Michael Reagan has seen things, US Navy EOD, Shot Twice, Lone Survivor… just not any of those things.

| August 19, 2019

The good folks over at militaryphony.com published a case about this Michael Reagan character.  It’s always disturbing when an actual veteran has his career embellished beyond recognition.

His sock puppets and their all too familiar rantings along with the gullible who try to defend these clowns are repugnant to me.

The man served, he served when most others wouldn’t.  I will never understand why men like him seemingly turn into professional victims.

I have no idea what kind of “things he seen” during his time offshore.  We do know that any memories he has of being in US Navy EOD, or being Shot Twice, or any Lone Survivor type operations are complete fiction.  Tens of thousands of honorable veterans served in support of Combat Operations.  I believe clowns like Little Mikey Reagan besmirch the valor of all veterans by allowing grossly exaggerated claims about their service to go uncorrected.

I have no idea if he is diagnosed with PTSD … I am.   I just never use what I believe is a grossly over-diagnosed condition as an excuse for anything.  I seen things too Mikey … always here for ya if you need a mans shoulder to cry on while you piss and moan.  I am not sure what kind of diagnostic criteria is required for being officially deemed full of shit, but you might pass that smell test, Mikey.

The only come to Jesus moment I am interested in, is when Mikey grows a pair and mans up about his nonsense.  It must really suck when members of your old Command come forward to correct the nonsense that has been published about your feats of daring-do.  He should be ashamed of himself for adding to the all too common assumption by many civilians that once you have served in the military you are now damaged in some way.

Here is the story from militaryphony.com



Michael Joseph Reagan comes to us from Trafalgar, Indiana but also lists addressses in California. Sometimes his first name has the alternate spelling of “Micheal.” Reagan is 38 years old as of August 2019.

Michael Reagan – Facebook
Michael Reagan – YouTube

There was talk on the internet of an inspirational video that featured Michael Reagan…

Facebook post about inspirational video

It was determined that it was video put out by their church. In this video, Michael and his wife talk about his challenges which were brought about by “untreated PTSD.”

Michael Reagan – Church Testimonial Video

The above video was clipped and redacted from its original version. If you would like to see the video in its entirety, you can view it at:

Church: https://eclife.org/page/1244?Item=1288 (55:30)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZT-W3k9ug8&fbclid=IwAR0ovVqH8pas1Fi46hn-fmhGIHabkVFFtnZFPFcRPEvVnlnbBRKr999anmA (55:30)

In the above video, Reagan’s wife said:

“He enlisted in 1998”

“He did the war thing – saw some terrible things.”

“… after getting himself in trouble because of untreated PTSD.”

Someone reached out to Michael and asked him some questions…

In addition, Michael Reagan’s wife was contacted and asked to expand upon some things she said in the video…

So, from her statements it sounds like Michael Reagan was boots on the ground in both Afghanstan and Iraq.

Then, there are the posts about the PTSD…

Michael Reagan – Facebook
Facebook Post about Michael Reagan

Some people that knew Michael Reagan contacted Military Phony and asked for an investigation into the matter since they had doubts about his stories.

. . . . .


Michael Joseph Reagan’s official military records were ordered from the Department of the Navy via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We looked through Navy cruise books to establish and confirm time lines of military service and contacted the senior enlisted that Michael Reagan served under. We also reached out to Michael Reagan and his wife to get their side of the story.

. . . . .



Department of Defense Manpower Data Center – Result – Reagan

. . . . .


Department of the Navy – FOIA Result – Reagan – DD-214
Department of the Navy – FOIA Result – Reagan – Assignments
Department of the Navy – FOIA Result – Reagan – USNR Release

This last page is just a formality. Once someone completes active duty they are transferred to the non-drilling Navy Reserve to finish out obligated reserve time. When that time is up, a letter is generated such as the one above.

. . . . .


Other than boot camp and in-rate training, the bulk of Michael Reagan’s enlistment was served with VAQ-139. This is an Electronic Attack Squadron made up of aircraft that specialize in electronic warfare. Currently, they are home stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington.

They often are attached with ships and in fact were attached to the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) during most of the time that Michael Reagan was in the unit. Michael Reagan was found within several cruise books for the USS Abraham Lincoln – thus accounting for his military service timeline.

USS Abraham Lincoln Cruise Book – 2000-2001
USS Abraham Lincoln Cruise Book – 2002-2003

Sources for US Navy Cruise Books

The two USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) can be found several places in the public domain/internet, some being higher quality than others and some requiring a paid subscription to access the books:

Navy Department Library, Ancestry, Fold3, e-yearbook.com, etc.

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Persian Gulf Cruise Book 2000-01

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) WestPac Cruise Book 2002-03

. . . . .


The Senior Enlisted from Michael Reagan’s command, VAQ-139, was contacted in an effort to verify some of his claims…

Email exchange with Michael Reagan’s Senior Enlisted Acting CMC

NOTE: “Acting CMC” means the Acting (standing in for) Command Master Chief, who is the highest enlisted rating in a unit and oversees all enlisted as the senior enlisted advisor to that unit.

We could have contacted more people from Reagan’s unit but since we talked to the Senior Enlisted man, there did not seem any need to.

. . . . .


Michael Joseph Reagan has no record of formal military training in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and would not have been used to defuse improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Reagan had no assignments with a Marine Unit over his career as he had claimed.

Besides that, there is no such unit as 5-1 – which would imply 5th Battalion / 1st Marines. First Marines are based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. Marine units only go to three (3) Battalions, except for Parris Island which has a 4th Battalion – for all females.

The Navy views their training as an expensive investment, so they don’t have a tendency to change people’s ratings without a commitment from the individual to sign up for more service time as a condition of the training.

According to his DD-214, Michael was an Aviation Structural Mechanic and at one time held the rank of AM3 (Third Class Petty Officer – E-4), but was discharged as an AMAN (Airman – E-3). This means he was reduced in rank, which most all the time happens for disciplinary reasons.

The earlier Navy cruise book lists him as an AMSAN – AVIATION STRUCTURAL MECHANIC (STRUCTURAL) AIRMAN (E-3).

The later cruise book lists him as a AM3 – AVIATION METALSMITH PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS (E-4).

His final discharge DD-214 lists him as a AMAN – AVIATION STRUCTURAL MECHANIC AIRMAN (E-3).

Not sure if there was a typo in the cruise books or the ratings were so close that Reagan crossed over to strike for an rate opening.

There is no listing of a Purple Heart in his records, let alone two. Had he been shot as a result of enemy fire as was claimed, he would have been awarded a Purple Heart for each separate incident.

There were no incidents aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln during the time that Michael Reagan was aboard in which all members of his unit were killed except for him.

Although Reagan may have been diagnosed with PTSD, it is difficult to believe it would be related to getting shot twice or being the last surviving member of his unit since there is a claim that his entire unit was killed over time.

The claims that Michael Reagan is making are not supported by his official military records.

Source: Michael Reagan – US Navy EOD, Shot Twice, Lone Survivor, Blog of Shame |

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  1. Terry Sheehan says:

    I’ve seen this play out so many times. Basically, someone is a short-tempered a-hole so they want to establish bad-assed combat-induced PTSD as an excuse to pin everything on. So, every time they act up – it’s the PTSD.

    They just can’t be happy with being a simple, short-tempered a-hole – it somehow can’t be their fault.

    • Mayhem says:

      Maybe he was defusing IED’s that had been emplaced on the USS Abraham Lincoln? You know? By the Taliban Navy?

      • The Stranger says:

        Wasn’t there some clown featured recently who claimed his job in the Navy was to remove explosives placed on the hull of our ships by enemy divers during “Vietnam Times?” Maybe E-3 Raygun here did something similar. And yes, I misspelled his name on purpose. Can’t have this jackass besmirching the name of my favorite President.

  2. sandman says:

    Left some love on his profile,,but alas he deleted said profile. I feel spurred by the refusal of the love I left for him. I shall cry 2 tears in a bucket, and say ‘fuck it’

  3. Morgan Blake says:

    Indiana has a pretty good track record in regard to their VA centers.

    Maybe Reagan’s troubles with the VA are because they have a hard time validating his PTSD?

    You can get PTSD from being man-on-man raped in the shower, so you don’t have to establish combat.

    I guess the whole combat thing and he “saw some terrible things” thing plays better with the church folks.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Very true. Living in Trafalgar, he would go to the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. They have a good PTSD program (group and individual) and anyone diagnosed with PTSD is encouraged to attend. If Reagan has PTSD and if it is untreated it’s because he refused to attend PTSD counseling, not because it isn’t available.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      He has an interesting claim about a drug he said he tried. Here is some info about it:
      Out of curiosity, I looked up his alleged medication to get some info about it.

      Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. It affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain.

      Gabapentin is used in adults to treat nerve pain caused by herpes virus or shingles (herpes zoster).

      The Horizant brand of gabapentin is also used to treat restless legs syndrome (RLS).

      The Neurontin brand of gabapentin is also used to treat seizures in adults and children who are at least 3 years old.

      Use only the brand and form of gabapentin your doctor has prescribed. Check your medicine each time you get a refill to make sure you receive the correct form.

      Now, unless he has herpes or shingles, which attacks nerves, why would he be taking an anti-epileptic drug? Huh? Nowhere did I find anything related to use as a blood pressure medication in the description of it, or to any cardiac condition.

