Michael Killam; phony POW

| December 21, 2015

Michael Killiam

A couple of our ninjas were interested in this fellow, Michael Duane Killam, apparently, because I’ve been getting info on him from a couple of folks since last week. He came to everyone’s attention when he was in the local Dallas/Fort Worth news last month around Veterans’ Day and he was recognized by Congressman Marc Veasey for his service in Vietnam.

Killam claims (2)

Michael Duane Killam Phony Vietnam POW Claims to have been with the 75th Rangers, 173rd Airborne and POW

He claimed that he was a POW (the period of capture changes from time to time from three days to four months, depending on how Killam feels) and that he was wounded, that he had two Purple Hearts, that he was in the 75th Infantry. From Kera News;

During the first 90 days of his tour in Vietnam, Michael Killam says he felt invincible.

“I had weapons,” he said. “I had power over life and death. I could make people live or I could let them die. I became God-like.”

Killam was only 19 at the time. During his tour, he was captured for three days, hung upside down, and tortured for hours. Eventually, he escaped and returned to duty.

Well, he was in Vietnam;

Killam Vietnam 1

Killam Vietnam 2

Killam Vietnam 3

He was a helicopter crewman, but with the 7th Battalion 15th Artillery, not the 75th Infantry. It looks like he was a mechanic on an OH-58 OH-6 Cayuse which would have been used for artillery observation and spotting, not in assault aircraft as he claims;

Killam claims

DPAA says that he wasn’t a POW either;


He did have two years of honorable service, though, including a year in Vietnam from August 1969 – September 1970;

Michael Duane Killam Vietnam POW Phony 2 001

Michael Duane Killam Vietnam POW Phony 3 001

He left the service as a Private E-2, though, so I think he probably wasn’t the best soldier, but then how many of us were?

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    Daniel Bernath can attest that he was an Honorary Pridoner Of War.

    • Reb says:

      HACK! PLEASE don’t get me started on Bernath ? I’m trying so hard not to hurt his feeling…hurting him is another story ? yup, its a zipper on my lips…

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    MAYBE he had a seekrit tour in Sweaden as well?

    • Cheese Eater McBlobfish says:

      Speaking about secret, I thought I was cutting the cheese in secrecy. Little did I know that her robot flower base filmed me cutting the cheese. It was a 7 pound block of cheese, I did not need to cut it. I could have eaten it in one eating session. Consequently, I’ve been caught yellow handed cutting the cheese.

      As for this Michael Killam fellow. Like me, he likes to have pictures taken right next to a bird. He likes to give the impression that he was in the air in an aircraft, like how I like to claim I was also in the air. Like me, he was part of a ground cadre. I like this guy, I’m going to invite him to become a member of my new associates.

      Dennis (Denny) Howard Chevalier

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        I know and you have NO idea how many of your electronic devices are actually my pet Decepticons! 😀

  3. Claw says:

    A slight correction. That’s an OH-6 Cayuse, otherwise known as the Loach or Little Bird he is pictured with, not the OH-58 Kiowa/Jet Ranger.

    • Claw says:

      Also no Air Medals or Aircraft Crewman’s Badge on the FOIA, so he was a ground crew maintenance guy who liked to have pictures taken of himself out in the revetments.

      • Claw says:

        Also if you look at the picture where he is refueling the bird. No NOMEX flight suit, no helmet, and the bird has all it’s doors mounted and is very pretty looking. Not battle worn or beat to shit from too many flight hours.

        Yep, that’s strictly a Field Artillery observation/spotting rounds bird. If it was an assault bird there would not be any doors on it at all. Can’t have your maps and charts go flying out into the wind while you’re making circles in the sky.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Didn’t they also use Loaches for C&C Birds as well?

          • Claw says:

            Maybe, but not for sure. Most of the time a regular Huey was used for that.

            The amount of space that is needed for the three or four C&C radios would have crammed up the rear area of a Loach so much that there would have been no room for anything or anybody to move around in. The observer/gunner area of a Loach is not all that big. Kinda like the back seat size of one of today’s economy cars.

            • Claw says:

              And of course, the fuel consumption rate versus fuel carrying capacity situation.

              Hueys were better able to “linger on station” for longer periods than a Loach.

              • nbcguy54ACTUAL says:

                We used to call the C&C Hueys “console birds” because of the big multi-radio console mounted behind PIC & CP’s seats. Made it kinda tight in the early models. Lots of room though in the -H models.

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              I was just asking that because I remember reading about it in the books “Eyes of the Eagle” and “Death in the A Shau Valley” written by 101st Airborne LRRPs that served in Vietnam.

              • Claw says:

                API, Yep, now that could very well be. When it comes to the LRRPs, Recondos and the mercenary CCN (Command and Control North) guys we’re talking a whole different ball game from regular operations.

                Of course about all I know of Loaches is that the C,2/17 CAV Troop next to my outfit there at Phu Bai used them as “sniffers” and in Pink/Red Cobra hunter/killer teams and they were all stripped down (no doors, no spiffy wax jobs, etc) to do the real work of killing the bad guys.

        • Perry Gaskill says:

          Claw, there were a couple of other uses for loaches aside from artillery spotting. One, as you know, was working in tandem with Cobra gunships in what was called a “pink” team. The combination name designator, for those not aware of it, came from the fact that an LOH was typically unarmed (White) and the AHs (Red) were armed to the teeth. It was the function of the loaches to fly close enough to draw fire so that a gunship could then roll in and ruin somebody’s day. Blue was the designator for Hueys carrying infantry.

          I also remember spending a fair amount of time flying as a courier on OH-58s. At the time, we had some small OP/LP posts on hilltops that weren’t set up with large landing pads and weren’t easily accessed with vehicles. The drill was that you would carry along a bag that had new scramble codes for the PRC-77 radio, fresh batteries, and other stuff such as mail and maybe a copy of Stars and Stripes or whatever. You would drop one bag off, and pick up another bag containing intel work product. All told, the bird would be on the ground for no more than about 30 seconds.

          The courier birds were a separate process from that of food, water and ammo supply.

          FWIW, I also made a mistake the other day in naming the airbase near Qui Nhon with the driving range. It was actually Phu Cat and not Phu Tai. My bad, buddy.

          • William J. Gainey says:

            Brother, I spent the day looking through records of Michael ranging from 1968-1971. I was able to verify that Michael was a 67V2T with a secondary of 67VM20 (I actually read his orders). He was assigned to work on the UH68, Cobra, Huey, and OH-6 helicopter and did serve in Phu Cat and did conduct “Pink missions” with his unit. He was assigned directly with the 7-15 FA and also did time with the 7-13 FA. I spent over five hours reading many many records. He went to training to serve as a Crew Chief due to the shortage of Crew Chiefs and also served as a gunner on the OH 68. He was assigned these duties as an additional duty and it is not reflected on his MOS. Hell, this was the TTP when I arrived to my unit in Foot Hood. Remeber when you were the NBC NCO, the Safety/Fire Marshall?
            I am still conducting my research on some other concerns. Please understand the crickets are chirping because I am not monitoring this site but conducting research..

            • Claw says:

              UH68? OH68? What the Hell are those?

              Never heard of them.

              If you are going to cite helicopter model numbers, at least list them correctly.

              After all, you do have those “records” directly in front of you.

            • OWB says:

              Instead of whining about how much time you are spending “researching” this, you could have simply followed the links provided to you to confirm that he was never a POW or assigned in the positions he claimed.

        • William J. Gainey says:

          You are correct. He did not have any of the protective gear available. He was assigned to the 7-15 FA as a 67V2T (verified with orders). He did receive OJT as a crew chief and did fly security of the OH68 as a door gunner. He never received orders for this just like the artillery that did dismounted patrols in Iraq did not receive orders as a 11B

      • Claw says:

        And one final clue as to him being a ground maintenance mechanic and not a Door Gunner.

