Michael Killam; phony POW

| December 21, 2015

Michael Killiam

A couple of our ninjas were interested in this fellow, Michael Duane Killam, apparently, because I’ve been getting info on him from a couple of folks since last week. He came to everyone’s attention when he was in the local Dallas/Fort Worth news last month around Veterans’ Day and he was recognized by Congressman Marc Veasey for his service in Vietnam.

Killam claims (2)

Michael Duane Killam Phony Vietnam POW Claims to have been with the 75th Rangers, 173rd Airborne and POW

He claimed that he was a POW (the period of capture changes from time to time from three days to four months, depending on how Killam feels) and that he was wounded, that he had two Purple Hearts, that he was in the 75th Infantry. From Kera News;

During the first 90 days of his tour in Vietnam, Michael Killam says he felt invincible.

“I had weapons,” he said. “I had power over life and death. I could make people live or I could let them die. I became God-like.”

Killam was only 19 at the time. During his tour, he was captured for three days, hung upside down, and tortured for hours. Eventually, he escaped and returned to duty.

Well, he was in Vietnam;

Killam Vietnam 1

Killam Vietnam 2

Killam Vietnam 3

He was a helicopter crewman, but with the 7th Battalion 15th Artillery, not the 75th Infantry. It looks like he was a mechanic on an OH-58 OH-6 Cayuse which would have been used for artillery observation and spotting, not in assault aircraft as he claims;

Killam claims

DPAA says that he wasn’t a POW either;


He did have two years of honorable service, though, including a year in Vietnam from August 1969 – September 1970;

Michael Duane Killam Vietnam POW Phony 2 001

Michael Duane Killam Vietnam POW Phony 3 001

He left the service as a Private E-2, though, so I think he probably wasn’t the best soldier, but then how many of us were?

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I hate that I am so late to this party. I read all of this in one sitting and a few beverages. This shit is gold!

Forgot his unit, made a mistake about his MOS, no orders for not one but two Purple Hearts AND everybody knows that POW status is just a small thing to the Army. Kinda like, I’m pretty sure that PVT Schmuckatelly was on KP that day. Come on guys, it’s happened to all of us. Right? Big, giant fucking sarc.

What a dickhead.

Ok, SGM Gainey, we are waiting for the big, AH HA!, revelation. Man up. You were taken for a ride.


Welcome to the Chronicles of Killam and his Sidekick Gainey. 😉


Well, there is a God.

This one is for Gainey and Killam. Time to contact the local newspaper in Texas to expose Killam for who he really is.

Remember these two Phonies, Steve Valcke and Lester Black?



They were exposed today (26 Jan 2016) via a Macon, GA newspaper as being phonies:


So Gainey, if you are reading this, remember: The Internet is Forever.

It is best to admit you were wrong. We all make mistakes. Think about the Veterans who truly were POWs as well as Purple Heart Recipients.

Be a Man. Be a Soldier. Be Humble.

Or continue to stay silent and be embarrassed when the truth will come out through a newspaper article.


Somebody say something? I faded off there for a second.


Yeah, that was me. I said we need to start a pool on whether SGM Gainey’s crickets are Brown Field Crickets or Snowy Tree Crickets.

If we ever catch one we can have Professor Creepy Crawly identify it for us.

All it takes is a trip to Oxnard.


Can anyone recommend a good audiologist?

The noise level from the crickets is making me deaf.


Say Whaaaaat? The sound of silence is Killam me.


I see what you did there Claw. 😉

Quick question, you think the cry baby posting earlier is really Sgt Maj Gainey?
I am truly hope it isn’t.


I think there’s a good chance it really is him. I also think he wishes he would’ve done his research before he jumped into the discussion. He might’ve decided to let it ride after he came to the same point Jonn did before he ever posted Killam on here.


Yes, after doing some further research (and Hondo saying the ISP addresses match up) I believe that the poster known as William J. Gainey is actually retired SGM Gainey, the 1st SEAC.

I have seen pictures from Killam’s Facebook page of him and Gainey being buddy-buddy at a civilian get together and they are more than just casual friends.

As I posted earlier, SGM Gainey is going through the process of gaining a veterans peer to peer counseling certification and I believe Killam has been the teacher/mentor to Gainey and perhaps may even be the authenticator/issuing agent for that certification. Therein lies Gainey’s fierce defense of Killam no matter what the lies/claims are.

Gainey is just not able to handle the truth that he and the Tarrant County Veterans Service Office and the Texas State Senate and the Dallas Helping Hands for Vets have all been taken for a ride by a LSoS such as Killam.

But as to date nothing has happened to Killam for his false claims of being a POW or a multiple Purple Heart recipient other than the exposure here on TAH. He is still the HMFIC at the county vets office and is living it up in his almost completely remodeled home.

So, in the meantime, we only have the cricket serenade as an answer.


Thank you for the comprehensive answer Claw. Very unfortunate. I think holding our breath for a mea culpa from the smaj would be a mistake. Disappointing all around.


If even half of what you’ve surmised is correct, my respect for the SGM just went to zero.




The Chirpendale Chronicles…


You and Claw…”It’s Killam me”…”CHIRPendale”…What am I to GAIN(ey) from this..:)


Never a loss for PoS’ ’round here.


This POS should have just gone with a different story:

He could have panhandled on the streets of Hollywood claiming to be Nick Nolte.

He could have made millions in change alone.

But what do I know …

Hack Stone

Yeah, I can see him passing for Nick Nolte, if he cleaned himself a bit. It sucks that yet again a family member or friend becomes collateral damage defending the indefensible. It is even worse when the convince their kids or grandkids to come on here and defend their “honor”.

Just An Old Dog

Actually with that big ass forehead he could have gotten a walk on role as a Klingon in the Star Trek movies….


Newspaper Reporter/Newspaper time/News Media time for Killam AND Gainey to expose them? After all, neither of them are ashamed of publicity.


Awright, would someone please enlighten me?

What’s “SEAC” stand for?

It’s 0515 and my Google-fu this morning is weak.


“Senior Enlisted Adviser to the Chairman”. Here “Chairman” refers to the CJCS.


Domo arigato, Hondo-san.


Sad indeed to know that someone who supposedly had the ear of the chairman of the joint chiefs for almost 3 years has such poor judgment and inability to sniff out the most basic and obvious BS. Plus coming to a forum like this, trying to throw his former rank around, like that would intimidate anyone who comes here regularly. Wow.

Green Thumb

Makes me think they need to collectively relook the E-9 promotion system……


This is what MDK said to WJG when MDK found out he had been outed by TAH:


Those damn crickets…


See my other comment on “Bling-Bling” Edward William Richards. How ironic thst both defenders have a first name of William (Schawrtz and Gainey) and that both Bling-Bling and Killer Killam are hiding behind their protectors. Scharwtz and Gainey are now officialy Cricket Farmers.