      • Murf says:

        As a former patient on Neurontin for an extended period of time…it is used “off label” by the DOD med community for any/all pain associated to nerves. It didn’t work for me in the least but that didn’t prevent them from shoving vast quantities down my pie hole for about a year.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Well, if he has pain from shingles, that usually doesn’t rear its nasty little head until you hit your 60s.

        But herpes? Shouldn’t he inform his wife…?

        Just askin’, becuase she says ‘he’s in pain’, but does not relay what kind of pain she’s referring to. (Yes, Ii am casting some aspersions on his character.)

      • docduracoat says:

        We are using Neurontin a lot in anesthesia.
        It is useful for all kinds of pain due to nerve damage.
        It is even being used along with other agents as multimodal treatment of post operative pain to decrease opiate use.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          That part I understand completely. It’s also used to treat pain associated with cancer treatments. From what I’ve found on it, the drug has some rather unpleasant side effects.

          BUT — it isn’t used as a psychotropic for mental/emotional disorders, which can be a source of emotional “pain”. So since Our Dodo Boy here hasn’t defined what he means by pain, so-o-o-o-o…… He really does have to define what he means by “in pain”.

          Personally, I think he’s just trying to milk public sympathy for everything he can get.

          • Poetrooper says:

            Ex, Gabapentin is widely used for peripheral neuropathy, damage to nerves in areas away from the brain and spine. I’ve been taking it for years for foot pain, primarily my toes, that would otherwise be excruciating.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            Not arguing that, POetrooper. You are referring to physical pain, however, and Reagan’s “pain” allegation is undefined. It’s sometimes used to alleviate the pain from shingles and herpes. This isn’t about the drug itself but about his/his wife’s claims of his being “in pain”, and his claim of PTSD, which is not generally considered a physical pain generator.

            If he has physical pain associated with injury during Navy service, that would explain using something like Gabapentin. But if it is associated with military service, why has he NOT (as far as can be determined) enrolled in VA health care? Why?

            He/his wife claims he’s not getting treated for PTSD, which is ludicrous because as others have indicated, Roudebush VA FHCC is where he’d go for that kind of thing.

            The VA copay, as you may know, is rather modest. There are VA health care walk=in centers in many, many places.

            All I see coming out of Reagan and his spouse is excuses, and nothing else. The two of them are engaged in pure hogwash pity-me stuff and nothing else.

            And last but not least, if he’s in pain of some kind, why is he “clearing pasture” as he indicates in the responses he’s going to questions he was asked.

      • pookysgirl (WC wife) says:

        Hubby has been on prazosin (blood pressure medication) for two years. He takes it at night, has nightmares (some of which he acts out, unfortunately), and then he usually doesn’t remember the nightmares in the morning. It’s a bizarre system but it works.

  4. Keepin' It Real says:

  5. Daisy Cutter says:

    I’m thinking this guy has seen “The Hurt Locker” more than one time.

  6. 5th/77th FA says:

    Michael (Micheal) Joseph Reagan, lying, embellishing POS. Another “sole survivor”. You know your “soul” won’t survive the fires of Hell for lying in Church. One of the FIRST things you learn in Church Bible Lessons is His Ten Commandments. (The FIRST thing downloaded to a tablet from the Cloud) And as you should know that one of His Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Lie. The “Thou Shalt Not Be A Dirtbag” is implied. The Purple Taint Award is only awarded for accidentally dropping the soap in the shower, NOT for purposely dropping it on multiple occasions. The Purple Heart…only for wounds received in actual combat…which you never saw. May the Souls of Combat Casualties haunt you in Hell as Satan devours your worthless soul.

    In respect toward the good Christians of the Church that were taken in by your lies, I formally request the deployment of the Toilet Bowl of Taunts. Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?

    • ArmyATC says:

      I second and would recommend an upgrade to the Hemisphere of Insults for lying to a church group.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I’d belay that request for a bit. His wife’s a lawyer and she represents him.

      Let THEM make the first step.

    • OWB says:

      Well, like, no, not really. Ya know, like, because it was truly funny, like hysterical, man, the first time it deployed. After that, it was sorta, kinda, like really, really, REALLY redundant. Stuff, even good stuff, gets meaningless when overused.

      Jelly donuts are great when ingested occasionally. Every day? Pretty soon they aren’t special at all.

      Thanks. That is all. Over. Nothing follows.


  7. sandman says:

    We have a Sockpuppet in the wire over at MP.

    Jason R. Steenberger says:

    08/18/2019 at 22:20

    It saddens me to read this. After doing some fact checking of my own, I have learned that you are attacking a Navy Veteran with Honor. This article is full of what I have found to be false documents. How can you live with yourself. As a veteran I have a hard time reading articles when false valor is claimed. It dishonors those that have served and those who are serving. I am more upset that this man has valor and you post and article with false documents to claim his doesn’t. Mr. Reagan, I am sorry people with no honor are able to post false stories about you. Thank you for your service. As for the person that wrote this article, you are a disgrace and person without honor

    Figure the odds,,,another claiming we are just picking on random vets with fake documents.

    • Animal says:

      He also just happens to be friends with this dingleberry on the book of face so he’s completely impartial.

    • Morgan Blake says:

      Jason R. Steenberger is in a relationship with (or common-law marriage with) the sister of Michael Reagan’s wife. If they are not brothers-in-law they maybe soon.

      That is if she doesn’t figure out that he plead guilty to domestic battery in front of children in 2011.

      He was in the Army, but I don’t think he was infantry. They tend to bar you from the infantry with domestic battery charges against you.

      • thebesig says:

        Originally posted by Jason R. Steenberger:

        As for the person that wrote this article, you are a disgrace and person without honor.

        If this is Jason Steenberger actual, these would be bold words from someone who got out as a PFC.

  8. Ret_25X says:

    another skidmark.

    At least he isn’t claiming to be a SEAL Team Commander or the founding member of GI Joe.

    This guy sucks donkey balls.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Lone Survivor BS is really low. Among the lowest.
      And easy to verify.
      Almost as easy as SEAL Team Commander BS.

      Don’t these idiots check the internet,
      to see what happens to others who try the same BS?

  9. Comm Center Rat says:

    In the church posted video, Reagan’s wife claims she “went to law school and opened up a law practice.” As a “lawer” you’d think she’d have exercised due diligence in researching her husband’s military service and combat PTSD induced anger issues. I’m not completely convinced she’s an innocent pawn in this shitbag’s deception.

    Sadly, there’s two children in the obligatory happy family photo shown in the video. If Reagan is truly in Christ, he is a new creation. However, he might want to take the Sacrament of Confession again to cleanse some more sin away.

    Again, the NDSM brotherhood weeps over the manifold sins of one of our own.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      I’ve noticed a trend – almost every one of these guys has earned the NDSM. It’s happening too damn much to be a coincidence.

      • Mason says:

        I just realized if you take the NDSM and;
        *Change the N to a P
        *Move the D to the end
        *Put a T where the D had been
        *Remove the M.

        What you are left with is the PTSD medal. I can’t believe it was here in front of us this whole time.

        It’s all so clear now. The Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group put it here. Right in our faces! It’s the first ribbon they give you! This goes all the way back to the Eisenhower administration.

    • rgr769 says:

      Yes, we are a very large but select brotherhood, and we have such sensitive and forgiving souls, but only for those POSer shitbags who confess their sins.

  10. 26Limabeans says:

    The guy needs a hug. A bear hug. From a bear.

  11. The explosive B.S. stories he claimed really blew up in his face now that he was exposed.

    • Berliner says:

      As to blowing up in his face, perhaps the embellisher got PTSD from his time as a fluffer. Having one too many explosive premature “releases” and now he equates that to EOD duty.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Her claim that the VA won’t “help him with his PTSD” is bogus. I have an e-mail from someone this morning that states plainly “…here in (state) the VA doesn’t suck.” Ditto in my state.

    Furthermore, to work in EOD, you have to give up nearly a full year to complete ALL the phases of EOD school. You don’t just get sent to work in EOD. It is bogus BS. He does not have EOD school on his records.

    It appears Reagan is a compulsive liar and it’s catching up with him.

    Oh, yeah – there’s his claim of high blood pressure and that he can’t get any help with that. Hogwash.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Your e-mail contact is correct. The Roudebush VA Medical Center, where Reagan would go for treatment, is one of the better ones. Roudebush does have a good PTSD program (individual and group) that anyone diagnosed is encouraged to attend. In addition, there are CBOC’s in Martinsville and Edinburgh (Camp Atterbury) that he could go to.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Then the real question is: has Reagan applied for any VA benefits at all?

      I was told at the end of my first enlistment to go to the local VA office and register right away. Ditto on my 2nd discharge (two years finishing college in between): do not delay.

      You can now enroll in VA health care online. You don’t even have to leave the comforts of your air-conditioned camper trailer to do that, as long as you have an internet connection.

      So why isn’t this guy taking advantage of what the VA does offer? My guess is that he’d rather play “victim” and get attention and sympathy that he really didn’t earn, and take advantage of everyone/anyone who is willing to fall for his shtick.

      • ArmyATC says:

        Good question. I doubt he has applied for benefits, or if he did he’s refused to attend counseling. I suspect he hasn’t been diagnosed with PTSD and, as has been suggested, he’s just an ill-tempered asshole who’s making excuses for his behavior and looking for a little attention. He wants to play the hero.

