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| June 20, 2019

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14-year-old in stable condition after being shot in the stomach during attempted break-in
Before the shooting, police were called to a burglary where a homeowner shot a suspect for an attempted break in.

Author: Lexi Hazlett, Jaleesa Irizarry
SAN ANTONIO — A 14-year-old is in stable condition after police say he was shot while attempting to break into a home early Monday morning.

San Antonio Police responded to a burglary in progress at a home on Westville Drive.

“The homeowner for that particular residence has made burglary reports with the Police Department,” Officer Doug Greene with SAPD said on Monday.

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified told KENS 5 the home had been burglarized multiple times in the last week. “They broke into the house like a week ago,” that neighbor said. “They came back Friday, broke the window and got in and stole a radio.”

Which is why the neighbor said the homeowners, who were renovating the place, decided to stay the night.

According to police, at about 2:20 a.m., the homeowner’s fiancée heard several people attempting to get into the house through a back bedroom window. The man grabbed his gun and confronted the suspect, shooting him once.

The suspect, as well as others, ran out of the home.

0 / 1 / 2 (best guess on the runners)
The rest of the story may be read here: KENS 5

UPDATE: Tucson police ID man killed in gunfight with security guards

By Stephanie Casanova Arizona Daily Star
A man looking for his ex-girlfriend at her workplace Monday evening was killed in a gunfight with security guards, Tucson police say.

Anthony L. Garrett, 24, believed to be in his 20s, walked into a building at 5210 E. Williams Circle, near East Broadway Boulevard and South Craycroft Road, about 6 p.m. looking for his ex, said Sgt. Pete Dugan, a police spokesman.

Her coworkers were aware of a domestic violence incident involving Garrett days earlier and called security when he was spotted in the lobby, police say.

Gunfire was exchanged in a fight between Garrett and the guards that started soon after they approached him, police said.

Garrett shot one security guard’s boot, but he was not wounded.

One of the guards fired and struck Garrett, Dugan said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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The rest of the article may be viewed here:

‘It was a legal kill’ as man slays bear south of Santa Fe

By Robert Nott
A Santa Fe County man shot and killed a black bear that was tearing apart a beehive in his yard late last week, and state game officials are warning residents to be aware of food sources that may attract the animals.

The incident happened near the village of Cerrillos, south of Santa Fe, sometime late Friday night or early Saturday morning, said New Mexico Department of Game and Fish spokeswoman Tristanna Bickford on Monday.

“It was a legal kill,” she said. “It was on the owner’s property and destroying the owner’s property.”

She said Game and Fish officials last year had caught the same full-grown female bear after she was found eating dog food on private property.

“We took it and released it in the mountains and it made its way back to Cerrillos,” she said.

Errr, OK. A repeat offender. 1 / 0 / 0
Read the rest of the article here: Santa Fe New Mexican

Counting the bear, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, we have two DRT, one stupid kid lucky to be alive, one captured by Granny with a gun, and “two” in the wind. With some luck they’ll be rolled up soon.

“Most gun control arguments miss the point. If all control boils fundamentally to force, how can one resist aggression without equal force? How can a truly “free” state exist if the individual citizen is enslaved to the forceful will of individual or organized aggressors? It cannot.”
Tiffany Madison

Bonus Article: Gun-wielding Alabama granny held wanted man at gunpoint, investigators say

By Talia Kaplan
A gun-wielding grandmother in Alabama confronted a wanted man in her driveway on Monday after he crashed a stolen car near her home, according to investigators.

Marcia Black, 75, said she pointed a rifle at the suspect while her 15-year-old granddaughter called 911.

“I was just calm as can be. I knew I was in control,” the grandmother-of-four told WAAY-TV on Tuesday.

“I walked out and said, ‘Can I help you?’ He said, ‘Yes ma’am, I’d like to use your phone,” Black said.

She said she fired a shot in the air to stop Powers from getting closer to her house where two of her grandchildren reportedly were watching from inside.

“I wanted to keep him at a distance. I didn’t intend to kill him. I just wanted him to think that I would shoot him,” Black said.

“I was just calm as can be. I knew I was in control,” the grandmother-of-four told on Tuesday.

She added, “He wouldn’t get down so I shot in the air and he realized I meant business, so he got down to his knees.”

Black said he stayed down on his knees until deputies arrived a short time later, adding that when deputies got there, Powers tried to run, but it wasn’t long before he was arrested.

Bravo Zulu, Granny Black! Read the rest of the article here: Fox News

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  1. Hack Stone says:


  2. 26Limabeans says:

    “A man looking for his ex-girlfriend at her workplace”

    Thats even dumber than going to her home and that will get you shot every time.

  3. USAF RET says:

    “Anthony L. Garrett, 24, believed to be in his 20s” Journalism is dead…at least the proofreading bit

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    “She’s the little ol’ lady from A la bam ma…Go Granny Go Granny Go Granny Go.” (prolly AnotherPats’ Granny RTR) Don’t piss off us old folks. We’re already mad cause we old and a life prison sentence is no deterrent. Git you some Granny.

    Don’t believe home boy gonna get any further into his 20s.

    My sympathies are with the bear. The bees would have rebuilt the comb and had very little losses. I like bears…bees…not some much. Allergic to the stings. I give them a wide berth.

    Betcha betcha the 14 yo was a good boy, trying to turn his life around, had just found Jesus, joined the choir and was looking forward to starting jr college. He dindunuffin, just with the wrong crowd.

  5. X-OTM1 (SW-IUSS) says:

    In the late 80’s here in Virginia Beach VA, there was a yearly event much like Spring Break in FL, but with a lot more issues. The VA National Guard was brought in at one time. The police were saying to business owners that they should not be waiting in their place of business for people to break in, as that would be “laying in wait” and “premeditation” if they were to shoot somebody. Could that be taken that way in the San Antonio break-in? The way I read the article is the owners were not inhabiting the house during the renovations, but now were waiting because they were broken into before. No doubt the 14 y.o. was taught a very painful lesson, and lucky as all get out.