The return of Ron Mailahn

| January 1, 2015


We busted Ron Mailahn years ago and he resurfaces from time-to-time. At one point he tried to make a website that accused me of stealing social security checks from pensioners in order to coerce me into removing the blog post about him. Now that the tournament has ended, he decided to start campaigning for next year’s tourney even though he lost in our first one. Now he thinks that he can get the State Police to force me to remove the posts about him.

No one has threatened his family. I hung up him on when he called because I didn’t need to listen to his whining and begging, so he says that he’ll leave messages everyday. So I guess I’ll be posting videos of his messages every day.

He says that he never said that he was a Marine – well, that picture and his comments in the post prove otherwise.

Mailman photo

By the way, he was booted from the active duty Army after 13 months of service. Then it looks like he reenlisted in the Guard and Reserves.

Mailman FOIA

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Gee, can we maybe get his number from you so we can return the favor and call him back?


So on whose dime is he calling pron lines today?


Isn’t he chronically unemployed? If so, jokes on us; the dime he’s using is the one we gave him. Dammit!


According to his FB page, he started working at Echelon Ford as of December 12, 2014. That was after a solid month as a forklift driver at Nestle Waters, where he started in November of 2014.
Strange, now there are no pictures of our “hero” in any kind of military uniform on his FB page.

Hack Stone

And yet, he has no friends on his current Facebook page. If he is looking for a friend, there is a non-attorney from Oregon that could use a friend.


Just checked the Ford Dealer’s website and they don’t show Ronnie listed as part of the staff. Maybe it’s a lie or they haven’t gotten around to updating the website.

Hack Stone

When this dealership cans him, and you know they will, he can get a job at the Yugo dealership.


I dunno. That was the cutting edge of Serbo-Croation technology, so they may get picky.


Now that was funny. But what did it for me was the “attack cat” prowling around in the background towards the end of the second call.


Yay! He threatened to sick his “lawer” on you again! Sounds like he’s trying to get a job or some sort of business-type deal fell through after somebody googled him and discovered his sordid past.

Jon The Mechanic

I think that I know of a certain non CPO who will take his case, just because of the people involved.

That is, if he has any spare time because he is suing everyone else and their second cousin.

I’m almost a little upset that I am not mentioned in one of those lawsuits.

Hack Stone

So I guess that when the police were interviewing him regarding the money that he embezzled from his daughter’s softball team, they must have been mistaken when the wrote that he said that he didn’t do it because he is a Marine, and Marines never steal.

Seriously, though, when was the last time that he was mentioned on the blog? Maybe those threats that he is receiving are from the car dealership customers that he stole the change from their automobiles.


Sh!t – not again. Oh well:

“Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.”



Damn, I miss Strother Martin


Ronnie is living proof that Stolen Valor is just the top of the iceberg… and it bites you on the ass like a bulldog on a pork chop!


Oh … poor, poor sweet little child!

He is so cute when he gets mad and has his diaper wetting tantrums!

Green Thumb

He never said he was in the Marines, huh?

The Commander Phil Monkress of All-Points Logistics defense.

That Guy

It’s weird, he doesn’t seem to be concerned about the death threats. Or reporting them.
Probably because they aren’t real.
And let’s be honest, who would go out of their way to kill some shitbag who stole money from children?

Incidentally, I know that if a collections agency calls you more than 7 times in day, it is considered harassment and you can report it to someone (FCC? SEC? I can never remember who) and have a good basis for a suit. So if he and his family (who, if they approve of his lies, are just as big a crew of shitbags as he himself) call you more than 7 times a day, surely that would be harassment?
I’m just sayin.




Ron not only sounds deeply butt hurt for being exposed as the phoney he is, he also sounds like he’s wound tighter than an 8 day clock. Chill out Ron. Nothing is going away about you…ever. The sooner you realize that the sooner your blood pressure will stabilize.


Whiny crying loud-mouthed short-tempered scum-sucking turd.

Wouldn’t make a pimple on a good Marine PFC’s ass, but he had to dress up like one to try and make up for his severely deficient self-esteem, and now he’s paying the price.

Go ahead and call the WVA State Police, Mr. Mailman. While you’re at it, call the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Jethro (NCIS). I’m sure they’ll take your complaints seriously. (NOT)



He might take you up on that offer. Imagine a poser getting a marine actor to enforce stolen valor. That’s day time soap right there.

