Weekend Open Thread

| December 4, 2015

Valkrie sends this video for your weekend entertainment, since a certain phony Air Force lieutenant colonel has decided to threaten my life once again.

Hack Stone sends this;


My friend, Bill Albracht, the hero of Firebase Kate sends;


Thunderstixx sends these;

3 rd platoon Alaska

Helicopter rapelling 1977 another faceless GI

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Dan Bernath can eat shit and bay at the moon


He already does.

Green Thumb

While he works balls.


Dennis Chevalier can have solo erotic adventures with a 10 lb block of swiss cheese.


I’m sure he’s already “been there, done that” and put his face on the t-shirt.

HMCS (FMF) ret.

Is he still flouting his non-accredited, diploma mill pee H dee??? The State of Texas frowns on that type of behavior, Heavy Chevycheesesmegma…


In case you’re interested, he wants a dog. And a family.


Hey, I sell the World’s best cheese to Texas. Seriously.
Of course he wouldn’t know a good cheese if it bit him in the balls…




For the train fans.


John Robert Mallernee

Super dooper nifty!

Thank you for posting that.

I was particularly impressed to see the locomotive flew both the flag of Canada and the flag of the United States of America.

Where does the train’s route originate, what is its destination, and what stops are made en route?

What does it cost for a passenger ticket?


US Schedule/route, you’ll have to select each state to see the dates they’ll be through. Right now it’s in Wisconsin. http://www.cpr.ca/holiday-train/schedule-united-states

Canada schedule/route: http://www.cpr.ca/holiday-train/schedule-canada

It doesn’t look like they take passengers. http://www.cpr.ca/holiday-train/faqs


Always wanted to go see that and the Clinchfield’s (now CSX’s) Santa Train. This may be the last year for the latter though now that they’ve idled the lion’s share of that line.




So Daniel (no gas in tank)Bernath can now be a coed Navy Seal.


1. Buck Fernath.
2. Chuck Fevalier.

HMCS (FMF) ret.

Got to give my special shout out to Danni-boi’s butt buddy, QuEeFeRs! Still using that Vietnam era Happy sock to “cometh” in? Have a few DRG “Cocktails” for all us this weekend, QuEeFeRs!!!


Oh, yes, I totally forgot:

Duck Fallas.


“Fallas” is a great name for him, seeing as how he’s a dick.

Silentium Est Aureum

I’ll put it another way:

May Bernath’s first parachute jump be a tandem with DullASS, who was too drunk to notice he packed an anvil instead of a chute.


John Giduck – the turd with a face!

John Robert Mallernee

A couple of weeks ago, in the WEEKEND OPEN THREAD, one of the commentators informed me that a diagnosis of tinnitus was an automatic presumption of service connection of ten percent, that the award of service connection was limited to ten percent, and that hearing loss was a separate issue from tinnitus. Well, I received a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs announcing their decision. I have been DENIED service connection for tinnitus and bilateral hearing loss. It’s been so long since I’ve had any communication from Christopher Loiacono at REP FOR VETS (i.e., the National Veterans Disability Advocates) that I’m not certain I’m still being represented as a retained client, nor am I certain that firm is even still in business. Yesterday, I received a letter from the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City denying reimbursement for travel expenses for one of my trips there, because I am rated less than thirty percent service connected (i.e., I rated at twenty percent for my back muscles and knee), and the condition I was being treated for was not service connected. On the good side, after almost giving up, I finally was able to communicate with a representative from the Veteran’s Choice Program, and since there’s no longer any transportation available between Vernal, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah, and I am too impoverished and in too much pain to be able to safely drive that distance, the Veteran’s Choice Program is arranging… Read more »

Pinto Nag

“But, with all the pain I was in, and unable to sleep, last night, I took a quadruple dose of everything I did have, and it’s darn near killed me.”

John, what do you want us to do with a comment like that? Are you telling us that you’re suicidal, or that you don’t know enough about drugs to know that what you did COULD have killed you, or that you simply don’t care? Any way you slice it, what you did was very unwise, and telling us about it was worse. I, for one, actually attempted to contact you. You never responded to the letter I sent you. So YOU tell US how you want the people on this board to help you. We’re all over the country and all over the internet. You tell us how we can help you.

John Robert Mallernee


No, I’m not suicidal, but I did take too much medicine after having not taking any medicine for about a week or more.

I just have to be more cautious about what I do.

Thank you for your concern.

I never saw your e-mail.

Since I don’t know you, I might have been suspicious and deleted it without reading it.

Or, maybe I never received it.

Anyway, thanks for trying, and I’ll keep an eye peeled for any possible future communication.

Pinto Nag

Yes, please be more careful, because TAH wouldn’t be the same without you. 🙂

HMCS (FMF) ret.

