Marine War Veteran Sucker-Punched

| May 30, 2019

Several news outlets carried this story yesterday and today, although it happened on April 24, 2019.

Veteran Speaks Out After Being Sucker Punched   (WSVN Channel 7)

Marine Veteran Attacked by Drunken Men  (KTUU Channel 2)

A Marine, who they only identified as “Mitch,” was out dining at a restaurant when a group of rowdy individuals came into the establishment, many without shirts or shoes on.

“There was a group of gentlemen that showed up, about 10 or so people, the majority of them without their shirt or shoes on,” Mitch said. “They were very rowdy. They were drinking, and I stupidly made the comment, ‘What, are we at the beach, boys?’”

The group started cursing out the 25-year-old former U.S. Marines corporal, and one even tried to approach him later.

“I told him to get away from me,” Mitch said.

Mitch and his date eventually decided to leave the restaurant.

“As we were exiting the front doors, I opened the door for her first,” he said. “She took several steps out. I followed her. Next thing I know, I felt a grab on my left arm, hit to the right of my face.”

The veteran says the strike caused him to fall face first to the ground, leaving his chin busted open and his jaw broken.

“All I remember seeing was black, red and yellow,” Mitch said. “I do believe I was initially knocked out.”

Mitch needed screws to hold his jaw together, and he faces more surgeries.

“I think I’ve earned my right to live peaceful in this country,” Mitch said. “That involves not getting my jaw broken as I’m walking my date to her car on a Wednesday night.”

The police are currently looking for the attacker.

The attacker managed to successfully get away, but police believe surveillance video could be of great help to the detectives working the case. They released footage of the man they believe may have thrown the punch.

“The victim is a decorated military war veteran just out trying to enjoy the evening, and then we have this other individual, who in a cowardice act, comes up from behind him without him seeing and just breaks his jaw by hitting him with something in the face — just a very cowardly act,” said Davie Police Sgt. Mark Leone.

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Ms. Karma
She will find him. And when she does he will remember why.


Blindsiding someone like that – those are really big, brave souls, aren’t they?

I hope Mitch heals up okay.

I also sincerely hope that these hooligans are found and get what is coming to them.

Bob The Warrant Officer

We (Australia) brought in specific laws to deal with “Coward Punch” aggressors, and I use that term (aggressor) loosely – gutless pieces of human detritus is a more apt term.
Even the common term is known as “Coward Punch” to get it through these cowards heads. The courts have been pretty hard on them too (wonders will never cease) as they are finally realising there is not a single defence they can mount for coward punching anyone.
Yeah, I fooken hate the gutless pricks and nothing makes me want to bring back public floggings more than these cowards getting a taste of the rattan, 100 lashes in groups of 10 should do nicely.


You could contract it out to Singapore for execution of sentence. I hear they are well practiced up there.

A Proud Infidel®™️

May Karma return the favor to those snotnosed cowards tenfold when they get dated by Bubba, Thor, Julio and “Tiny Tyrone” while they’re in the slammer.


The assaulter is gonna know what real fear is when they book him… those that are in jail are there for a reason.


Sooner or later they will pay, let’s hope sooner

SSG Kane

One of the things I struggle with both from my military deployments and my contracting time is hyper vigilance and paranoia.

On the one hand, its a hell of a way to live, constantly on guard. On the other hand, I’ve never been sucker punched.

I’ve always seen the hits coming.




(The guy doing the punching)

Comm Center Rat

If Mitch The Marine was a cartoonish-tattooed plumber without any military service this wouldn’t be a story with details at 11. I hope the perp is caught and convicted, but I’m not buying this crime is more heinous or newsworthy because a combat veteran is the victim. When news breaks, we fix it at WSVN Channel 7!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

You hit my sweet spot with this comment.

Nothing pisses me off than a legal system with tiered victim statuses.

If we are all equal under the law the penalty for assaulting any of us should be the same regardless of ex-military, current military, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, LEO etc….

How many others were allegedly assaulted yesterday throughout the coverage area do you suppose? None of them made the news.


I put this on the same level as “hate crimes”. Assault and battery is assault and battery, across the board. However… this victim being a former Marine does increase the likelihood and severity of possible retaliatory beating of several assholes.


You’re a bit late. There are many categories, such as goverment workers, whose death or assault will bring you a substantially increased penalty. Some ARE more equal than others.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Doesn’t mean I have to like it and it doesn’t mean I don’t call my delegation and ask them to consider getting rid of those laws.


Two rules you never break: Never go to someone’s home to settle a score and never EVER EVER confront (fight)someone when they are with their woman/family/children.. Aside from that, if you confront ten drunks, A) make sure your woman is not with you and B) have a better plan.


Just because you do not want the fight, doesn’t mean the fight doesn’t want you.

Turning your back on a predator -reliably- triggers an attack reflex. Humans are an apex-predator species.

Your reasoned departure from an unwanted engagement should include consideration of both points. It also must include a plan for the likely pursuit.

This is certainly self-evident to some. But it is regrettably often neglected by others.

MI Ranger

Not that this applies here, but if we don’t know who the attackers were, could they have been “Veterans” too? I agree with some others saying that victim being a Veteran only serves to show we are human too.
Hell, I once had a bunch of idiots from my own unit jump me down town, because they thought I wasn’t giving them enough respect in the barracks… they did not last long in the unit.



Permission to steal, over;


Knock yourself out

5th/77th FA

With SSG Kane and VOV here. Situational Awareness, backed up by well concealed carry. May not prevent the sucker punch with “something”, but better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

How many non Marines were assaulted that day? Or was it just open season on Marines?

Would not have referred to a group of chump punk slime as “gentlemen”.

Lurker Curt

Roger that- “gentleman” meant something years ago. Now it’s just what you say when “some fucking pussbag” isn’t printable.

CplMajor Mike

Discretion is the better part of valor, he should have used some.

Just An Old Dog

They were drinking, and I stupidly made the comment, ‘What, are we at the beach, boys?’”

Not saying he deserved getting his jaw broke, but why interact with a group of drunken rowdy strangers, especially with a snide remark?

Street Sense 101. If someone acts like an asshole they probably are.