Kamala Harris Drops From Race

| December 3, 2019

California Attorney General Kamala Harris takes questions from the media after voting at the Kenter Canyon Elementary School in Los Angeles, on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The top two candidates for California’s first open U.S. Senate seat in 24 years will advance to a runoff election in November to replace the retiring Barbara Boxer. Harris is a heavy favorite and a fellow Democrat, U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, is looking to hold off three Republican challengers for second place. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Kamala Harris expressed deep regret as she dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination for President. She points to a lack of funding and the fact that as a non-billionaire, she’s not able to finance her own campaign.

She also blamed sexism and racism. Could it be that the policies that she’s arguing aren’t resonating with the voters?

From the National Review:

“To my supporters, it is with deep regret — but also with deep gratitude — that I am suspending my campaign today. But I want to be clear with you: I will keep fighting every day for what this campaign has been about. Justice for the People. All the people,” Harris tweeted in her announcement.

The National Review provides additional information. Meanwhile, Joseph Biden rolls out a slogan: “No Malarkey!” He has that on his campaign bus, plus the definition.

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  1. Cameron Kingsley says:

    I have heard that she was pulling some sleazy stunts when she was working as a prosecutor. I haven’t looked much into them but I have heard stories of it. I believe some people may have mentioned some of the shady things she was doing on here.

    • rgr769 says:

      Well, if you call banging and blowing Willie Brown a sleazy stunt, then you could be right. He gave her much support and advice when she started her political career.

      • Cameron Kingsley says:

        Giving advice I have no problem with (of course that depends on the nature of the advice) but screwing someone to get in? I don’t know. I wouldn’t call it a trustworthy action.

      • Mason says:

        Trump tells a guy on a hot mic that when you’re rich and famous women throw themselves at you. He’s literally Satan and the left and MSM (I repeat myself) still won’t stop talking about it three years later.

        Willie Brown admits to having an affair with a now sitting senator and giving her preferential treatment and advancement in exchange for said sex. Crickets.

      • Berliner says:

        Her kneeling at the feet of Willy Brown who was the California Assembly Speaker while she served as a Deputy District Attorney in Alameda county, was her start in politics.

        Willy appointed her to 3 different political patronage state boards paying 70 to 100k for attending a monthly meeting.

        She dumped him after he became mayor of San Francisco.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aw, poor baby… giving head to get ahead only goes so far.

  3. Combat Historian says:

    Willie Brown will appropriately “comfort” her tonight…

  4. Sapper3307 says:

    But she smoked herb in college while listening to SnoopDog’s music, Four (4) years before he ever made music.

  5. martinjmpr says:

    “No Malarkey?” Well, you can’t say he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of today’s youth.

    I guess “Twenty Three skidoo!” and “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” just didn’t poll as well?

  6. Martinjmpr says:

    WRT Harris dropping out, turns out that screaming “RACIST!! YOU’RE A RACIST!” in peoples faces is NOT a good way to get them to vote for you.

    • rgr769 says:

      Let’s not forget about all that racism she personally experienced in the 80’s in that hotbed of racial discrimination known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Berkeley. I hear all the schools were segregated, just like the lunch counters and restrooms.

    • UpNorth says:

      I wonder if Kamaltoe, or any of the dems realize that she’s accusing the people who can vote for her in the primaries belong to one political party. They would be democrats.
      How perfect, she drops out and accuses the democrat party of racism and sexism.

      • Mason says:

        “How perfect, she drops out and accuses the democrat party of racism and sexism.”

        Hey, if the shoe fits. Finally something I can agree with her on.

  7. 26Limabeans says:

    She paved the way for other women of color
    or something.

  8. AW1Ed says:



  9. OldManchu says:

    Fuck off you pandering whore! What took you so long?

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gee, she finally took a hint, huh?

    Oh, well, moving on!

  11. Commissioner Wretched says:

    So … farewell to thee, Kamala.

    Who’s next to drop out?

  12. 11B-Mailclerk says:


  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Who’s she gonna blow and screw to get ahead now?

  14. Graybeard says:


    Don’t let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya.