John… please, like PN stated, be careful. I look forward to your posts and attached videos every weekend. You’re what makes this place special for me and others.

A Proud Infidel®™

I nominate John Robert Mallernee for the title “THE MOST INTERESTING MAN OF TAH®™”, anyone second the motion?



(doubling up on tylenol can wreck your liver permanently, just sayin)

John Robert Mallernee

The doctors have already told me to never ever take Tylenol ever again, nor any medicine with Tylenol in it.

Apparently, it was why I was hospitalized with septicemia resulting from a kidney infection.

That was a few years ago, at the VAMC in Biloxi, Mississippi, only a few months before my heart attack.

John Robert Mallernee

It’s Christmas.

I have to be able to play my guitar and sing for the Christmas parties, and I’ve got to be able to go to the Christmas parties.



Can’t remember for certain, but I recall at least mentioning the 10% rating given when considered service connected. Please look and find the post you were referring to. I kinda doubt you’ll find me telling anyone a rating for tinnitus was an automatic “yes” for anyone who spent time in the service. Maybe you misread the email, no matter who sent it. Seems very strange a person who spent X number of years as an administrative clerk, a supply sgt., a cook or ANY MOS far removed from the noise of conbat would even consider filing for such a rating. Not a put down to those folks, but just a fact that expectations can not be real when undeserved. We all agree the VA is less than careful when awarding ratings, but they do make some serioous mistakes now and then. If you are unable to work, for any reason, there surely must be some gub. agency ready to load your pockets. Why not move to Mexico for a couple of years, become a citizen, then sneak back across the border. Better yet, marry some cute seniorita, impregnate her and sneak her across the border to have your child in an American hospital for free. Then you can follow and reap the rewards. If that does not work, try Syria. Sorry to sound so damned callous, but your story hardly broke my heart. Life can be a bitch, but we all have to deal with it. Maybe some time I’ll… Read more »

John Robert Mallernee

@ JARHEAD, Et Alii:

It wasn’t you that made that comment, but a retired or active duty Army NCO.

At the time of my Honorable Discharge, I was a junior NCO serving as a Cavalry scout.

I spent two (02) years in the old Republic of Viet Nam, most of it with the 101st Airborne, and had a fragmentation hand grenade detonated right next to me (yes, unexplained miracles DO happen – – – I didn’t get a scratch!).

In Germany, my eardrum was burst by a low flying F-4 “Phantom” using its afterburners.

Years later, the eardrum was surgically repaired at “the 121st Evac in Seoul”, Republic of Korea.

John Robert Mallernee

@ JARHEAD, Et Alii:

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m merely complaining, but I’m hoping whoever commented will see this and comment again.

I need his advice, whoever he is.


Yes, you do need some advice. But I have to admit being a bit confused. In one of your videos, you say you are living in Gulfport, Ms., in an old soldiers’ home. Maybe that’s where you spend Winter??? Understandable seeing what happens in Utah when it gets cold. As for the tinnitus claim, don’t you imagine the examining physician would be a bit skeptical when seeing you play guitar and sing? Then, there’s all the ribbons and awards on the wall in your first video. Do NOT get the wrong impression and think I am questioning your service record, because I am NOT. It’s just that some things do not add up. To remain pleasant and not upset what seems to be a kind old soul, here is the best advice I can offer you. The remarks regarding your combat experience in RVN would EASILY direct you to a serious PTSD claim. Knowing the V A is not going to seek you out and offer help in the right direction, here’s your ticket. Find a VSO office in the county you currently reside. File a PTSD claim and be accurate with every sentence. Exaggeration or untrue stories will get one in trouble real quick. Write what specifics you can recall, including date of combat incidents, as well as names of other soldiers who were in your IMMEDIATE vicinity when traumatic events occurred. Keep TRUTH in mind as evey event you describe most likely will be covered somewhere in writing… Read more »

John Robert Mallernee

The VA has determined that I have depression, and not PTSD, even though they have hospitalized me for it and treated me for it on several occasions.

The VSO thought my recollections of my experiences in Viet Nam were too incredible to be believed.

So, I reckon there’s not much else I can do in that area.

I use a chromatic tuner to tune my guitar, which requires sight, not sound.

Remember that Ludwig Von Beethoven was composing and performing AFTER he was completely deaf.

No, they kicked me out of the Armed Forces Retirement Home, due to a racial confrontation.

I do have irrational fits of temper, especially when recovering from spinal surgery.

The temperature here in Vernal, Utah is currently 21 degrees, with snow on the ground.

My hearing loss in both ears has been diagnosed by the VA as being moderate to severe, and a hearing aid will not help.

The VA acknowledges that I have hearing loss and tinnitus, but they’re insisting it is not service connected.

I’m currently rated at twenty percent service connected, and another ten percent would sure make life easier.


