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| March 9, 2019

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Concealed Permit Holder Opens Fire, Kills Armed Robbery Suspect

AWR Hawkins
A liquor store employee with a concealed carry permit opened fire on armed robbery suspects Wednesday, killing one.

ABC 13 reports that the incident occurred in Houston, Texas, at Mike’s Liquor Store, which is located “in the 8700 block of MLK Boulevard near Reed.”

Police say two employees were working when the armed suspects entered the store. One of the employees had a concealed permit and was carrying his gun. Click on Houston reports that one of the suspects shot at the employees, at which time the armed employee responded by opening fire.

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Read the rest here: Breitbart

In robbery attempt, man with fake gun is shot by a real one
Two men met in Everett for the sale of an iPhone. The buyer apparently didn’t want to pay.

by Herald Staff
EVERETT — A man was in critical condition Friday after being shot Thursday night in south Everett.

The man reportedly used a fake gun to try to rob someone during some kind of transaction. The intended target had a real gun and shot him, according to police.

Detectives are in communication with the person who opened fire.

The two parties met at the South Everett Park & Ride and later went to the BECU nearby, Everett police Lt. Ryan Dalberg said.

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Read the rest here: Herald News

Man shot, killed during attempted robbery

A man involved in an attempted robbery Tuesday morning at La Loncheria was killed during the incident, according to a press release from the city’s spokesman.

An employee of the restaurant at 1601 S. Main St. told Midland police that a man – later identified as Eduardo Orellana – was attempting to rob the business and shot at him.

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The rest of the article may be read here:

Today’s totals, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, stands at a respectable 2 / 2 / 0, with two morts, two weepin’ and seepin’ and none in the wind. For now, at least.

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Looks like little female with big gun. At least you let her bundle up for the weather A1. Looks like bipod or tripod mounted in front. 2/2 (1 critical)/0, not too bad for a Saturday, payoff is depending on the flip or flop critical, flop means bonus window, standing by. Our new edumacation system is working as the dummys can’t read to know that bats, knives or plastic guns (wonder if it was one of those you load with tap or distilled water) never are a good thing at a gun fight. At least were no shit and getters in the bunch today.

5th/77th FA

YES! A very good score indeed. 2/2/0, factoring in a BLDAM makes me grinning at the winning. And, too, the wounded may get a good staph infection and his buddy in crime will show up here again. OK Outcast here’s the deal. Been a little fuzzy brained the last few days and had to play catch up. You were supposed to go to the kitchen and GET a wash pot, NOT go to the kitchen and WASH pots. We needed a wash pot for the winnings haul and to wash the ‘cukes for the pickle fest. An IOU from a dice game? Man please, that is as fake as Bradley Manning’s titties wrapped in a Confederate issued Civil War Era polyester blanket. Only time I EVER rolled the dice was on three marriage propositions and we all know how that worked out. I only gamble on FGS, win, place, or show. Well maybe a strip poker game, but again, I go into that hoping to lose my shirt, among other articles. We did gamble on popcorn futures with charles w and OWB hooked us up with the popcorn packaging plants. Those have paid off handsomely. The usual suspects in the fake IOU can be culled. You know it wasn’t Ex-PH2. She’s not only sweet and cute too, but she also makes cookies. Hondo has been traveling, going from Octoberfest, Faching, Youranus Bar & Grill and Mardi Gras. That leaves AW1Ed. You know how sneaky those ASW Troops are and he’s kinda had an attitude at me and AnotherPat since Go Army Beat Navy back in Dec. He done dropped a pinging seeker torp on yo ass and is in cahoots with CW to rig the Friday WOT FIRST. Don’t believe me? Just file a complaint with TAH WW Hqs and see what happens. So now, go get Jeff LPH 3, load up the Brinks Truck and stay the hell out of range of the kitchen patrol. I got to go meet a stage coach full of big city tourists and show them a nearly forgotten battlefield. See you this afternoon… Read more »


Nabbed wash pot and EX-PH was busy cooking, the rest were on serving line so snuck into dice cavern and took air shaft out of area and made pickup with J and truck. So far now in the clear, going to check nearby hills for cave to move into so won’t have stairs to contend with as powers that be say am 40%, found out this week.


Check for cave on hold as am staying low here, report that someone was in Mickey D’s with gun, maybe when all clear is sounded will try to update


“used a fake gun to try to rob someone”

The ultimate bluff that gets called everytime.


Love the photo of the Maine Lobster girl.
The Canadians have been pushing their fishing grounds closer and closer to Maine for decades.
It is getting out of control with many incidents of infighting throughout the fleet and I am glad to see this woman stand up and defend her traps.
I’ll bet she is out of Rockland, the belly of the beast.


If you click on the link to the first story, the robbers had the drop on the clerk and even fired first and missed!
The clerk then drew and shot the criminal.
I have to say, the action took place in a liquor store on MLK blvd.
As a general rule I don’t patronize any business on MLK blvd/st./ave/way/terrace or court.
In the future I will drive miles out of my way to shop on Trump St.
That lady in camo with a weapon of war is a crew on a lobster boat?
I would like to know the rest of the story!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Docduracoat; The incident happened in Houston, Texas on MLK Blvd.