Someone call an exterminator.

The crickets are breaking glasses a la that old “Memorex” commercial.


Another Cricket Farmer trying to protect himself and Killam’s reputation:


” A Man who lies to himself is often the first to take offense.”

Quote from Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, “The Brothers Keeper”

Author of “Crime and Punishment”, “The Idiot” and “The Possessed”.

How ironic what Dostoevsky used as titles to his works.



Hey! Don’t go confusing things with literary references. Got a feeling the subject goes more for monosyllabic utterances. (Don’t recall anything specific, but have no fond memories of any works of Dostoevsky. It’s been quite a few decades. 😉 )


Nearing the end of day 14 of your silence, Gainey.



Maybe Gainey needs a little additional encouragement on this fine morning.

So, I’ll call him out for one of his ego inflating *Military Bearing* checks.

Geez, the first time I read about him carrying a ball bearing around in his pocket all I could think of was LCDR Phillip Francis Queeg.

And we all know how Queeg’s deal turned out.

So, PV9 Gainey, the *ball* is in your court.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

He’s probably “too busy” to get back with us on this issue… or having trouble swallowing the fact that his buddy lied bout his service.


I wish we could have a Tournament “Defenders/Enablers of Those Who Steal Valor.” I can think of a couple of them who would qualify besides Gainey (Claw, love the new Rank for WJG: PV9). Fox Adler. Lance Whipple’s wife. The Marine Corps Organization in Clarksville, TN.


Sort of a “Best Supporting Sh!tbird” category? Hmm.

Me like. However, TSO runs the tourney – and I kinda doubt he’ll have enough “spare time” to do that as a new dad. (smile)


Thumbs up, Hondo. Thumbs up. Especially on the Category choice.

Enablers. Codependency. De-Nilers.

If not a Tournament, then perhaps an Editorial:

“There are those who chose to steal Valor…

Then there are those who chose to defend those who steal Valor…”

Hondoism: “Sad. Freaking Sad.”


Speaking of stealing valor, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that Bronze Star with V Device that PV9 Gainey displays on his Wikipedia page.

In Gainey’s own words (from his LinkedIn Bio page) he says he was “Awarded the Army’s Bronze Star Medal for Valor for exceptionally meritorious service during 13 months of combat operations.”

So are we to surmise that the V stands for *Very* instead of Valor?

Just seems kind of hinky to me that a BSM w/V would be awarded for a 13 month tour as a Corps level E9 as versus a single valorous act that perhaps saved a life or lives.

But YMMV as to the meaning of the V Device.


Claw: this link gives the clearest photo I’ve been able to find of Gainey. It doesn’t seem to me to show a V device (or any other device) on his BSM ribbon. Not positive, but that’s my assessment.


The photo on his Wikipedia article is lower-resolution, but it also (to my eye, anyway) shows a BSM with no devices. As I said previously, I could be wrong.

I’m thinking that the BSM w/V on his bio there – and at Wikipedia, which says the same – could well be a typo.


That very well could be.

If so, that typo about a BSM w/V is duplicated in the bio on Gainey’s LinkedIn profile page.

Perhaps the same thing for him claiming a third award of the NDSM after so vehemently defending that his time spent in DEP made him a Vietnam Era Veteran?

I don’t know whether Gibbs’ Rule #39 applies or not to *typos*.


Also just looked at the text of his awards and decorations listed on the Army Study Guide link.

The text lists a BSM w/V.

Typo Number three?

Just something that makes you go Hmmmmm.


That is curious.

I hadn’t seen the LinkedIn bio page – all I’d seen were the other two (Wikipedia and Army Study Guide). Those two could easily be taken from the same source containing a typo. But I always thought LinkedIn bio info was entered by the individual when they established the account.

Would love to know the “real deal” here. There does appear to be a disconnect between photo and the bios – or maybe my eyes just aren’t seeing what’s there.


Same here. I always thought the LinkedIn bio was prepared by the individual himself.

That’s why I provided the direct quote about the BSM w/V from his LinkedIn page in my earlier comment.


Sorry, Claw – I missed the fact that you cited his LinkedIn bio as source. Kinda a long day yesterday.


No Sweat, GI. I had a long day yesterday also.

I guess the only way we’ll ever know for sure is by being able to read the award citation/orders, but both of us know that will never happen.

Now if only we could solve the question of the third award of the NDSM that is clearly shown in his photos.

The great mouse hunt continues.


Does this Gainey Fella know ME? I kinda doubt it right now.


Jack, you’re Killam me.



Does this mean these other sites are erroneous as well?

http://www.benning.army.mil/armor/gaineycup/ (Click on his name. It will take you to a PDF)




And not meaning to be a “Straw Grasper”, but did find this photo of him…and it appears he has a “V” on the BSM:


Also found a photo of him in Dress Blues…and again, looks as if there is a “V” on the BSM.

Am still trying to figure out his NDSM and his claim on being a Vietnam (Era) Veteran.


Uh-Oh. Here’s something totally new.

The bio listed for PV9 Gainey on that whenvetsgather.org link says he has two Purple Hearts.

Wonder where that came from and why has that claim not been disputed/deleted?


And as you can see, both PV9 Gainey and LSoS Killam are both on the Board of Directors for the whenvetsgather outfit.

3/17 Air Cav

Claw………I think before the Killam saga is over, we are going to have a whole different outlook concerning “jumping joe gainey” if you know what I mean!


Yep, you’re right. I do know what you mean.

My outlook on PV9 Gainey has already been solidified and it is not good.

It’s mainly of a senior NCO who had been so far removed from the every day common soldier that he lost touch with what it takes to be a true NCO.

He lost touch with the real Army on the day he signed out of a company sized unit and stopped filling out a DA Form 6 Duty Roster.

After that, it was all checking the police call around the headquarters building and seeing how the close of business motor pool clean-up was progressing until his retirement date rolled around.

But, Hey, somebody had to pull down that $7500.00 a month in base pay.


I’m guessing you are referring to this photo, which pretty clearly shows a V on his BSM –



OK, that one is clear enough to show the V-device on his BSM. So at least that photo is consistent with the multiple bios that say the same.

Don’t know why the other two bio photos don’t seem to show the V-device, but maybe they’re just low-res and at exactly the correct angle to make it difficult to see.

That “issue” (apparent disconnect between bio and photos) now seems to have been a non-issue. Thanks.


Am still trying to figure out his NDSM (3) and his claim of being a Vietnam (Era) Veteran considering he was born in 1956, graduated from High School in 1975 and did not come on Active Duty until AFTER he graduated from High School.

You would think a Retired Senior Private would know the regulation governing the NDSM. Key word in regulation: “ACTIVE DUTY.”