  15. Club Manager, USA ret. says:

    Having just finished inputting the Democrat Primary election ballot to the programming portal for our county, I counted 18 presidential candidates although dropped out since filing closed and the list certified by Secretary of State. Two things occurred to me, first being was it politically worth it to spend an awful lot of money to file in Arkansas when you knew you didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win. Second, why didn’t their most electable candidate file. No dummy not Hilary, Bozo the Clown. Senator Tom Cotton’s Dumbocrat opponent dropped out two hours after filing closed effectively screwing that party from replacing him so Cotton runs unopposed. Seems the Dumb got wind of the negative research uncovered he was a lying sonovabitch who lived off of his wife’s Wal-Mart executive salary and lied in his campaign reports. Got to be honest, some of this stuff is more fun than managing clubs, but I’m not getting laid as often.

  16. Roh-Dog says:

    Damn! I was hoping the woman whose own father said she’s a liar would at least have a chance! Oh well.
    Hairy-Leggéd, Creepy Uncle Joe is pulling away!!!
    Baddest Orange Man 2020!

    Side note: this whole thing’s a shitshow.

  17. Combat Historian says:

    Credit is due to Tulsi Gabbard, who effectively took apart Harris during an August primary debate and exposed Kamala as the opportunistic vacillating Empty Suit she was, is, and always will be. It truly was an epic takedown…

  18. lily says:

    What? You don’t want to report Republican Congressman Trump supporter Duncan Hunter plead guilty to misusing campaign finance for his own personal gain today? But I thought you libertarians were oh so holy Jesus no abortion no Muslims no gun control no no no liberals? I guess Hunter will now be joining Paul Manafort and Roger Stone in prison. Lock him up! Lock him up! LOCK HIM UP!

    Loser response to my post = But Hillary…

    • lily says:

      The federal indictment filed against Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, and his wife, Margaret, paints them as petty and persistent grifters who never let being broke crimp a lifestyle illegally funded by dipping into campaign donor money for more than $250,000.

      The couple allegedly used campaign funds to pay for groceries, bar tabs, vacations in Italy and London, dentist bills, golf shorts and even school tuition for their children to keep up appearances while they skirted insolvency, the indictment charged Tuesday.

      Possibly one of the worst charges against Hunter, a Marine artillery officer who served in Iraq and left the Reserve as a major, was that he tried to pass off the use of campaign funds as a contribution to wounded veterans.

      Hunter wanted to buy a pair of shorts for a golf outing in Hawaii but was out of money, the indictment charged.

      Margaret Hunter “counseled him to buy the shorts at a golf pro shop so that they could falsely describe the purchase later as ‘some [golf] balls for the wounded warriors,’ ” the indictment said.

      Hunter also allegedly sought to use the military as an excuse to write off the family’s $14,000 vacation in Italy in 2015, the indictment charged.

      • Lobogris says:

        “Kamala Harris Drops From Race”. Title of THIS post.

        Maybe your little rant can have it’s own post. Would that make you feel better while you’re Fapping about something that has ZERO to do with THIS post?

        • lily says:

          No I think we should just leave up the five post about democrats up today because nothing to see here when a republican Trump sycophant does something wrong.

          • Poetrooper says:

            “No I think we should just leave…”

            No, we think you should just leave.

            There, fixed it for ya, Frilly Dilly*.

            *TAH Dictionary, Frilly dilly: a circumcision performed with pinking shears.

            • lily says:

              But I thought you were claiming this site was about supporting vets and stolen valor and not just a libertarian political hack site? I guess you lied.

              • Poetrooper says:

                This site supports honorable vets and opposes Stolen Valor, but I’ll chalk your mistake up to inattentive writing. And while we do have some libertarians here, I’d wager more of us consider ourselves conservatives or moderates, both Republican and Independent.

                • lily says:

                  John Lilyea is from west Virginia and is extreme libertarian and I’d say most of you are of the same mind set. I don’t see any Trump detractors here.

                  • Poetrooper says:

                    Besides your misuse of the present tense you’re too quick to assume things you don’t know, a fatal flaw in many military occupations.

                    Contrary to your opinion we don’t march in lock-step here. In fact, I’d call TAH more of a route-step forum.