        Roudebush has an entire unit that takes up almost half of one floor specifically to treat the mental health of OIF and OEF veterans and support for their families. It’s been in operation for many years.

        • Terry Sheehan says:

          I think it is a matter of what I posted above in the first comment – he has the wife convinced his tom-foolery and shit-baggery are related to “untreated PTSD” as she puts forth.

          That way, all bad behavior can be filed away in the “Untreated PTSD – Damn the VA” folder. The beauty of this strategy is there is no personal responsibility.

          So if Mikie has a meltdown at iHop because his pancakes didn’t have enough chocolate chips in them, it is because “he saw some terrible things.”

          What “terrible things” did he see as an aircraft repairman? A clogged fuel line? Loss of hydraulic fluid in the brakes? One can only imagine.

          God, I hate it when I’m right. Somebody stop me!

          • rgr769 says:

            He wasn’t allowed to wrench on power plants or hydraulics, he was a structural repairman. His primary weapon was a pop-rivet tool. A bent trim tab was likely the most exotic thing he worked on.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            It’s also possible that he has never once enrolled in VA health care (which you can do online), never attempted to get any kind of “help” from the VA, and is using ever excuse in the book to avoid being found out.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          How about greasy bolts on the airplanes? That would traumatize the most sensible of souls, wouldn’t it?

  13. ninja says:

    As Comm Center Rat pointed out, Michael Joseph Reagan’s wife claimed in the church video that she went to law school and opened up a law practice.

    Looks as if she herself is doing a bit of embellishing.

    She did not open a law practice. She has been working for her Father’s Law firm for quite some time:


    Additionally, she represented Michael Joseph Reagan, Jr. in the past when he was charged with Driving While Suspended With a Prior and is currently his Lawyer in another Court Case.

    Not going to be good for both of them if he claims a Purple Heart for personal benefits such as money, property or other benefits.
    Here is Indiana Code 35-43-5-22. Stolen Valor Fraud:


    Sec. 22. A person who, with the intent to obtain money, property, or another benefit, knowingly or intentionally:

    (1) fraudulently represents himself or herself to be an active member or veteran of:

    (A) the United States Air Force;

    (B) the United States Army;

    (C) the United States Coast Guard;

    (D) the United States Marines;

    (E) the United States National Guard;

    (F) the United States Navy; or

    (G) a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States;

    (2) uses a falsified military identification; or

    (3) fraudulently represents himself or herself to be a recipient of the:

    (A) Congressional Medal of Honor;

    (B) Distinguished Service Cross;

    (C) Navy Cross;

    (D) Air Force Cross;

    (E) Silver Star;

    (F) Purple Heart;

    (G) Combat Infantryman Badge;

    (H) Combat Action Badge;

    (I) Combat Medical Badge;

    (J) Combat Action Ribbon; or

    (K) Air Force Combat Action Medal;

    • 26Limabeans says:

      (4) is named Les and wears a CIB, Jumpmaster
      Wings and flashes a phony retiree card bought
      off the internet.

      sec. 22. (2) notwithstanding.

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      WOW! The plot thickens. Ninja you are truly a research ninja. Thanks for digging a little deeper into this whole sordid affair.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Must be nice to marry an attorney and get endless, free legal help. Mikie probably figured that was the last option he had left to him since he seems to like lying and thuggery.

      She probably knows he’s a thug, but some women just convince themselves they can change their man. Well, he’s her project and will take a lot more of diving into the legal literature to help him out of jams.

      Maybe that was in their marriage vows – “I’ll keep making a mess and you keep cleaning it up.”

      • Comm Center Rat says:

        “All the lines on my face getting clearer
        The past is gone
        It went by like dusk to dawn
        Isn’t that the way
        Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay”

        ~ Dream On by Aerosmith

      • Zippo says:

        His mama should have swallowed

        • The Stranger says:

          Best part of him soaked into the back seat of the rusty AMC Gremlin in which he was conceived.

          Everybody notice how I didn’t end my sentence with a preposition? That there is that college learnin’.📖📓📏📐

      • Mustang Major says:

        He might be getting a free divorce if he has been BS’ing the wife and father-in-law about his military experience.

    • timactual says:

      ” Mrs. Wilson Reagan graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Mary of the Woods College with a degree in business administration and equine science.”

      Well, tht explains her expertise in horseshit.

      She must not be a very good lawyer since she claims her daddy doesn’t pay her enough to get her hubbie to a doctor.

      • rgr769 says:

        I like the wife’s embellishing about how she started her own law firm. No, her daddy gave her a job in the law firm he has owned going back to he 1970’s. It is always nice to have a ready-made, guaranteed job in the family business rather than go out into the marketplace and compete for one. Having worked in one of these family law firms as a non-family member, I can say with some authority that they don’t breed professional competence among the offspring. Cuz Daddy’s little girl never screws up the case.

  14. Mike says:

    We finally found the guy who wrote the deactivation instructions for the CIA bomb on TVs M*A*S*H*: “next cut the red wire”… “done”… “after you cut the blue wire”…. boom.

  15. Sandman says:

    I am setting a timeframe ‘guess’ of when the ‘classified’ assignment/records rears it’s ugly head. Any guessers??

  16. thebesig says:

    His ship and the ship I was on played roles in opening up Operation Iraqi Freedom from the Persian Gulf. Those who were on units as a part of that invasion fleet received the Navy Unit Commendation or Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon among other awards.

    His ship did more than my ship and I’m just fine with that. He had no need to embellish his role. He was on that ship doing what he trained to do. Nothing to be ashamed about if that didn’t involve being on the ground defusing IEDs.

  17. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Pisspants pile of puppy shit!

  18. Keepin' It Real says:

    Welcome to TAH Jeopardy, today’s categories are:

    Lone Survivor
    P to the TSD
    Chili & BBQ
    Things I Saw
    Circle the Wagons

    HOST: Let’s get started. Mike, you go first.
    MIKE: I’ll take “P to the TSD” for $100.

    HOST: Due to the noise, I had to get my wife to stop making this popular snack.
    MIKE: What is popcorn?

    HOST: That’s right. Continue.
    MIKE: I’ll take ‘Lone Survivor’ for $100.

    HOST: During shipboard duty, a teleportation machine allows this to be possible.
    MIKE: What are boots on the ground?
    HOST: That’s right! Continue.

    MIKE: I’ll take “Things I Saw” for $100.
    HOST: The continued sounds of *pop* *pop* *pop*, then a huge *boom*. Then the smell, oh the smell.
    MIKE: What is the Elko Chili Feed?
    HOST: Yes, continue.

    MIKE: Speaking of which, I’ll take ‘Chili & BBQ’ for $100.
    HOST: This is commonly mixed with chili at the Elko Chili Feed.
    MIKE: What is Young G’s BBQ sauce?

    * BOOP *

    HOST: No, I’m sorry. The correct answer is “What is fake war stories and a heavy dose of sympathy?”

  19. Comm Center Rat says:

    “He did the war thing – saw some terrible things.” ~ Jennifer Wilson Reagan, Spouse & Lawer

    • Keepin' It Real says:

      RE: “he did the war thing”

      The Aborigines have a similar concept – it is called a “walkabout” as a young man experiences his ceremonial passage into manhood. A rite of passage.

      It is something some of us are called to do. Others may not understand it, but many respect the need for this ritual to take place.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Since when did “war” become a “thing”????

    • The Stranger says:

      Wait, there’s a Wilson in her name? Fuck that. Ronaldus Magnus must be spinning in his grave.

  20. NHSparky says:

    How terrible can it be, sitting in the middle of the fucking Gulf, no land anywhere in sight?

    Dave, you think there’s a chance you could get in touch with the PAO on the Lincoln? While slim, there’s a chance they could have archives of their POD’s (Plans of the Day) going back to 2002.

    If they do, would be interesting to obtain a few weeks worth of them. Lots of commands include the “Sports Page”, aka results of Captain’s Mast.

    Just a thought.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      There are members of his Command that have told us their version of things.

      It only gets worse.

      He may have spent a little too much time hanging around the Fan room …

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Bulkhead counseling? Say it ain’t so…

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Maybe someone was involved in “hocking on bobo”?

        • NHSparky says:

          If I’m not mistaken, there were females on the Lincoln by 2002.

          We had a couple of amorous couples who couldn’t keep it in their pants for a week when I was on the tender. The Chain (especially our CO at the time) took a very dim view of fan room dating.

          Not saying that’s what it was, but would certainly explain loss of his crow.

    • The Stranger says:

      That might have info on his negative promotion!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “too much time hanging around the fan room….”

      So herpes IS a possibility, after all?

      Just askin’…. for a “friend”. 🙂

      • Comm Center Rat says:

        I don’t understand what the Fan room is. Never been on a ship and haven’t heard this term before. Somebody please drop some knowledge on this subject. Thx

        • rgr1480 says:

          I’m guessing that’s where they keep all the oscillating room fans for officers and senior NCOs.

        • The Stranger says:

          You really don’t want to know. But if you do, there’s a Duffel Blog article about fan rooms, told from the perspective of a fan room.