        No aviator’s glasses. He’s wearing those God-awful BCG’s.

        Having your picture taken by CBS News while wearing those BCG’s is probably the reason he now claims the PTSD and why he feels he has to lie about his service.

        • William J. Gainey says:

          I verified with another veteran that was in the area a year later that not all of the crew members wore aviator glasses. They actually preferred the BCG. Why, they stood up a lot better. Michael has a disability rating of 30 % for PTSD. I verified this myself. IT had nothing to do with his BCG.

          • Claw says:

            I think you need to do a PMCS on your sarcasm/bullshit-o-meter detector.

            It’s got a set of dead BA-30 batteries that need to be replaced ASAP.

            Did you really think I was linking PTS to wearing BCG’s?


      • William J. Gainey says:

        Michael was a 67V2T (primary),,, 67VM20 (secondary). I am conducting research as to why he was not issued his Aircraft Crewman’s Badge (you and I know it should’ve been awarded). I personally read his orders. I spoke with a former commander that verified members (mechanics) did flew with his unit aircraft. I am checking with the unit historian to see if I can find the flight logs to verify MIchael’s flight time. You and I know a crewman received one Air Medal for every 25 hours in the air. The commander stated it does not surprise him that the awarding of the Air Medal could’ve been over looked for Michael and others due to the high mission tempo of the unit. I am looking to the records.

  4. Combat Historian says:

    He was in 7-15 Arty; take out the dash and the 1 and, VOILA, he was in “75th” Infantry, easy peasy…

    As for a being a prisoner, he probably did time at LBJ (may explain why he left an E-2) , so VOILA, he was a “POW”…no sweat GI, I love you BIG TIME !!!

    • My, My, My says:

      Under that same guise, if you look at his 2-1 (or what ever the hell it is, I dont remember) he was kinda almost a member of 160th (uh hmmmm)Aviation.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        Michael was a member of the 7-15 FA, I verified this with orders. He also did time with the 7-13 FA. He never was assigned to the 75th Infantry. They operated in the same foot print. He never was a member of the 160th Aviation. He was out processed from Vietanam through the 160th, verified this with orders. Like any Soldier, Michael mistakenly through he was apart of the unit but he wasn’t, the commander was the signature on his departure orders.

        • Claw says:

          No, I don’t believe he outprocessed from Vietnam through the 160th.

          The Provisional 160th Aviation Group ceased to exist in Vietnam when it was redesignated as the 101st Aviation Group on 25 Jun 69 up in I Corps.

          Killam didn’t DEROS from RVN until Sep 70 from somewhere down in the II or III Corps area.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          WJG………your dancing around the issue. Since you have a dialog with Killam. Get other crewmwmber names on the shootdown. Wia, Kia, dates ect. We who were there NEVER forget those names, even if we were not flying with them!

  5. Bobo says:

    He might have been a sargeant and reduced to E-2 before his discharge. I’d say that there has to be some NJP in there somewhere to spend 3 years in the Army and to only get promoted once.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I second that, he has no GCM either which says “UCMJ Action” to me.

      • Tom Huxton says:

        I think the GCM required 36 months in service. If he had an early release, he would not have the GCM.

        • Hondo says:

          Dates of service were late Sep 68 to early Dec 71. He was in more than 36 months.

          However, since he wasn’t discharged on his 3-year anniversary – and was in CONUS at the time, and had been for over a year – I’m kinda wondering if maybe there’s some “bad time” along the way that delayed his ETS.

          • William J. Gainey says:


            Michael received an ART 15 for repeat lay missing formation. I verified this by reading his ART 15 charge sheet. He left the Army with a Honorable under General Conditions in 1971. I actually read his discharge sheet.

            • Claw says:

              What happened to his other three years of obligated Reserve time?

              Why was he granted a full and complete discharge after only a little more than three years active duty?

              All other Honorably Discharged individuals had to complete a full six year Universal Training Obligation during that timeframe.

  6. John "Faker 6" Giduck says:

    I like this guy, Michael Killam. He even has the name to be a candidate for the only Real Fake American Hero(tm) title that I hold. His facial hair tells me that he might also be experienced in being the recipient of multiple “money shots” like me as well.

    That siad, Michael Killam is still missing a number of pieces to the puzzle that is me – a non-fiction book that could be in the fiction section, a cop killer girlfriend, ITAR violations, violations of the PA ethics statutes, and ties to a group that major newspapers say bombed a US embassy.


    Now to just hook Michael up with the pimp of under-qualified SMEs, LTC Dave “I’ve never actually killed anyone but pay me to tell you all it” Grossman!

    My new motto is “I’m actually in this just for the money (shots).”


    John “Faker 6” Giduck

    • William J. Gainey says:

      Faker 6,
      Don’t judge unless you have walked in. His shoes. Michael is one of the humble combat veterans I know and his only goal in life is to help homeless veterans. He NEVER brags or talks about himself. When I interviewed him, I had to talk to himself for over 30 minutes to get him to agree to talk on film. I agree he missed some words and crossed reference units but he was very uncomfortable and totally out of his comfort zone.

  7. GDContractor says:

    I bet he has an awesome leather vest.

  8. 3E9 says:

    Dan Haggerty is not going to be happy this asshole is trying to look like him.

    • William J. Gainey says:

      How do you my BROTHER is an ASSHOLE? If his character mean ASSHOLE, I want to be an ASSHOLE too. HE is a fine person.

      • 3E9 says:

        Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this. I know he’s an asshole because he claims to be a POW and have two purple hearts yet none of that is in his record. Plus an Article 15 for being late doesn’t usually lead to a discharge so there must be more there. And you are more than welcome to be a lying asshole like him if you choose, I’m certainly not going to stop you. If he is what he claims then I’ll believe it when I see the records; until then my opinion is he’s a lying asshole.

  9. thebesig says:

    Tarrant County, Texas? I wonder if he ran into Dennis Howard Chevalier. :mrgreen: he claims to have felt invincible during his first 90 days in Vietnam. It would not be too hard to feel invincible if you were given the easy mechanics tasks. 🙄

  10. GDContractor says:

    He likes to be contacted by his mil vet peers. He’s there for you.


    • William J. Gainey says:

      MIchael has helped many many local homeless veterans, how many have your helped and yes, they know Michael KIllam is on call for them 24/7. He does not only TALK THE TALK, HE WALKS THE WALK!!!!!

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        In answer to your question, no, I do not help homeless vets. However, I also do not claim being a POW with two Purple Hearts.

        Time will tell if Killam is the real deal! If he is, I will apologize to him immediately!

        Since you have access to his records, check with finance. Did he receive flight pay? If not, he was not on flight status!

  11. AnotherPat says:

    No Purple Heart on his record as well even though he claimed to have been shot in the leg…when you watch the video posted below, start at 2:03 minute mark. When you get to the 4:15 to 4:45 minute mark, he talks about his capture by the Viet Cong and then at the 6:00 minute mark, he stated he was shot in his left leg. The video interview on him ends around the 8 minute mark. The video is 28 minutes long, thus the recommendation to scroll to those marks.

    • GDContractor says:

      Lower left leg above the knee? Just looking for a pattern…

      • William J. Gainey says:

        You are correct no Purple Heart on record but he does have a bullet in his left leg on record. He is going to the VA next Wednesday, and when the doctor verifies his injury, I will personall help him update his DD Form 214 by requesting an update on a DD Form 215. I know a few Soldiers that were wounded in combat and did not receive a Purple Heart. It is not an automatic award. More to follow.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          WJG……let’s assume you get his records updated for the bullet wound and receiving a Purple Heart. What are you going to do about the claim about a second Purple Heart!