                    Again, I’d wager most of us see Trump as an imperfect leader, but vastly superior on his very worst day, to anything you liberals could put up as a leader on his very best day.

                    • lily says:

                      I’m more moderate than you think, but of course it’s full on attack when someone deviates a little from the right wing. The go to insult is to call them liberal.

                    • GDContractor says:

                      I’m a Trump detractor. I think he’s a moron.

                  • David says:

                    You obviously don’t read mine.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Completely off topic, which is Kamala Harris dropping out of the race.

        • lily says:

          Yeah lest just stick to the multiple threads about democrats posted today and ignore the republican who ripped off wounded warriors and is going to jail. Nothing bias about this site.

          • OldManchu says:

            What do YOU do for wounded warriors since you brought it up?

          • David says:

            God, I hate that: BIASED. BIASED. Please try to learn American English.

          • Ret_25X says:

            Dearest Lily,

            ALL democrats are crooks. MOST Republicans are crooks.

            All democrat voters are shills for gulags.

            Most Republican voters are shills for gulags.

            ONLY Libertarians are anti-tyranny and pro constitutional rights.

            I’m no “big L” libertarian, but I have to give them their due…they don’t think you owe them anything and aren’t out beating people or attempting to destroy the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments because “muh feelings”.

            I’m aware that you are far to incurious to actually research anything and instead trot out your daily KOS talking points at all times, but really…you make yourself look so…Soviet.

            Why, I’ll bet you are so well read, you know that the indictment against Hunter started with the party outing him to the ethics committee. No? How surprising…Not!

            Moderate, indeed.

          • Commie-Tsar says:

            Would you just stop it! I’m the only one here that can get their panties in a wad!!!!

            THIS IS MY BLOG!!!!
            ORANGE. MAN. BAD.

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            HEY lily, just how many corncobs do you have up your ass at any given time? I’m betting at least a dozen!

      • Poetrooper says:

        And, unlike a Democrat caught involved in corruption, Hunter will go to jail. Corrupt Republicans get convicted–corrupt Dems get re-elected.

        Or run for president…

        So what’s yer point, Frilly Dilly?

        • lily says:

          You should have just said “But Hillary…” Someone as old as you knows when you get pulled over for a speeding ticket and you tell the police “But those guys are speeding too. What about them?” the police give you the ticket anyways. But you still choose to make a statement that you know is wrong. Or did you just lose your critical thinking years ago?

          • Poetrooper says:

            No Frilly Dilly, my critical thinking tells me “someone as old as me” is more likely to get ticketed for driving too slow.

            As for your critical thinking…

            • lily says:

              OK Boomer

              • Poetrooper says:

                If that’s your sharpest come-back, Dilly, then you’re out of your league on this site–even Lars has wittier repartee.

              • AW1Ed says:

                Actually contributing and staying (mostly) civil works here, lily. Keep it up.

                For the record, Duncan Hunter is a thief and a disgrace. Feel better now?

                • lily says:

                  Of course I feel better that one of you realize that Trump supporters with their alpha beards can be bad people too.

                  • Ret_25X says:

                    All hail the mighty boomers who pay the taxes, make the stuff, and designed everything around us.

                    I’ve never heard a person admit to beard envy before…seems…weak…

                • Ex-PH2 says:

                  Lily has rapidly become a tiresome, self-centered bore with no intent other than disruption.

                  Either stick to the subject of leave.

                  • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

                    I myself am firmly convinced that “lily” is nothing other than a self-centered little brainwashed imbecile that HAS to make his/her/itself the center of everyone’s attention no matter what the consequences.

              • ArmyATC says:

                Whatever, Millennial.

      • SFC D says:

        Duncan is guilty and is getting the punishment he deserves. I seriously doubt anyone here will disagree or defend him.

        What else ya got, Lily?

        • Ret_25X says:

          yes, he was a grifter. As most politicians actually are.

          How can you tell when a politician is lying, cheating, and stealing?

          Their heart is beating.

        • Commissar says:

          He point is that if a democrat who was also a veteran plead guilty to misuse of campaign funds after lying for weeks that he did nothing wrong, you all would be all over the story.

          But since it is a Republican…, *crickets*.

          If a democrat president was facing impeachment right now would you all be ignoring the story?