Where is my Emmy?


Gunny Driveway was my horse in that tourney. He had everything anyone could want in the comment section: Lawer threats, angry exes, disappointed family members, a great nickname, sock puppets – the works.

…and he fucking blew it. I’m willing to give him another shot, but he’s gotta bring it.


JACG, I’d bet that this latest tirade was triggered when his “fience” got wind of his Stolen Valor buffoonery and started asking some rather pointed questions.


Why do folks keep coming back and throw gas on the fire instead of just letting things fall to the bottom of the Google search?

(rhetorical question)

HS Junior

“He has the right to remain silent, just not the ability.”

Charlie Foxtrot

He has the Right to be Stupid like everyone else, AND HE ABUSES THE PRIVILEGE!!!

Pineywoods NCO


Let me put it in “military speak” for you:


Oh, I forgot, you were never in the military…so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

OIF '06-'07-'08

Actually he does have some AD and Reserve/Guard time with the Army and not the Marines, but when he leaves as an E-2, well, that should speak volumes about the guy,


He stopped drooling and licking windows long enough to leave a message?

Climb to Glory

Fart Warts: Return of the Shitbag. What a fucking turd.


So, let’s assume that the NYT runs a story about someone who is on trial for killing children which includes facts as collected by investigators. As a result of the story, the family of the person on trial and the person on trial receives death threats. Is it the responsibility of the NYT to remove the story from its web site? Can or will any law enforcement agency force its removal? Would it be the responsibility of law enforcement to investigate and prosecute those making the threats and not the NYT?

Ronnie, I know that you aren’t particularly bright, but maybe you should think that through before you start calling every law enforcement agency that you can think of. You also need to ask that attorney who will be calling Jonn to define harassment and stalking for you.

Hack Stone

Maybe he was bestowed the title “honorary Marine”. Any bets that his “lawer” is from the Oacific Northwest and is a few gallons short of a full fuel tank?


Any reasonable person would know the answer to your question before they finished reading it, Hondo.

Sadly, most of these dipshits are far from reasonable. Or rational.


Hondo? Um, NHSparky . . . . (smile)


Aw, shitbuckets.

A Proud Infidel®™

OH, so the candyassed widdwe twinkeltoed glitter-farting tinsel mouse of a lobotomized Sparkle Pony on LSD has decided to shit-fit that he never did anything wrong? Maybe he’s mad about the thread(s) because he can’t get a girlfriend (other than Rubber Rhonda and Vinyl Veronica) or a job now that his Mommy is kicking him out of her basement!!


I was gonna go with “mentally ill”, but your descriptor is way more creative and fun!


He is getting an early start on the 2015 Tourney! If at first you dont Suck Enough, keep on Sucking till you do Suck Enough .. Fuck You Ron !

A Proud Infidel®™

Has he “lawered up” yet?

B Woodman

Or, in other words, “If at first you don’t SuckCeed, cry, cry again.”


I would think any Marine would cringe at the sight of the red t-shirt. And I won’t even comment on the rack of ribbons.


And…..They’re off!

Here’s to a another stellar year of posers, losers, wannabes and never-weres. The bar was set very high in ’14. Can anyone top “Duct Tape Dogs” Bernasty?

As for this clown, the red tee shirt and the jacked up ribbons are just bonus. Jeebus dude, the order of precedence for military awards is just a google away. Try harder!


No, I don’t think anyone can top Dan “404” Bernath.

Although that’s not going to stop these douchetools from trying.

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe he dreams of attention whoring enough to be a “Berathian Ding-Dong” one day?

B Woodman

Maybe a Bernathian DingleBerry


Ron Mailahn, you need to learn some “people skills”, and some self respect. Listen to your own voice when you get calm and collected. If you had any integrity in you, you’d understand why Jonn didn’t do anything. His policy for this blog is that phony veterans that get showcased here will continue to have their information on here. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to get him to remove your information. Before you do this, you have to accept the fact that Jonn Lilyea won’t take your information down. So, if you proceed to send a message to him, asking him to take your information down, then you need to think, “people skills.” You have to be nice about it, but sincere. You have to use persuasion that respects the other person’s right to reject that persuasion. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to be belligerent, controlling, hostile, angry, threatening, coercive, etc., don’t expect anything to get done… even if Jonn “had” a policy of taking down phony veteran showcases. Again, keep in mind, Jonn won’t take your information down. However; you can still salvage yourself. First, you need to admit, to yourself as well as to everybody, that you fucked up and lied about what you did in the past. Second, you need to realize that your only recourse is to apologize to the veteran community for riding their coat-tails, and claiming to be one of them… all while making the veteran community look real bad with your poor representation of veterans everywhere. You should also apologize to Jonn Lilyea for being verbally abusive to him, and for trying to dictate to him how he should manage his website. Both these apologies should be sincere. People could tell if an apology is from the heart, or if it’s self serving. Look, it’s not Jonn’s, or this community’s, fault that you’re getting the kind of attention that you’re getting. In fact, the new woman in your life is probably getting heads up of your lies… captured on this site. This provides a window into how she’ll see… Read more »