        • OAE CPO USN Ret says:

          Seriously though, there are multiple spaces on a ship that house most of the air circulating equipment. At least the larger pieces. Hence the term “fan room”. They’re not accessed on a regular basis, so some folks will go there for a little privacy. Also, back before the kinder/gentler Navy came about, the term “fan room counseling” meant that someone got a talking to without getting written up. Because in the fan room, no one can hear anything over the sound of the equipment.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Herpes? I thought you said “hair piece”?

  21. Stacy0311 says:

    I always like the “untreated PTSD” claims.
    “Oh the VA won’t treat me for PTSD”. I’m calling bullshit.
    I went to the Vet Center (affiliated with the VA but semi separate) and had multiple sessions with a therapist (former MSG, PhD, licensed therapist, all around great person), sat in on a couple of group sessions (with WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans) which were a great help.

    I guess Michael’s definition of “treatment” requires medication and a disability rating from the VA.

    He should probably get a vest, do rag and a support animal to bolster his claim

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Maybe the VA is not aware of his PTSofD. Possibly there is an association somewhere that could help raise that awareness….and supply him with a vest…and some chili…maybe even hook him up with some BBQ Sauce.

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      Here’s hoping no animals are harmed during Reagan’s treatment and recovery.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      My “vest” is a bodicer that requires a corset underneath to provide the full effect of period Renaissance garments.

      Perhaps we could get him a ticket to a local Renaissance Faire where he could get a suitable vest and some “favors’ to pin onto it. He could prolly get hisself a sword, too, and strut around with it, while he’s boring people to death with his activities during the Wars of the Losers.

      A horse’s ass! A horse’s ass! My kingdom for a horse’s ass!

    • Hack Stone says:

      Maybe he meant untreated STD.

    • RGR 4-78 says:

      “He should probably get a vest, do rag and a support animal to bolster his claim”

      A feather boa, foppish hat and a gerbil may be more to Mickeys liking.

  22. Morgan Blake says:

    In every story, there is a hero and a villain. Often, these are referred to as the protagonist (hero) and the antagonist (villain).

    Our lives are a story and we are the story’s author. It is difficult to see oneself as the villain in our own story. We are always the hero. Perhaps a misunderstood genius or an unrecognized do-gooder, but a hero nonetheless.

    Mikey is the HERO in his own story. Fighting the good fight. Saving all those fictitious Marines by defusing all those imaginary bombs. It was fake untreated PTSD that made him fight the law enforcement officer, but he needed his wife to help him see this.

    The fake untreated PTSD is not the villain. It is an obstacle.

    The VILLAIN in Mikey’s story is the VA. They won’t give him drugs to make the imaginary combat pictures in his head go away. They offered him group therapy — PFFT! Because the VA won’t give Mikey what he wants, he and his wife will make a lot of noise on social media and throw out terms like ‘socialist medicine’ and ‘combat veteran husband’ to try and tilt public opinion.

    Then, a dramatic statement such as “Taking bullets for your country means you get treated like garbage.” is thrown out due to frustration.

    The Boogey Man, or villain, is pure evil – the big, bad VA, in their view, is the source of all of their problems.

    But in spite of all this Mikey is somehow an inspiration to others. Enough so that their very own church adopted a theme this week of “THE LIES WE TELL” but this theme has apparently not resonated yet.

    There are other less-known characters that appear in stories. There is the “Threshold Guardian” and that is characterized by the Stolen Valor groups. It is not a villain although often mistaken for one. No, the Threshold Guardian blocks a key path or passageway. Not to be evil, but to have the hero search his/her soul in order to recognize the key to passage. If they are not worthy, they give up on the journey and turn around. However, if they are worthy they say or do the right thing and passage is granted.

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed this story lesson. Please stay tuned as Mikey’s story continues to be written.

    • USAFRetired says:

      That made me think of something.

      Since Pro and Con are opposites, does that mean Congress is the opposite of Progress?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      IF the “villain” in Mikey’s story is the VA, it is logical – AND acceptable – to ask if he has enrolled in VA health care, which can be done online very quickly.

      When you enroll in VA health care, you will receive a photo ID card, which confirms that you are enrolled. It’s that simple. There are many, many programs for vets that cost nothing, such as flu shots, and copays for other services are affordable.

      His saying he can’t get the VA to help him with his alleged PTSD is completely bogus as the mental health care program is offered everywhere.

      Wifey should ask to see hi VA ID card. I doubt that he has one, and also doubt sincerely that he has enrolled in VA health care, period.

      It’s up to him to prove otherwise.

      • marinedad61 says:

        It’s more likely, that he does have a VA ID card
        as an outpatient,
        and highly likely he’s also well known (and documented)
        as a pain in the ass.

  23. Ret_25X says:

    the things he saw…probably hairy backs and ball sacks working at the Lincoln’s Franchise location of Brucie’s Bath House (entrance in rear).

    I wasn’t even in the Navy and he makes me want to keel haul him.

    • Stacy0311 says:

      Maybe that’s what he means by “I was EOD” and EOD=Eater Of Dicks.

      Just a theory.

      If true, he won’t need a vest and do rag. Probably a bib and a spew rag instead

  24. 26Limabeans says:

    EOD eh?

    Probably watched to much Danger UXB on PBS.
    Certainly didn’t get it from his service.

    • rgr1480 says:

      Geeeez….. I remember that way back when I was either on Skye or in Newcastle! Around 1978, I believe.

      Google-fu: 1979.

      Hmmmm … right after OCS in 1980 I returned to Newcastle for a couple of weeks — that must have been when I saw it.

      • rgr769 says:

        They certainly make a fine brown ale there. First time I drank it was at Skullthorpe RAF in 1972. Now I can buy it at the grocery store.

        • rgr1480 says:

          It’s not the same! Joke was that if you weren’t from Newcastle they’d only sell you a half pint!

          “The Three Bull’s Heads” … great pub then; hear it’s gentrified now.

          • rgr769 says:

            According to my son who did some horseshoeing in Northern Ireland, the Guinness we get here bears little resemblance to the stuff that comes out of the taps in the Emerald Isle.

            • rgr1480 says:

              I’ll vouch for that … it pours like liquid bread.

              Before Scotland, I hitch-hiked around Ireland for a month in 1978. I’m not a beer drinker, so I ordered a half-pint of Guiness. The manageress comes over to me and says, “What’s wrong, aren’t you a man?”

              Okay, so I order a pint. Apparently only women order halfs.

              Leaves a cool foam moustache, too.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Hack Stone used to watch Danger UXB, at first because it was about WWII, and as a cherry on top of the sundae, they had a few scenes that displayed women with exposed breasts. It gave Hack something to bide his time until Benny Hill with the girls running around in lingerie would come on. Watching PBS gave Hack some class.

  25. BennSue says:

    I don’t know why I read these. At first I laugh at their ineptitude and stupidity, but quickly thereafter my blood boils and I think “fuck these shitbirds”.

  26. Daisy Cutter says:

    Post from the comment section of MP. MBD writes:

    “Having served at MU11 for a short time (Sel Res here) as well as MU17, I never saw this guy or heard of him.
    However I knew 3 Techs from MU11 who were KIA, and yet you claim to have been overseas with boots on the ground. Sadly, you dishonor yourself, as well as the three who died actually performing EOD missions.
    I know several Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, Master Chiefs, and Master Divers from MU11.
    None have heard of you.
    So your claims are obviously a lie, and the DD214 proves it.
    You’re done. Finished. Kaput.
    Good luck explaining your lies and deceit to your family, friends and church.”

  27. RC says:

    I was the EODC at RTC Great Lakes at that time and he never had an approved package for EOD school under my watch.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, that should substantially answer that question: did he go to EOD School at all?

      No. He did not.

    • PTBH says:

      PM with the wife that was supplied to us…

      Reagan-EOD-Boot Camp

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        There’s NO EOD SCHOOL on his records. Period.

        • EOD Rick says:

          Maybe he was so high speed low drag at boot that he completed a correspodence course for EOD.

          • rgr769 says:

            I know, he was undercover EOD, his cover story was that he was a mild-mannered structural aviation machinist mate, someone they don’t let work on anything complicated like the avionics, hydraulics, or the engines.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Yeah, by watching “Hurt Locker” and some PBS documentary, too, right?

      • thebesig says:

        She doesn’t want to believe that Michael Reagan, phony EOD, phony combat wounded, phony ground deployment, lied to her. She wants to believe what he claimed. She’s a lawyer, certainly, she could come over here, or over to the Military Phony link, and review for herself the documentation on Michael Reagan’s actual service.

        Had this been someone else, the documentation would already have satisfied her… And she would’ve already concluded that this someone lied.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          It’s like I said, EOD School, start to finish with all the sequences in training lasts nearly a full year.

          His records show no such thing. He is total bogus and so are his claims.

          End of story.

          • EODJay says:

            A year?!?! Nuh-uh, I just got one of those funny crab looking badges at the PX and was a walk on at the nearest EOD shop. It was pretty easy actually. But now that I think about it, there was a good portion of time before this that I seemed quite busy.

  28. Terry Sheehan says:

    To Mikey and Ms. Mikey – If you want to truly inspire us, show us something different. Don’t fall into the same, old, tired behavior we have seen with other liars and fakes.

    Write up a confession and apology and put it out there. This is the only thing that will make you clean and whole again.

    Or… wrestle with all this for the rest of your lives. Live with it. The reason why you are conflicted about it is you know it is true. The people around you – your family and friends – get to see how you handle adversity.

    Show them what you’re made of, bad or good. Inspire us… or not.