          Just stop pretending this blog is not just a biased safe space for right wing veterans and a half dozen posers.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      And the very next article in the queue refutes you. Folks here rake that shitbag through hot coals. You even post on that thread, so you know it is there But you won’t admit you are wrong.

      You were wrong. Admit it.

    • thebesig says:

      Anybody that posts in the comment section is welcome to submit article suggestions to the email contact page, leave a link in the comments, or via email to one of the other blog article contributors if such email is known.

      Every one of us is involved with everyday life and must balance outside requirements with the requirements for this site. We will catch articles and post about them, but we may also miss other articles. We do appreciate links with a suggestion to do articles. Additionally, Dave has invited those who comment on these articles to submit guest posts.

      Tip for future article suggestions: be respectful and non confrontational.

  19. Poetrooper says:

    And right on cue, the Dems are saying that poor Kamala is the victim of–yep, you guessed it–racism and sexism. Think about that for a moment–since this is the Democrat primary, they’re accusing their fellow Democrats of being the same thing they and their media public relations arm condemn Republicans for being.

    You can bet when Bookem’ drops his silly quest, this racist meme will intensify and intensify even more if that other woman of color, Fauxahauntus folds her teepee. And just wait until Buttgrudge throws in the bathhouse towel, all those Dem primary voters will be branded homophobes. If Bernie falls by the wayside, they’ll all be labeled anti-Semitics. And should Ol’ Slow Joe finally go, Dem primary voters will be cited for their hostility to senility.

    Some of those racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, ageist Democrat voters might want to consider coming over to our side, where, according to the fake media, they’ll fit right in.


    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, Lizzie won’t fold her campaign and go away. She’ll get next to Bernie in the hope that the two of them as independents will siphon enough votes away from the regular candidates (Biden & Trump) to keep either from getting a majority.

    • Slow Joe says:

      Whoa, Whoa.
      I didn’t do nuttin!

      Oh, you mean the other Slow Joe…

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      NOWNOWNOW let’s see here, NOTHING is ever a liberal’s fault, it’s either racism, sexism, ‘da man’ or any other excuse they can come up with, NEVER MIND that Harris has admitted that she spread her legs and opened her mouth to get ahead along with other faux pases, but she’s a libtard, thus it’s never her fault, at least according to what she spews!

  20. Slow Joe says:

    So, now that Kamaleon Harris is dropping out of the race, will she keep the campaign money collected so far?
    Will she buy another house, like Bernie did after the 2016 Dem primary?

    • Poetrooper says:

      Joe, I’ll betcha ol’ Kamaleon will change colors from Socialist Red to Capitalist Green faster than ol’ Frilly Dilly can shake the dew off his lily…

  21. Slow Joe says:

    I am bored in staff duty.
    About to go and do my rounds.

    Meanwhile, I just saw this powerful Hong Kong meme:

  22. JTB says:

    Tulsi Gabbard sealed her fate in a few minutes…

  23. Comm Center Rat says:

    With Harris dropping out, Creepy Uncle Joe will have one less woman to touch at future debates.

  24. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    So a stale candidate who polls poorly because said candidate is an obvious corporate hack has to drop out because that poor polling also means no fund raising and no fund raising means no campaign….happens all the time, but I’m supposed to believe in this case it’s because she’s a woman and black instead of simply because she has the charisma of a dead skunk on the highway in July?

    Kamala Harris was led to believe she was interesting and capable of offering fresh ideas. She’s neither when it comes to the political arena. Her message was not only stale it wasn’t honest at any point. In a field of liars she stood out as a singular liar with a record of dishonesty that led the primary voters to disbelieve everything she says….

  25. Keepin' It Real says:

    Kamala Harris, The Seagull Candidate – swoop in, squalk a lot, s#it all over everything, fly away.


  26. JURASSICHM says:

    But Kamala. Democrats (according to them) accept everyone regardless of gender, race or sexual persuasion (unless of course they are Trump supporters). So, how could it possibly be that your polling numbers were low because of your gender and race? I just don’t understand.

    • SFC D says:

      It was because people of all races and however many genders there are this week despise her equally.

      Diversity in action!