Although I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I am no doctor. Not going to question you, but if a VSO claimed what you said, he’d very likely be out of a job. Unless I am mistaken, all VSO are former veterans. With only a few exceptions, I’ve never heard of such an attitude like that. If you have facts, time and dates to verify….no VSO would ever deny you the right to a claim.
Please accept my appology for the remarks about your hearing loss. However, something is still not right here.
As any other will tell you, an additional 10% rating in tennitus or anything else does not increase your overall per centage by the same amount. Simple enough to refer to it as V A math.
I have no reason to doubt your statements, but if what you claim is accurate, Buy The Damned Book John! Caving in so easily does not speak well for one’s needs. My guess is D. Hardin and API would both agree…..Either your reflections on the events you endured in RVN were inaccurate, or you really just don’t have the want and need to pursue this. Either way I wish you well and hope your Christmas is a very white one!
No pillow cases please!

John Robert Mallernee

That VSO passed away years ago.

My big mistake was telling the VA about the traumatic events of my youth, prior to entering the Army.

Also, I had years of honorable service after returning from Viet Nam.

The VA uses that as evidence that my health problems are not a result of military service.

One of my counsellors told me I’m too well educated, and not like a typical down and out war drunken veteran living on the street (even though I was destitute and on the street), and the VA considers those to be factors against my favor.

Mox nix.

Xin loi.

At least, I’m off the street, with an income, health care, and insurance to pay for my funeral.

I wish I had a dog, but I doubt I could afford to care for one.

John Robert Mallernee

Also – – – ,

Does ANY one know ANY thing about the REP FOR VETS folks?


Formally known as JR

JRM, the automatic 10% thing for tinnitus stopped a couple years ago so it can just put you at 0% with a service connection or if it is really bad 10% is as high as it will go.

John Robert Mallernee

I currently am rated at 0% service connected on my left ear.

Silentium Est Aureum

These fuckers have the right to remain silent. They just don’t have the ability.

Keep talking, idiots.

John Robert Mallernee

Here’s something for your wee ones:


John Robert Mallernee
John Robert Mallernee

“Chag Urim Sameach!”

Chanukkah begins at sunset on Sunday 06 December 2015, and the first candle will be lit.

At 1800 Hours Mountain Standard Time on Sunday 06 December 2015, the annual CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints will be broadcast, LIVE, from the Conference Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.


John Robert Mallernee


I forgot to wish you all a – – – ,


John Robert Mallernee
John Robert Mallernee

I’m worried about something.

It has been a habit of mine, for MANY years, to always wear my service revolver, openly or concealed, every place I go, even to church (which officially forbids it).

But, the sad reality is that I am now old, and afflicted with arthritis, degenerative spine, carpal tunnel syndrome, heart attack, high blood pressure, unknown brain damage (due to stroke?), and who knows what all else.

The bottom line is that I’m now slow and clumsy.

What good would I be in a gunfight?

On the other hand, I still feel that our society would be safer and more courteous if everybody else was also always armed every place they went.

So, I try to set an example for others to follow, by practicing what I sincerely believe.

I just hope and pray that in a real life or death emergency situation, that I’ll still be able to function the way I’ve been trained to, regardless of my physical limitations.

I wonder – – – ?

Shouldn’t there be some sort of firearms training tailored specifically for the elderly and the infirm?

Shouldn’t there be concealed firearms specifically designed for them?


Check out US Concealed Carry Association. I am a former member and I remember they had a bunch of articles about older, not 100% physically capable shooters and how to get the most out of your equipment.

Here is a link to some info that might help.


John Robert Mallernee

@ CAKE 14N:

Thank you for posting the link to that valuable information.

I know a lot of folks besides me will probably need to know about that stuff.

You’ve just done a grrrrr-REAT service!

God bless you.


No worries. Put the info to good use and have a great day yourself.

John Robert Mallernee

This is my FAVORITE Christmas movie!


John Robert Mallernee

I personally know the little girl’s family, for her uncle and I were both soldiers in the United States Army serving together during the war in the old Republic of Viet Nam.

The scene where Mr. Krueger visits the manger always evokes tearful memories of my long lost darling, Bonnie.

In August of 1971, when I was in Israel, I went on a three day guided tour of Jerusalem, via Egged Tours, which included visiting the manger in Bethlehem.

Oh, what a treasured memory THAT is!

Obviously, because of this movie’s name, I (and probably many others) wickedly enjoy referring to it as, “FREDDIE KRUEGER’S CHRISTMAS”!

John Robert Mallernee

What CHANGES have been made in the Veteran’s Choice Program?


I received an official announcement in my e-mail from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but the Internet link did not work.

