As Virginia Dems Threaten Gun Bans…

| December 17, 2019

Thousands of gun-rights supporters gather outside a Fauquier County board of supervisors meeting / Stephen Gutowski

Poetrooper sends us a follow-up to yesterday’s Virginia gun-grabbers post. This article showcases the grass-roots sanctuary movement, ands the very real effect it is having in Virginia politics. Read on..

…Sanctuary Movement Spreads

Stephen Gutowski

Virginia’s “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement continued to see overflow crowds throughout the state on Thursday despite Governor Ralph Northam (D.) backtracking on confiscation and threatening “consequences” for sanctuary municipalities.

Eight Virginia localities became sanctuaries Thursday night, bringing the total to 93, including 75 of Virginia’s 95 counties and 18 of its legally independent cities. The movement—which pushes local governments to declare that they won’t enforce new gun laws they deem unconstitutional—has seen grassroots support from people of all backgrounds and ages in both rural and urban Virginia. It shows no sign of slowing, despite Northam promising a grandfather clause omitting preexisting owners from his proposed gun ban and threatening “consequences” for areas that become sanctuaries.

The continued momentum of the movement, especially in blue parts of the state, may weigh heavily on the new Democratic state legislature when it convenes Jan. 6. It has already forced Democratic leadership to abandon SB-16, a bill that would have completely banned possession of AR-15s and many other guns. As opposition continues to grow, newly elected Democrats may continue to shy away from the more radical parts of Northam’s gun-control agenda.

Fauquier County was among those that saw huge turnout Thursday. The Washington Free Beacon witnessed several thousand people adorned with “Guns Save Lives” stickers outside of the board of supervisors meeting in Warrenton, Va. The gun-rights advocates waited in the freezing cold for hours to voice their support. Those who spoke with the Free Beacon said they were not moved by Northam’s concession or threats.

“I have guns that they’re talking about banning,” Crystal Kiffer, a dentist and lifelong Fauquier County resident, told the Free Beacon. “It’s gonna be a tough, tough day if I don’t get to hold onto my guns. I’m not going to let them go.”

The People are speaking. But are the ‘leaders’ listening? Read the rest of the article here: Free

Thanks, Poe.

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Commies… er, Democrats… delude themselves.

5th/77th FA

Those Earth tremors they feel in Virginia is Patrick Henry spinning in his grave.

Or maybe the tramp, tramp, tramp of the Patriots marching on Richmond.


The continued momentum of the movement, especially in blue parts of the state, may weigh heavily on the new Democratic state legislature when it convenes Jan. 6. – article

Read that again: “especially in blue parts of the state” — looks like the blue voters are not as blue as we think they are, perhaps?


Oh Madison, where art thou?!
The Constitution must be upheld and common rule reviled for the unchained evil it is!

Comm Center Rat

You take a mortal man
And put him in control
Watch him become a god
Watch peoples heads a’roll, a’roll

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the symphony of destruction

~ Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth (1992)


“…and threatening “consequences” for areas that become sanctuaries.”

Consequences??? WHAT consequences, Northam, you overpaid, ego-driven twatwaffle????

Anyone besides me remember the Tax Stamp Act? And what happened in the harbor and why?

Tom Jefferson was absolutely right: a little rebellion now and then is a GOOD thing, especially when, as the article says, even the “blue” counties chimed in on this.

Holy cow!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

Since when has a politician’s promise been more worthy than a fresh dog turd on the sidewalk? It’s quite apparent to me that shittyassed liberals merely want to make every city as gun-free of a utopia as Chicago and Baltimore, anyone remember seeing the criminals in those towns lining up to turn their guns in as soon as a new law was passed?


Find some way to stop the inflow of stolen guns into Chicago’s gangs, and the violence by those who have stolen guns will drop, won’t it?


Maybe. One of the major issues with black markets and where they operate, the prohibited item(s) become more hazardous by nature. The lethality of drugs has increased by multiples since Nixon and there is no indication that gun prohibition would not follow a similar model.

A Proud Infidel®™

But if gun availability in locales surrounding Chicago is such an issue, then why do said places have FAR lower crime rates?


That may be quite true, too. Article in this morning’s paper addressed the issue of the ‘black market’ (illegal) pot and what will happen to it with licensing to sell it legally. The response by the writer was that it will likely still exist because people don’t want to have to pay dispensary prices to buy that crap. And now the licensed dealers are whining because the backdoor guys are still cutting into their sales by offering slightly lower prices for weed.