  29. Steve Balm says:

    Several people that served with Michael Reagan, some in the same unit, are coming forward and commenting over at Military Phony.

    Pretty soon, ol’ Mikey will have to lash out at the whole damned US Navy for trying to keep a man down.

    Remember, he has nobody that will vouch for him because his entire unit was wiped out.

    If Mikey feels the need to order a drink right now, he may want to go with the FannyBanger.

    • Rommy says:

      I was on that cruise. His claims are bologna. The lunatic fantasies of a drug-addled brain, I imagine.

      We had enough to be proud of on that deployment, why make up stories?

    • Steve Balm says:

      I have no doubt that during the early stages of the Iraq War, that the operational tempo on the USS Lincoln and several other ships was nothing short of incredible.

  30. Morgan Blake says:

    OK, if I’m a betting man, I am going to predict how this thing plays out.

    The thing to watch is the YouTube video that the church put out. An individual unknown to me has already commented in a respectful way but I imagine there will be more.

    When the church decides to pull the video from YouTube, that is your best indication that they also doubt Michael Reagan’s stories. After all, it is a “Come Clean” / “Let’s Get Baptized” video that is supposed to inspire people. If it has the opposite effect, it makes sense to pull it down.

    The reasoning will be: 1) that Mike confesses to his church or 2) the video is deemed a distraction. Once Mike and his wife see the church distance themselves from the controversy, it will be the camel’s last straw. Sure, the church will say they support him until the end of time, but eventually, they will find another ‘yeah, but then again’ reason to pull it.

    This video, in my opinion, is the canary in the proverbial coal mine.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      That was painful.
      He’s full of shit and she is blinded by…something.

    • ninja says:

      Morgan Blake:

      Your prediction came true.

      The YOUTUBE Video is no longer available.

      Michael Joseph Reagan, Jr equals GUILT.

      Facebook deleted equals GUILT.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      “When the church decides to pull the video from YouTube, that is your best indication that they also doubt Michael Reagan’s stories”

      That didn’t take long.

      • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

        I wonder if Michael Reagan is already looking for another Church to go to?

        • Morgan Blake says:

          I can just imagine – at the end of the service this Sunday, they ask “Does anybody want to publicly confess a sin they feel burdened with?”

          People turn their heads, looking around, including Mike.

          “Anybody? Anybody at all?”

  31. marinedad61 says:

    His partner in crime / wifey clammed up her Facebook page.
    However, there IS a visible (hair cut) POLL.
    (and new poll choices can be added)

    Current poll choices:
    – Shoulder length.
    – Leave it long and just trim it.
    – What does Arron say
    – Stop LYING about PHONY war stories.
    – Cut it super short.
    – Up to my ears.


    • 26Limabeans says:

      I would suggest a Mohawk with neon tint.
      That should cure Mikeys anxiety.

    • rgr1480 says:

      That was just too funny. How’d you someone slip that in?

      Not saying it was YOU anybody you know …. but if it were you someone you know, how did you he slip in the additional response?

      • marinedad61 says:

        FakeBook is a strange animal, with ever changing “Settings”.
        Anything short of closing down your page,
        with Settings attempts to block users from seeing, liking, or commenting…
        leaves other things still open.
        In wifey’s case, a cover photo update, and an old POLL.
        No one saw the 2011 poll until she removed stranger view to all her posts,
        which were taking on new heat about her Hubby.

        In the case of organizational and business FakeBook pages that delete comments and block strangers, FakeBook prevents these pages from deleting BookFaces’ REVIEWS !!
        as this Gerald Young’s Young G’s Barbeque Sauce page now shows. (Link Below)

        I wish I could take credit for more on Fakebook, but I’m usually the 2nd or 3rd one finding these openings and nuggets.
        There are some quick Military Phony and Valor Guardian fan Stolen Valor keyboard warriors putting out the “awareness” on some of these Phonies.


        • 26Limabeans says:

          “FakeBook is a strange animal”

          Indeed it is. I am not booked but I have
          noticed that it takes three to four
          back arrows to escape the page.
          Have not seen that anomaly elsewhere.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Updated POLL results (only 6 hours later) –

      Jenn Wilson Reagan created a poll.
      April 11, 2011 ·

      How short should I cut my hair?

      5 Votes – Stop LYING about PHONY war stories.
      4 Votes – Shoulder length.
      2 Votes – Leave it long and just trim it.
      1 Vote – what does Arron say
      0 Votes – Cut it super short & 0 Votes – Up to my ears.

      Perhaps a young lawyeress will now learn that
      TRUTH is more important than HAIR.
      Perhaps not.


      • 26Limabeans says:

        “Gimme head with hair
        Long beautiful hair
        Shining, gleaming,
        Streaming, flaxen, waxen
        Give me down to there hair
        Shoulder length or longer
        Here baby, there mama
        Everywhere daddy daddy
        Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair”

        From the musical HAIR.

        • marinedad61 says:

          Update –
          7 Votes – Stop LYING about PHONY war stories.

          The great irony here….
          is that Jenn (and ALL her Facebook friends)
          can NOT see the POLL.
          She gets NO FarceBook notifications on POLL votes,
          and it’s buried 8 years deep on her page.

          ONLY strangers see it immediately at 1st glance.
          How great is that?


    • marinedad61 says:

      Updated POLL results (after 28 hours) –

      Jenn Wilson Reagan created a poll
      April 11, 2011 ·
      How short should I cut my hair?

      10 VOTES – Stop LYING about PHONY war stories.

      4 Votes – Shoulder length.
      2 Votes – Leave it long and just trim it.
      1 Vote – what does Arron say
      0 Votes – Cut it super short
      0 Votes – Up to my ears.

      Should we create another POLL choice?


      • marinedad61 says:

        NOTE – POLL VOTERS can select MORE than 1.
        Hair cuts, or make a NEW poll choice.
        Anyone can vote for 2, 3, or ALL the poll choices.

        This could be(come) interesting!


        • marinedad61 says:

          Updated POLL results (after 28½ hours) –

          10 VOTES – Stop LYING about PHONY war stories.
          1 VOTE – Bald head shave w / straight razor.

          4 Votes – Shoulder length.
          2 Votes – Leave it long and just trim it.
          1 Vote – what does Arron say

          ANYONE can vote for more than 1.
          ANYONE can add a new POLL choice.


  32. Keepin' It Real says:

    Reagan-I've seen things

  33. Dan says:

    Pffft. Throw in beer and cheap whiskey and we call that deer camp around here……

    • The Stranger says:

      So you sit around the campfire and tell made up stories of derring do from your time in “the shit.” Good to know.

    • FC2(SW) Ron says:

      What a fucking dickhead. Just look at the pictures when he was an AMSAN and AM3. You can see the chip on his shoulder right there. No one told him he had to pose for the cruise book.

      He had a perfectly good record (well except for a Captain’s Mast probably) that he puked all over. The Airdale Navy was always tough to make rank in. He should have just crossed over to the black shoe side like I did or just shut the fuck up and quit whining about it….

      Funny thing this inner-net is…..


    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Clueless assclown…. must be talking about your days of being a butt pirate at Brucies Bath House (Entrance in the Rear).

      • The Stranger says:

        You tell him, Senior Chief!

      • OAE CPO USN Ret says:

        I scrolled pretty quick past this comment and had to scroll back for another look. I thought it said “Bernath Entrance”. It’s going to take a lot of tequila to get that phrase out of my brain now.

  34. ninja says:


    Michael Joseph Reagan Jr. has this THING about driving with a Suspended License.

    He did it in Indiana.

    And he did it in New Mexico.

    There is a BENCH WARRANT for him for failure to appear in a New Mexico Court in 2007 for violating New Mexico Statute 66-5-21.

    He was driving with an Expired License in New Mexico, just as he did in Indiana.

    Recent BENCH WARRANT from New Mexico is dated 22 April 2019.

    Time to come clean with the State Of New Mexico, Michael Joseph Reagan, Jr., especially since you have been “Born Again” and Baptized.

    Does your Lawyer wife know about this one since she obviously knows about your other convictions?

    • ninja says:

      If anyone is interested in seeing the New Mexico Court Record for Michael Joseph Reagan Jr.’s BENCH WARRANT, please go to this site:


      If anyone is interested in reviewing Indiana Court Records for Michael Joseph Reagan Jr as well as Jason Ryan Steenberger, (Reagan’s Enabler), please go to this site:


        • Morgan Blake says:

          TAH should change it’s name to some kind of “awareness association.”

          Nice work on finding this public available information.

          I wonder if this is considered “defamation of character.” 😉

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          I wonder if the Missus/lawer is aware that her hubby/client has this hanging over his head. Not a smart move on her part if she does know and is telling him not to take care of it.

          Hope she’s not of the same caliber as a certain lawer with a permanent residence six feet in Florida.

      • Morgan Blake says:

        So, if I’m reading this correctly, Jason Steenberger pled guilty to domestic battery in front of a child.

        And he passes himself off as some kind of moral and ethical authority when he falsely accuses someone else of a crime with no evidence to support his claims.

        This article is full of what I have found to be false documents. How can you live with yourself.” – Jason R. Steenberger –

        “As for the person that wrote this article, you are a disgrace and person without honor.” – Jason R. Steenberger –

        And this may be the future brother-in-law of Michael Reagan. The future holiday get-togethers should be fun.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      “Stolen Valor is just the cherry on top of the shit sundae”….

