Virginia 2a Sanctuary Localities to be Invited to Join West Virginia

| January 25, 2020

On the ground, the support for the 2nd Amendment is a bipartisan one. (Ben Garrison)

Members of the West Virginia House are sponsoring a resolution. This is in response to the Virginian movement to declare, at the local level, “Second Amendment sanctuary status”. Not only is this a move to support these counties, but an invitation to join West Virginia.

West Virginia Delegate Gary Howell provides a video explaining the feasibility of counties breaking away from Virginia and joining West Virginia. Article 4 Section 3 of the US Constitution covers the creation of new states. Howell’s argument is from the perspective of counties from one state joining another state, with no new state being formed.

From Fox News:

The parts of Virginia that are more like West Virginia and much less like the I-95 corridor and the tidewater region, they’re the ones that are reaching out to us,” Howell said. “As you get closer to the urban areas, they more attuned with big government, a little less freedom, and we don’t see those coming over.”

Howell says anywhere between 30 and 46 counties could potentially take up West Virginia — which split from Virginia around the time of the Civil War due to disagreements over slavery — on the offer.

We see our brothers really under attack, our way of life. What we have here in West Virginia we treasure, and parts of Virginia treasure that way of life,” Howell said of the areas that could join the state.

The text of the resolution requires any Virginia jurisdictions wanting to join West Virginia to have their citizens vote on the proposal before Aug. 1. West Virginia voters would then have the option to accept those areas in a statewide referendum during the general election in November.

Naturally, something like this would not go without a court battle. This would also spur academic debate on the feasibility of something like this occurring given today’s circumstances.

Fox News has additional details and a video, here.

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  1. CCO says:

    Well, the feds let it fly in the nineteenth century, why not now? Kinda the same.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      It was more to the advantage to the feds then. Gave them a nice strategic buffer between what would become the main front lines and the potential of an invasion into the Ohio Valley/Region. The vote by the politicians in Richmond for splitting from the Union was very close and not really made until Lincoln made a levy upon VA to provide troops to “put down this rebellion.”

      Politicians caused the problems then, and politicians are causing the problems now. I don’t see the current crop of Richmond politicians allowing that many taxpayers getting away from them. Maybe the citizens of the rest of Virginia need to take their state gubmint back from the carpetbaggers and scalawags. VA’s problem is everywhere. The large metro areas have gone to sh^t and the rural areas have had their representation so watered down that it appears the entire state is turning into a sh^thole. Get away from the big cities and we have a great country with great people…that get along great with one another.

  2. Mason says:

    Isn’t the whole point of our republic that the people have autonomy in such circumstances? I’m sure some left wing federal judge will put a block on all of it, but I can see no reason why this shouldn’t be allowed. Legally or morally.

  3. 2banana says:

    Naturally, something like this would not go without checkpoints, men on patrol and the threat of two way live fire range.

    “Naturally, something like this would not go without a court battle.”

  4. Poetrooper says:

    I do believe that Virginia Democrats have taken up the challenge from California Democrats in a coastal contest of who can destroy their state first…

  5. I just moved to Georgia from that shithole. Im from northern VA. Growing up it wasnt so bad. But thanks to democrats and their sanctuaries the crime rates have sky rocketed. Theres a murder at least once a week in my old neighborhood. Robberies and assaults are daily. I hope it works out for them. The thing is the dems forget VA is more than the three counties around DC. I dont think this will last long

  6. CCO says:

    California’s got a big head start.

  7. ArmyATC says:

    More proof that at least Virginia Democrats care not at all for the Constitution and our rights. Now they’re going after the 1st Amendment, trying to make criticism of government officials a crime.!/back

  8. Roh-Dog says:

    Is West Virginia accepting applications from counties in Connecticut?
    Asking for a friend.