Wars and rumors of wars

| May 21, 2019

And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. – Matthew 24:3

The Oldham area near Greater Manchester, where this confrontation took place, was waiting for an appearance by far-right candidate Tommy Robinson, when the local constabulary escorted 300++ members of the MDL – all with covered faces – to the same area, who began throwing rocks, eggs and broken bricks at the residents, with no restraints from the constables. Car windows were smashed, and one of the pieces thrown, if it had hit a live mark, was large enough to cause some serious damage to a human target.

Robinson, a/k/a Stephen Paxley-Lennon, is running as a candidate for a seat in the European Parliament, representing the North West region of Britain.

Here’s a link to a local newsfeed about the same thing, more complete:


It gets more and more interesting.

This is a video posted online by someone who lives in the Oldham area who was attending the rally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEaSG_k4xCM

Mind you, I”m not defending Tommy Robinson.  Just providing this information as it appears to me, from these and other videos available, that the MDL people were the perpetrators in this. The intimidation by throwing blunt objects started with them.

It seems that there is a real clash building in the UK and Europe as the more right-wing or conservative people, or even just middle-of-the road, come to the fore in all those countries. The conflicts are generated by resentments that have been buried since Merkel opened the gates to that flood, probably even before that.

The protests by les Gilets Jaunes are paying off. The French government was forced to drop the rise in fuel taxes back in December as the protesters refused to give up the ship.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/05/france-wealth-tax-changes-gilets-jaunes-protests-president-macron

The rise of the far-right in Germany has been underway for some months now, and shows no sign of letting up. Two far-right candidates were elected to the AfD, shoving aside Merkel’s own party, which caused her to lose her majority. They are growing stronger by the month, and I blame Merkel for it. All she saw was votes, like others of her ilk, with no regard to the effects to be inflicted on the populace in general.

Keep all of this in mind when elections come around again.

Having watched London burning during three days of rioting in 2011, I am more than aware how something small can nearly destroy an entire city.

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The UK constables need to bring back bullets.

Fuck the MDL. Worthless scum.

The Other Whitey

Mohammedans (to use Churchill’s terminology) have been throwing around accusations of “crusading” for years, despite nothing of the kind going on. Plenty of jihad, but no crusade. Given the advancement in martial capability of the West/Christendom compared to that of the backwards shitholes they come from since the last actual Crusade, I say this:

Don’t make us Crusade. You really wouldn’t like us when we Crusade.

5th/77th FA

“The change it had to come…We knew it all along…The shotgun rules….”

I’ll let some one way yonder more skilled than I to post the appropriate video here.

Keep yo powder dry girls and boys….Gonna get more stupid. Here’s hoping that WE Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Anybody else notice when they riot and steal, nobody runs out of the stores with work boots?


It’s like people don’t want to be ruled by some transnational organization. Like they don’t want to have their policies on things like immigration dictated to them. Strange…

Of course, Merkel doesn’t get it. She’s just the latest in a line of Germans who have attempted to take over Europe. By some metrics, she’s come the closest to succeeding.

Cameron Kingsley

It seems like Western Europe is in one heck of a shakeup at the moment though I believe Italy is one of the more nationalistic countries along with Hungary and Poland. It seems the East is much more level headed probably from being under the yoke of the Soviet Union and being closer to Russia. I love it when Europeans try to criticize (and in some cases make fun of) the US for its problems while ignoring their own which is part of the reason I have lost my desire to visit (of course it could just be a minority puffing their chests out and I would like to visit Italy, Portugal, and Spain). Like the saying goes, clean up your own house before you criticize someone else’s. One of my favorite issues is how they criticize the US for its military budget and lack of social safety net as it seems they think it makes up the bulk of it (It doesn’t. While it looks big on paper, it only makes up about 14-15% of it when you actually crunch the numbers, so it doesn’t even make up a quarter of the budget, even less so with the entire GDP which is just a measly 3.5%. As for the social safety net, that decision is best left in the hands of the states.).

Cameron Kingsley

So I had to go and recheck the actual budget amount for 2018 and the military budget for that year just to make sure. It only makes 18-19% of it since it was only $3.654. Still not even 20%. If it had been $4 trillion dollars or if full amount had been given, the percentage would be even lower.


That’s only because they’re able to keep their military budgets much smaller, because we’ve been doing all, the heavy lifting for them..If we’d pull back and make them carry more of the load, they’d change their tune quick..

Cameron Kingsley

Agreed. Then it will be even smaller then it is currently allowing us to focus more on our defense needs. Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.


If this interests you, check out Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad on Youtube, he’s running for MP under the UKIP party and people are saying truly awful things about him that just aren’t true.

Cameron Kingsley

I subscribed to him on YouTube. I wasn’t aware he was running for office. Thank you Aysel.


His press conferences with the media are fucking hilarious. He pulls no punches. It’s like Trump, but even more angry.

Slow Joe

Why can’t the brits get out of the Soviet Union, er, European Union, if the people already voted for brexit like 5 years ago?

I don’t understand. What the hell else do they need? The people already said yes to Brexit.


Another vote. Then another. They’ll keep calling for referendums until the people choose to vote the “right” way.


They need to import more Muslum voters.

Similiar to the Democrats problem here.


I need to invest in more ammo.


If serious, food reserves and good hiking footgear.

You will need to walk and eat a whole lot more than you will need to shoot.


Antibiotics and BP meds


“…food reserves…”
THIS x 730,000!
Which is 2000 calories a day for one person, which is about 442 pounds of rice, if sealed in 5 gallon buckets with Mylar bags can last 25+ years.
This can be accomplished for under $350.
Supposedly, I wouldn’t know…


My wife already accuses me of being a hoarder, I can’t imagine the hell I’d catch if I brought home a 500lbs pallet of rice. For a family of four it’d be a literal ton of rice. 🙂


From what I’ve learned, Tommy Robinson is a British patriot who got his start trying to find justice for young British girls who kept disappearing. Turns out it was Muslim rape gangs grooming them to become prostitutes.

When he kept trying to bring this to the public’s attention, he wound up in jail for “Hate Crimes” BS.
I hope he wins. The Lord be with you Mr. Robinson. You are fighting the Righteous fight.