Anyway, they said they were going to take care of me, by getting me a LOCAL doctor, and having medical procedures done LOCALLY, which will be a BIG help to me.

John Robert Mallernee

All of my Christmas shopping is finished.

I went to the AMAZON web site and purchased 2016 Norman Rockwell wall calendars for everybody, and had AMAZON ship them directly to the recipients.

The only expensive gifts I purchased were two hardbound classic novels for my two great nephews.

AMAZON also does the gift wrapping, as well as the shipping.

See how quick and easy that was?


Damn it toke them two days to state the obvious


If Chevalier had actually been an officer in any federal branch (including Reserves and National Guard), he would have automatically been appointed to (at least) the same rank when he entered into the Texas State Guard. He did NOT have the option to ignore/hide any prior service when he enlisted in the TXSG. His highest rank in the TXSG was CPL. That, to me, is even more proof that he was never an officer in any federal service, let alone an O-5.

Oh, and looky what I found:


He posted the following to the TXSG official site when he got booted out (see Military Phonies for the letter from the Regimental Commander awarding him a general discharge with bar to reenlistment–enough to keep him out of a lot of jobs):

“The guard as a whole is comprised of good people some, real heroes yet when one of their brothers became embattled from a terrorist hate group, they threw him under the bus instead of defending him or at least hearing his side.

That sadly is not the only instance of occurrences as I am told by others of the same things happening throughout the 4th regiment.

I am deeply sadden to no longer be able to work beside such great men and women.

Good bye.”

Oh, and the “terrorist hate group” he refers to is none other than good ol’ TAH.


Ole Dennis sounds like a lonely loser in his post on his FB page.

I can only imagine after writing that lonely shit he called up Jonn and said in his soft pitch voice: “Lilyea, you better take down my stolen valor page or else I am going use you as a meat shield, got it?”


I am in the Peoples Republic of Vermont this weekend.

Squirrel hunting season is open and I am in a tourney to bring home the covetted trifecta in organized squirrel hunting circles.

The heaviest gray, red and black squirrel competition is the toughest category.

I have won the category 3 years in a row by taking down the heaviest gray, red and black.

And I do it with one shot from my 22 long.


Yeah, they knew you were coming and they’ve been hiding out on my front steps.


Sounds like squirrel and dumplings time.

John Robert Mallernee

I’ve never been there, but I like Vermont.

One of my earliest boyhood heroes was Ethan Allen, leader of the Green Mountain Boys, which I read when I was going to Spring Lake School in Spring Lake, North Carolina.

Vermont ALWAYS has a white Christmas.

It’s where the Hollywood movies, “WHITE CHRISTMAS” and “HOLIDAY INN” take place.

What I REALLY like about Vermont is their firearms legislation and regulation, which is – – – NONE (except for a law that states that you can’t have a firearm if you’re planning to commit a crime).

Several years ago, numerous automobiles in other states featured bumper stickers stating, “I SUPPORT VERMONT-STYLE GUN LAWS”.

Do you remember seeing those?

Does Vermont still have NO laws regulating or restricting firearms, whether concealed or openly carried, whether black powder or fully automatic, whether empty or fully loaded, whether military or civilian, whether in an elementary school or a courthouse, et cetera, et cetera?

Oh, if ONLY every state were like Vermont!

But, of course, since I’ve never been there, I’m merely relying on stuff I’ve read about or heard others discuss.

Silentium Est Aureum

Vermont of lore is not the same as Vermont of reality.

Very much a “haves versus have nots” state in a lot of ways.

And the taxes there are a cast iron bitch.


Yup 100% taxed to death. The fun part is everybody is moving from N.Y and Mass so they can collect welfare for generation’s. They bring lots of hard drugs and problems with them. I carry my ccw at all times.

Perry Gaskill

I spent a few months in Stowe back in the mid-’80s and enjoyed it. Lots of old houses in tiny towns, and scenic. There was an edge between the locals and new arrivals, but nobody seemed all that in-your-face about it. Sometimes people would wear t-shirts saying “Real Vermonters don’t eat quiche.”

I don’t remember there being red, gray, and black squirrels; must have missed that.

For the record, I don’t eat rodent. Or quiche…


How do you get them to stand still and in a straight line long enough?


Peanut butter and fish hooks on short leaders …then I walk in circles ’til I get the perfect shot.

Tourney organizers have no idea how I do it and I don’t think it is legal, but hell … it is squirrel hunting!

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s RUMORED that an old US Army saying goes “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’!


Well played my friend.

Silentium Est Aureum

Easy on the cheese and maple syrup, Master Chief.


Welcome to the Republic of Vermont. Sorry the squirrel’s have been eluding you. I shot five them on Monday off my birdfeeder. On a good day I can also get one or two pigeons trying to pillage the seeds that are for the cardinals. And remember the hunters rule when you stop looking and hunting they come out in force.