But what do I know. After all, I never served as a SEAC.

Hack Stone

If we can claim credit for events that transpired while on Delayed Entry, do I get credit for the Amerixan hostages in Iran being released? In less than a week after my enlistment, the hostages were freed. Draw your own conclusions.

Hack Stone

American. Hack Stone Publishing regrets the error.


You are so awesome Hack. Would you be willing to sit for a video interview with me? I won’t ask too many hard questions. When I ask what your MOS was, if it dredges up too many bad memories, you can just answer “expertise with weapons” and that will be just fine. Your hero-ness needs to be documented on the interwebs!


Yeah, I’m kind of puzzled by that too, AskaMarine.

Prior to Executive Order 12766, it’s my understanding that ONLY active duty service qualified one for the NDSM. That Executive Order (signed in October 1991) extended the NDSM to cover the Selected Reserve – but ONLY for the Persian Gulf period. That extension of the NDSM to members of the Selected Reserve was made permanent in Executive Order 13293, signed in 2003.

However, neither of these Executive Orders appears to retroactively authorize the NDSM to members of ANY part of the Reserve Components prior to the Gulf War Period (beginning 2 August 1990). It’s also important to note that Selected Reserve is NOT everyone in the Reserve Components. It’s a much more restricted set of RC personnel: TPU and IMA members of the RC. Members of the IRR do not qualify. It’s my understanding that people in DEP status don’t qualify either.

I would be VERY curious regarding the authority by which the man was awarded that NDSM for the Vietnam period. Hell, it might affect a whole lot of other folks too.


As far as the third award of the NDSM that he’s rocking, I’m thinking that way back when, before they finalized the Vietnam ending period date, it was simply added by a PAC clerk (or by his own hand when he hand carried his 201 file on a PCS move) to his 2-1 somewhere during his first series of assignments.

After all, it is a simple entry.

NDSM – AR 675-2-1.

He probably figured nobody would ever question it, but way down deep inside, he knew that his first award was not authorized until the DS/DS period, but since he had been wearing it all along, no big deal, especially by that time he was at least a SFC or 1SG and who’s gonna question the Top when it comes to his ribbon rack.

But he knew what the real deal was and didn’t do the right thing.

What’s the name for that? Oh, yeah, Integrity.


so since everyone else is here I figured I’d leave a comment so here it is LMAO. ! ! ! ! ! !


Is it time to…



I thought it wasn’t over until the Fat Lady (not Willie) Sings.



I couldn’t find a fat lady singing Turn out the lights.


Claw, I think I figured out how WJG was awarded the BSM w/V as well as the Combat Action Badge while being assigned as the III Corps CSM. He also was declared an Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy by Perry:


Metz said Gainey demonstrated his character and understanding of duty during their 13-month deployment to Iraq by placing himself in danger’s way along with his soldiers and experiencing their hardships.

“He (Gainey) would ride in the back of vehicles with privates and get out with them to search for improvised explosive devices and snipers,” Metz said. “He patrolled with them for insurgents and would pull gate guard to give a tired soldier a little break.”

Now if I can only figured out how honestly earned 3 NDSM and how he can sleep at night.

Did you catch he is now an honorary Admiral with the Texas Navy? Similar to being a Kentucky Colonel.


He was also with 2CR then 2ACR way before he retired


Skippy, in reading his military history, he was with the 2nd ACR probably for OJE or other operations in Bosnia/ Herk…don’t think that was determined to be a “Combat “Zone”. The BSM can only be awarded for folks participating in a Combat Zone. And unless I am wrong, one in the United States Army is not entitled to wear a Combat Patch if they participated in OJE or the other operations. Will look for the other article where it did specify WJG received the BSM / V because of his actions during OIF. I just thought it was interesting that a Senior NCO had to tag himself along with Jr. ENLISTED or possible SENIOR ENLISTED in vehicles or guard a gate. It came across to me as him not only being a Micromanager, but also him doing this so he CAN receive the CAB as well as the BSM, which he had to have “V” for it. My personal thoughts.


Actually, prior to 2001 there was no requirement for physical presence in a CZ/IDP Zone for award of the BSM. All that was required was that the individual had “distinguished himself or herself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight, in connection with military operations against an armed enemy; or while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.” The requirement for a BSM recipient to also be in receipt of Hostile Fire Pay or Imminent Danger Pay wasn’t instituted until Congress got involved and inserted that language into the 2001 NDAA.

See this article for more background regarding why Congress did so.


That’s also why the BSM can no longer be awarded to civilians accompanying the military during hostilities – they cannot receive IDP or HFP. Prior to 2001, the BSM could indeed be awarded to civilians as well as personnel in uniform. Numerous civilians had previously received it over the years.


Ah So. That is where the connection lies.

PV9 Gainey said on January 15, 2016 at 12:32 am that “I will sign off for my own good and try to get some sleep (if the demons allows it.”

And now we find out that he would pull gate guard to give a tired soldier a break.

Hmmmm.. Demons = Gate Guard? Ego massaging or just trying to justify his $7500.00 a month base pay check?

The 3xNDSM claim will sit on the back burner for awhile. I’m more interested in finding out how it came to be in Gainey’s published biography on the *whenvetsgather* website that he (Gainey) received two Purple Hearts (just as Killam has two undocumented yet claimed) during his service.

I’m beginning to sense a pattern here on false claims between Gainey and Killam. Perhaps it’s getting close to the time for running a FOIA inquiry on Gainey. We do have all the background info necessary to request one.

So Gainey, if you’re reading this, take note. When you make yourself into a public figure through Wikipedia and LinkedIn, other published biographies, etc., be prepared for the scrutiny that comes with that status.

That’s all for now. Out.


Re: FOIA inquiry.

Just simple curiosity in finding out if there is any validity to the claims on Gainey’s Wikipedia page that he was awarded eight Meritorious Service Medals and eight Army Commendation Medals.

Especially since I’ve seen an up close picture of Gainey’s ribbon rack (taken while he was in the SEAC position) and there appears (at least to my old eyes) to be only a single Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster attached to the ARCOM.

And speaking of that ribbon rack, where the Hell is the Clasp for the Good Conduct Medal? Were you out of uniform that day, PV9 Gainey?


And one more final note on that picture:

Improper placement of the two Bronze Service Stars on the NDSM ribbon.

But since he really is only authorized one BSS on the NDSM and not two BSS’s, I guess it’s only appropriate that he would be out of uniform for that also.


And a second final note on that picture referenced in Mr. Bill’s post.

Although his left arm is blocking the view of what would be the inboard qualification badge attached to the pocket, I’m betting that it’s his Expert Weapon Qualification Badge. That’s why the Master Parachutist Badge ended up in the middle and the Pathfinder Badge to the outboard side.