Great thought! But, Your message is lost on this guy. He’s an idiot. He just can’t get past he got caught. He’ll be pissing in his cornflakes for years.

Semper Idem

“By focusing on directing your negative attitude to this site, you’re robbing yourself of a chance to truly be someone that you could be proud of being… to the point that you don’t have to tell people that you were a former Marine, Soldier, etc.”

Amen, amen, and amen. I can’t speak with authority for the Veterans’ community, but I suspect that, if Mailan works hard enough, his guilt for stealing valour may very well be mitigated in their eyes. I mean, even the best of us have the occasional blemish on our records. The only honest way to judge a man’s worth is to look at the whole picture.

Mailahn, if you’re reading this…c’mon; life’s too short to wear a mask all the time. Just be yourself; no need to pose.

Best of luck to you in 2015. If you need help in turning over a new leaf, you can look for resources in your community. I’d suggest a good therapist and support group.

B Woodman

Just goes to show that some turds, no matter how hard you push them to the bottom of the toilet, they just don’t flush, and float back up to the top of the (punch) bowl.

A Proud Infidel®™

Living proof that SHIT FLOATS!!!

Old FA Sgt

Did he just say that he will call every day 3 times a day. I would believe that’s harassment and charges “could be” bought against him.

A Proud Infidel®™

Another note to the butt-hurt little glitter-spattering tinsel fart-mouse of a sphincter pickle referred to as Ron Mailahn, just look at how many times Jonn has removed anything on anyone when it comes to Stolen Valor? He’s had lawsuits and death threats against him, and neither has made him budge even the least! You don’t have a snowflake’s chance in the top of Mt. Kilauea, o little anus-mouthed smurf-lusting fart pickle of a Care Bear-hugger!!


The only time he’s ever removed anything is when the person has proven that their career was exactly as they said it was or when the lawyer asked him to remove something. Though, in the second case, I believe he was only asked to disable comments.


Ah, so dipshit claims he never said he was in the Marines. This, in an email he sent to me back when he was first outed:

“I will not say sorry I did nothing wrong ask my x brother in law who sent u this stuff he got kicked out of the army then his mom and dad were left homeless I served in the army then transfered to the Marines so go talk to that loser frank ferris who hides behind the computer won’t face me cause he knows if I see him I will kick his fucken ass”

Later, he asked if we’d leave him alone if he sent me a copy of his DD-214. I said, bring it on. Of course, he never did.

Oh, and another quote from another email he sent me, when I mentioned that Stolen Valor was a federa crime and I was going to contact the FBI:

“Please do my best friend is in the fbi now please do not email me again”



Where the hell do these fuck nuggets come from?

Sam Naomi

Hey Everybody,
I’ve been gone for a month now and have’nt been able to join you guys, but I’am back now and I have alot to catch up and much reading ahead of me, so Ill just say for now, “A Very Happy New Year” to each and everyone of you TAH bloggers, stay safe and well.
Sam (Where the tall corn grows)

Old Trooper

Right back at ya, big fella!


And to you, Sam!


I’m just surprised he didn’t tell you to pull the information off the site FORTHWITH!


I guess he hasn’t learned that the magic phrase to use for this lawer business is “AS TO”.


Son of Chevy 2015 or bust!

Old Trooper

Ah Mailman…………..we missed you around here, ya slack jawed mouth breather. When are you going to get it through your fucking head that threats don’t work all up in here!?!?

Big Steve

Another steely-eyed killer posing in the bedroom of his mom’s house, no doubt while trying to chat with gullible/lonely women on the net.

Don’t complain, Ron. You wanted to dance. And now you gotta pay the fiddler.

