Mid-Weekend Open Thread, Advent

| November 29, 2019

Advent Wreath with three candles lighted. This shows the lighting on the third Sunday of Advent. The name for this Sunday is Gaudete Sunday (rejoice). Rose (instead of purple) vestments are used during mass in some denominations. This first Sunday of Advent is this Sunday, the first candle will be lighted. (Conservative Treehouse)

Hopping that you guys had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, great-tasting turkey, ham, potatoes, pies, dressing, etc. With the end of Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations have started to go up. Some people already have their Christmas decorations up.

Many will keep their decorations up until the day after Christmas. Then, on December 26, stripped Christmas trees will find their way to the curb if garbage pickup is the next day. Or, they’ll be waiting patiently right next to the garbage bin.

With decorations like that, who needs Advent decorations, right?

The Advent season comes before Christmas season. It starts four Sundays before Christmas. This year, it starts on December 1, 2019. The last day of Advent is Christmas Eve.

Advent comes with its own decoration… The Advent Wreath with four or five candles. The four candles are usually purple, or three purple and one rose. If a fifth candle is included, it’s white and placed in the middle. Other wreaths use blue instead of purple candles. Each Advent Sunday, a new candle is lit until the fourth candle is lit the Sunday before Christmas.

Some wreaths have six little candles in between the four big candles. This allows for the lighting of a candle each Advent night.

Purple is the liturgical color of Advent. Some denominations use blue instead of purple to symbolize the Nativity. The pink-colored candle represents the third Sunday of Advent. Church services (mass) is usually purple themed, with purple vestments, draping, cloths, etc… Unless white or red is the color for the day.

Advent is a period of “fasting and penance” for many Christians. Then, the Christmas Season is a period of feasting and celebration.

For those with five candles, the fifth candle is lit on Christmas Day… The first day of the Christmas season. The candle is white, as the liturgical color switches to white on Christmas Day. For some of the folk mentioned above, this is also the last day the Christmas decorations are up.

Enjoy the balance of your weekend.

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:


    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:


      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Well. well. well. Foiled by being involved in a dart game with the 10 yo Grand Daughter. Losing a dart game to her was well worth losing out to a Mid Week Open Thread held on a Friday to My Man API. Since API has a seldom earned FIRST, I will hearby, henceforth lay claim to the Honorary First that he normally snags. All is fair in the Battle for FIRSTs.

        Decorating at Baby Daughter’s Home is always interesting since she celebrates the Christian (My Side) and the Jewish (her Mother’s Side) Holidays with equal enthusiasm.

        We are still grazing upon the bounty that was prepared for many to enjoy. And yes, we left the empty chair at table for those that have passed on.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    So…do we have to buy gifts for this Adventure?

  3. Roh-Dog says:

    Have a great weekend yall!
    Had an amazing time with the fam yesterday, Eagle chit (pronounced:shit) is in, a nothing day on the Great Benevolent Market, tree job penciled in for tomorrow (high of 39 degrees, keep movin’ and it ain’t a biggie), and HRC still isn’t prez (but is somehow free…)
    Oh, and theres a nice bottle of whiskey for the chiminea watchin’ tonight!
    Life is good my friends.

  4. ChipNASA says:

    6th biatches. Hope you all are fat, dumb and happy after Turkey Day yesterday.
    I have lots of leftovers and had a great day with the kiddos and more for the weekend.
    Cheers to all you fuckwits!!

  5. ninja says:

    *sarc on*

    You know what I don’t undestand about that 16 year old Climate Change Activist, Greta Thunberg?

    Currently, she is returning to Europe on a sailboat.

    How is it possible that she was able to send “tweets” via Twitter on that sailboat unless she was using a Smartphone to take “selfies” as well as posting comments on her Twitter account?

    Check out some of those photos. Do they not look as if they could be selfies?


    If that is the case, makes me wonder if she is aware what a smartphone is composed of.