A Proud Infidel®™

BUT IS one allowed to hang a bogus welfare check out in the open and shoot any hippies coming after it, or is that considered as “baiting”?

Silentium Est Aureum

One might consider it a public service.

Drugs (esp. heroin) is becoming a huge problem in New England.

Not long ago, a high school girl OD’d and died from a dose dished out to her by momma’s boyfriend. She’s the one who got her daughter hooked.

Great family, that one.


Continuing protests in Chicago are calling for Rahmbo to resign now and questioning why the officer who shot the Johnson was not immediately disciplined. The accusations that it was an election year are flying thick and fast.

Green Thumb



Okay everybody! The MP’s are now here for your weekend wall locker, dufflebag and footlocker inspection. Open wideeeee. bwahahaha!

Roger in Republic

Did the MP’s bring a bitch, because my German shepherd really wants to hump something. Sorry, but my stuff is off limits.

Green Thumb

I met a friend at a dive bar for a drink to catch up over the holidays.

I walked into the men’s room and looked down in the urinal, yes the urinal, and discovered a huge, steaming pile of Phil Monkress.

In the urinal, totally Phildo and All-Points Logistics style.

I flushed the urinal but the steaming pile of Phil Monkress did not dissipate. Much like Phildo’s and All-Points Logistics stink.

I quickly got out of there and moved on.


For some reason this just seems apropos after reading that “met a friend at a dive bar for a drink” line.

RIP, Warren. We hardly knew ye.

Green Thumb

Big fan.


Same here.

Just An Old Dog

I’ve been reading TAH and watching too many of the Hair’s videos on Bernath. I actually had a dream about the asswipe.
I dreamt that I was in an Airport in Florida and ran into him. He had no clue who I was. Anyway he was about to fly a plane or something I take it, but he ended up getting into a confrontation with someone who was running a storage room or rental place (car or plane).
The guy was a reserve deputy and didnt take kindly to Bernath’s running his suck, so he refused to provide service. Bernath made the mistake of violating his personal space and he slammed Bernath face first into the floor and cuffed him. Airport security came to take him away as he sat on the floor bleeding and confused. I actually was feeling sory for him… I was also frantically looking for my cell phone to get a picture to send to you guys.


What happened to the catherer thingy?

Frankie Cee "In the clear"

I would like to see a spread sheet showing how many times the DRG hits TAH to look for something new. It would look like a Dow Jones printout.

A Proud Infidel®™

I once again wish A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the Fine People of TAH®™ and a happy and prosperous New Year.

I would say for each and every member of The Dutch rudder gang to GO FUXX THEMSELVES, but I feel that’s redundant, they ALREADY do that as fast and hard as they can without being told to!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Formally known as JR

I don’t know what this white privilege is, but I’m pretty sure I grew up in a somewhat broke family with the military being the only way I can even have college as an option.

Green Thumb


Glad to see I was not alone.




I was never referred to as white growing up and we never hung aound with rasist either.

I was often though called a ‘freckled faced dumb ass’.

We worked hard and paid for everything we had.


Sounds pretty damn familiar, actually. Won’t say we were broke, but money was tight as hell.

Silentium Est Aureum

I remember having to hunt for meat to eat, and cut trees for burning to heat the house more than once as a kid.

Never even knew what a new car was until I was in my mid-20’s.

Currahee John

Same here. My parents were sharecroppers in their youth, but made good lives for themselves and us. That Vietnam Era GI Bill was the only way I was able to go to college.

Reckon I didn’t belong to the “lucky sperm club,” but I’ve had a right good life. And my mailbox has a door on it!

Dave Hardin

Dec 4 Two Navy attack planes (among 28) are shot down by Syrians
over Lebanon: 1 KIA; 1 POW (held 30 days).

Dec 4 Eight Marines KIA. Marines of G Co., 2nd Bn., 8th Marines,22nd MAU, at CP 76, BIA, come under heavy fire from Druze gun positions in Syrian-held territory. One rocket kills 8 Marines.

U.S. Casualties
Killed in Action 266
Wounded in Action 169
Non-Hostile Deaths 2
Note: 5 more Americans were
killed after the withdrawal.

Semper Fi Marines, you are not forgotten.

John Robert Mallernee

Is that going on NOW?

I hadn’t heard a thing about it!

Dave Hardin

Sorry, I left off the year. That was December 4, 1983 Beirut Lebanon.

Just An Old Dog

David, in the mid 80s I was in 3/11 with a Marine (dark green) who’s name was Rogers. He was either an FO or Radio Operator with 10th Marines when that happened.
He was telling us about how they were hearing reports over the net when it happened.

Dave Hardin

Ya, that was Hotel Battery 3/10. The Granada/Beirut deployment.