Meaning his badges are not in proper precedence and he is once again out of uniform.

Oh, well, I reckon that’s why he now carries the title of PV9.


That’s big. Where on WVG is it listed?


Animal, you have to scroll down on the site until you come to Gainey’s picture, then read the attached bio.

It (the PH claim) is right there, bigger than Stuttgart.

At least as of 10 minutes ago the claim was still there.


Wow. Not that I doubted you, but…just wow.




Hmm. That not exactly consistent with his bio found in multiple locations elsewhere, is it?

Let’s certainly hope that that’s the result of someone other than Gainey “getting things wrong” – maybe by accidentally conflating info supplied for Killam and Gainey. But if that’s not what happened, well, . . . .


I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think he’s handled this very well, but I’d hate to see him completely go up in smoke. More for my own sake than his really. Where does it end you know?


Interesting that the board on which both these guys serve is based in Austin, a very well know enclave of extreme lefties and aging peaceniks. Not that this crew is, or that there is anything wrong with that, but the odds are that their agenda is geared more toward dependency of vets than in true healing and self-sufficiency of vets.

Yeah, it is time to verify all those claims of the sock puppet, and calls for accountability by Tarrant County officials. Surely we have some friends in the area who can make that happen.


Honestly, I am shocked that a retired CSM would be a pawn for this guy just because they are on a board together and because Killam is helping him out with a certification, but that sure is what it looks like. Honestly, sergeant major, it’s time to give your stack of paperwork about Killam to someone else and get out of this perception of impropriety.

Maybe I was lucky, but I can’t recall any E9 during my time in service who wouldn’t have figured out how this looked and cut bait by now. Advocate for your buddy all you want, but let someone else arbitrate. At a minimum, come up on the net and let us know if there is anything in his records supporting the PH or the POW claims, or the results of your visit to see the VA doctor.


Claw, wait for it…wait for it
Have this sinking suspicion that new photo shops pics of WJG will show up, so start print screening as soon as possible.
Had also itially recommeded that contact Tarrat Co. Newspaper Reporters, Fort Hood PAO, Radcliffe and Loiusville KY newspapers, the Army Times, The Stars and Bars, Armed Forces Nerwotk, on and on and on. Give Killam and Gainey their exposures, their 5 minutes of fame. After all, is that not what the want?


as far as Kosovo they are aloud to wear a combat patch lots of folks I knew in Germany had them from the Kosovo and a reserve unit we had over in Germany but the the time frame was small
also look at Wikipedia and type in names and units and last but lest we do have a web page and are on FB all be it you have to prove you served in the unit or as support to..


Skippy, this is interesting about your comment sbout Soldiers who participated in Kosovo were allowed to wear Combat Patches. I witnessed a few of them being instructed to remove that patch, because they were not authorized to wear it. Again, I could be wrong, but will go back and research MILPO messages that clearly states OJE and others were not designated “combat zones”. Which means no BSM w/V. nor combat patches.Maybe the message got changed.


Stars and Stripes. Need to turn off spell check. Also, Fort Benning Paper, all the locations the Gainey Cup will be held, the Website “Military Corruption”, You Tube videos that have Gainey talking, the Trident University, Fox News…the list is endless. Remember what happened with CSM Richard Cayton? When you GOOGLE him, most of the articles on him are his lies of being a Vietnam POW, not the Audy Murphy Club. Gainey and Mike: I know you are reading this
Is this what you two want: More humiliation of yourself? This wont go away. Folks may keep clicking on this site and the next thing you know, we wont be reading about CSM (Retired) William Joseph Gainey” as being the FIRST SEAC. We will read about him defender an individual that lied about being a Vietnam POW as well as having two PH. Then we will be reading about CSM (RETIRED) William Joseph Gainey’s lie of having three (3) NDSM even though he never served/came on active duty during the Vietnam Era timeframe.

Green Thumb

I imagine these turds are holed up in some redneck bar talking shit and washing don Bush Lights.



Or Boone’s Farm. Scraping off remments of Monkress off their shoes, because those two really stepped into it after not only telling a lie, but also telling more lies to cover those lies.


sorry my spell check is over working on my tablet..


Skippy, here you go reference the SSI Former Wartime Service (Combat Patch):

AR 670-1, Paragraph 21-17 (pages 33-34):


Kosovo/Bosnia-Herzegovina/OJE/OJG/OJF participants are not eligible to wear the SSI Former Wartime Service Combat Patch).

There was one service member who went before the Army Board of Corrections who tried to have approval of him wearing a Combat Patch for OJG….and it was denied:


Again, if something new has come up and the rules have changed, then I am sorry for my mistake and ignorance.


my eyes are open now. and someone north of here is reading this also with a interest… because of so much back and fourth… I know when I made my first unit the hammer came down on higher-ups
namely Army and Air Force coming into theater to get a Patch, CAB or RIBBON or to get a day or two in to collect Combat Pay.. Hondo would be one of my first choice to talk to and there are a few others on here that have a wealth of knowledge and to include yourself… 🙂


Thumbs Up, Skippy! At the beginning of OIF (our unit was slowly tapering from OEF), I sware i saw every fricken troop I worked with/for. We are talking about not only my peers, but also those I outranked. Then the GOs started arriving with their staff. I had already been in country for a year doing OEF, awaiting for OIF, so when I ran into the Senior Officers and their CSMs, I asked them what they were doing here and how long they were going to stay. After hemmem and hallin, got no answer, but did say they would be gone in a week. I knew why they were there. They wanted to be where the action was. Possibly get themselved in Harms Way so they could get that PH or CAB. There was no need for all those folks to be there. And after they returned from their 5 day TDY trip to the AOR? They were caught sporting a Combat Badge (which some were asked to take off). To this day, always wandered if war stories popped out of their mouths for their TDY trip “There I was, minding my own business, sitting in my hooch, when the sounds of broken pieces of skuds hit the top of my tent..” (Tongue In Cheeck) BTW, Skippy, thanks for serving our country.I bet your wife and daughter are proud of you.


you must be talking about the ones that showed up the day before the 1st of the month to get there Combat Pay for the prior month and to start out the next month Lol… with boots on ground…… LMAO !!!!!
and THANK YOU for Your Service Too….. Devil Dog ! ! ! ! !
HOOOOOAH !!!!!!!