    Or better yet, if she read this interesting New York Post article:

    “A Year of Cell Phone Use Emits As Much C02 As Two Round-Trip Flights”:


    • Roh-Dog says:

      Cellphones destroying the planet?! Truly An Inconvenient Truth for the multiple-million-dollar-mansion set.

      • ninja says:


        Oh, the IRONY of those who tell us Heathens via their cell phones that the world is going to end in 12 years or shove a BS story about “Global” warming down our throats.

        Yeah, right. Global Warming. Tell THAT those all the folks who were stranded these past couple of days because of the cyclone blizzard.

        That AOC needs to get rid of her cell phones, computer, her glasses, her red lip stick, because she does not realize what they are made of.

        The Horrors.

        BTW, AOC looks as if her and Adam Schiff had the same parent with their bugged eyes and pea-size brains.

        Sigh. If they both are so unhappy with the US, then why don’t they simply LEAVE? Or better yet, “work” FREE for Congress?

        *sarc on for the word “work”

      • Why can’t cellphones be made out of card board cracker jack boxes and for local calls, one can make a communication device using a piece of string, two soup/bean cans and two clothing buttons which work great for short distance calling or use signal mirrors set up on tripods like the Army used Away back when or smoke signals with the bad products of combustion removed through the hypothisus of the 1904 razzle dazzle principle of emulsification.

        • ninja says:

          But, but, Jeff, is Greta consumed a string or even cans, she is “harming” our environment!

          The horrors I tell you. The horrors!

          How did she and the crew get rid of the human waste on the sailboat?

          Or better yet, what materials were used to make the sailboat? What about the clothes she wore?

          What did she use to brush her teeth? Wash herself and her clothes?

          See where I am going with this?

          If Greta wants to live in a Third World environment, then perhaps she and her family need to relocate to those countries. Perhaps North Korea.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            She went full “watermelon”. She may play at green on the outside, but she is Red through and through.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      SailMail. Email via HF radio. Commercial or
      amateur radio.


      • ninja says:

        Thank You, 26LB.

        I guess her Tweet was an emergency?

        The pictures she recently posted (a couple of days ago) looked as if they were “selfies, i.e. smartphone selfies.

        • ninja says:

          Also, I don’t use Twitter, but isn’t that different from emails?

          • 26Limabeans says:

            dunno. I don’t tweet.
            Wouldn’t know how.
            Cellphones are a challange for me.

            • ninja says:

              26LB, same here: we don’t use TWITTER and are still trying to figure out how to use a smartphone.

              I think a Twitter “APP” is required to post comments and pictures. Thus my reasoning that ole Greta is using a Smartphone and the reason of posting the New York Post story to show the ignorance and irony of what her, AOC and other Climate Change folks believe and try to shove down our throats.

      • Perry Gaskill says:

        A better choice for a trans-Atlantic sailboat might be a satellite link. The units available now are typically mast mounted. Initial outlay for the transceiver/modem is high at around $6000, but monthly data costs are roughly similar to cell phone service. Bandwidth is similar to 3G mobile. Such a link should also, in theory, allow voice calls either via voice-over-IP or voice-over-WiFi.

        Sailboats also have available now a lot of specialized low-voltage components including solar panels and wind generators to keep things charged.

        A big concern for this time of year might be the weather, but temperatures apparently aren’t too bad if you can pick up the trade winds southeast of the Bahamas. From there it would be a straight shot to Spain, which is where Greta Thunberg wants to end up.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Be nice if they could see a whale up
          close and let Greta pet it.
          Nice photo op as she disappears like a fish.

  6. ninja says:

    *sarc still on*

    You know what I don’t understand about PETA or Vegans who try to force their beliefs on me by trying to make me feel guilty for consuming animal flesh?

    What does PETA or Vegans say about animals that kill and eat other animals?

    That they do not know any better and that humans do?

    If that is the case, then why won’t PETA or Vegans who try to pull the guilt trip simply get rid of those animals who kill and eat other animals?

    Boy,talk about extinction. I truly believe PETA and those Vegans are trying to wipe out flesh eaters from the Planet and let Plant life take over.

