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| June 25, 2019

Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle Model 1974

Police looking for burglar who fled home after homeowner shot at him
The homeowner was sleeping in their bedroom when they heard something in another room. The suspect fled the home after the resident shot at him.
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View the video here: KCEN TV

Suspect shot in downtown Macon robbery, sheriff’s office says

By Wayne Crenshaw
A suspect was shot in an attempted robbery in downtown Macon early Sunday, according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office report.

The incident happened at about 3:49 a.m. on Cherry Street, according to a release. Brett Bledsoe, 30, was walking home from work when he stopped in front of The Rookery restaurant, which was closed, while texting on his cellphone.

Two males approached him from behind and one threw him to the ground, then both began to attack him, the release stated. Bledsoe pulled a handgun and fired multiple times, and the suspects ran. One suspect was struck by a bullet and fell.

The suspect that was shot was identified at Phileman Kamal Freeman, 22, of Macon. He was taken to the Medical Center, Navicent Health and is in stable condition. Bledsoe had minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

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Read the rest of the article here: Macon News

JoCo DA says Boost Mobile clerk shot robber in self-defense, no criminal charges for killing

Jay Senter
Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe this afternoon announced that his office had completed a review of the June 10 shooting death inside the Boost Mobile store near 76th and Metcalf and determined the employee had acted in self defense.

Police identified the man killed in the incident as Deshawn Brim of Raytown. Brim was out of prison on parole for drug charges at the time of the shooting.

In a release to the media this afternoon, Howe said Brim “entered the store armed with a handgun and proceeded to rob the store at gunpoint. At some point, the store clerk, fearing for his life and the life of his co-worker, produced a handgun. The robber was killed in the ensuing gun battle as he attempted to jump over the counter presumably to get at the clerk.”

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The rest of the article may be viewed here: Shawnee Mission Post

Starting the week with a mixed bag, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. One-one-two, with one DRT, another inconvenienced, and two in the wind. Texting and walking isn’t real bright, especially in downtown Macon.

“The Bill of Rights is the United States. The United States is the Bill of Rights. Compromise the Bill of Rights and you dissolve the very foundation upon which the Union stands.”
– A.E. Samaan

Bonus FGS!

Brighton Rabbi Asks Congregation To Bring Guns To Synagogue

Jerome Campbell
Rabbi Dan Rodkin says thoughts and prayers will not save his congregation from an attack on their house of worship.

Amid a rise in hate crimes against Jewish people across the United States, Shaloh House — the Brighton synagogue the rabbi leads — has been improving safety measures with security cameras, reinforced glass windows, even panic buttons.

Despite these efforts, Rodkin worries a gunman might still get inside the synagogue and shoot his members.

“We can’t think, ‘I’m just praying, and God will save me,’ ” Rodkin says. “No, we need to take care of situations ourselves.”

Now, the rabbi is asking his own congregation to bring guns to Shabbat.

And several of Rodkin’s synagogue members — most of them former soldiers and retired cops — are answering his plea, coming armed to daily and holiday services. Others are applying for gun licenses with letters of recommendation from their rabbi.

Rodkin says he will get a gun, too, and wants to organize training for the new gun owners.

Bravo Zulu, Padre! (yes I know, in the Navy all medical types are “Doc” and all of the spiritual bent are “Padre.” Just the way it is). No score here, just a FGS of folk taking care of their own.

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  1. Toxic Deplorable B Woodman says:

    I like the Rabbi’s attitude. I think the next perp that invades his house of worship will be unpleasantly surprised.

    • Eden says:

      At a church I used to attended (we moved away), the pastor made no secret of the fact that he was packing in the pulpit, the pulpit itself was specifically designed to stop a .45cal round, and the county sheriff was head usher. Pretty sure at least some of the other ushers also carried, and I know a fair number of congregants did, as well, including the owners of a local gun shop.

  2. Tallywhagger says:

    Deshawn done shamed he damned self.

  3. “Brighton Rabbi Asks Congregation To Bring Guns To Synagogue”

    Finally … someone gets a clue. That Synagogue will be the last place a “shooter” will visit.

  4. Claw says:

    The Whiz Wheel®™ did some quick research before spinning. Found a missing middle name and a new definition for hood rat*. Anyway:

    Phileman Kamal Freeman (WRT) 38 x 2 = 76

    Deshawn Lenard Brim (DRT) 29 x 3 = 87

    * Worked as an entrepreneur (under eight aliases) for 15 years before suddenly passing./s

    • Sarge says:


      Do we have a Wizz Wheel™® of a sort for our Valor Vultures?

      Just sayin…

      • Claw says:

        Negative. The TAH Name Scrabble®™ (Home Version) Whiz Wheel does not attempt to short circuit/crossover to each individual’s Male Bovine Fecal Matter Detector.

        The degree of offensiveness that each Valor Vulture displays is too varied and the Whiz Wheel®™ does one job, it does it well, then moves on./smile

  5. Interesting about the Rabbi asking his attendees to be armed while inside the Synagogue. Vets and retired LEO’s are most likely Conservative/Republicans/2A friendly. I wonder how this will go with the other half of attendees (demorats) since most of them are not gun friendly. BZ to the Rabbi on his suggestion and who is one of me own.

  6. Dustoff says:

    “The AK-47 is the preferred weapon of America’s enemies, it makes a distinct sound when fired” – Gunnery Sgt Thomas Highway USMC circa 1983

  7. 5th/77th FA says:

    Downtown Macon GA, despite it’s new, trendy lofts, cafes’, and shoppes is still a crime ridden, hood rat infested cesspool. City fathers/muthers will deny this, but it is true. The entire inner city is surrounded by self made plantations of you owe me types, and most crime isn’t even reported in the media. Surprised that this made their e edition. They don’t like to upset the yuppies. Prove me wrong.

    On a very sad note for us around Firebase Magnolia, a group of us set off early this morning towards the other side of the ATL. Our purpose was to check on our Brother 1st SGT (Ret) “Barefoot James” Boyd 16th Geo Rgmt who was suffering from stage 4 cancer, a recent heart attack, and kidney shut down. We got the call about halfway there that James had struck the tent and crossed over the River to rest ‘neath the Shade of The Tree. We continued our journey to offer what comfort and support we could to his widow, Serena. James was only 58 and was a good a man that ever tore a cartridge.

    Rest in Peace Brother, you’ll be sorely missed. I’ll see you again…soon. The Colonel sends.