          Also, I’m getting a little tired of your portraying Killam as a victim! Like we are picking on him.

          Either he has two Purple Hearts or he does not. At present he has none!

          I also think his POW claims are nothing more than missing morning formation 3-4 days in a row. So we go from a article 15 to being a POW.

          I can also tell you that troops who recieved a Article 15 during that time for missing formations, did not result in a general discharge. Usually reduction in rank and a fine.

          I think your posts don’t pass the acid test as to credibility!

    • sapper3307 says:

      Thank you Interweb.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      He is an emotional parasite. People like him feed on the gullible but best intended feelings of others.

      I have listened to hundreds of people like him. Phuk Hymn. Phuk anyone that looks like hymn.

      Few things disgust me more than a fake POW.

      • GDContractor says:

        10 more and a wake up. Hang in there bud.

      • Claw says:

        Yep, hang in there Dave.

        Tomorrow you get to be a two digit midget.

      • B Woodman says:

        All together now, let us sing the TAH Phuk Hymn to Stolen Valor. . . .. .
        PHUK HIM, PHUK HIM, PHUK HIM. . . .. .

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        HANG IN THERE Dave, YOU’RE SO SHORT right now you could do a high dive off of a dime into a drop of water!!!

      • William J. Gainey says:

        Parasite? I think not. He is a very troubled Vietanam veteran that never talks about himself. I am working now through five channels to either verify he was a POW or just missing for three days. Michael has never stated he was a POW for four months. I spoke with an indivdual about the Senator came up with four months. He appears he just said four months because he wanted to.

      • AskAMarine says:

        Wonder if anyone has brought this to his attention via his Facebook.

        Kinda scary that he was a Senior NCO and fell for Killam’s story without doing any research.

        But come to think about it, there was a retired CSM out of Fort Hood, TX who was exposed as being a phony Vietnam POW: Richard Cayton.

        And a week ago, another Texan was exposed as being a phony Vietnam POW…George Bart Reece, who was on an Honor Flight this past Oct.

        • GDContractor says:

          Yeah, and don’t forget this dipshit, also living in Texas. James H. Bales.


          I called the number for Killam at his job with MHMR and left him a voicemail. They need to transfer him from the MH over to the MR. Here’s a link to his number:

        • William J. Gainey says:

          The interviewer does not usually do any research. The organization goes the research. I will say that after talking to Michael, I personally have no reason to question his story. I am not one to usually look for the bad in people, there are enough of these type of people out there doing that. My purpose was to get his story out and maybe help the individual if possible. You might not realize this but sometimes we have to just believe the “STORY”. I assure you that if his story is not true, I will be the first to send up the RED FLAG. Until I get a report back from my source that Michael is a FAKE, I believe his story.
          Why, for two reasons:
          1. I was not present (we’re you or anyone else on this Blog???).
          2. I am not one to just throw a veteran under the bus because someone that was not there says it’s not true. I guess that’s the way I was raised in the Military. I will tell you this, if we wante to we could find fault in almost every story you hear. Why, Sometimes stress of combat makes us see or think things done that did not actually happen. Again, if my sources tell me MICHAEL is a “FAKE”, You can bet your last dollar I will expose him 100%.
          Oh, by the way, since you do not personally know me, NEVER QUESTION MY DEDICATION TO MY VETERANS AGAIN. Are we clear?

          • SPC Mom says:

            Long time reader, first time commenter –

            Just wanted you all to know, I’m making popcorn for this one. Because, wow. Just wow.

            • William J. Gainey says:

              SPC Mom,

              Don’t pop popcorn, feel sorry that we are attacking a Brother (could be your Son) without. Even bothering research the facts. I have. Been conducting research since I first saw this site. One of ther reason I have been absent. I only come on this site when I have an update.

              • Green Thumb says:

                My balls need to be worked.

                Can you help me?

                SGM or not.

                Tired of this rank BS.

                You support a turd; then, you as a SGM, are a turd.

          • Smaj says:

            You’re not the SEAC anymore, so kindly modify your tone. Are we clear?

  12. Jarhead says:

    Damned long haired pinko fag Hip-eye. Looking at the top, they must have hung him upside down by the hair that was on top of his head. Stupid gooks, hang him upside down! What a joke! Any combat gook will tell you “Hang the damned G. I’s. diagonal at sixty degrees. They can’t do math and will never be able to figure out where the other 45 degrees went.” Now about that “torture” he mentioned. Did they scalp him, or was that when he fought with Custer and was captured for an additional three days? Further, how in the hell was he “recognized” by the Congressman? Did he recognize the dude when they were both standing on their heads? I mean, consider lying politicians, next week he will be saying he was hung upside down immediately next to this dude. Finally, the write up claims he was a door “gunman”. You sure this dude didn’t rob Vietnamese banks? And Double LAST, his record shows him in RVN from August 1969 to September 1970. Does that mean he spent Sept.’69 through Dec.’69 as a POW? Why don’t these idiots go into details about their escape and how they made it back to friendly lines? Triple Last and the FINAL last, he never did say WHO captured him or where he was held prisoner. Someone ask him and expect the standard, “It’s classified and I can’t tell you.”

  13. Green Thumb says:

    Dude looks all felonious and shit.


    • Jarhead says:

      Good call Green Thumb. Could he be related to the famous Felonious Monk? Not too unusual to have found a white guy in the wood pile in those days.

  14. Twist says:

    My late father-in-law was a Chinook mechanic in Vietnam and was very proud of that. He never embellished. As a matter of fact he always said that he was only under enemy fire once and that was only a couple of rounds. I wish these posers would follow his example and just be proud of what you actually did. We all can’t be door kickers, and those of us that were couldn’t have done so without the support we received from the rear echelon folks.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      My neighbor across the street is Retired USAF and a VN Vet, he tells me about his time over there as a Jet Mechanic. He doesn’t embellish or make shit up and he takes honest pride in what he did. Let’s face it, fast movers can’t fly for very long without maintenance, and I see him and his compadres as very valuable support personnel, SCREW the embellishers as much as the POSers!

  15. Just An Old Dog says:

    Anyone else notice the Private 2nd Class typo on the FOIA?

  16. The OH-6 “Cayuse” was one half of a “Pink” team, the other half being an AH-1 “Cobra”.

    The OH-6 “Cayuse” (also called a “Loach” because of its acronym, “L.O.H.”, i.e., “Light Observation Helicopter”) would fly low and slow to deliberately draw enemy fire, at which time the AH-1 “Cobra” (also called a “Snake”) would dive in from its hidden high altitude location, blasting away with its rockets and Gatling gun.

    The OH-6 “Cayuse” was SUPPOSED to be replaced by the OH-58 “Kiowa”, but instead, the OH-58 “Kiowa” became a sort of aerial limousine for transporting high ranking officers.

    The OH-6 “Cayuse” was also used for Cavalry Scout missions.

  17. AnotherPat says:

    Interesting reading from the Senate Journal, 83rd Legislature-Regular Session, Austin, Texas, 30 January 2013 and comment made by Senator Wendy Davis about Killam:

    “Joining Judge Carr are Michael Killam. Michael served in the United States Army from 1968 to 1970. His regular duty was helicopter door gunner with a helicopter assault squadron during the Vietnam conflict. During his service, he was captured by enemy forces but managed to escape after three days of captivity. His awards include two Purple Hearts, unit citations, and the National Defense Medal.”


    And here is the picture he posted on this site:


    And if you go to this site, you can find various pictures of him as well.