It is getting late for this old Fart, so in closing will make this comment to Killam and Gainey: I know you both have been reading this blog. You both think by ignoring us, that evertthing will die down and go away (ostrish head in the sand symdrome). Well, guess what. The Internet is forever despite your efforts of trying to do damage control of making those Videos of Killam private. There are other sources to use to expose you both to not only your peers, but also the Vets you are supposely helping, their families as well as your families, the comminity so support, the churches you attend, former co-workers and leadership and future Gainey Cup Tounaments. Do yourselves a favor. GOOGLE CSM Richard Clayton. Look what happened to him. Read the newspaper articles about him published by AP. Read anything about him on other Forums to include this one. He is hardly known these days related to the Audie Murphy Club. He now has a stigma on him as being labeled a Phony Vietnam POW. He got away with it for years and finally got caught. Is that how you both want to be in the limelight the rest of your lives? I’m sure down the road, your friends and family would be embarrasses and humilated and the only person who should take that blame is yourself. So continue with your Personality Disorder of having to be in control…having to be in charge. You reap what you sow.


My advice to Killam is to retire IMMEDIATELY before you get exposed. You are taking the biggest gamble of your life by keeping quiet hoping this will all die down and go away. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! The Hounds of (This Aint) Hell are on your ass and soon to catch up with you through the channels you only hoped would never be brought into this fiasco. Lies and avoidance will never slow down the chase. It ONLY makes it more important to see you pay for all the years you lied about your service. IMHO, Gainey would do himself a favor with just a small apology and the notion that he is through defending the defenseless. Otherwise, the remainder of his life will be looking over his shoulder. You both have brought the hounds after you, your location and vocation are too easy to track. Get out while you can. For ONCE, be a MAN!


Hear Hear!
Well said Marines.


Gainey continues to be silent about Killam’s POW lies.

Gainey continues to be silent about Killam’s Purple Heart lies.


And Gainey’s profile on When Vets Gather still shows two purple hearts and a BS w/V.


Back to Killam:

Check out this video. It is 26:50 minutes, so scroll to Marker 22:10 (warning, it make take a minute or two to get to that marker based on commercials):



Yeah, I watched that video a couple of days ago and Killam is indeed the poster child for being rescued from the depths of Hell by the Tarrant County Vet Services. When needed, Killam is trotted out as a prime example of the stereotypical, drug addicted, alcoholic for his entire life, Vietnam Veteran whose life went into the gutter because of the horrors of war suffered when only 19 years old. But playing the role of our hero on a white horse, Gainey rides to the rescue and saves him from the dickweed miscreants of TAH. It would be extremely bad Ju-Ju and a PR disaster for Tarrant County if Killam was exposed as a LSoS and forced to resign his position prior to being eligible for retirement (Killam turns 66 this year) and he had to return to way things were before becoming clean and sober with the help of the County Vet services. I can see it all playing out like this. In a Change of Responsibility Ceremony of epic proportions in the parking lot of Tarrant County Veterans Services, Killam is replaced by Gainey and all is well with the world. Gainey was sent in to do battle with the evil empire known as TAH as a rear guard, a diversionary tactic to keep the heat off of Killam until the particulars of the changeover can be worked out. Then Gainey will be touted as the new savior of all who come seeking help. After all, Gainey… Read more »

3/17 Air Cav

Claw….. I’ve seen the Killam song and dance more than once here in my town. 19 year old kid goes to Vietnam. Comes back all fucked up because of the horrors of that war. Turns to drugs and booze. Only prob. With that tale in many cases, is that they already had problems with drugs and booze before they left. In many cases, they would be the same person with the same problems if they would have stayed at home, hanging out on Main Street USA.

I believe Killam is one of those. It’s obvious, he had a low stress job behind the wire. Able to hit the EM club every night. Get drunk, stumble to his hooch, pass out and continue it the next night.

Killam, you my man, and I use that term lightly, are a no honor, low life scumbag, who pisses on the grave of every troop who did not get to come back from that terrible war!

You have no shame and you have no character!

Fuck you you miserable asshole!

3/17 Air Cav

Oh, almost forgot, jumping Joe Gainey, this ain’t goin away anytime soon. It’s show time and your up! I believe when this story runs its course, you are going to be famous beyond your wildest dreams. Career down the shitter. Two turds in one flush, first Killam, then you close behind!



Claw, your references to the Tarrant County VSO office and the possible end to the game……it all adds up. As mentioned on this site some time back, the Lawrence County In Co. Commissioners backed down the only guy in the county willing to continue asking questions. They shut him down by bluffing and intimidation, IN MY OPINION. The complainant had no other support willing to stand with him in County Commission meetings, and IMHO, was easily bluffed. Lack of knowledge, lack of any computer skills, he had the deck stacked against him when he began his inquiry. Again, IMHO, the politicians played a good game of CYA and succeeded with only one man standing proud. A fair amount of posters on this site and others wrote the local newspaper, but it too IMHO, chose to go along with the “gang” rather than have to possibly expose the truth and embarrass some County folks. This was in reference to one Michael Conley should you care to take a look at it.


Just checking in on the net to make sure the radio freq hadn’t changed per the latest SOI.

Nope, cricket serenade from PV9 Gainey is still loud and clear, 5 by 5.

Will continue 24/7 monitoring. Standing by. TAH Cadre Out.


Yeah, it sure is quiet.

Three weeks tomorrow. Wonder if Gainey’s found anything yet?


Time to call the newspapers and TV station around Tarrent Co as well as Killeem Texas and ask them to conduct as investigation report on both their lie? Can you imagine the embarrassment that will occur with The Gainey Cup as well as with the Trident University?


Claw and Hondo, wanted your opinion. Should I ask on WOT if anyone ever worked with or personally knew William “Joe” Gainey or are famliar or have participated in the Gainey Cup? Also, have you noticed that Bill Scharwtz is quiet as well on Edward William Richards? Last: Inquire if anyone lives near Tarrant County, Texas as well as Killam, Texas and if they have a good source to drop a bug in someones ear about these two?


Well, I think if there were anyone here on TAH who personally knew Gainey or had anything to do with the Gainey Cup they would have spoken up by now. I have viewed some additional pictures of Gainey (per the link on his self created Wikipedia page) from 2007 and his retirement ceremony in 2008 and it looks to me as if he never once cracked the cover on AR 670-1. Qualification badges out of precedence sequence, missing the clasp on the GCM, service stars on NDSM improperly placed (although not authorized two of them), and a real good look at the sole Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster on his ARCOM.(although he claims one Silver and two Bronze OLC’s for the ARCOM on his Wikipedia page) Can anybody say a bit of embellishment will go a long way, especially in written form? And then we find out that in all probability, his awards of the Combat Action Badge and his BSM w/V are the result of doing *ride alongs* with *Privates* looking for IED’s and snipers. I’m sure the rifle companies that were tasked to provide him with a solid 360 degree Personal Security Detail were just thrilled to death when they found out the Corps Sergeant Major was coming for a visit. But who knows? Maybe he’ll return to defend his honor (and explain how it came to be that a biography of himself listed two Purple Hearts) and to finally admit that he was wrong in defending that LSoS… Read more »


TWO THUMBS TO CLAW: You’re the man. Still think it is a slap in the face to you on what those two have done. Did you see Killam’s latest Facebook pic: It has PV9 posing with Killer and two other woman. Last: What are your thoughts on Bling Bling Richards and his sidekick Scharwrz?