    • 26Limabeans says:

      “wife know about this one”

      If I were married to a competent attorney I
      would assume she knows everything about my past.
      I would also assume her silence is telling.

  35. Daisy Cutter says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
    Giving all your love to just one man
    You’ll have bad times
    And he’ll have good times,
    Doin’ things that you don’t understand

    But if you love him you’ll forgive him,
    Even though he’s hard to understand
    And if you love him oh be proud of him,
    ’cause after all he’s just a man

    Stand by your man,
    And show the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by …

    Wait a damn minute! You what? The hell you say.

    Pack your stuff and get out. Now!

    On second thought, stand in the front yard and I’ll throw it out the window.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Stand By Your Man.

      At Bob’s Country Bunker,
      where they play BOTH kinds of music.
      Country AND Western.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        You know a good joint when your boots
        stick to the floor.

        • The Stranger says:

          Chicken wire?

          • 26Limabeans says:

            There was a place in Boston back in the 80’s that had a chain link fence between the band
            and the patrons. Greasy dirt floor and no seats,
            just stand up benches. It was previously a
            truck repair shop.
            Scary place.

  36. Morgan Blake says:

    I can see giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but Geez-Loise.

    Has it dawned on anyone close to Michael Reagan that he has had ZERO people from his military past come forward and say they attended fictitious EOD school with him. As far as his unit, this is why it was convenient that all of them were wiped out… as in Hillary Clinton server wiped out… you can expect nobody to come forward since it was probably designed that way. You must return to Michael Reagan for any fact-checking if you don’t know of other ways to verify.

    There were no BBQs where his old service buddies came over and talked about old times?

    I know it is hard to believe, especially when someone calls themselves a Christian – people lie. Even “Christians.” It may be especially hard for “Christians” to come clean since they shouldn’t have lied in the first place.

    Someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

    I mean, your own church even pulled the video – shouldn’t that tell you something? That poor teacher now doesn’t get the recognition she deserves because of Michael Reagan’s clownery. However, it is all fitting with this week’s theme of “The Lies We Tell” and Mike’s video should have been featured in that one vs. the Teacher’s Appreciation one.

    BUT… the church itself thanked everyone for downloading the video so it is preserved for all time.

  37. Morgan Blake says:

    In case some of you missed the message attached to the YouTube video, here it is…

    reagan-youtube msg

  38. 26Limabeans says:

    Some of the horror he has seen:

    “Yeah you got your dead cat and you got your dead dog
    On a moonlight night you got your dead toad frog
    Got your dead rabbit and your dead raccoon
    The blood and the guts they’re gonna make you swoon”


    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      A classic from my teenage years…

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Jonathan Winters & Dean Martin in an airplane sketch. Funniest improv ever.

        “Don’t mess with me! I”m a veteran! I was out there with a cannon!”
        “Yeah, I know, I’m a veteran, too!”

    • Rommy says:

      One time in Australia the bilge backed up and a river of brown shit came out of the toilets and spilled into a few berthing areas.

      LOL, that was pretty horrifying, maybe that’s where he got his PTSD.

      (I was on the same boat/same cruise. CVN-72 July ’02/May ’03.

      • OAE CPO USN Ret says:

        I was on CG that followed you guys everywhere. That extended stay in Perth/Fremantle after Christmas was GREAT!

        • Rommy says:

          As much as the rest of that deployment blew horse cock, our extended leave in Australia was goddamn awesome shit.

          Was your CG the one that fired the first missles at Baghdad?

          • OAE CPO USN Ret says:

            I was on Shiloh. That was the Bunker Hill that got to fire first. She got to fire a couple/few shots a few days before the mass launch. We were jealous that they got to shoot first because they had recently got to the gulf and we’d been there longest due to being your plane guard/shotgun.

            We got to stand outside and watch the launches from a safe spot on the ship. That was an incredible sight watching not only our launches, but the launches from the other ships near us.

  39. Comm Center Rat says:

    If Lawyer Jennifer Wilson knows her husband has an active bench warrant in NM does she incur a legal obligation to notify law enforcement of her client’s/husband’s current residence/location? Does Spouse Jennifer Wilson have a moral or ethical obligation to encourage the absconder to surrender himself?

    Disclaimer: I’m not a lawer nor do I play one on TV. I do have an inquiring mind honed by years of watching snarling Judge Judy bang her gavel and dispense justice with a roar.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Maybe Lawyer Jennifer Wilson should consult with an attorney.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Maybe the state bar needs to be notified?

      • The Stranger says:

        The only person who would take on such a case has been maintaining a steady altitude of -6 ft AGL with a speed of exactly 0 knots for over a year and a half. Steady as she goes, Dan!

      • rgr769 says:

        As his lawer, she should advise Mikey not to drive through New Mexico. Cuz if that warrant is still active and they stop him for any reason, he is going to jail.

  40. Daisy Cutter says:


    One of several possibilities exist for today.

    To recap, the church has pulled the Michael Reagan “decicate my life to Christ – I was lost but now I’m found” inspirational video. Mike’s off to a great start with his new commitment. This means that either the Reagans asked for it to be pulled or the church pulled it because it was a distraction or could not mount a defense for it. Either way, it is telling.

    So now, the father-in-law and his law practice may be impacted. I say this because the daughter works there and she is either going to:

    1) Come in Monday morning and not say a word about any of this (IMHO, the best CoA)

    2) Will ask for her father’s help in cleaning up Michael Reagan’s mess – which by proxy is asking for money, time and resources

    3) Will not ask for her father’s help but do what she can on her own, and because she is being paid by her father’s lawfirm, it would still be the equivalent of getting him to pay for it. She could still do what she can in the evenings or on weekends to keep the line of demarkation clean.

    Now, the father obviously feels an emotional tie with his daughter and there may be an obligation there, but if he has the proper legal experience he will read through the evidence and order Michael Reagan’s military records on his own since this would be part of the discovery process anyway. i.e. Fill out an SF-180 and send it to the Department of the Navy. The SF-180 can be downloaded many places on the internet. A simple form to fill out.

    Regardless of any direction they take, he should probably order Mike’s official military records anyway. From what I gather, Mike’s wife has already been encouraged to do that and given the SF-180 vs. make assumptions about the validity of the documents posted by MP and TAH.

    4) Another possibility is to hire an outside attorney, but this will cost some money. Buku money. Unless they have an attorney friend that owes them a favor, but there is still a cost as you are burning up or cashing in on favors.

    That said, the point being is that somewhere along the line before or during spending time and money they will want assurances from Michael Reagan that he is telling the truth. If he doubles down on the lie, they would have to have skepticism that the evidence does not support Mike’s version of “the truth” so there is a lot of explaining to do. If and when they get back the Department of the Navy’s official military records on Mike, Mike would have to explain the difference in those records and the ones that his wife was provided. “The government screwed up” only goes so far. If those records that Mike has were altered in any way, that’s a felony and I doubt they would present them as “evidence.”

    These are very hard choices. I don’t envy them. Mike has successfully pulled down everyone around him and they have to evaluate if the proverbial ship is worth fighting for.

    For Mike’s part – the honorable thing to do is come clean. He is not the only one affected by his lies. How long is he going to keep dragging down those around him? That is the big question.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      5) Mike could come clean and reup with the
      church and wife to save his soul (ass).
      That would require boo coo bible study and
      role playing so I doubt he could pull it off.
      His role playing skills suck.

      I see Kirby vacuum cleaner sales in his future.

      • Daisy Cutter says:


        In regard to the statements made in the video, rumor has it that Mike used this same line in regard to his fictitious EOD unit — “I’m here, but I’m not really here.”


      • Comm Center Rat says:

        I’m not convinced Mikey could spell God if he were spotted the “G” and the “d.”

      • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

        Kirby Salesman? I doubt he could even do that. Someone ought to tell Michael Reagan that McDonald’s is ALWAYS hiring!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      If the daughter has even a half ounce of common sense left, she will either suck it up and confront this scumbag con artist that she fell for (and get some counseling, too), or she will box up everything that is legally his (and keep hers separate) and kick his useless, lying, looting ass to the curb, and tell him “I’m keeping the kids, dumbass!”

  41. Rommy says:

    I was on that cruise CVN-72 2002-2003 OEF/OIF. I was attached to SEAOPDET which was a deployment of I level technicians supporting the air wing. Furthermore, I was stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, home of VAQ-139.

    Mr. Reagan’s claims are pure fantasy. Nobody from CVN-72 was killed in combat. The only fatality that I am aware of on that cruise was an airman who got behind an F-14 engine was blown overboard, I was told by someone in his unit that he passed from his injuries after he was airlifted back to shore.

    I was there for the entire 11 month cruise, and I was on the flight deck when George Bush showed up to tell us all “Mission Accomplished.” The closest the boat ever came to Iraq was 50 miles offshore.

    This is pure, unadulterated bullshit.