  18. Hondo says:

    For completeness, here are links to DoD’s comprehensive Vietnam POW Escapee, Returnee, and Accounted-For lists:




    None of those lists includes the name “Killan”. If his story were true, he’d be on the first and third lists linked above. He’s not.

    Screw this LSoS bastard.

  19. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Door gunner, shot down, two Purple Hearts. No mention of pilot and or other crew members at to their fate. Claims he attended the university of Dallas for five years, further, he claims his high school senior class graduated a total of eight, of which two were KIA in Vietnam. Add him to the mix, and that’s three out of eight in harms way. I don’t think so. Just another embellishing asshole whose just serving was not enough. He’s got to tell shoot em up stories. Door gunner, POW, my ass. Fuck this guy. I think he’s going to have some explaining to do very soon.

  20. Claw says:

    Just finished reviewing the 1967 HS yearbook from Eola, TX (through the Classmates website) that he says he graduated from.

    He was a Junior that year meaning he graduated in 1968.

    He says he was in a class of eight students. His Junior year there were 13 kids, eight female and five male. Losing five kids from one class in just a years time would be a pretty big deal, so I don’t believe anything tragic like a automobile accident that took the lives of five of his classmates occurred. I believe all 13 of them graduated together in 1968.

    He says two of his classmates were KIA in Vietnam. I assumed he meant they were male, so I ran the names of his four male classmates against the KIA list. Guess what? None of those four appear on the list. (Those four names are available upon request.)

    So a few more aspects of his story are questionable.

  21. Sarge says:

    Is it National Slap a Hippie day yet? This turd is #1 on my slap list.

  22. GDContractor says:

    This guy is in Taco Bell’s AO. I wonder if Private Killam has Purple Heart license plates that need to be removed. I also wonder if this shithead is aware of what happened to his neighbor, Granville Sprayberry.

  23. GDContractor says:

    I submitted an email to the group he works for. They have a nice webpage with a web-form which makes sending email so easy. Here’s the link:

    I’m sure they’d be happy to receive input from real veterans, instead of just GDContractors.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      GD…….just sent a email. I don’t know if it will do any good! Wait and see I guess.

    • William J. Gainey says:

      I have encouraged his employer not to act on these post because none of you know MIchael or his situation. I am personally looking into all of your concerns. I am taking your concerns serious and have some high level folks looking into it. I will only post when I learn something and will not not post what I find. Even though some of the post disgust me, I will post what I find and Michael completely understands this and actually encourage me to.

  24. Wrong. On all accounts,

    • Green Thumb says:

      Much like his/your conception.

      The pole goes in the front door clown, not the backdoor.

      This maggot is a product of ass sex gone bad.

  25. Wrong, He is a regular. All around. American Hero,

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      If you have anything other to say other than “wrong” say it. As in proof of him doing what he said, that can be backed up with publicly available records.
      Prove that and I’m sure Jonn will gladly correct this entry, otherwise, GFY

      • William J. Gainey says:

        I informed Michael today (I spent five hours reviewing his records) that he owes no body anything but himself. Michael told me today sometimes he feels like it’s all a dream (talking about NAM). He has nothing to prove to anyone.

        • Just An Old Dog says:

          Fuck you and Fuck him. He flat out lied and you are covering for him with all the hemmimg and hawing.

    • Hondo says:

      Um, no. Based on his official military records he’s nothing but a LSoS wannabe who served honorably, but just had to have people see him as the “hero he never was”.

      You got documents that say otherwise, send copies of them to Jonn. He can tap a bunch of people to look them over and see if they’re legit – or if they’re faked.

      Put up or shut up, cupcake.

    • HMCS (FMF) ret. says:

      Hey, Butt Monkey… do you know Lon Duc Dong and did he feed you some Cream of Sum Yung Guy soup while living in the village of Pun Tang in Phuc Me Provence?

      Michael. Killam. is. a liar.

      Deal with it, bytch…

      • William J. Gainey says:

        I love the way you support your brothers. I take it that you know Michael well.

        • Just An Old Dog says:

          “Brother” WTF are you? That is one of the biggest crutches used by posers…How can we question a “Brother Veteran”
          News flash ass-wart, being a veteran doesnt automaticaly qualify someone to assume I consider them a “brother”
          Plenty of shitbag vets, some are just criminals, others are posers that I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.

  26. AskAMarine says:

    I noticed that Gary.Aslinger has gone silent.

    • Eden says:

      I suspect that he finally realized he was talking about a different Michael Killam, one who apparently is a real estate agent in California. (Check out Gary’s Web link attached to his name.)

  27. Claw says:

    Just took a little closer look at Killam’s FOIA and 2-1 and noticed a couple of things.

    The FOIA does not list the other three years of Reserve time to fulfill the mandatory six years of Universal Military Training Obligation that everybody fell under during that time.

    The 2-1 lists him as discharged on 6 Dec 71 instead of REFRAD (Released From Active Duty) to the Reserves.

    I’m wondering what it was that he did during his last year and a half at Fort Bragg that was so heinous that it warranted demoting him from his claimed E-5 down to E-2 and the Army wanted nothing more to do with him that he was granted a full and complete discharge after a little more than three years. If only we were able to view his DD214 a few of the questions could be answered. DD, BCD, ??

    It’s too bad that he won’t come on here to defend himself instead of having his troll Gary. Aslinger speak up for him.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      Claw……wait for it. The next move, straight from the poser/Embellisher playbook. “I served with Killam, he was a hero” 3-2-1 here it comes!

      • Claw says:

        Yep, you’re probably right. It would fit the embellisher’s checklist that trolls show up right off the bat.

        But this Gary Assslinger troll showed up fairly early this morning, made three comments in three minutes and then “poof”, he was gone like a popcorn fart in a whirlwind.

        Gary was a wannabe troll anyway, as all he ever said was “wrong” each time. He needs a class in Trolling Techniques 101 in order for his comments to have any lasting impact.

    • GDContractor says:

      What I don’t get is that retired CSM in the above video bought all his bullshit hook line and sinker. I mean, golly gee, really? I didn’t even serve, much less report to the JCOS, but I guarantee you I would have asked for a few more details, for example, exactly what MOS is “expertise with weapons”? It defies logic.

      • Claw says:

        Yeah, I saw that too. When asked the question about his MOS Killam kind of hemmed and hawed and thought about it for a bit, then answered with his BS “expertise in weapons” line.

        If he was being truthful, he would have answered, straight up without any hesitation, “I was a first a 67M, then later a 67V” and then a short explanation as to what those MOS’s entailed.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          Claw……I like the part about where he said he had weapons and the power of life and death. He’s flying around in a loach or a ranger. I have a little experience doing that. His weapons consisted of free handing a 60, probably a backup M16, and a sidearm. Yep, that’s real fire superiority right there. Flying at low level not a real good deal, when coming back at you are 51 cal. And RPG’s. The guy is a legend in his own mind!

          • Claw says:

            3/17, that’s just the thing. I believe he was never on flight status. He was strictly a ground crew/maintenance hanger type of helicopter mechanic.

            There is no listing of either Flight Wings or Air Medals in his records. I’m betting he had zero flight hours as a crewmember to his credit.

            That’s why he comes up with all this “Power of God” and death dealer killer BS. He wants to be a Door Gunner without even knowing what a free 60 is. Sorta like the deal where everybody wants a CIB but doesn’t want to do all that Infantry stuff to get one.

            • 3/17 Air Cav says:

              Claw…..his claims make it personal with me. He claims Vietnam and Cambodia, flying loaches or Rangers. What comes back to me is WO David Meyer. Lost in Cambodia, along with two other crew members. One of which was actually doing the job he claims he did. It pisses me off to no end! Fuck this guy!