Yep, I saw that on Killam’s page. He has three different Facebook pages, so he’s not really the withdrawn, never talks about himself, lives in dreamland individual that Gainey makes him out to be.

My thoughts on Bling Bling and his sidekick are Bling Bling has been a no service imposter for many years who likes to play dress up and pretend he’s a real soldier, while Schwarz was just a wannabe sockpuppet.

They are just examples of what happens when senility, an over active imagination, the Shriners and legalized marijuana in Colorado cross paths.

I really don’t see anything about their story where Richards is gaining any tangible benefits out of playing dress up, other than proving to the world he’s a Dumbass, and Schwarz is just as big a Dumbass by defending him, and not really harming anybody but themselves.

I hold no expectations of ever having Schwarz return to make any further comments. I think that horse has died and went to the glue factory.


Had asked somewhere up in the comments that anyone with contacts in Tarrant Co make them, and forwarded this info to a retired vet in the neighborhood. Haven’t heard anything from either request yet.


OWB: Forgot to ask about your thoughts on posting Bling Bling Edward Williams Richards and his sidekick, Bill Scharwz on WOT.


Thanks, OWB. Do you think it might be a close net community that no one wants to step on anyones toes despite the diservice and dishonor these two are harboring on Veterans?


AskaMarine: if you’re talking about the World of Tanks online community (makes sense given Gainey’s background as a tanker), can’t say I know much about it beyond the name. If not, I’m not sure what WOT you’re referencing.

That said, I’d be careful. An innocuous inquiry (“Hey, I ran across a bio on this guy – and I may have run across him elsewhere. He seems to be quite the fellow. Anyone ever serve with him?” ) might be OK. But when asking follow-up questions, I’d be very careful. For all you know, you might be talking to a close friend of his. IMO you’d need to keep it on an innocuous level and ensure the questions weren’t so pointed as to raise eyebrows and suspicions.

Anyway: “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” (smile)


It’s my understanding that there are a lot of vets in that part of TX, many of whom are not amused with posers. Figured the guy I know there would pass the info along to someone who would, if he was unable to take care of it himself.

Hondo: AaM may be referring to the Weekend Open Topic. That’s how I took it a few comments ago. Could easily be wrong about that – your idea makes sense! Good catch, thanks.


Claw, Hondo and OWB:

Thank you for your feedback and guidance. OWB is right. I was referring to Weekend Open Thread/Topic.

Guess it would be redundant to post on WOT, so will continue to comment on the Michael Killam Thread.

On Edward Richards:

Bill Schwartz posted the following comment reference Richards on January 4 2016@8:37 pm:

“Brother Richards is a Purple Heart award winner as verified by the State of Colorado via his DD-214 by the license plates on his car. I also know that he served in Korea and Vietnam.”


What is bizarre, interesting and a twist is that Richards is listed as being a Purple Heart Recipient with the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 1041-CO-5 (Colorado) BASED ON HIS SERVICE DURING WWII WHILE IN THE UNITED STATES NAVY:


Additionally as previously mentioned, he is listed as the Chapter Junior Vice Commander of this Chapter:



Hmm. Doing the math, and assuming he enlisted at 17 . . . that makes him (2015-1945) + 17 = a minimum of 87 years old.

I have a hard time believing that the “Edward Richards” pictured in the photos in the article at TAH is 87 years old. Theoretically possible, but I’d have to see proof to buy that.

Another issue is that the DD214 was not used as a separation document during or immediately after World War II. It was created well after the formation of the Defense Department in 1947. It was first used to document military discharges in 1950. During World War II afterwards until 1950, the Army used WD AGO forms for separations; the Navy used NAVPERS forms. Not sure what the USAF used between 1947 and 1950.


BINGO!!!! And if I am not mistaken, Richards was born in January 1932. This is why this is taking twists and turns. “DD 214.” PH recipient based on USN service during WWII. No records of him serving (unless NARA made an error).


Now that you mention it, as I recall it seems to me I also found a January 1932 birthdate for Richards.

That makes him much too young to have served in World War II – he’d have been at most 13 when the war ended. But he would have been old enough to serve in Korea.

“Curioser and curioser!” Perhaps we should go ask Alice – I think she’ll know. (smile)


Just thought I would slip this in before the kick-off to the Super Bowl.

I was racking my brain as to the discrepancies I noted between PV9 Gainey’s ribbon rack and what he has listed on his Wikipedia page for Awards and Decorations.

It is my belief that he (Gainey) stole the Awards and Decorations section from past SMA Raymond Chandler’s Wikipedia page and used that section for his own Wikipedia page.

A side by side comparison of the two sections (starting with the Army Distinguished Service Medal and ending with the National Defense Service Medal) reveals that except for Gainey adding a V Device to the Bronze Star Medal and adding a second Service Star to the NDSM, they are EXACTLY the same, line entry by line entry.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’m more in line with thinking that Gibbs’ Rule #39 does apply in this case. Just check out both Wikipedia pages and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

OK. Back to the Cricket Serenade and seeing if this Super Bowl turns out to be a deja vu all over again repeat of SB XXII.


Oh, I forgot to put this in before I posted the comment.

If stealing a Wikipedia section and using it for your page, does that count as Stolen Valor or Embellishment?

Ha Ha. What a hoot. One E-9 stealing the ribbon rack of another E-9. Sometimes you just can’t make this shit up.


And just to make it a nice round number, this comment makes it #500 for the thread.

Enjoy your interwebz fame Michael D. Killam and William J. Gainey (Google Hit)

You’ve earned your places in the Stolen Valor Hall of Shame.


The thing is that Gainey very likely didn’t write the Wikipedia article. Anyone who has Internet can click on the edit tab and toss in what they want.

I’ve pulled his GWOT Expeditionary Medal from the page, but everything else there looks like it conforms to his bio posted at https://www.benning.army.mil/armor/GaineyCup/content/pdf/CSM%20GaineyBio.pdf.


Oh, Okay, Sir. I didn’t know that.

I was simply going by the warning flags at the top of the Wikipedia page that say * A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject* and *Sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.*

I didn’t know that just about anybody could go on there and edit/change information.

As I’ve said before, I’m not very computer literate when it comes to stuff like that. The matching awards just struck me as being a little too coincidental.

If I screwed up, Mea Culpa.


You’re right that the originator probably did a cut and paste of a similar article, then made changes. I do that because it saves a lot of time. The gift, and curse, of Wikipedia is that any moron can go in and make arbitrary changes. That is also why it’s unreliable as a source for serious research.