  42. KBW says:

    As a member of the EODMU11 Detachment 19; the 7 member team assigned on board the Abraham Lincoln from 2001 – 2003. I do not recall him period. He was not EOD, not assigned to us, not helping us, etc. I am dam sure we all survived. At that time their were no Navy EOD below E-4.
    I run into these knucklheads all the time.
    Wannabe cool guys, don’t or can’t do the work so the tell vague stories of being an aircraft mechanic… who also saved the world, lone survivor, got shot, have PTSD etc.
    Me Angry!
    Former STG1(EOD) KBW

    I took the liberty of removing your full name on your comment. Think PII- there are people out there who wish us ill, and have in the past used member’s names in frivolous lawsuits.
    Welcome Aboard,

    • sbalm says:

      This was also why the VAQ-139 Senior Enlisted’s name was removed from the letter.

      That, and since the Senior Chief had honorable service, it did not seem fair to have his name show up in a Google search as associated with Michael Reagan’s fame.

  43. GDContractor says:

    If I was a local police chief with an evil sense of humor, I would call this fucker up and beg for his help in disarming a sophisticated bomb.

  44. Daisy Cutter says:

    There was no story about losing his bomb dog while he was in the shit.

    Furthermore, there is no service dog.

    He’s an amateur. Every respectable phony knows that you have to incorporate a dog into the story.

  45. Keepin' It Real says:

    My wife wanted a dog. She felt that would complete her.

    We went down to the pound and the attendant was very honest with us. The dog my wife picked out looked “cute” but the attendant said it bites and shits where it wants to.

    My wife attributed the dog’s behavior to “undiagnosed and untreated separation anxiety coupled with fear of abandonment.” After all, it was cute and if we shower the dog with love it will change its ways.

    Weeks later, our dog was featured on a local television station as part of their weekly featured “Cute Dogs You’d Love to Own.”

    A few days later after the video aired on TV, my neighbor accused our dog of shitting on his lawn and biting him.

    My wife responded by calling my neighbor a liar, a fraud and a scammer.

    The neighbor provided photos of the bite mark, measurements between canine teeth which matched our dog, and footage from his video surveillance camera.

    My wife accused him of manufacturing the evidence. She got her sister’s husband to declare himself a video analyst and he declared that the video was fake and could have been anyone’s video from across the United States.

    I tried to be supportive but my wife refused to believe that the dog would bite anyone or shit on anyone’s lawn after she had showered him with love and affection. Her proof was “Just look at his face. That’s a face you can trust.”

    We hired an attorney. We dumped time and money into a legal defense. We enlisted relatives and friends to discredit the neighbor publicly. Our defense was that our dog didn’t bite. Although we couldn’t say our dog does not shit, we said our dog is respectable when he shits.

    We reached a settlement and admitted that the dog bit the neighbor but blamed the veterinarian for not giving the dog pills for its “undiagnosed separation anxiety.”

    Just last week, the dog shit on my wife’s favorite rug. When she tried to correct him, he bit her.

    We no longer have a dog.

    1st Moral of the story: If you know what you are getting, don’t be shocked when you realize what you have.
    2nd Moral of the story: If you find yourself in a pickle, ask what Jesus would do. Then instead, blame others.

  46. Rommy says:

    I actually feel kind of bad for this oxygen thief.

    This has to be pretty embarrassing.

    Michael, if you’re reading this, don’t do anything stupid like a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Call the veterans crisis line if you need help:

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      Rommy, Not sure what phone # you provided but here’s contact info from the VA.gov website:

      We encourage all Veterans and Military Servicemembers to connect with the Veterans Crisis Line by calling 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.

      You can chat with someone who understands by visiting our website at http://www.veteranscrisisline.net or you can text us at 838255.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Well there you go, being all kind and considerate and thoughtful on TAH.

      Git that shit outta here!! :d

      Just kidding. It’s nice to see this kind of thing here when we’re usually tearing someone a new one.

      Seriously. Think about opening up to someone and getting help. You can admit your mistakes and move from there.

      Baby Steps.

      At least consider it.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      While I don’t mean to throw water on a fire, plus I am just as sympathetic as the next person… I’d like to point out one important detail:

      Michael Joseph Reagan has not admitted this is a problem. For all we know he is saying everyone else is at fault and he is being falsely accused – which is a fairly good assumption at this point.

      Your assertion that Michael is huddled in a corner shivering and wanting forgiveness is based entirely on him recognizing that he has lied. I see no indication that this is true.

      He also has not stated that this is embarrassing for him. He may feel that the problem lies with others and not himself.

      If I saw any inkling of remorse, I’m with you.

      It’s akin to saying “I forgive you” to someone that does not feel that they are at fault and they give you a puzzled, angry look and say “That’s nice, but for what?”

      For now, with the absence of any statement from him, it could be a case of him telling everyone it is all one huge mistake.

      Just my two cents.

  47. Comm Center Rat says:

    “Don’t play dumb. You’re not as good at it as me.”

    ~ COL Samuel Flagg [M*A*S*H]

    • ChipNASA says:

      You know what?
      As much as a *massive* M*A*S*H-o-phile as I am, I don’t remember that I ever knew Col Flagg’s first name was Sam.


      *Scratches head*

  48. Keepin' It Real says:

    I wonder who she’s talking about?

    Reagan-Wife Response

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      That’s quite ironic, in view of the fact that he lies about both his rank and time in AD service on his Linkdin profile. Cute, ain’t it?

      well: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-reagan-1a680759/

      Well, fine: if she doesn’t want to listen, refuses to acknowledge that he’s a fraud, then it’s on her shoulders, and I have no sympathy for her at all. Period.

      • Ex-PH2 says:


        Here it is:

        Image for AM2 AWSW
        AM2 AWSW
        June 1998 – June 2004 6 years 1 month

        Actual active duty as shown on DD-214 above is 4 (four) years, NOT 6 years + 1 month.

        She gets no sympathy from me at all.

        • Comm Center Rat says:

          Agreed. It seems that Mikey spent one year in the delayed entry program (whatever the Navy called it back then), four years active duty, and three years in the IRR. Therefore, he completed his initial Military Service Obligation of 8 total years. Why can’t 8 years and the NDSM be enough?

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Nobody is a lineman for just three years.

          • ChipNASA says:

            Unless you’re Glen Campbell?
            (SOMEONE had to say it. 😀 😀 😀 )

            • The Stranger says:

              If you ever want to piss off a lineman (a bad idea), start singing “I am a lineman for the county…”

            • Hack Stone says:

              Johnson County EOD Tech

              Lyrics by Hack Stone and Elaine Ricci

              He is a poser in Johnson County
              And in church he spins his lies
              Searchin’ the internet for sympathy
              We hear you spinning lies on YouTube
              We can hear you as you whine
              And the Johnson County EOD Tech
              Is still spinning his lies
              I know he needs to come to Jesus
              But it don’t look like he ever will
              And when he wife finds out he’s lying
              The marriage won’t stand the strain
              And he needs to stay out of New Mexico
              Or it’s back to doing time
              And the Johnson County EOD Tech
              Is still spinning lies
              And we need you to finally come clean
              We can account for your Navy time
              And the Johnson County EOD Tech
              Is still spinning his lies

          • The Stranger says:

            They pop hot?
            I’m in the industry. Not a lineman, but I know that most folks in our industry stick around because it pays well and you’ll hardly ever be unemployed. 24 years and counting, never been unemployed.

      • Keepin' It Real says:

        The document that I *think* she is talking about is the 01-01-2000 dated search result from DoD Manpower / SCRA posted on Military Phony. The date is just to determine what the person’s status was at that time. An additional one was posted for 06-01-2003. One could punch in 08-01-1999 and get the same result because he was on active duty during that range of service.

        This just displays a fundamental misunderstanding on her part about how that database works.

        Again, this is just a guess and I could be wrong. Who knows what she is thinking? Sounds like grasping at straws in an effort to put out anything to create a seed of doubt. I’m thinking at this point she can’t possibly entertain the thought that Michael Reagan has lied to her.

        I also think she has a reluctance for anyone to read it, since they may put 2 and 2 together on their own.

        • GDContractor says:

          She’s allegedly a lawyer. Presumably, she knows how to deal with “slander”. This could get hilarious.

          • Comm Center Rat says:

            I wish she would’ve named the “radical group” accusing her hubby of SV. If she’s referring to TAH then I’m a radical by association (or awareness as Les Brownstain might argue). As a retired military officer and retired federal government employee, I’ve never considered my self to be a radical. Some civilians with college degrees though are stoopid.

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              CCR, I rectum that we are now Radical Despicable Deplorables.

              Better than being a lying sack of sh^t like Mikey. I wonder if he and his lawer wifey and her Daddy are aware of that now.

            • 26Limabeans says:

              “I will not share the website name”

              Because it has a nasty word?

          • Sj says:

            GDC: She a Lawyer or a Lawer?

            • ChipNASA says:

              I *was* going to say this…. 😀

            • GDContractor says:

              I typed “lawyer” and the f’n autocorrect did its thing and I didn’t catch it, as usual. 🙁

            • rgr769 says:

              She has proved herself to be a “lawer” by TAH standards. Plus, someone needs to clue her in that truth is a complete defense to both slander and libel. The proof of the falsity of her hubby’s bullshit war story is irrefutable based on first hand witnesses and documents, most notably, the cruise books that show Mikey was an aviation structural repairman when his ship was in the Persian Gulf. Moreover, unless the NPRC put out a phony DD-214 with his name on it, he never had any EOD training, period. Somehow, I don’t think defusing IED’s and bombs is something learned by OJT.