      • William J. Gainey says:

        Read my post. Again, unlike you I am not in the habit of trying to belittle my Brothers and Sisters. As II stated in my post. I have sent an inquiry to someone that is in the position to find out the truth. If MIchael did fool all of us as you are claiming, I will be the first to say so. Until I get a response from my source, I have no reason to not believe Michael, why, because I will remain STEAD FAST AND LOYAL to my Brothers and Sisters.
        I do wish I was as smart as you though, never having been fooled by anything.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        Some folks don’t always use the proper name for a job or title. I was not about to cross examine him on tape. He did say later 11B. I have to ask you a question.
        Do you know Michael or have you ever spoken with him? He is not the most confident person I know. My goal was just to get him to talk a little not to cross examine him.
        Since I have served in the JCS position, I have learned to have something called, “CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS”. The hesitation in knowing his MOS just was not that important to me.

        • GDContractor says:

          SGM Gainey – Please accept this as a reply to your two posts above.

          It was not my intention to belittle you. I used to work with a guy who left the Army at the rank of E5. He told me whenever he meets a veteran telling stories, the first thing he (my friend) asks them is: “What was you MOS and what were your general orders”. This friend of mine was no Einstein.

          Sorry if I offended you. To me, it just defied logic that you would accept an answer like “expertise with weapons” as an MOS. No cross examination necessary really, in my humble opinion.

          I respect those who serve. I respect you and the rank that you attained. I was privileged to work with many fine men and women wearing the uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan. I respect those that lie in their graves in the little cemetery down the road from me… many of them were awarded medals they never got to wear, except in eternal rest, and it is for them that I exercise my CONSIDERATION.

    • William J. Gainey says:

      Michaels was not allowed any REserve time because of the type of discharge he received. I wondered about that too but after I found his discharge it stated “NO RESERVE TIME AUTHORIZED”

  28. 3/17 Air Cav says:

    Michael Killam……….I know your following this site. Here’s a real hero! SP4 Larry W. Rothel KIA 5-7-71 in Cambodia. He was doing the job you claim! Flying spotting low bird in a Loch. He did not have the power of life or death as you claim you did. He was just doing his job. You on the other hand had your nice safe mech. Job behind the wire. Prob. Feeling pretty lucky during that time. Then you come home and decide you want to be a war hero! Listen fucker, it’s assholes like you that keep me up at night with your bullshit claims! Rothel was the real deal, you are not! By the way, Rothel is. From Granbury Texas! If he were alive today, he would put your dick in the dirt, you miserable asshole!

    • AskAMarine says:

      That was great, 3/17 Air Cav.

      Preach it, Brother!

      Preach it!

    • William J. Gainey says:

      3/17 Air CAV,
      Do you think our Brother Rothel might have waited to see if all this stuff being said is in fact true about MIchael?
      Again, if my source tell me Michael is a “FAKE”, I will announce it LOUD AND CLEAR so everyone on this site can hear it. Until that is done, I believe his story.

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        I believe Rothel if he were alive, would come to the same conclusion and attitude as I have! The guy in question is a straight up Embellisher! POW my ass!

    • William J. Gainey says:

      MIchael knows this Blog exist but I have asked him from day one not to read any of it. He has not. What you folks have accomplished is setting this very vulnerable veteran back. So you see he is not following this site. I ask him to trust me to respond. I will be sure to thank you guys if Michael loses his fight with his demons. I hope each you guys will come to his funeral and explain to his Son Michael why you felt it’s important to attack someone you don’t know. He actually asked me that today.
      What to know what I told him?

      • OWB says:

        Good to see you expose yourself there. You tell us that he has not seen this, but that we are to blame for his negative future actions? Will we also be responsible should he decide to only engage in honorable behavior from now on?

        How are any of us responsible for his lies? We are not. He is responsible for his lies.

        How is our honesty a threat of any kind to his well being? It simply is not.

  29. William J. Gainey says:

    I would ask that we step back and think about what we are doing here. Before Michael Killam can be given an opportunity to be found innocent or guilty you have determined he he is lying scum bag. Is this the way we treat each other? I hope not.
    I will know next week the truth. The 3rd SEAC in visiting our troops in combat but has assured me he will dive into this a when he gets home Monday. I promise you I will post what I find out. I am turned off as much as the next guy when someone claims to be something they are not. All I am asking is let’s get some facts before we put this Brother against the wall and shoot him. Is that asking too much?
    I will sign off until next week. Some of these comments from folks that know the truth are really disturbing to the is old Soldier.
    Signing out for now.

    • TheCloser says:

      SGM Gainey, are you trying to say there is a different list in the Chairman’s office than one of the three previously listed?

      Hondo says:

      December 21, 2015 at 5:35 pm

      For completeness, here are links to DoD’s comprehensive Vietnam POW Escapee, Returnee, and Accounted-For lists:




      None of those lists includes the name “Killan”. If his story were true, he’d be on the first and third lists linked above. He’s not.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Killam is a turd.

    • Marine_7002 says:

      “All I am asking is let’s get some facts before we put this Brother against the wall and shoot him. Is that asking too much?”

      Obviously you didn’t look at his personnel records posted at the top of this page, nor did you look at the links that take you to DOD’s POW page.

      He lied about the unit he served in.

      He lied about the Purple Hearts.

      He lied about being a POW.

      How the hell can you so casually dismiss all that documentation? You don’t consider them “facts”?

      Lies about being a POW and false claims about the Purple Heart are particularly egregious. Our POWs in Vietnam went through many levels of hell while in captivity. He DIDN’T. Hundreds of thousands upon thousands of Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Coast Guardsmen who suffered great pain, bled, lost limbs and sight, and died received the Purple Heart legitimately. Many of those service members weren’t at the award ceremony because they fell in battle, and instead of receiving it in person it had to be engraved on their tombstone.

      What more proof do you need? Or didn’t you bother to read anything?

  30. William J. Gainey says:

    Over look the double words and missed words. This auto-correction is killing me.

  31. GDContractor says:

    Said William J. Gainey on 07JAN2016, “The 3rd SEAC in visiting our troops in combat but has assured me he will dive into this a when he gets home Monday. I promise you I will post what I find out.”

    It is Monday and the suspense is Killam me.

    • Green Thumb says:


      Killam = Shitbag.

    • Claw says:

      Yep, same here. The suspense is Killam me also.

      Way past 1700 hours on the East coast and all we hear is the sound of crickets.

    • Animal says:

      Wow. I missed all of this. I’m all eyes now. Hate it for the SGM. He seems like he’s trying to do the right thing, but he could’ve waited a couple of days before he jumped in with both feet.

  32. Green Thumb says:

    He was a door gunner alright, a back door gunner.

    Just a real “two-holey” dude.

  33. Jarhead says:

    William J. Gainey…Let’s get one thing very clear from the beginning. Coming on this site acting like a tough guy is not going to win you any friends or support. Nobody asked permission nor your opinion to make personal decisions as to whether this Killiam character is a POSER or not. We have, and will continue to, make up our own minds based on the information presented at the beginning of each story. Just because we form an opinion without your input does not mean anyone has questioned your “dedication to YOUR veterans”, whatever that means.

    Hopefully you will take into consideration that a politician DOES NOT under any circumstances want to be revealed as naive enough to have to admit to being wrong. Always the entitled, always the know-it-all, always the answer to life’s problems. Don’t for one moment think we are all going to sit around worrying about YOUR opinion being the final say in all this, no matter who you are or who you know. It is YOU who needs to take a look at the evidence on hand and decide the final thought for YOU to consider. Look for once at all the logic explained on here from veterans who served in different capacities and have added solid opinions that overwhelm the rational mind.