OK. I figured that being able to make changes on Wikipedia required security codes and passwords and stuff like that.

I was just killing some time waiting for the Super Bowl to start and was researching some of the former SMA’s bios (looking to see if any of them were claiming three NDSMs) and came across Chandler’s and it struck me that his Awards and Decorations section as being almost exactly like Gainey’s.

BTW, former SMA Preston came on active duty just two weeks after Gainey did and Preston never claimed he had three NDSM’s like Gainey does.

Anyway, thanks for the info, Sir.


I see what you did there


# 506 and still nada from Killam or his sockpuppet.


Your theory makes perfect sense to me, and I`m gonna run with it until proven otherwise. I don`t see you as a conspiracy theorist at all, and tinfoil hats make me look fat and stupid. Never wear `em..




OK, folks, try this one:

Just heard a radio PSA from Paralyzed Veterans of America with a spokesman calling himself Michael Killam.

Granted, I was not fully engaged in listening to the ad nor was I fully awake, so perhaps misheard the name. Maybe.

A quick search of pva.org shows nothing about Michael Killam. And the ad didn’t claim anything in articular about him that I heard, so it may be absolutely nothing.

What are the odds? Anyone else ever hear ads from PVA? If so, listen up.


OWB, interesting.

Did not know PVA advertised on the radio. Will try to find them on Web and listen to the PSA.

Speaking of PSA: It would be great if the News Stations and Newspaper servicing/surrounding Tarrant County, Texas WOULD do a PSA on Killam.

And perhaps throw in that the 1st SEAC is supporting him as well as being questioned on the 1st SEAC’s claim to being a Vietnam Era Veteran (in writing as well as claiming three NDSMs)as well as an organization recognizing him as having two PHs.


pva.org does have vids of their televised PSA’s but I have not found their audio PSA’s yet. Have also looked around and find no mention of Michael Killam at all.

Am not prepared to say that PVA is involved in the scam. At first blush, they appear to be innocent bystanders. But who knows.

Since the voice I heard claiming to be Michael Killam was just voicing support for the org, it may simply have been grabbing a warm body to say the words. Except that visual brings up a lot more questions.


Of course the Michael Killam doing the PSA Voice-over could also be the California Real Estate Agent that the sockpuppet Gary Asslinger was so hot to trot about.

Or Texas Killam could be putting out feelers for a new line of work.

Just remember, Gainey says that Killam “Does not only TALK THE TALK, HE WALKS THE WALK!!!!!.”

Too bad it’s not a perp walk.


“Hey 1st SEAC our ‘old friend’ . . . .”

Starting day 27 of . . . silence. And sometimes silence speaks volumes.


We just have to remember this, My Brothers and Sisters:

The third SEAC has assured me he will dive into this.

I am working now through five channels to either verify he was a POW or just missing for three days. Until I get a report back from my sources that Michael is a fake, I believe his story.

I am looking into the records.

Again, if my sources tell me MICHAEL is a “FAKE”, you can bet your last dollar I will expose him 100%.

Michael told me today he feels it’s all a dream (talking about NAM). He has nothing to prove to anyone.

The hesitation in knowing his MOS was not that important to me.

I do not believe Michael is lying.

What the hell is a SOCKPUPPET?

I have encouraged his employer not to act on these post. I am personally looking into all your concerns and have some high level folks looking into it.


And yet, after all those pearls of wisdom have been cast upon the unwashed masses of miscreant dickweeds here at TAH, all we get is the Cricket Serenade.

Good Job. Award yourself another MSM or ARCOM.


If TSO ever wants to raise some real money, he needs to raffle off a chance to sit at a bar with Claw on one side and the former MCPO on the other. I’d pay a brazillion dollars for that opportunity!!!


Or another NDSM… 🙂 Well done, Claw. Well done!


Bravo, Claw.

Green Thumb

Michael Killam = maggoty, felonious loser.


Today makes the 31st day since we last heard from Gainey.

Seems to me that something of an administrative nature occurs after 30 days absence. Kinda rare for that to happen to an E9, though.


Yep, there sure does.

I’ve had the unaccounted for CTA 50-900 Report of Survey typed up and prepared for signature for quite awhile now.

I don’t know, but based on the shortages, (to the tune of 900 plus bucks) it looks like he pretty sold everything off to the B Street Hock Shop to get a bus ticket out of town.

Just as soon as I get a Survey Number from the Brigade S-4 NCO, I’ll bring it down to the S-1 shop for inclusion in the packet.


OK. I’m back. Here’s the Survey Number.


Sorry it took so long. I got waylaid by that 04E S-4 OIC again to answer a few questions. He always does that to me. Why doesn’t he ask his own S-4 NCO those same questions?

Oh, wait, his S-4 NCO is a fat ass piece of crap who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in the latrine.

Anyway, there’s the Report of Survey. Time to forward the packet up through channels.

A Proud Infidel®™

What is the process? I’m guessing that first it’s a Report of Survey followed by a Statement of Charges, I remember seeing some sub-par “Joes” do that for party money when I was AD, a couple of which wanted to bawl to IG about when they got a No Pay Due over their missing TA-50, latrine lawers can be SUCH geniuses sometimes!


API, Nope, Not a Statement of Charges. The servicemember must be available for signature and AWOL/Deserters can’t do that. The Report of Survey acts as a Statement of Charges or Cash Collection Voucher without the liable individuals signature.

The Report of Survey is the appropriate paperwork to legally charge a deserter for unaccounted military equipment. Signature by the servicemember is not required for the debt to be forwarded to the IRS for collection after going through the appropriate channels.

At least that was the way the system worked 25 years ago. Nowadays, who knows?


Not that different today. It’s now called a “FLIPL” (Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss) and is recorded on the DD200. But the process is much the same.

However, soldier issue now (unless policy has changed yet again) includes IBA and many other items that used to be TA-50. So $900 is probably way short for value of required individual issue items these days.


OK, good to know.

The 900 plus bucks value just came from my memory. IIRC, back in 91 (the last time I dealt with a R/S), the total depreciated value of a set of TA-50 was something like $936.00.

Because most of the time the sworn statements that came as exhibits to the R/S read like this:

“After gaining access to Private Joe Shitbag’s wall locker by using a set of boltcutters, the only items of TA-50 we found were his size 8 Mickey Mouse boots and a ripped canteen cover. No other items of TA-50 were found anywhere in his area”

Signed and sworn by Sergeant Good Guy and Corporal M-60 Gunner.

Yep, most of the time the rest of his squad got to make up their shortages, but that’s what happens when you’re a freakin deserter.


Michael Killam went AWOL. And so did the First SEAC of the JCS. What a great example for all the troops.They are cowards.

A Proud Infidel®™

AWOL, Absent Without Official Leave which often labels one as A Wussed Out Loser!