John Robert Mallernee

For the best effect, please be sure to watch, in “FULL SCREEN” mode, this nice little collection of little-known, family friendly, CHRISTMAS MOVIES, which I obtained from the GRAVITIS VENTURES channel at the YOU TUBE web site, and just now posted at my own personal web site, “OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE”.


Pineywoods NCO


I am still waiting for the evidence you promised nearly 3 years ago.

I am still waiting for you to come down through my neck of the Pineywoods on your supposed way to Jefferson.

I am still waiting for you to make an appearance within reach of me and my fellow veterans here in East Texas to proclaim how much of a lying sack of cat sh** you really are. And don’t worry…I am not alone here.

You come to our part of the world and proclaim how much you are like other boring sack of cat sh** like Daniel and Wittingfield and other worthless hypocrites and believe me when I say the following:

We will create the “Double Barrelled Heavy Chevie Ass Cheese Gun” and test it out.

Just do the right thing…leave Jonn alone, leave us alone and leave the rest of society alone. Just barricade yourself in the apartment and don’t ever come out again. Make sure you rid yourself of any electronic media device (computers, cell phones, tablets, any communication devices) first. Pack up lots of cheese and stay the f*** out and away from the rest of the world.


Just An Old Dog

Cheeseslayer is still trolling online dating sites looking for his next victim. Thankfully, he has a pretty big Google footprint for anyone who looks him up.
How he never managed to get a criminal record is a testament to how much of a manipulating piece of shit he is.
You are being watched Cheeseslayer. Don’t think your shenanigans aren’t being documented for the next potential victim to read about… and they are all in your own words.


Someone posted a facebook image on Fake Warriors…I wanted to laugh but Dennis is truly pathetic and seems to have dark/vivid mind. He posted a status saying he is “feeling very lonely today”….jesus this guy is a loser. Some of his images tend to show suicidal tendencies.

Hard to believe this clown was married 8 times.


He’s trolling for gullible women, right?

He’s also dumb enough to attract the wrong kind of female, someone who is looking for a victim herself. Have you guys thought of that? He keeps throwing out the lures and doesn’t have a clue AS TO how many Sante Chimes there are in the world, looking for someone exactly as stupid as he is. He should be careful. He could meet someone a whole lot nastier than he is.


I don’t know Ex, Dennis is a dumb dude. But I think he looks for women he deems “weak” or “lonely in society”, he has been so efficient at doing this. This is why he has been married 8 times though. By the time the woman gains enough strength to ouster his ass, he is on to the next one.


Here’s the current image of the sun. Note the extremely small sunspots on the left side of the sun.


We seem to be having a rather warm and wet winter where I am. If we don’t have the piles of snow we’ve had for the last 4 winters, that’s fine with me. I could use a break and it will cut my gas bill down to nearly nothing.
If I leave the front door and living room blinds open and let the sun’s heat warm up the house, it goes up to 78F. I have the thermostat set at 72F. Right now, I have a HUGE credit with the gas company, a new blower motor in the furnace and a fewer birds than usual showing up for food. And the thyme in the pots on the front steps is still green and fresh.
I like the snow as much as anyone else, but we could use a real break this time.

Commissioner Wretched

When I was a kid in the early 60s in Chicago, these little animated classics meant the start of the Christmas holiday season. I still get a little misty-eyed when I see them … they bring back so many happy memories.




If you grew up in Chicago then, you know. If you didn’t, you’ll probably never understand.


Hardrock, Coco and Joe
Susy Snowflake
Frosty the Snowman

(Heavy sigh) Things were a whole lot simpler then. A Snickers cost a nickel. Penny candy actually cost a penny. You could get into the movies for $.25. A chocolate soda had real ice cream in it, made by a real soda jerk. I could go to the library on the bus on Saturdays and read books all day long and my parents knew exactly where I was.

Commissioner Wretched

It was indeed a simpler – and better – time.

I miss it. A lot.


You know that our parents and their parents said the same thing. /smile

I miss that my kids when they were 10 were never able to take their bikes, all by themselves, for a mile or 2 to the Sat movie that included Filipino yo yo masters at half time. Lot of those kinds of things. But I enjoy the hell out of technology, Al Gore’s internet, GPS, cell phones, etc.

I don’t miss having to go to the library to look up stuff or to make the damned 3×5 cards for the bibliography of a term paper. And then type it with carbon paper and lots of white-out.


I grew up watching WGN from northern Indiana. I even got my fourth grade school picture shown on it for my birthday that year.

It was when Bob Bell (as kindly old custodian Andy Starr) hosted the afternoon Three Stooges Show and they did birthday announcements.

I miss the old days like that, when you could get a lot for just a quarter. Like a Sgt Rock or Superman comic book, a cherry phosphate at the drug store, along with a big old Hollywood or Zero candy bar and still have three cents left over for three Bazooka Bubble Gums.