    If the mentor tells you we were obviously right to begin with, we really don’t seek or need an apology from you. Just deal with it and forget it. Nobody on this site is going to worship you or condemn you. We were doing fine and will continue to do fine with or without your input. Man, you are going to have nightmares when you start looking back at previous outings. Good luck with that. S/F

    • Animal says:

      On a whim I googled the Sgt Maj. Now I really hate it for him.

    • William J. Gainey says:

      If you are, because most true Marines I have served with hate the term “JARHEAD”. They consider it a disrespectful term. I am not trying to be tough, don’t have to. I am very comfortable with my capabilities. I might be retired but unlike you the love I have for my Troops, which includes all of the Services, will never die and I will always defend them. My point is that you do not have my permission to disrespect or question my logic or loyalties. If you consider what you have said about a fellow veteran doing fine, I do feel sorry for you JARHEAD!!!
      Since I do not like arguing with veterans, I will not respond to anymore of your post. Stay save.

      • IDC SARC says:

        I served 24 years active and have been training active duty SOF troops since retirement to the present. That’s about 35 years of hanging mostly on the FMF and Joint side of the house.

        I’ll type slowly for clarity sake (sarcasm)….

        Marines (IME) are not the least bit insulted by terms like Jarhead, Leatherneck, Devil Dog…etc. They in fact, wear those names with pride.

  34. Jarhead says:

    Your whim morphed into my whim Animal. After finding his name and picture supposedly being exposed as a romance scammer, I’m starting to wonder if the real SGM Gainey actually wrote all of what was posted. To be honest and blunt, the wording did not represent a man with the education and experience the REAL SGM Gainey would presumably possess. You don’t suppose we have all been snookered do you?

    • Animal says:

      Snookered about a snookerer? Interesting.

    • GDContractor says:

      Best case scenario – SGM Gainey (as commented here) is the real deal and will choose to use his powers for good and will become a member of The Cadre in good standing. In the future he will route all site FOIA type requests direct to the current SEAC for quick and accurate resolution. Win/win. Sky’s the limit.

      • Jarhead says:

        GDC….You are looking at it from a “Gilligan’s Island” episode while I am seeing if from an episode of Archie Bunker.

        • Hack Stone says:

          Strange that you would make a Gilligan’s Island – All In The Family reference. According to the trivia for Gilligan’s Island on IMDB, Carrol O’Connor auditioned for the role of Skipper Jonah Grumby. That would have been pretty interesting, Skipper constantly calling Gilligan Meathead. And that would mean that the role of Archie Bunker would be available for Alan Hale, Jr. It just would not be the same with Archie calling his son-in-law Little Buddy.

        • GDContractor says:

          Archie Bunker was ahead of his time.

    • William J. Gainey says:

      I have and continue to be scammed. The latest is KEVIN GAINEY. I did post the post. I have a Masters and a lot of experience but I tend to write the way I feel and I do not use big words.
      All I ask my Marine is give me time to find out the fact before we nail Michael to the cross. That’s all I am asking. If you were being attacked, I would do the Sam for you.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        No looking for nothing but facts on Michael Killam. I want everyone to realize I am not monitoring This site on a daily basis. I told you that the 3rd SEAC would start looking into it when he returned to OCONUS. He did, he is. I read records for over five hours today and came up with some pretty good information.
        Each of you can say what you want about me because it rumors me. Actually I enjoyed some of your comments.
        Here’s where I am at:
        Michael was assigned to the following units:
        7-15 FA
        7-13 FA (short stay)
        MOS was 67V2T with a secondary of 67VM20 after graduating from Fort Rucker.
        He was debriefed in May 1970 after either being captured or missing for three day. The video you saw of the Senator stating four months was a shock even to Michael. I did some inquires today to find out why the Senator used four months. No one could give me a solid answer. The debriefing was conducted by the 7-13 FA S-2. I am doing some more research to verify which it was. I have a former commander of the unit assisting me in this mission.
        He was wounded in his left leg but was not awarded the Purple Heart for his wound. If you have been to combat you have heard this happening before. Michael Has a VA appointment next Wednesday where I will get verification from a doctor at which time I will use the DD Form 215 to update his DD Form 214.
        Like Michael I spend a lot of my time with veterans thus the reason for my absents from this site.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        No looking for nothing but facts on Michael Killam. I want everyone to realize I am not monitoring This site on a daily basis. I told you that the 3rd SEAC would start looking into it when he returned to OCONUS. He did, he is. I read records for over five hours today and came up with some pretty good information.
        Each of you can say what you want about me because it rumors me. Actually I enjoyed some of your comments.
        Here’s where I am at:
        Michael was assigned to the following units:
        7-15 FA
        7-13 FA (short stay)
        MOS was 67V2T with a secondary of 67VM20 after graduating from Fort Rucker.
        He was debriefed in May 1970 after either being captured or missing for three day. The video you saw of the Senator stating four months was a shock even to Michael. I did some inquires today to find out why the Senator used four months. No one could give me a solid answer. The debriefing was conducted by the 7-13 FA S-2. I am doing some more research to verify which it was. I have a former commander of the unit assisting me in this mission.
        He was wounded in his left leg but was not awarded the Purple Heart for his wound.

  35. Animal says:

    Indeed. It could open a new chapter in his life. Take the whole Stolen Valor to a new level. Streamline the process and centralize the focus. Create a same level representative across the services. It has potential.

  36. Jarhead says:

    At this point the best way to determine if the communications from the SGM was real or imagined
    is to ask Jonn to step in and tell us: Were the emails from the real SGM…..if so, what round is this? Who’s on first?

  37. Jarhead says:

    Missing from that second sentence….The best way

  38. Animal says:

    Still nothing?

  39. Claw says:

    1700 EST on Day 3.

    Crickets are louder than ever.

    • Animal says:

      Should we send out a search party?

      • Claw says:

        You don’t suppose the 3rd SEAC told the 1st SEAC to GFY do ya?

        Maybe the search party can find Elaine Ricci, Jimmy Hoffa and the third JFK shooter in the same sweep.

        Hope springs eternal.

        • Animal says:

          And Fox Adler. That Art Leal turd still has my dander up. He’s editing his social media to make it look like the world is standing up for him when the ratio was actually about 100 to 1 against.

          • Claw says:

            Yeah, I’ve been watching Leal’s public figure page.

            296 total comments have been deleted down to only 36 “good for you” comments.

            Can’t get much work done for your boss when you’re constantly checking and deleting all the bad comments from social media.

            Oh, well, maybe job number 11 in the past ten years is looming on the horizon.

            Again, hope springs eternal.

            • Animal says:

              I don’t think we’re going to hear from the Sgt Maj if it really was him. But like you said, Hope springs eternal.

  40. Green Thumb says:

    Different day, different time and Killam is still a shitbag.

  41. Claw says:

    1800 EST on day four.

    I was outside shoveling out the sidewalk/driveway.

    Did I miss today’s cricket serenade?

  42. AskAMarine says:

    Claw and Animal:

    • Claw says:

      Yep, that’s the sound of the 1st SEAC. I’d recognize that silence anywhere.

      Officially, we are now in week two of awaiting an answer from him. His last entry was at 5:17/19 PM on 7 Jan 2016 and he said he was signing off for a week.

      I fully expect we’ll be hearing the cricket serenade for a long time.

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        Claw…..I just sent a email to the historian for the 7/15 Arti. Asking him to visit the TAH site for background concerning Killam and his claims. Maybe someone within remembers this shit bird!

        • Claw says:

          It’s good to hear from ya, Buddy.

          Did you go on the pheasant hunt or did you get snowed out?

          How are you and the little chickadee next door getting along?

          Sitrep on the Mule?