Green Thumb

Another day, same shitbag.

This is Killam me!


Well, the second-source FOIA I filed on the guy came back. Wanna guess what it said?

If you guessed, “Pretty much the same as above” – give yourself a big pat on the back. No additional awards, no time shown as MIA or as a POW, no Purple Hearts, no service with 75th Infantry. Only differences were minor wording regarding Transcript of Court Martial (“NA” vice “None found in file” and location of discharge “Fort Bragg, NC” vice “Fayetteville, NC”) and font changes. Nothing that impacted dates of service, assignments, education, awards, or rank at discharge.

I’m kinda wondering what’s taking Gainey so long to get back to us here. Seems to me if I could get a follow-up FOIA back this quickly, he could get Killam’s full record back with Killam’s cooperation (and signature on an SF180) just as fast – and maybe even faster.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

Well, Hondo – Gainey stated that he had connections and was able to review the record (remember he spent “five hours” reviewing the records). My guess is one of the following:

1. He saw the records and realized that his mentor is a liar, but doesn’t have the balls to come back and admit that he was dorked in the squeakhole by the Barbed Cock of Satan.
2. He lied to us (wow, that wouldn’t be a first) about reviewing the records.

I’m betting it’s #2…


I’m guessing #3 – he reviewed Killam’s personal copies, which may be neither complete nor accurate. It may now be followed by #1 if he actually filed a FOIA or got Killam’s cooperation in getting the full record from NPRC. But #2 can’t be ruled out, either.


Am leaning toward his knowing all along that Killam was lying and just did not care. Suspect he’s one of those guys who only cares that Killam supported the “right” agenda, one which labels all veterans as victims and people who “need” saving by the “right” people.

Would guess that Gainey can’t imagine what offends us about the lies and fully expected his bluster to intimidate us. Ya know, what with him being one of the special folks and all. Their superiority should be obvious to the rest of us. That it is not confuses (and angers) guys like him.

Well, that and he is obviously embellishing a few things himself.


I hate to say it, but yeah – I can’t rule that out either, OWB.

One would like to think that someone who held the position the individual claiming to be Gainey held would have some integrity, as well as the guts to come back and say, “I goofed.” But what we’ve seen here indicates that may well not be the case.


Apparently the 1st SEAC doesn’t have the access he implied he has, or he does and the FOIA came back reflecting what you posted. Either way #1 SEAC doesn’t have it in him to admit a mistake.


*No additional awards*

But, but, what about that 3×5 card that Killam flashed in the video that says he had 314 flight hours and 47 “Kills”?

Yes, the 3×5 card that is supposed to be from the Commander of D, 2/1 CAV and (although the card is purported to be 46 years old) looks like it was hand written just moments before the camera started rolling.

I mean, shouldn’t the Army have taken that card at face value and awarded him at least 12 Air Medals and a set of flight wings?

Oh, well, maybe he can submit that card along with the VA Doctor’s verification of his leg wound and get his Air Medals and wings when they award the Purple Heart(s) that he has coming to him.

After all, he does have the 1st SEAC greasing the wheels for him, so all those additional awards are only a few days away, especially since the 1st SEAC believes Killam’s story.

Perry Gaskill

So, Killam dragged the 1st Cav into this? It doesn’t make any sense. At the time Killam was supposed to be in country, the 1st Cav was based down in III Corps north of Bien Hoa. The 7/15 Arty was at that time apparently up in II Corps; first in Binh Dinh Province supporting the 173rd, then in Pleiku Province supporting the ARVN 22nd ID.


Perry, that’s not the first time Killam has linked the 1st CAV into his web of lies.

He posted a newspaper clipping picture (and circled a soldier’s head with an ink pen) that is supposedly him in Cambodia as a member of D,2/12 CAV.

He captioned the clipping with “By our third day in Cambodia we had lost all our ships with 52% KIA and took 7 days to walk out. Far left Doorgunner SGT Michael Killam.”

He posted that clipping just a little over two years ago to the milvetpeers/Album/Page 3) web page. Pretty sharp recollection for a guy who described his time in Nam as being spent in a “dream”.

If you want to look at that clipping and the other pictures he posted the link is on the first page of our comments to this post. (Provided by AnotherPat).

He sure did a lot of shuffling around in country for someone who only has one unit of assignment posted to his Form 2-1 for that period.


Re: “We had lost all our ships”

Although 3/17 had already checked to see if any Loaches had been lost from Killam’s outfit during his time in country (Thanks for that Steve), a closer check for losses during the Cambodian Incursion reveals only a total of five OH-6’s (No OH-58 Jet Rangers at all) were lost. One each from C/7/17 CAV, B/7/1 CAV, E 82nd ARTY, and two each from C/1/9 CAV.

One would think that a 100% loss of all helicopters from one unit and a 52% KIA rate would be in all the papers, but Nope. No references to anything tragic like that. So, that’s just another of “Killer” Killam’s lies, just like his lie about having two of his five male high school classmates being KIA in Viet Nam.

Reference source for the helicopter losses comes from the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) website.

3/17 Air Cav

Perry……..you are correct as to the location of the 1st Cav. From Feb thru May of 71 I was with the 1st Cav 2/12 then 1/9 we operated out Phuoc Vinh and Dian. The 1st Cav shortly after that period stood down and moved back to Ft. Hood Texas.


“I had weapons,” he said. “I had power over life and death. I could make people live or I could let them die. I became God-like.”

Yeah, he had the power to decide if people lived or not by how he decided to apply himself as a mechanic. Failed to do proper maintenance and repairs? Increased chances of death. Do a good job, as well as do what’s required so that the things that you worked on worked as they were built to work? Improve their chances of survival. This ding bat had to make things up to get something he would’ve gotten just for the fact that he served in Vietnam. 🙄

Just An Old Dog

He needs to take those wrenches and start smashing all these crickets that have been chirping.


The rule “Do as I say, not as I do” applies to the First SEAC of the JCS, William Joseph Gainey of the Gainey Cup.

Remember this “Soldier”?


If you have the time, listen to his conversation with CSM Dan Elder, Retired. Scroll to the 25:30 mark and listen to the 33:00 mark (about 7 minutes).


Education. Right. PV9 of the Cricket Brigade needs to look at his own backdoor. Or get out of his Glass House in Texas.

It’s time to have that tournament. Enablers of those who Steal Valor. And in Gainey’s case, Embellishers who Enable those Who Steal Valor.


Holy Cow 540 plus Comments on this thread.. this must be the record for TAH.. or damn close…


Oh, Hell No.

The Phony CPO Bernath thread alone has over 2,100 comments.

543 comments is small potatoes compared to that.


good point I should have said since I became a full timer here

Fruity Cake seems to set all kinds of records on any blog he finds himself on LMFAO !!!!!!!