              • GDContractor says:

                Rgr769 just curious… Did you ever listen to G. Gordon Liddy’s radio talk show? He used to routinely go out of his way to call John Dean a “lying little 2-faced weasel”. It was hilarious on a national level. To my knowledge, Dean never took legal action.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          She’s grasping at straws. Denial is always the first thing that comes up in the face of hard evidence.

          Will she confront him? Doubtful, and I don’t give flying fart in space what she does or thinks any more.

      • Mustang Major says:

        Getting someone to believe the facts about a phony they are close to can be nearly impossible if they have been subjected to the constant BS these phonies spout.

        My out-of-state daughter was involved with an Iraq war vet that had moved on to law enforcement after the Army. She told me about all of his deployments, combat action, and current fear of flying due to being in a helicopter that was shot down. (Wasn’t the lone survivor of the crash, as he was a medic and saved some of the other passengers.).

        When I met the guy, I was blown away by his BS. I sent off for his records. There it was in photocopy black and white- he was mail clerk in a Ft. Hood rear detachment. Awards? NDSM and not much more.

        I gave my daughter the paperwork. I also told her the guy was an idiot, possibly a clown at best. She could not bring herself to believe her lying eyes. She defended the guy until she got over the “smitten” phase of the relationship and then realized what a piece of work he was and soon dumped him.

        During my parental due diligence on this clown, I read in his local paper an article about him saving a kid from dying of a serious injury sustained from a car that flipped over by applying his first aid skills that he practiced from his time deployed “combat medic” in Iraq. I suspected that there was no telling what kind of BS he was spreading around the police station, so I sent the FOI papers on his Army service to his chief of police- just so the record would be clear.

        • marinedad61 says:

          Good story. Thanks.

          Similar happened to a female relative in 2015.
          A supposed hero, that only I suspected was phony.
          4 months of family civil war, and he added the fuel.
          It’s what they do, destroy families, to keep the lie.
          I’ve been a fan of these webpages ever since.

          Note – STEVEN ZAHURANEC didn’t make the news, lead parades, run organizations, or solicit charity.
          He just uses the Stolen Valor,
          along with a phony bedroom wall shrine to himself,
          to trick women.

          I’ve ensured the permanence of
          on the internet, this way,
          on a free GIF upload site,
          now picked up on a simple Google search.

          I’ll also blast his name in CAPS whenever I can.


          • marinedad61 says:

            (and a faked up DD-214)

            That was the clincher.
            It took over 3 month to get a look at
            Steve Zahuranec’s DD-214.

            All along, he was adding stories, fueling the fire, turning parent against child, and brother against sister.
            Oh, he popped a ring, and moved into the home of the relative victim.

            Only after this, did I receive a partial of a DD-214, as a tiny JPG
            on a cellphone text.
            When I copied it to my PC and viewed it full size, I knew it was fake in 3 seconds.

            What a turd.

    • Keepin' It Real says:

      She’s going to starve us of “the publicity they crave.”

      You’ve been bad – go straight to bed with no publicity.

      Think about what you’ve done.

      Where are you going, Mike? I didn’t mean you.

    • OWB says:

      Y’all are now a radical group? Really??

      Nice of her to proffer the possibility that she was talking about some group other than this one. As if any other group has called her dearly beloved on his lies. So, by porcess of elimination, she must be referring th US! Yes!! We finally got the recogniton we have beeen craving.

      Or something. Or maybe it’s just boring to observe the same old response to the telling of the truth to those do do not want to believe and/or acknowledge it as the truth.


      • Keepin' It Real says:

        I hope to God she was talking about us. I’m not gonna lie – I’d be a little jealous if someone else got the credit for being radical.

        She should look on the bright side of things – her church now has enough good material for the next six months – lying, pride, envy, coveting, false witnessing, etc.

    • thebesig says:

      The way she said that is going to get some people curious about the details. So, something like this is bound to be plugged into a search engine:

      “Michael Reagan stolen valor”

      Then, they’ll come across MP and TAH.

  49. tburns90 says:

    Most of you don’t know me but I thought this was important enough to come out of the shadows and post this.

    I’ve been talking to Michael Reagan’s wife and she said that she wants the truth known about her. I asked her what the truth about her was and she blocked me. That may sound horrible as stated, but I was surprised that she blocked me after asking her this important question.

    So, I will paraphrase a little, but I would invite her here to tell her side of things.

    As I told her, I have always believed that she was an innocent party. This is up until the time that she was told the truth. She rejected it outright, called me a liar, a fraud and a scammer. Her reaction is somewhat understandable because her first instinct is to reject the news that her husband was being untruthful to her in regard to his military service.

    She was encouraged to order Michael Reagan’s military records from the Department of the Navy. The purpose of this, as explained to her, was to have a clean chain of custody. She said she had other documents in her possession that stated otherwise and confirmed that her husband was telling the truth about his service.

    She was provided a SF-180 and encouraged to request all awards, decorations and duty stations.

    I get a sense that she filled out the form and sent the FOIA request off. I have no reason to believe that she didn’t. Then again, I have no true indication that she followed through, but she was provided the information and direction.

    I did say that many more people from the ship and Mike’s old unit could have been contacted but it seemed a bit futile. I saw her as the key. If she doesn’t believe records or people’s statements, there is no amount of proof that would convince her.

    She stated “If you publish my name anywhere, I’ll come after you for defamation. You may have reached out, but you’re not giving me time to verify the information. I will come after you if I learn my name or my husbands name have been published.”

    I then reminded her I reached out to her in good faith but due to a legal threat, I would have to cut things short.

    This was all before Michael Reagan’s case was published. As I said, some of the reaction was understandable because it is a lot thrown at someone at one time.

    Her demeanor has seemed to change but she still strikes me as insistent about my giving her help. The only thing I wanted was for her to get a confession out of Michael because it makes things efficient for everybody concerned.

    She questions the validity of the documents posted on MP, so the question is how much does it take to even convince her? Not my responsibility to convince her. She wants, and even demands information, but when asked for something in return (i.e. Did Mike confess yet?) she says it is none of my business.

    So, I invite her to come here and speak for herself. It is not my job to play middle-man and take a beating because I’m not doing it good enough in her eyes.

    So, come here yourself and tell us what the truth is about you? You have a lot of open ears. You are not the first one that has been through this.

    Think of all the people that were inspired by that video. Don’t you think they deserve the truth?

    To Mike – have a heart. Consider all the people that you’ve hurt by your lies. Don’t hide behind the womenfolk. Don’t run from who you perceive as your enemies. Mount your white steed and draw your sword of truth. Let’s hear from you. There have been many times that veterans have thanked this community saying a huge burden was lifted when they got the truth out in the open. It got hard to go on lying. It was a challenge keeping their stories straight. If you tell the truth it is easy, you don’t have to keep track of everything. Man up, Mike. Don’t put your wife through this. Have some backbone and do the right thing. Let’s hear from you, cowboy. Roger up.

    ~ TB

    • GDContractor says:

      I’ve seen this same type of scenario ruin someone’s seemingly perfect marriage. Wife was about 6 Mos pregnant with their second child when he got outed. It did not end well, although it took over a year for the wheels to fall completely off.

      This guy (Reagan) and his wife are both playing chess, individually and collectively, because the probable outcome is something that they would rather (understandably) avoid or forestall, rather than confront.

      For the sake of their kids, I wish them well. However, it’s my opinion that the cake is already baked. Seeking competent professional counseling might help.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        It may be too late for them, depending on how long he has been lying to friends, family and any business acquaintances that the wife and her father have. I’m sure that they may have had a visit from the pastor/church elders about the video and why it was pulled. And, I’ll also take a guess that the father has had a talk with them about the issue and potential impact on the law practice.

    • rgr769 says:

      Dollar to a doughnut says she will not get Mikey to sign the SF-180 and send it in. Neither one of them want to deal with reality, they both have too much emotionally invested in his bullshit war stories, especially at their church.

    • GDContractor says:

      And I might add, in the case of the person I know whose marriage fell apart, he came clean publicly and with his wife almost immediately. He admitted it and apologized. He did not allow his wife to continue suffering her delusions that he was SPECOPS.

      There is probably no strategy for telling your wife that you lied to her about who you are that guarantees success. It seems to me that the best course of action is to never go down that road to begin with.

      • rgr769 says:

        Most of us have misled the missus about something we did or didn’t do, at some point. If caught one can survive that, unless one was found with a live boy or dead hooker in a motel room. But when you grossly lie about who you are and your military or criminal history, you are not likely to recover from that.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I have to feel a bit of sympathy for the wife, because she’s caught in the middle of all of this.

      She’s been fed a load of horse hockey by this con artist, who seems to have a trail elsewhere, and now her world is showing tatters around the edges. So of course she responds with denial and anger. That’s normal.

      The question is, will she confront him about this at any point?

      And in addition. is he going to just sneak out in the middle of the night, or while she’s at the law office at work? Just bail out and leave no tracks? That would not surprise me at all.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        At the same time, I still don’t give a crap what she thinks or does.

        She’s caught in the middle, yes, but she can get herself out if she snaps out of worshiping this jerk who conned her but good.

  50. 26Limabeans says:

    Need some guidance on the Bingo card.

    Does the “Lawer Up Threat” on the Bingo card (right of FREE)
    get checked off or does the wife not count towards Bingo
    just for being a Lawer?
    Unique situation.

    Does he have to actually hire her for the win or is
    she disqualified by spousal misappropriation?