          • 3/17 Air Cav says:

            Claw…..went pheasant hunting. Shitty weather, rain and snow. Did shoot a few, but nothing to write home about. The Mule is still in my garage, nothing going on with it. I’ve been a little occupied with the little chickadee across the street! There is nothing finer than new romance!

            As for Killam, I’m conflicted concerning the Sgt.major. He seems to dance around the real issues. Poss. A sockpuppet? Time will tell.

            Nice post on your part, concerning why you and I are so adamant concerning Killam

            • Claw says:

              Great!! Thanks for the updates on all areas.

              Yeah, I’m beginning to have some second thoughts now as to the authenticity of this SGM and is it really him doing the postings.

              He just posted something about constantly being “scammed” and some other drivel.

              Maybe a sockpuppet is scamming a sockpuppet of a LSoS?

  43. AskAMarine says:

    I as well have been hearing those durn crickets.

    Have this strong suspicion that Gainey is not really Gainey by the language he uses in his comments (“Brother Rother”) and his infamous line to me “NEVER QUESTION MY DEDICATION TO MY VETERANS AGAIN. Are we clear?”

    (Oh, if he only knew my retired Rank and where I was stationed while on Active Duty and what duty positions I held…)

    Gainey was born in 1956. Too young to be a Vietnam/Vietnam Era Veteran.

    Have this feeling that someone else be may hiding behind Gainey’s name. I may be wrong since I do not have access to his email address (how we sign on to get on TAH).

    Hopefully, we shall see if Gainey keeps his promise. That is, if it is Gainey.

    And, MR. GAINEY (if that who you truly are): WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

    • Animal says:

      Shhhhh!!! Between you and Jarhead he’s never gonna come back. Damn Marines.

    • Claw says:

      AskAMarine and Animal, here’s some background information as to why myself and 3/17 Air Cav are so vehement about taking this LSoS Killam to task for his lies.

      At the time that SGM Gainey was yet in Junior High School, 3/17 and I were in Vietnam doing the very same job that Killam is attempting to say he did.

      I was a 67N20 UH-1 Helicopter Crew Chief/Door Gunner in a Assault Helicopter Company with the 101st Airborne based out of Phu Bai and 3/17 was a straight grunt turned Door Gunner in his outfit down in the southern Corps areas of Vietnam.

      3/17 and I personally know each other, we did our tours at the same time (71-72) and DEROSed back to CONUS within a month of each other.

      So, between the two of us, we kind of know what the real scoop is and know the little nuances of what it takes to lay claim to being a Door Gunner in a Assault Helicopter Company.

      None of the evidence shown on Killam backs up any of his claims of being a Door Gunner. The evidence points to him being strictly a ground maintenance/hangar mechanic and technical inspector not on flight status soldier and as far as when SGM Gainey questions whether either of us were there or not, Yes we were.

      This is why 3/17 and I will continue to be pit bulls latched onto Killam’s ass until the end of time.

      Not only has Killam dishonored himself by lying, he has dishonored all the Vietnam flight crewmembers, both living and dead, that did their jobs day in and day out.

      As far as I am concerned, SGM Gainey (if like you say may or may not be for real, but I believe it was really him) is doing nothing more than enabling Killam to continue with his lies if he does not return to this thread (as promised) and give a full accounting of his actions.

      I know this turned into a rant, but people like Killam really get my dander up when they lie about being a bonafide Door Gunner.

      I thank you for your time.

      • Animal says:

        No explanations needed here. Thank you for your service though. I think Stolen Valor hits in degrees. It pisses me off reading about the accounts of SV here, but nothing like it pisses me off when I read about someone claiming to be a Marine. Righteous Indignation is what I feel when I see someone wearing dress blues or an EGA that didn’t earn them so I totally get it being a little more personal. I’m split on whether it was really the Sgt Maj or not. All of the Sgt Maj’s I’ve known would have gotten back with us good, bad, or different because that’s what Sgt Maj’s do.

        • William J. Gainey says:

          I always backed my Troops and always will. Sorry yours did not.

          • Just An Old Dog says:

            There will always be “troops” that will take your kindness for weakness and exploit you.
            You are a patsy for this fool.
            While his unit history may be off and he may have gotten flight time, you have shown zero evidence to show he earned 2 purple hearts or was a POW.
            He can go to the VA all he wants and pull a Frank Visconi with his scars.
            When it comes to stolen Valor, If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck…. it’s a cocksucker.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        My Brother,
        WOW, You looked at when I was in Junior High School. I did learn today that Michael was not a MOS trained Door Gunner, you are correct. With that said, he did fly on a UH58 and was responsible for the protection of the aircraft. I actually verified this on the phone with a former commander that served with his unit. I also spoke with a Scout Observer that flew in a UH58s during the invasion of Granada and he informed me that he was used as a door gunner since the UH58 does not do well in thin air. He stated it suffered from a lift problem. You would know what he’s talking about better than me. I believe this Soldier 100% because he served in my unit in the 82nd ABN and later in Iraq as my Corps G-3 SGM when I was the Corps CSM.
        I do not believe Michael is lying, I believe Michael is suffering from a very bad case of mixing up dates and times. An example, he thought he served with the 1-73 ABN because they were on the same FOB be was and he knew them. AS a young Soldier he thought everyone on the FOB were assigned together. After talking to him today he realizes yes, they were serving together but they were not assigned to the same unit. I know this sounds silly but you would have to meet Michael to fully understand what I am talking about.
        YOu are 100%, was he a bonafide MOS Door Gunner like you? NO. In his mind was he the bonafide door gunner of his UH58? YES

        • GDContractor says:

          If he was flying UH58, why is he pictured only with the OH-6?

          Did you substantiate grounds for one PHM or two?

          Killam attained the rank of E5 and he didn’t know what unit he served with? Really? What was the time interval between his 3 day absence and loss of 3 stripes?

          You might want to ask Joe Galloway how to research Occam’s Razor. Just a suggestion.

        • Bobo says:

          How the f**k does someone “think” that he is serving with a different unit just because they are on the same FOB? I’ve served on FOBs that hosted the 101st, the 82nd, and an EOD group. Why didn’t I think that I was assigned to them? Because I could look down at my left sleeve and see what f’ing patch I was wearing. Honestly, either your buddy managed to become a helicopter mechanic with a single digit ASVAB score, or you are being played like someone I’ve never seen being played before.

          Honestly, look at his claims, your research, the FOIA results, and reality. I’ve looked at what you’ve said objectively, and there are still too many obvious gaps to find your friend honest. No record of POW, no names of lost crew members, no medical treatment records indicating wounds. I’m an open minded guy, but I’m not convinced that Killam isn’t lying his ass off.

      • AskaMarine says:

        Thanks, Claw, for your info. And thank you for serving our country in what was then an unpopular conflict. Killam must be hiding/covering up something. And to think this guy is a counselor for other Vets. What a scary thought.

  44. OWB says:

    What was that? Looked like a sock puppet, talked like a sock puppet, walked like a sock puppet, and smelled like a sock puppet. Yep. Approx 100% probability that it was a sock puppet.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      OWB…….I’m starting to feel the same! I’m feeling a little avoidance concerning the real issues concerning Killam.

      • OWB says:

        Not entirely convinced that it’s the same person commenting tonight.

        • Claw says:

          Same here. He seems to have way too much pull as far as getting records and talking to old commanders and other people on the ground from 45/46 years and talking to Senators and things like that.

          Sockpuppeting at it’s finest.

          • Claw says:

            Especially since this commentor starts out every comment with “Brother”

            I’ve never met a real SGM in my life, either active duty or retired, that starts a conversation out by calling you “Brother.”

            • William J. Gainey says:

              I always call veterans my Brother regardless of their rank. Why because we each raised our hands to sign a blank check. Just the way I was raised.