To real vets, the Stolen Valor thing is not a game.

Hack Stone

My sources from South Jersey confirm that he is still living with Momma, and the ex-wife filed a restraining order against him this week.


What happened to his bigfoot s&m fiance”?

Inquiring minds want to know. 😀


“What the fuck is ‘gooney goo goo’ Gus?”


Classic Eddie Murphy!

Big Steve

I was just guessing that he lived with momma. Funny to hear that it’s true.

JarHead Pat



It’s not a TAH holiday unless some mouth breathing poser is around making a fuss because it was caught.

John, you keep rustlin’ those jimmies. Never stop.


This fellow must think he’s the first poser to make threats. He should go listen to that Kornflake fuck-wit to learn how it’s really done.

Just an Old Dog

I have already told this boy ( he isnt a man) several times that his failures have been well documented in the court system and his employment history. If TAH were to dissapear there is stil enough to make people not want to hire him, His poor communication skills and inability to control himself would lead to him being shitcanned at any job.
No one has ever threatened him, only told him that if he chose to take it in that direction he would regret. There has NEVER been a threat to his family, which we all for sorry for.


He sounds like a little bitch, lacks the substance of a real vet. What a loser.

Colleen H

Hey Ronnie Poo– I wanted you to see my name here, and that I KNOW you’re all over the internet, and so does everyone I know that could possibly know you. I shared this as public on my facebook page, you drooling sack of wet shit.

Kinda old ET1

Colleen, Sounds like you know this shitstain? My condolences.

Colleen-- the one and only

Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of meeting him a few times. BUT— I have the pleasure of facebook stalking him, and checking out his profile on fetlife, where he catfished someone else’s picture and used it as his own. Lord knows with those gigantic ears, NO ONE would give this sloth wanna be the the time of day. He actually used someone else’s picture as his own. That’s the kind of “moral” and “honorable” this glorified fruit picker is. I know so much shit about this fat turd. You see how fucking ugly he is in pictures, IMAGINE what this sloth looks like in real life. :::Shiver::

You know who this is fat ass

You say this shit t now but when I was with fatass (you know who I’m talking about) you would never say to my face .

You know why because you’ have no class whatsoever so why don’t you just go cheat on your husband and live off the state and eat yourself to death yeah fat pig. It’s funny when I was married to Kelly used to come over all the time and say oh my husband cheating on me I don’t know what to do I have no money.
I can’t blame the full for cheating on you you’re nothing but a fat ass living off the state .sitting at home.
Before you talk about someone look Look at yourself you’re no prize.
You and Kelly and Fran and the rest of the Pharisees are losers and in fact anybody who waste your time posting on this is a losermy advice to everybody on here is get a lifethis is the last post you ever see of me on this boardi’ve already made arrangements to have everything removedand there’s nothing that John or these asshole jar heads can do about itoh and have a nice day
Fat ass


“i’ve already made arrangements to have everything removed and there’s nothing that John or these asshole jar heads can do about it”

Because, as we all know, middle-aged fake Marines who live with their moms just have that kind of power. Better fold your tent now, Jonn.


It’s amazing to me how little thought these people put into their threats and insults. He just put it out there that “i’ve already made arrangements to have everything removed and there’s nothing that John (sic) or these…can do about.” What is he going to do when Jonn proves that there actually is something he can do about it, and it consists of doing absolutely nothing? How can this character think that any threat or insult can ever strike a nerve when he makes such asinine threats and proclamations? The Phil Monkress Fun Club and random dog-duct-taping, empty-gas tank pilots erroneously made the same assertions. At least there, the pal Wickre had a $5 tie; what does Ron have besides a phony Marine uniform that he says he doesn’t have despite being photographed in it?


Empty worthless threats. Again.


Colleen-- the one and only

“you know who this is fat ass” Hey, comma’s do wonders. Stop calling yourself fat.
Your sentence should look like this you second grade drop out, “You know who this is, fat ass!” or, “You know who this is? Fat ass” Something to that effect.
By the way, while we are on the subject of stupidity– and let’s face it, if you’re the topic, it’s always going to be about how stupid you are. I digress, there is a possibility that you have no clue who you’re writing to, because none of the ramblings you mentioned apply to me. You may remember that you were in my husbands fantasy football league that you never paid for. So, in essence, you stole from people in your cohort as well. Also, I don’t live off the government; but you’re welcome for providing your codependent mother and your lazy ass with some state benefits. How about that muffin top girlfriend of yours? Does she have a job? I mean, one that makes money, not being hog tied up like the squealing pig she is. I mean, like a paycheck. A productive member of society that doesn’t steal money out of customers cars while their heads are turned.

