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| May 26, 2019

Ruger Mk III Bull Barrel
Ruger Mk III Bull Barrel

Shooting near Diamond deemed justified

By Jeff Lehr
NEOSHO, Mo. — The Newton County prosecutor has charged a Carthage man who was shot during an altercation Saturday at a residence near Diamond with two counts of vehicular assault.

Bradley S. Williams, 47, was shot in an upper arm, jaw and nose with a 12-gauge shotgun during a confrontation with Jason Johnson, 34, and Verlin Wallis, 31, both of Carthage, at a residence on Route J, about 3 miles east of Diamond.

Williams was flown by medical helicopter to Mercy Hospital Springfield. He was reported to be in serious condition at the time, although his wounds were not deemed life-threatening.

Williams, who has since been released from the hospital, was charged Friday with two counts of first-degree assault with a vehicle following an investigation of the incident by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department. A probable-cause affidavit indicates that investigators determined that Johnson shot Williams in self-defense while Williams was trying to hit Johnson and Wallis with a stolen car.

And then it got strange…
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Read the rest of the aticle here: Joplin Globe

Jacksonville police: Man shoots and kills alleged intruder in Westside neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – UPDATE, 5/24/19, 10 p.m.: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has identified the man who they say was killed trying to break into a home on the Westside on Friday afternoon.

Demetrile Davis, 37, was shot and killed by a man who said Davis broke into his home in the 7600 block of Pilgrims Trace Drive.

The victim told police he heard someone knocking loudly at his front door while ringing the doorbell about 15 times. While he was going to the front door, he heard someone at the screen door at his back porch, JSO said. He said he saw a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

He then told police he went to his bedroom to get his firearm, then went to the hall. He said he was starting to call 911 when the front door of his home was kicked open and he heard someone enter the home, JSO said. When he peeked around the corner, he was face to face with Davis and shot him several times out of fear, police said.

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The rest of the article may be read here: Action News Jax

Man shot attacker, injured himself during assault by date’s ex in Westwego, cops say

Ramon Antonio Vargas
A man who was dropping off his date at her home in Westwego was attacked by the woman’s ex-boyfriend, and ended up shooting the man and himself, police said.

Tristan Sarah Sr., 23, faces counts of aggravated burglary and aggravated battery in the attack, Westwego Police Department Lt. Eric Orlando said Friday. The man who fired the gun is considered the victim and is not accused of a crime, he said.

According to Orlando, the victim — who is also 23 — had gone to the 400 block of Vine Drive to drop off his date and was sitting in his truck when Sarah pulled open the driver’s side door and hit him in the back of the head.

Sarah, the woman’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, allegedly began fighting with the victim inside the truck. Fearing that he would be killed, the victim grabbed a pistol from between the driver’s seat and the truck’s center console and fired in self-defense, Orlando said.

The victim ended up shooting himself in one of his legs and a forearm. He then corrected his aim, fired again and hit Sarah in the right leg, causing the man to retreat to a nearby driveway, Orlando said.

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Something about the fingers off the trigger until the sights are on the target. Anyway, the rest of this melee may be found here: The Advocate

Not a bad score today, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. We have one slabbed and tagged, and a respectable three inconvenienced by either health care professionals or law enforcement, and none in the wind.

When the government fears the People, that is Liberty. When the People fear the Government, that is tyranny. — THOMAS JEFFERSON

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“killed trying to break into a home”

It is what nature intended.

5th/77th FA


“and then it got strange” Homeboy shouldn’t have been such a “Joplin honkie!” Bet there are new openings in the choir.

If you gonna shoot your attacker, don’t practice by shooting yourself FIRST.


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Claw, what does the whiz-wheel say about the dearly departed Demetrile?


Spent a little time on this interwebz thingy to see if the DRT Perp had a middle name, but No Joy. So with nothing else to add, the TAH Name Scrabble (Home Version)®™ Whiz Wheel spins up the following:

Demetrile Davis (DRT) 21 x 3 = 63

Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

That’s a low score.
What’s the lowest Whiz Wheel score you’ve ever spun?


Li Ng ?


Li Ng = 5


And to think, “Any Twosome” Newsome will refuse to execute that malevolent murdering rapist bastard even if the Commiefornia Supremes order him to the Big Sleep. I’d like his score to be minus six, feet that is.


Actually, I confused your Ng with Charles Ng, who has been on death row for about 20 years.