              • Claw says:

                So you were raised to disrespect your veteran elders by calling them “Brother” regardless of gender?

                What happened to Sir or Ma’am?

                • William J. Gainey says:

                  Come on now, you are really reaching. Yes, I call folks I don’t know Sir and Ma’am. When I meet a veteran I do call them Brother and funny thing, they like it when I do that Sir. And no I call female veterans Sister.

                  • Old98Z says:

                    Calling people you don’t know ‘brother’ has to me a smarmy fake sense to it.
                    As posted above,common usage for address is
                    usually more formal.
                    In short, didn’t serve with you, don’t know you, and no matter who you are or what you may have done, you are a person on the internet, not my brother.

              • Old98Z says:

                Got a bad feeling here.
                Doesn’t seem like the normal responses of SNCO.

                • William J. Gainey says:

                  What would be a normal responses from a senior NCO?

                  • Old98Z says:

                    I am posting from mobile again which is slow when one hand doesn’t want to function.
                    Thus the delay.
                    In response to the question.

                    Simple. State status of inquiry. Estimate time to answer. Explain any complications. You’ve said you would provide answer but seem to be diverting away from promised response.
                    I don’t know you.
                    I served – I will choose who to call ‘brother’.

          • William J. Gainey says:

            What the hell is a SOCK PUPPET? I have never heard that term but I find them interesting. The reason I can get into records is because I am blessed to have served with some great folks that still trust my intentions and have the capabilities to check these records for me. Today I simply read the information Michael had in a box that he did not think was important.

          • William J. Gainey says:

            I do not have any pull, I have friend. It was actually Joe Galloway that instructed me in which direction to go. Yes, I am the same person.

            • Claw says:

              Oh, No. Not Joe Galloway?

              Who’s next? SGM Plumley? Hal Moore?

              • William J. Gainey says:

                You know Claw, I really feel sorry for you. I am being totally honest with you and this how you act. I meet Joe Galloway a few years ago at Fort Benning during a dinner actually honoring General Moore and yes SGM PLumley at a Dough Boy Award (they were being honored) and we have been communicating on Face Book. When I saw how this site was attacking Michael I contacted him for advice and he is the one that directed me toward the unit historians, which has really made a difference in my research.
                You know my Brother, I have nothing to proof to you or anyone else. I am really trying my best to bring closure to issue not only for Michael but you and the others. So I have a few connections I can use, was I bragging? NO, I just being honest with you. Nothing more nothing less. It’s the way my late father raised all of his children.I mean no disrespect toward you but this post just got to me a little.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        The exact reason I spent five hours today reading through records. Like you, I would like to find out exactly what took place. Maybe we never will, but I am going to turn.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          WJG……let me tell you a little about flying during that war. It’s a tight group. You know everyone on your flight line by name. It’s real simple, your boy if he’s being truthful, will remember names from that flight line. Who could verify his claims! Prob. He can’t because it’s too painful to talk about! Sarc/

          • William J. Gainey says:

            Roger, understand. I will keep that in mind. I really can use all the help I can get on this one. If you know anyone from the 7-13 FA S-2, please link them up with me.

  45. William J. Gainey says:

    I do enjoy these comment against me, it’s taking the focus off of my Brother Michael. Keep them coming. I will try to address each of them in time.

    • Claw says:

      Which is exactly what a sockpuppet does. They get the conversation diverted away from their “victim” they are defending.

      You asked earlier what the hell is a SOCK PUPPET?

      You are now one.

      • 3/17 Air Cav says:

        Claw……..Ok, that’s it, your Good Conduct medal is hereby rescinded! Smile

        • Old98Z says:

          No more popcorn for this.
          I’ll rely on what was posted until/unless it’s retracted. Regards to you all.. Thanks for an informative and civil discussion on a crappy subject.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        NO I am a friend of a very confused Vietnam Veteran.

        I saw someone say in another post that I so I am not from the Vietnam period, FYI, the Vietnam period was from 1951 to 17 May 1975. I raised my hand in 1974, finished HS and was in basic in 1975. Even though I did not serve in the war, I still served during the time-frame and personally witnessed how my older Brother was treated when he can home in 1972 and that is the very reason I am trying to help Michael.

        • 3/17 Air Cav says:

          WJG……the official historian of the 7/15 Arty is Dave Holdorf 414-464-2939 I sent him a email concerning Killam and his claims. If there was a POW within their outfit he would know. I also referenced this sight as to Killams claims. You might want to give him a call

        • AskaMarine says:

          “Brother”: Are you seriuos? You did not serve in the Vietnam ERA timeframe. You entered the DEP in 1974. You came on Active Duty in June 1975. How can you have the nerve saying you “served” during that timeframe. Unless you are not WJG.

    • Animal says:

      Sgt Maj. You’ll have to forgive us if we’re a little leary of a person’s story. It often seems that if it is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Some of the people on this board have fought the good fight against Stolen Valor and have the paperwork to show for it. I’m not one of those. I’m just a long time reader and occasional poster. I do know this from my time here is that Jonn, Hondo and Scotty have yet to be wrong about one. I believe they do due diligence before they put someone up here. I don’t know if you’ve spent anytime looking through the Hall of Shame, but you should. I was a state trooper for almost 20 years and thought I’d heard every lie there was to hear. I’ve read through every person posted here and it was absolutely eye opening. Even in my own department a high supervisor was burned for forging a 214 to get PH plates plus the rep of being a combat vet. A COP!

      A lot of these guys have been sued, threatened, and all kinds of restraining orders, criminal complaints and too many false complaints filed too count.

      Maybe we have become jaded, but in this day in time of dwindling resources, I think it has become necessary to verify and then trust when a question comes up. There are too many that deserve the benefits that won’t receive them to not question anymore. Mr. Killam could fix this himself with presenting the proper documents. Plain and simple.

      This isn’t a personal attack on you. It is and will continue to be an attack on Mr. Killam until he recants and stops or proves his claims. I believe you when you say you look after your veterans. Well, these guys are your veterans also. Don’t miss the forest for the tree.

      Semper Fidelis, Sgt Maj. And ALL of my Sgt Maj’s were top notch as they should’ve been. That’s why I expected such a standard. I had excellent examples.

      • William J. Gainey says:

        I could not agree more with you and I hate FAKERS with every fiber in my old body. You said exactly what I told Michael today, he has to fix this but I am here to guide him. I explained to him that there are so many people stealing from our Brother that served with honor that we are just feed up with it. Thank you, I understand your message loud and clear. Again, Thank you.

  46. William J. Gainey says:

    To all of my Brothers, Sirs and Ma’mas,
    I meant NO DISRESPECT toward to tonight. I will sign off for my own good and try to get some sleep (if the demons allows it.) I hope each of you a blessed day and I will not be returning until I discover some more information. Either good or bad I will update you.

    • Animal says:

      For what it’s worth I know your dilemma all too well. Someone I once considered a brother lied to me about being a SEAL. I went to the mat for him. Stood with him against all the evidence. I finally saw the light and asked Don Shipley. He wasn’t. My high school physics teacher inspired me to join the Marine Corps. He claimed to be a WWII, Iwo Jima, Korean War Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Purple Heart Combat Marine. He wasn’t. I was literally sick at my stomach about him.

      In the end they weren’t my lies so I’m not carrying their weight anymore. They did it, it’s theirs to live with.

    • 3/17 Air Cav says:

      WJG……..here’s another little nugget for you. During your boys tour of Vietnam there was no OH-6 losses for 7-15 Arty. You need to tell him to pick another model to match his story!

    • Green Thumb says:

      Whatever SGM.

      Look in the mirror….