapo.


  23. PTBH says:

    The latest from Jason Merrick:


    • marinedad61 says:

      He’s going to reopen his Fakebook page?

      Here is the (dead) link to Jason Merrick’s original Fakebook page,
      so we can all watch the 2nd act.

      I wonder if he’s wise enough to drag his fight to THIS page?


      • PTBH says:

        He has not responded to any legitimate SEAL that has engaged him in the comments. He seems to be touting a year at BUD/S as his proof that he is more of a man and has more integrity than anyone that dare raise a few legitimate questions.

        I heard a rumor that Merrick was running for Police Chief of Cottonport, Louisiana. I wonder if they are best served by someone going around the internet threatening to kick people’s a$$es?

        The issue, as I see it – is not who can kick so and so’s a$$, but rather, one of integrity and being honest about one’s accomplishments.

        Now his friend Logan Lemoine is in on the “whoop your a$$” bandwagon. Merrick, do you advocate for a friend of yours to go around the internet threatening people on your behalf? Would law enforcement look down on this? I wouldn’t want any so-called friend of mine to be doing this using my name, but perhaps you feel different?


  24. Jason Merrick says:

    Well, of course, Ull bring my fight here, Marine dad. Someone told me that a guy with the last name “Hardin” brought this shitmess here. Seems like I remember a guy named Hardin in Class 152. Well hello Hardin. I’m the guy that drove the fancy red IROC-Z. You’ve gotta remember that. Remember when Instr Kress asked, at the 50 meter pool, who the clown that drove the red Trans-Am?” And followed that with. “Ohhhh you will confess!”😂. Mario Andretti! …. well come on down from those aluminum bleachers! 😃. I got to the end of 3rd Phase and was just spending the Admin Time…. ya know? That last week at BUD/S…. sitting back, watching slideshows of different places that we may be sent? Anyway, I ended up there with Class 155. But MMC Minner decided it best to surprise the Skipper with a Special Review Board for me! That was pretty fkd up! So many questions; Certainly I wasn’t allowed to graduate with 155…. but I wonder why they cannot find my official training record. Hmmmm, dunno. Anyway, I hope all is well with you.

  25. Jason Merrick says:

    Ohhh, and BTW, Ill answer ANY questions from an official Seal Instructor or student that was there between classes 152-155. I will not answer questions from folks that were not there during that time. So what are y’all waiting on? Start asking me the specific questions of ANY phase of BUD/S Training…. and I’ll give her the old college try! My argument has been that I finished/Completed BUD/S ; I never used the word “graduated” (which to me, isn’t a very difficult evolution; walking to the STO, shaking hands and walking back to a steel chair doesn’t seem to difficult; Hell, I betcha I could still do that, even today!)

  26. AW1Ed says:

    Jason Merrick’s confusion between “completing” and “graduating” BUD/S is on display, and he defines who is eligible to question his performance.

    I feel kinda sad for him.

    Almost had ya there.*grin*

  27. SFC D says:

    Popcorn stocks just went up.

    Foogas is primed.

    • marinedad61 says:

      SFC D,
      Yep. I just heard Russell yell “Hello, Boys. I’m back!.”

      Difference is… well, here’s the ALTERNATE ending.
      Not a jet, but a bi-plane,
      with a suicidal missile strapped to the side.