Ah, the good times.


Oh, Geez, how could I forget that a big old Powerhouse bar was just a nickel too.

John Robert Mallernee

I haven’t seen a Powerhouse candy bar in years.

Did they go out of business?

When I was a boy, that was my favorite candy bar.


Nope, not out of business (Peter Paul), just a discontinued product. I think they stopped making them in 1986 or 1987.

But it was a good deal. Four ounces of candy for a nickel. Maybe something close these days to a Powerhouse would be a Baby Ruth bar.


Claw…those are many of the things I fondly remember and miss. Don’t forget Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob, and of course his bitch Clarabelle. The six cent coke machines, Hershey’s kisses at two for a penny, nasty-tasting Double Cola, the candy dots that were on a piece of white paper,(somehow that morphed into paper blotter acid when I was pissing a couple of years away after returning from RVN), boxes of cereal that always had a surprise gift inside, flattening pennies on railroad tracks, the Crispus Attucks at final four (damn, now that one brings back some bad memories), penny carnivals in small towns, milk served at school in glass jugs (chocolate or white, your choice), Pinky Lee, Soupy Sales, the Lone Ranger, persimmons getting ripe immediately following the first frost, as we got older Virgil Grissom, the Hippies at Ind. University, on and on it goes. Thanks for waking up some forgotten thoughts.


Jarhead, the secret behind being able to choke down a bottle of Double Cola or Royal Crown Cola was to first stoke the bottle with as many of the real salty Planter’s Peanuts (from the nickel bag) that you could stuff into the bottle. My guess is the salt neutralized the cola acid and besides, it was cool to chew and drink at the same time.

As far as the six cent pop machines, I always preferred the slide over and lift gate mechanism ones. The machine down at the town lumber yard was one of those and that’s where we got our Double Colas/RCs from. I used to do the country road tour with my little red Radio Flyer wagon collecting pop and beer bottles to get the penny deposit back on them. Those were the times, my friend. It’s too bad they had to end.

Yep, Double Cola came in those spiral ribbed big bottles and were pretty unique. You had to try really hard to have one of those slip out of your hand.

John Robert Mallernee

I never heard of Double Cola or of six cent Coke machines.

I was raised in the segregated South, and our big drink was RC cola (i.e., Royal Crown” cola).

The price on machine dispensers went from five cents to ten cents.

Down South, no matter what brand of soda pop you’re drinking, it’s ALWAYS called a “Coke”.

That’s why Barbara Mandrell sang her song about “putting peanuts in my Coke”.

John Robert Mallernee

What does a bottle of pop have to do with the segregated south?

Are you trying to say that the manufacturers of Double Cola discriminated against southern white people by only distributing the pop to northern integrated states?

A further explanation is needed as I just can’t make the connection between a bottle of pop and the segregated south.

John Robert Mallernee

I just enjoy pointing out to folks that I actually lived through the history most of them only read about in books.

Commissioner Wretched

Oh dear God, I remember Bob Bell as Andy Starr! (Vaguely, anyway.) I believe it was he who said after one Three Stooges short that the Stooges were all old men now and didn’t do that sort of thing any more … my first real experience with favorite characters getting on up in years.

My fourth-grade class went to Bozo’s Circus when Bob Bell was “the world’s greatest clown” and I almost – ALMOST – got picked for the Grand Prize Game. The kid sitting next to me elbowed his way into the Magic Arrows and went on to score all six buckets and win the bike, the hundred silver dollars, and all that stuff.

Commissioner Wretched

Not to brag but I also had Ray Rayner read one of the letters I wrote him on his morning cartoon show. He mispronounced my name but it was still a thrill!

John Robert Mallernee


Thank you for posting the URLs for those video recordings.

I’ve added them to my own “CHRISTMAS MOVIES” playlist which is posted above, and also at my own personal web site, “OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE”.

Commissioner Wretched

John …

You’re extremely welcome, my friend. I’m so very glad you enjoyed them; they meant an awful lot to me when I measured my age in single digits and WGN was the television station of choice for people in my age group.

By the way … you are with the Scottish-American Military Society, are you not? Do you ever go to the Highland Games at Stone Mountain, Georgia? If you do I will have to look you up, as I attend every year.

John Robert Mallernee


No, I’m not a member of S.A.M.S., as there’s no activity in this part of the state, and I can’t afford to travel to where S.A.M.S. does have functions.

No, I’ve never been to the Highland Games at Stone Mountain, Georgia.

I live in Utah, and I’m on a pension, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever get to participate in either of those activities.

I used to participate in Scottish and Celtic festivals in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Mississippi, and I’ve been to one Scottish festival here in Utah.