    *sarc is now off*

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I once knew a very stupid person who tried to turn her cats (2) into vegetarians by not giving them meat-based cat food. As a result, they went blind from not getting taurine, vital to cat eyesight, in their food.

      She was charged with animal cruelty.

      • ninja says:


        I think this question was addressed before:

        What do Vegetarians feed their pets, i.e. dogs, cats?

        Hate to sound mean, but an glad that person was charged with animal cruelty.

        I love animals. I respect those who choose not to consume flesh.

        I just resent when some folks try to push their anti-meat agenda on others. If they choose to consume tofu or soy as their choice of protein, more power to them.

        Just don’t try to lay a guilt trip on me because I enjoy the delicious taste of BACON and BUTTER.


    • 5th/77th FA says:

      I have been a proud member of PETA for 66 years. Person.Eating.Tasty.Animals! There have been numerous recalls of plant foods of late, lettuce in particular. There have been no recalls on bacon…or chocolate…or cookies(a cookie in each hand is a balanced diet). Not.a.single.one.

      PETA needs to sit down, shut up, and quit trying to run our lives.

      And btw PETA, Uga The Georgia Bulldog is sticking his tongue out at all of y’all.

      • ninja says:


        That Georgia Bulldog ROCKS.

        And one of his relatives WON the National Dog Show (or dear, does that mean PETA is going to go after the dog shows?).

        BIG *grin* for what you wrote about rabbit food. That was hilarious!

        And true!

        Thank You!


        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Tanks…yeah, I don’t eat what my food eats. Added some little smokies wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and blanketed with crescent dinner rolls. Got a mold that is the shape of a pig to bake them in for some true “pigs in a blanket.” The crowd went wild.

          • ninja says:

            *ninja’ reminder note*:

            (1) Visit KoB’s home to sample his Pigged-Shaped Pigs In A Blanket.

            (2) Visit AW1Ed’s Home to reveal his secret of using wine and a pinch of salt in his all of his dishes.

            (3) Visit Ex-PH2 home to taste the recipes that have been shared with TAH every Thursday.

            (4) Return to KoB’s AOR to finish sampling (ok, I mean pigging out) on all that MOUTH-WATERING Southern food spread he shares with us. Yep, enough to feed a GO ARMY (hey, AW1Ed started it, *grin*)

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              C’mon, think we can find room for 1 (or 20) more. Plan for some where around the FIRST weekend in June for the Family reunion feast. We get serious about the spread then. Yesterday’s offerings was starvation rations compared to then. Be proud to have the whole dang TAH family. #letseat

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      I truly think that the members of PETA and all the militant vegans need to practice Coprophagy!

  7. ninja says:

    Some Auburn Jokes (about a 2 minute video).


    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Bwwwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha RTR hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha RTR

      Why did Auburn swap the astro turf for real grass at their stadium? So the Auburn cheerleaders would have a place to graze between plays.

      ROLL TIDE ROLL….UGA SEC East Champs!

      • ninja says:


        That cheerleader joke:


        So far, have yet to see any Auburn Fans on TAH.

        Alabama Fans: Yes. War Eagle Fans: None.

        Southerners know this:

        The Iron Bowl. Annual Southern Sport. Lots of game food, Southern style.

        And the Alabama-Auburn Pre-Game jokes.

        How do you think I learned my Army-Navy PreGames jokes? From a book?



      • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

        A: What did the Auburn Cheerleader say when she found out that she was pregnant?

        A: “GEE, I hope it’s mine!”

  8. ninja says:

    For KoB and AW1Ed:

    What a funny story:

    “The Navy Named a Destroyer After Army’s Football Coach?


    Go Army. Beat Navy.

    I know, I know, I know. Air Force beat Army this year. And Navy beat Air Force.

    That does not necessarily mean that Navy will beat Army.

    Or does it?