Well, the CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads deliver guns to the freight yards in Chiraq, the utes just take advantage of containers that are parked for a day or two, and open those containers.
Too bad no one has fixed up an IED in one of those containers.


Sic Semper Tyrannis


The name “Ralph” has over the years become code
for oh so many things…..
“Ralph’s Buick” is a a classic.

“Ralphing the 2nd” is about to become code for
gun grabbing via extra-constitutional law.
Bout time citizens just point to the original
document and laugh these clowns out of office.
Or just ignore them and their supporters.

Hack Stone

“I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.”

Governor Ralph Northam
December 2019

Cameron Kingsley

Boy, they just keep finding new ways to piss people off don’t they. A word to the wise leftists, continuously trampling on people can have fatal consequences once they get sick of it (I’m looking at you California, Illinois, and New York who are giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses and allowing them to vote, that’s how you potentially breed vigilantes who might end up targeting those who are innocent by mistake, because if you won’t do anything and even worse encourage the law breaking then the vigilantes WILL do something about it and they may just decide to target YOU while they’re at it especially if they are feeling vindictive.). Choose your path and choose wisely, because there will be no going back and no second chances.


The Democrat party is the world’s largest homeowners’ association–a bunch of power-seeking,”We know better than anyone else” busybodies who want to tell the rest of us what kind of home we can have, what color we can paint it and whether or not we can fly a flag in our yard.

Screw ’em…

A Proud Infidel®™

Which makes me glad that I live in a deep Red State area where they’ll get told to suck it and go pound sand!

The Other Whitey

I wonder if these would-be tyrants have ever considered the possibility of Americans using them to replenish the Tree of Liberty?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Let them try their shit in my neck of the woods and see just how quickly they get their asses handed to them!

The Other Whitey

I recall seeing some idiot on TV some time ago scoffing at the idea of an armed citizen with a surplus M1 Garand vs a government enforcer with an M4. I thought to myself, “Let’s see what this dipshit thinks when his cover from 5.56 turns out to be merely concealment for .30-06!”


This argument makes me laugh. They act like the U.S. military would just go along with violating their oath to the Constitution. There would be mass desertions and a lot of the deserters would be taking their equipment with them. They say how are you going to stand against tanks. Well there can’t be a tank on every corner and tankers can’t live inside their tanks. They say what about drones and they forget that drone pilots are on the ground and can be vulnerable.

Cameron Kingsley

Drones can potentially be hacked into as well.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I wonder what democrat NRA members have to say about this. I’ve heard that 37% of NRA members are democrats. Notice I left out Rats at the end of demo. JFK was a member or life member of the NRA along with I believe one or two other democrat presidents. Maybe someone can google that since I’m going to the recliner and grab some nooners now at 1545 Juliette.


Business Insider says JFK was the only Rat president who was an IRA member.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

3 more counties passed 2A sanctuary resolutions, bringing the total to over 100 counties and/or independent cities. Progressive enclaves like Fairfax and Loudon counties refused to pass such measures, as did the City of Roanoke and a few others. There is speculation the Virginia State Guard could be called up, but I’m reminded that the demographics of those that serve are similar to the people who show up at meetings to pass 2A Sanctuary Resolutions. Northam should figure out pretty soon that he and his I’ll have fucked up pretty bad. The “deplorables” of the state are sending a strong message to Richmond.

The incoming State Assembly can suck it.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

“ilk”, not “I’ll”.

Top W Kone

In 2013, New York passed an “assault” weapon ban/registration law that also restricted ammo sales and magazine sizes.

In a matter of months 52 out of 62 counties passed resolutions demanding their state reps repeal the law.

Nothing came of it because the majority of the state is NYC.

Six years later the police are not going door to door, but they are treating the law as something they can add on to other charges if they find an unregistered weapon or wrong size mag.

Gun owners protested, held rallies, wrote letters and vowed to “die before complying”. But since then…nothing. Of the estimated 1 million guns that met the definition about 4% have been registered by the first deadline, about 30% were sold or transferred out of state. Over 2,000 people have been charged with failing to register or having too big mags.

I don’t see VA being any different.

Hack Stone

Interesting comment from the Attorney General from the Commonwealth of Virginia. So, Counties cannot ignore laws regarding the restriction on firearms. Does this policy only apply to firearm resolutions, or does it also include localities passing their own immigration policies?