Estonia Is Getting New Guns

| May 30, 2019

Estonia is getting new guns.   The Cold War really is over, dead and buried. No, that is not one of the guns they’re getting from LMT, but it’s a shoot-shoot-bang-bang thing, isn’t it?

Per the article:  As the Estonian Defence Forces continue a lengthy move away from their Warsaw Pact roots to full parity with NATO standards, the Estonian army has increasingly sought to procure new rifles for its front line combat arms units.

To that end, Estonia’s Ministry of Defence has finally announced that LMT Defense, formerly known as the Lewis Machine & Tool Company, will supply the country’s army with two new service weapons in the form of the LMT MARS platform of AR-15 and AR-10 pattern rifles, as well as 40 mm grenade launchers compatible with these new guns. – Article

The rest of the article is here:

It appears that with the end of the old Soviet Union and its crushing attitude toward its satellite countries, smaller nations like Estonia are shaking off those coils and taking care of themselves, as a part of NATO.

And you guys get to discuss guns and which guns outgun 0ther guns all afternoon. Now play nice with the other kids and be home before the street lights come on.

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They should focus on cyber weapons and how to defeat them.

BlueCord Dad

Last graph was gold Ex. Well played 👍


You are definitely in top form today, Ex.

Ex-PH2 says:
May 30, 2019 at 2:25 pm
Thanks! We “aim” to please!

That comment made in a “gunz” story?…awesome! (smile)

My daily comment being made, back to my kitchen remodeling I go.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

We aim to please! /Groan. Your out punning/gunning me Ex.

5th/77th FA

This is my RIFLE, this is my GUNZ. This is for fighting, this is for FUNZ.

In the Artillery (KING of Battle) we were taught that a GUN was a weapon mounted on either a boat/ship, wheels, tracks, or on an aircraft.

Are the Estonians getting some GUNS in addition to the RIFLES? (ducks for cover as he beats feet)


The Stranger

An artilleryman running? Yeah right. You can’t spell “fat” without FA.😂🤣

The Other Whitey

I recall a discussion of the “rifle/gun, fighting/fun” binary when I related the story of how my M1 Garand has repeatedly and reliably gotten me laid…

5th/77th FA

Remember that story well, TOW. IIRC, some one else had a similar result. I have gotten lucky having Miss Thang bust a few caps thru my breech loading 1858, .54 caliber Sharps Carbine.

And yeah, The Stranger, I can be F A T…Fabulous Abs Toots…or even…Fantastically Agile Troop…maybe First Again Today?



Only one of two ways to go if you are a small country – either use the guns your most likely enemy will use, or if you are allied with a bigger partner, use what they use. Either way simplifies your resupply when the balloon goes up.


LMT = $$$$$
They could have gotten a better deal.


You can always buy cheaper… pick up a Saint or Daniel Defense and compare it to a Delton or whatever. Then tell us which you are willing to bet your life on.


Ex commented:

“Now play nice with the other kids and be home before the street lights come on.”

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen kids playing on the streets/outside after dark…




Everything you wrote is probably why I don’t see kids playing outside after supper anymore.


Not on my street the old (18??) one lane covered bridge had a oversized delivery truck drive thru and wreck the rafters. She blamed her cell phone and kept driving. So I now live on dead-end street for at least six months.



Know thy ally…
There’s a lot of hot Estonian women so we DEFINITELY need a post there ASAP.

The Other Whitey

Is Estonian an ethnicity? Are they Slavs? Finns? Baltic Germans? Eh, who cares, they’re HAWT!!!

Doc Savage

Finnic peoples…I once heard them referred to as “Nordic Russians”…Its not a comparison they appreciate.