I am a member of the Utah Scottish Association.

John Robert Mallernee

Speaking of simpler times, remember when “GAY” meant something entirely different than what it does today?

Do parents still name their daughters, “Gay”?

I’ve been told that at least one children’s church hymn has been changed or removed as a result of this contemporary wickedness.

I think “Gay” may also be a Scottish surname, but whether it’s from Scotland or elsewhere, I have seen it used as a family surname.

John Robert Mallernee

Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space: Why is life so unfair? I simply don’t understand it. I don’t always get my way. I don’t always get what I want. Not everyone agrees with my opinions. Not everyone wants to be my friend. Not everything in life makes sense. If I want something, I have to actually WORK to earn it. Can you believe such nonsense? So, WHY is life so unfair? By the way, as many (or most) of you know, I’m a Mormon convert, and on the first Sunday of each month, we members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints abstain from food and water for twenty-four hours (if health permits), and donate the costs of the missed meals to feed the poor among us. Thus, tomorrow is Fast Sunday, and I need to know – – – , Does it count as part of my fast if I eat a salami sandwich and drink a Pepsi-Cola? After all, eating junk food isn’t REALLY eating, is it? I know I can’t have a Hershey’s chocolate bar for dessert, for as everybody knows, chocolate definitely IS food! There ain’t no gettin’ around THAT one! (By the way, Folks, in case you haven’t caught on, I’m really just having a bit of fun making some jokes, in my own peculiarly weird way, which some folks find difficult to comprehend.) Thank you. John Robert Mallernee, Esquire Ashley Valley Shadows… Read more »

John Robert Mallernee

Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space: I just finished watching a news video about another multiple homicide which makes no sense at all. The man hugged the little girl, and after her soccer practice, shot her, her mother, and himself. Only the mother survived, and is in critical condition. What’s going on? I see news report after news report, of this same thing happening somewhere in this Country every day. Otherwise seemingly “normal”, mundane, ordinary, solid, upstanding citizens, with no police record, suddenly pick up a weapon and, with no rhyme or reason, commit murder, and usually follow that up with their own self-inflicted suicide. I wish they didn’t commit suicide, so we could question and examine them. What is going on in this Country? Is there some sort of biological or chemical contamination in our air or water? Is it food poisoning? Is it an undiscovered and/or undiagnosed physical disease? Why would a perfectly normal human being suddenly become a murderer? Have these people been secretly drugged and/or hynotized with a secret code, et cetera? I just don’t understand it. If this happens to them, could it also happen to me? Could I suddenly turn into an evil, cold-blooded, psychotic murderer, with no explanation? Could you? How do we stop this madness? How can we discover what is going on? Personally, I am acquainted with a couple of cases where sudden aberrations in personality or demeanor were connected to… Read more »


Well it started. We have the Army’s first female Combat Engineer 12B up here in Vermont.
But turns out she earned the MOS at a sixteen day long RTI course and not the Eight week long version at Fort Leonard wood. So if you want to be a combat arms MOS without any of the work involved just go thru the National Guard RTI based schools.


Remember a few days ago, when bodaprez came back from the Paris climate conference and said we have to add more ethanol to fuel supplies to stretch them?


Well, according to this EIA report for November, 2015, we have a surplus of oil and gas.

More important, the damage being done to marginal land and water resources is piling up. Please note the aerial shots in this video that clearly show the damage done to land that should not have been planted with anything at all. I grew up in the Cornbelt. This damage is horrifying to me.


Someone said bodaprez is dangerous. Yes, he is, but not in the way that was meant. He is dangerous because he is completely out of touch with reality. And who is going to pay for the damage to your car’s engine and gas tank?


And here’s an article in which the EPA admits that elevated levels of ethanol will damage vehicle engines.


I just love stuff like this.


Last, but certainly not least, here’s a current article from the Union of Concerned Scientists on the importance of crop rotation, if we’re to have viable tillable land for any kind of crop production.


The current stampede toward single crop production (corn) is doing the same damage that was done decades ago.

Well, the libretards can be thanked for this, too.


well what a week it’s been bozoo is about to speak on Sunday so I’m guessing we should be on the lookout for another shooting or bombing because every time he opens his trap shit hits the fan…
my guess is he is going to try and make a grap for our firearms instead of enforcing the laws on the books… no big surprise I guess…
on a good note I’ve been kick off every anti gun pro DNC FB page the last few day along with a few other veterans for stating facts 🙂 why is the truth so hard to understand!!!!!!
also my anti gun,, Obama is is god sister in law bought her first firearm and I’m going to help train her up on use, safety, and carry of the firearm she bought… What a trip this is Lol….


Tell your sis-in-law to read those articles I linked to, and then ask her if she still thinks he’s a god, or is he a dimwit.