    Let the Battle begin!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Sounds like an appropriate idea to me. After all, Army gonna BEAT Navy like a destroyer thru a fleet of birch canoes. The Army AF game was a fluke. AF had programable drones inside their footballs and a homing device embedded on their receivers. The Army Black Knights’ Mule will ride rough shod and send their goat back to the mooslem dating site.
      As an aside, you think we got some commentators here with little or no reading comprehension, check out the comments on the linky.

      GO ARMY BEAT NAVY…. We DO have the BEST ninjas….and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

      • ninja says:

        KoB wrote “check out the comments on the linky.”

        That is what makes the story funnier. 😂🤣😃😅😆

        What did Foghorn Leghorn used to say? “It’s a joke, Son. It’s a joke.”


    • OWB says:

      Seems like I heard last weekend that SMU beat Navy. SMU???

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    Got snow for Thanksgiving this year! Early in the season for that kind of weather in these parts, but my kids are loving it. The fucking flatlanders are already swarming up here like locusts. It’s amazing to me how many of them are unfamiliar with tire chains. Luckily the road I live on hasn’t been plowed, so that should keep them away.

    • Cameron Kingsley says:

      Have some of these insufferable morons in Europe gotten why we Americans like to carry guns for protection through their thick skulls yet or do they still need more time? There are times that I really wish we had left them to the Soviets after WWII (after the collapse of the Soviet Union when I am feeling generous). I’m sorry everyone but my patience with Western Europe is really wearing thin because of this bullshit. Some of the European schmucks (Quite a few of them tend to be Brits) who think they shit ice cream and don’t have enough spoons to go around that you can find online don’t make it any easier for me. Some of them really cause my blood pressure to rise because of their arrogance and their willingness to point out our faults and problems while conveniently ignoring their own. I absolutely love seeing foreigners that bash and state how much they hate the US and how evil we are while posting on an American platform (be it Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube) and possibly use an Apple product (Possibly even using their Apple product to post their bashing, most likely on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac) or Microsoft product and most likely rely on Google or Bing to do their searches. Mainly because I find it rather hypocritical.

      • ninja says:

        They probably also eat at a McDonalds or a KFC, drinking Coca Cola or 7-Up, shopping via Internet on Amazon or Ebay, while listening to the Eagles, Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars on their Apple smartphone and then taking a break by going to a Disney movies.

        They should AT LEAST have the gall to consume a Krispy Kreme donut.



        • ninja says:

          Oh, I forgot. David Hasslefhof and Michael Jackson.

          Sadly, we had friends from Belguim who thought that our family LOVED the Obamas, all because how the Media depicted Hussen and Michelle. They were shocked when we told them 3 simple words:


          And now they think everyone in the US, to include the ninja Family, wants to get rid of President Trump. That is, until we sent them a picture of the ninja Family wearing MAGA hats.


          And yes, they are still our friends who are slowly learning not believe everything they read on the Internet.


        • NHSparky says:

          KK are tolerable when fresh, otherwise they pretty much suck.

          Most chain places do.

          Only places I like to get my “fat pills” are local, because they make them in house. Perfect ones have that soft center with just the right crisp on the outside. While at Casa de Sparky, I get mine at a place in Barrington. Bit of a drive, but soooooo worth it.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        “… but my patience with Western Europe is really wearing thin…”

        YOUR patience is wearing thin? Join the club, CK. Mine left me in re: those brainless clowns a while back. They’re almost like wind-up zombies.

        Maybe it’s caused by a virus….

        • Cameron Kingsley says:

          I used to have more sympathy until I saw some of the smug attitudes displayed online (many on American based websites), that’s when I started losing my respect for Europe and began questioning whether or not they truly are our allies. Some friends we have over there. I remember seeing two buffoons making asses of themselves on a post about the USS John F. Kennedy, one of them who started boasting how ships in the Royal Navy were better (yeah right, the Royal Navy has become a shadow of its former self and has been for a while, it may be decently powerful but how it will perform in a fight today remains to be seen especially with only two aircraft carriers). One of them even tried to pull the “we did own you” card on another commenter (the keyword there is did Buster, that was a long time ago, not anymore, and we can ditch you just as easily). I don’t understand how they can say the US should mind its own business and then in the same breath berate us for doing just that in WWI and II. Well isn’t that what you want us to do or do you want our help only when it suits you? If the latter is the case, than you’re on your own. Eastern Europe however is another story. Some of them remind me of Al Bundy, particularly when they have to rely on their culture being older than ours or what their country used to be.