I hope you get in A LOT of trouble for the threats you’ve recently made. But if you don’t, I’ll continue to keep the public posted about what kind of person you are. I wonder if Nestle’s facebook page would like to have a link to this site. They must know what kind of employee you were. Wait; are you on state benefits yet? It’s been 5 weeks. By now they will be taking child support, so you’ve probably quit that job so you can be a dead beat.
This was fun, but I have a real job, making twice as much as your head could even fathom Ronnie boy. Ear pinning– it’s a real thing you should look into.

I’m out fat ass. Have a nice day.

A Proud Infidel®™

Ron Mailahn (Google Hit!! :mrgreen:), I bet those big ears made you the most popular “piece of Property” every time you’ve been in jail!! Tell me o little juicy banana-lusting skin flute aficionado, do you even remotely realize that you’re causing yourself all this heartburn with your butt-hurt cry-to-your-care-bear smurf-lusting glittery Sparkle Pony hissyfits? Maybe it’s time you at least tried to wipe your own ass and take some responsibility for your own words and deeds, you little Rudy-poo of a stale moldy cream-puff!!

OIF '06-'07-'08

Good grief Ronnie-boi, your like a case of Herpes, pops up it’s ugly head every now and then.

You have been spouting off with these threats for years now, but TAH is not the only place that has your SV case profiled. Terminal Lance is another large forum were you are well known, hell you little bitch, have you seen all the meme’s and pic’s of you in Google Image. The internet is forever mangina.


Is it just me, or could this guy be the Jersey version of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys?

A Proud Infidel®™

I see him as barely a half-step above “Snake Eyes” Jordan!

Big Steve

“anybody who waste your time posting on this is a loser my advice to everybody on here is get a life”

And if I refuse?


Oh. Had forgotten, conveniently, perhaps the least endearing quality of these valor thieves is bringing their soap operas here for public viewing. Real soap operas have a lot more class than these little dramas. Very bad dramas.


why do none of them have any grasp of the English language? Grammar and Punctuation exist for a reason…sadly lost on them. apparently. Other than the stolen valor thing, though, it seems the only common feature to them all.


And some Samuel L. to further elucidate on this theme:


Ron Mailahn, Fake Marine, Real embezzeler and freak, You are now in my 2015 SV points database, Thanks for playing and keep up the good work, You know , if you had only tried rocking a purple heart, silver star, Seal Trident, and a couple of other serious awards, you would have been the first in my db to break 30 points.

As it is you are doing great in all of the other non-awards categories. With help like yours and that of your bullshit poser brethren, I will eventually gain the skills to become the “Jimmy the Greek” of Stolen Valor and be the expert at handicapping these tournaments.

Please continue to post inane drivel, and illiterate refuse here. Your input is appreciated.

Oh and, 22 points to Slitherin. 😀


Sand. Vagina. YOU apparently have a lot of it.

Oh and this is for you pussy boy.


A Proud Infidel®™

Oh HELL YEAH, he’s a fine example of a runaway case of Sandinmanginitis!!!


Sounds like he needs to visit the headshrinker.

Colleen-- the one and only

I *am* a headshrinker. He needs a jail sentence. Nothing is mentally wrong with him. He keeps getting a slap on the wrist while his codependent mother lets him lay up on her couch. He hasn’t had to be responsible for a single thing or event in his life and he will continue to be this way until a higher authority stops him.


This reminds me of Monty Python… “bring out your dead…”, combined with an episode of Jerry Springer. This has it all, insane rambling phone messages,accusations of adultery (I think), and sock puppetry galore.

Green Thumb

Whatever happened to just plain old threats?

Now everything is a “death threat”.


Or in the case of “His High Holiness the Blue Falcon Extraordinaire”…Not just a threat, but a DEATH THREAT. And not just a DEATH THREAT, but a FELONY DEATH THREAT.


So is there such a thing as a Misdemeanor Death Threat?


Sounds like my dog – she’ll growl and bark for a few seconds like she’s ready to rip out your throat and then immediately whine like she didn’t mean it.


“this is the last post you ever see of me in this board”.

Promises, promises.

You’ll be back…