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| October 10, 2019

Easy Laddies. Yes, real live 30.06 in 8 round stripper clips. Now breath for me, good. Again. Now relax and take it easy for another half an hour.

Arrest Made in Death of Amber Guyger Trial Witness
An arrest has been made in the murder of Amber Guyger witness Joshua Brown.

By: AWR Hawkins
Brown testified in the trial that resulted in the conviction of Guyger, the former Dallas Police Officer who is now in prison for the murder of Botham Jean.

USA Today reported that Brown was found “shot to death” in a parking lot Friday, and NBC News reports that a suspect in Brown’s death was arrested today.

The suspect, 20-year-old Jacquerious Mitchell, says Brown was allegedly killed as a result of an altercation in a drug deal gone bad. Mitchell claims 22-year-old Thaddeous Green shot Brown, fatally wounding him.

Police suspect a third man, 32-year-old Michael Mitchell, was the getaway driver after the alleged shooting.

Green and Mitchell are still on the run and police consider both to be “armed and dangerous.”

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Read the rest of the article at Breibart

Video shows Florida store owner shoot an AK-47 at an angry customer.
Was it self-defense?

By David Ovalle
An angry man barged into the Kwik Pic convenience store in Lauderhill, left it in a huff and threw a garbage can at the front door, scattering trash on the floor. Then, he drove in circles outside the market and hurled a bottle at employees standing in the doorway.

The response: Store owner Saf Ahmad, 30, stormed out of the store and fired a hail of bullets from an AK-47 — all caught on dramatic surveillance video.

So was it self-defense? A Broward circuit judge will soon decide whether Ahmad was justified in shooting at Jason Morris, who was hit in the back and suffered a “permanent disability.”

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“Hit in the back” is not good. Up to that point I’d say yes, but we’ll see where the judge draws the line. Read the article and view the vid at Miami

Apple Security Guard Shoots, Kills Armed Robbery Suspect At Dallas Store

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — An armed man who broke into an Apple store in Dallas was shot dead by a security guard early Tuesday morning.

Around 2:30 a.m. Oct. 8, the suspect attempted to break in to the Apple store on the 3100 block of Knox Street near McKinney Avenue. Police said a witness stated he was wearing full body armor and was armed with an assault rifle.

The suspect attempted to disarm the security guard — a retired Dallas police officer — but was unsuccessful. The security guard was able to pull his weapon and fired multiple times, striking the suspect.

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Got this one from my pal, AW1 Rod. A pistol 1v1 against an AK, just, damn. The entire article may be viewed at CBS

A double Trifecta, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. Had to put down my single barrel bourbon and count twice to make sure. A TAH FGS First, I believe. Claw? You’re needed for both your record keeping skills and the TAH Name Scrabble™®(Home Version) Whiz Wheel. Can’t wait for our favorite cannon-cocker’s input.

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  1. Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman says:

    Looks like everyone’s been busy: the perps, the victims, and our own AW1Ed. Well done, one and all. Even the deceased perps.
    A toast! To Melba!

  2. Frankie Cee says:

    As I see it, ol’ Saf Ahmad at the Kwik Pic Aloha Snack Bar was not in immediate danger, a critical point in use of deadly force here in Florida. Methinks that he is in deep shit.

    • MI Ranger says:

      YEs, but if Mr. Morris was doing dounuts in the parking lot while throwing things from the vehicle, I would definitely be afraid he was going to ram his car into the store… it will really come down to what Mr. Ahmad said in his statement. The fact that he made it without a lawyer present makes me think it will not go well for him.
      He is seen pointing a pistol first, and then comes back with the AK. Hitting the perp’ in the back is not a big deal, as it depends on what he was doing when Mr. Ahmad fired. If he was still in the car, it is definitely in Mr. Ahmad favor…as long as he said I feared for my life and those of my employees and customers.

  3. Frankie Cee says:

    AW1Ed, if your “author” position lets you, pull up my e-address, and hit me. I have info for you. I will also send this message to admin to be forwarded to you.

  4. USMC Steve says:

    Actually AW1, the photo at the top is of an M1 rifle en bloc clip. It is not a stripper clip. Stripper clips have the rounds pushed out of them, then are discarded once they are empty of ammo. The M1 clip stays in the weapon with the rounds until all ammo is gone, then is ejected from the rifle.

    • Hondo says:

      Yep. Think of it as the string bikini version of a box magazine – with an “auto eject” feature added. (smile)

    • You forgot the ping sound when the 8 rd bloc clip is ejected. We had M-1 Garands on board the Okie 3 (LPH 3) and when I was in the inactive Reserves, we used to go up to Camp Smith in NYS for a weekend of firing those great rifles. I received the infamous M-1 Thumb while in the hanger bay practicing inspection arms for the arrival of the Flag coming aboard. Didn’t remove my thumb fast enough.

      • Graybeard says:

        My ROTC instructor warned us about M-1 thumb.

        I never had to learn that first-hand.

        • rgr769 says:

          I was on a ROTC college drill team for two years. As we were armed with M-1’s, I must have done inspection arms over a thousand times with the trusty Garand. After the first M-1 thumb, one learns not to do it again.

          And the M-1 eight round clip is not a stripper clip. Stripper clips were commonly discarded by the user once the cartridges were “stripped” into the rifle, whereas the M-1 itself did the discarding once the last round was fired.

    • E-6 (ret) type, 1 ea says:

      My “win the lottery” gun is a .30-06 Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR. It’s basically a B.A.R with a 16″ or 20″ barrel, 30 round magazine, and M-4 style stock.

  5. Andy says:

    Dang it USMC Steve beat me to it.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Now I have to study different kinds of ammo to understand gunz????

    These questions are too hard.

  7. 5th/77th FA says:

    Put down a single barrel bourbon? Hell I made a double barrel shottie glass of Irish Coffee in celebration. A double trifecta, proof of my theory that something was sketchy about the witness, another raghead potential terrorist taking out a dumbass that is mainly just guilty of being teh stoopid, an example of age and experience overcoming youthful exuberance (every. damn. time), PLUS samples of one of my all time favorite cartridges. Life is very good FIRST thing this morning. Now when Claw shows up with the Whiz Wheel Score, you gotta know, there WILL be a wet spot here. Nothing like an involuntary vascular reaction.

    I don’t care what our Leather Headed Jar Necked Gyrenes say about you ‘Ed. You done pretty good …for an Aereonautically Designated Squidly type. Let’s just hope that the ability to get the job done doesn’t infect the middies come December.

    • USMC Steve says:

      I always get confused by all the Navy ratings. Does AW mean Aviation Weenie?

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        tee hee giggle can’t hold it back… bwwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        That’s funny as hell right there, I don’t care who you are.

  8. Claw says:

    The TAH Whiz Wheel spins up the following base scores:

    Jacquerious Mitchell – 44 x 4 = 156
    Thaddeous Green – 20 x 4 = 80
    Saf Ahmad – 17 x 4 = 68

    Multipliers may be applied at the reader’s discretion, but the most applicable multiplier seems to be four (4) for a DAM (Dumb Ass Move)/s

  9. Bad shoot from the Florida store owner. I can visualize some possible jail time.

    • rgr769 says:

      Ditto. Also, the stop-n-rob owner/manager will undoubtedly be sued civilly, as Floriduh has almost as many ambulance chasers as Commiefornia. Mr. Ahmad should have restricted his AK-47 shooting to celebrating Muzzie weddings.