    • ninja says:

      When I first read that headline, I thought the event occurred in the US, because of this:


      So now that I read the story, I noticed an irony.

      A stabber was shot to death.

      Knives and Guns don’t kill people.

      People kill people.

      People can use knives, guns, ropes (Epstein), bare hands (Epstein), automobiles, cell phone (texting and driving) to permanently eliminate another person.

      But what do I know. I’m just an ignorant ninja.


      • 5th/77th FA says:

        I have people make me purchase offers on that bridge all the time…’specially when I tell them about the beach front property it leads to.

        And now for a recap of this year’s top story for the hearing impaired,

        • ninja says:


          IMHO, Epstein & Suicide equates to We Never Went To The Moon despite evidence that we did.

          The same with OJ and CPT Jeff McDonald. Some folks still think those two did not murder their wives (and sadly, in McDonalds case, his two daughters) despite evidence that they both committed that crime.

          In the cases of OJ and McDonald, their method was stabbing. Blood and DNA do not lie.

          Neither do autopsy reports (Epstein).

          But what do I know. I’m just an ignorant ninja.

  10. ninja says:

    Does getting “suspended” mean the same as “fired”?

    “Local Kiefer Police Chief Claims Starbucks Gave Officer Cup That Said Pig”


    I bet that Starbucks employee or his/her family members has had run ins with LEOs, but instead of taking responsibilty for their own actions.

    You can only imagine what would have happened if a racial slur was written on the cup. Jesse Jacksin, Al Sharpton, CNN, MSNBC and the View would be all over that story, running full course, similiar to the Covington and Nathan Phillips story.

    President Trump would be blamed.

    I really hope that individual lost their job. God help them if in the future, they or family really will need assistance from LEOs or First Responders.

    Perhaps that will be the wakeup call for that person.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      I say fuck Starbucks, I haven’t bought a cup of their overpriced swill in at least twelve years. Did I ever tell about how I got kicked out of a Starbucks franchise? It happened in a busy one up off the PA Turnpike where in front of me was some candyassed insufferable preppy type that looked like he never even had to suffer a hangnail or a hair out of place. He spent at least a few minutes describing what he wanted and micromanaged every move of the poor Barista until I said “AND HE WANTS IT STIRRED WITH AN ALTAR BOY’S PENIS!” to which I swear he looked like he had just shit himself and then went spastic demanding my removal. Well, it’s apparent that Turnpike franchises value snotnosed preppies more than Truckers, at least that on, but I had too much fun insulting that little shit!

  11. ninja says:

    It did my heart good to see President Trump visit our Troops at Bagram on Thanksgiving Day.

    Wow. What a HUGE change. I was at Bagram in the very beginning of OEF. I think SFC D was there the same time I was, but may have been in a different section.

    Disney Drive was a dirt road. Our Messhall was a tent using generators. Still don’t have a clue what we ate (mystery meat), but at least mystery meat and a piece of bread broke up the monotony of eating MREs.

    And I’m going to say it, me, an OEF & OIF Veteran, retired US Army serving 25 years. IMHO, we need to LEAVE Afghanistan. We have been there TOO long. We need to bring our Troops HOME. We need to take care of our OWN Country. Am so tired of being the World’s Policeman.

    We need to take care of our own Citizens, our own Infrastructures, our own Borders.

    Let the UN do their job instead of trying to “save” the Planet with the “Climate Change” BS.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ^THIS^^WORD^^PREACH^^TESTIFY^^AMEN^^ALL OF THE ABOVE^ #longpastdue #getoutnow

      Spot on ninja! All this came down long after my time but I had family, friends, neighbors, compatriots, and countrymen that have, and continue to serve. I have screamed about this same thing since I FIRST dropped a comment here. The UN is as worthless as the old proverbial teats on a boar hog, screen doors on a submarine and/or the game plan that a certain nautical school has at a gridiron competition in December. We have wasted way yonder too much American Blood and Treasure in this “Graveyard of Empires.”


      • ninja says:

        KoB wrote:


        AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!

        It’s going on 20 years, 20 YEARS! Why are we still there? Why?

        We, the USA, have spent lots and lots and lots of money training, clothing, sustaining Afghanistan in taking care of themselves. LOTS of money, time and use of our Troops.

        IMHO, the UN is worseless. Relocate the Headquarters OUTSIDE the USA. Demand they and NATO start picking up their share of being the World’s Policeman.

        Sometimes I wonder why we have still have Troops deployed to Europe. And I’m gonna say it. We have been momitoring that Korean Border for almost 67 years. 67 years! Why us? Why not other countries?

        The same with having Troops in Japan for NEO. Why can’t other Countries do it?

        If we are going to be the World’s Policeman, then put the US in charge of the UN. Get rid of all Climate Change Agenda. Divide the duties among ALL who are UN Members.

        Thank You for what you wrote, KoB. I thought I was the Lone Ranger on this. You and the GA Bulldog ROCK.

        • ninja says:

          BTW, KoB, you are right.

          Amen that Epstein Did Not Kill Himself.


        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          “IMHO, the UN is worseless. Relocate the Headquarters OUTSIDE the USA.”

          I say we BOOT them from their HQ in NYC and make them relocate to say, Geneva.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      I’m an OEF Veteran myself and I wholeheartedly concur, let the Chinese get themselves mired in that Tar Baby!

    • SFC D says:

      Yup, got there January 02, I think the population of Bagram was maybe 250. Piles of Soviet aircraft and everything that wasn’t paved was mined. Best deployment of my career. But it’s time to let the Afghans have it their way.

      • ninja says:

        API and SFC D:

        I thought I was the only OEF Soldier who felt this way.

        Thank You.

        SFC D: You nailed it about being the best Deoloyment. How does one explain that to others, considering we really had nothing when we got there?

        I still support President Trump visiting our Troops. I still support our Troops. I think it is time for stop letting other Countries and the UN take advantage of our Country’s generousity in doing all the work.

        Thank You both and KoB again.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I HAVE DECIDED THAT maybe it’s time for a career change BUT I can’t find any sponsors. I’ve decided to try and become a Stunt Man and for my first stunt I want to attempt to jump over 100 hogtied Antifa members with an asphalt roller going at full throttle. No souped up equipment, it’ll be completely stock, anyone wanna sponsor me?

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Can I build the ramp?

    • David says:

      Was an old TV show which looked up ‘slightly off’ folks for their episodrs. One guy had a WWII armored car he eas going to “jump”across several cars (it just chugged off the end of the ramp and flattened the cars.) When the announcer told him a lot of the townies thought he was crazy, he said “I’m nice and dry on here. THEY are the ones standing around in the rain!”

  13. ninja says:

    I’m gonna say it.

    This type of childish behavior will never happen at an Alabama-Auburn game, i.e. the Iron Bowl.

    If anyone DARES to interrupt a Football game in the South, both Teams would UNITE and kick those spoiled Snowflakes OUT of the Stadium.

    And I literally mean KICK. As put a cleat up their climate change bottoms.

    Spoiled,Rotten Brats. Ask your Mommies and Daddies to send you to Countries that are not regulated by EPA standards and see how long you would last in those countries with your demonstration. Oh, and take Plastic Woman Hanoi Jane with you as well as the UN Headquarters.

    “Havard-Yale Climate Change Protest Charges”


    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      Let those snowflakes try that shit at almost any Football Game in the Deep South and see how many pieces each of them gets torn into!

  14. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    There are -four- lights.

  15. Carlton G Long says:

    Very nice breakdown on the glorious Advent season. May yours be blessed and joyful.