Kirjath Toney; the oddest phony

| May 5, 2014

Kirjath Toney Portrait

So we got this information on the guy who is with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, an altruistic organization. So this Kirjath Toney fellow apparently takes advantage of them to make himself to be some kind of hero amongst them. You can see from his uniform that he claims a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star. He’s already threatened to sue whoever is spreading these rumors about him, so I guess that means he’ll be suing the NPRC;

Kirjath Toney FOIA

Someone wrote to tell us that he was at Arlington recently “honoring” the folks buried there in his phony finery. I’m sure they felt honored by his presence.

Kirjath Toney Arlington

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  1. Airborn says:

    He’s rocking the bull riding gloves!

    • Hondo says:

      More like he’s rocking the bull.

      • K.D.Toney says:

        You should know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.this was started on fake papers buy one man that does not like me.

        • Hondo says:

          We’ll see soon enough, Toney.

          My Freedom of Information Request regarding your records went out yesterday to the government repository that has custody today of your Official Military Personnel File.

          I’m guessing it will say precisely what the previous reply (noted above) did. But if you like, you can send scanned copies of your documents to this site’s owner. His contact information is listed above under “contact us”.

          Or you could mail him photocopies. His USPS mailing address is listed there, too.

          Just be aware that some of the folks here do indeed know what “right looks like” when it comes to military orders and award certificates of that era.

          • SteadyForce says:

            Looks like our old boy Toney has removed those medals from his uniform in recent images from the I.O.O.F. in Tennessee. No deserving recipient would have ever removed those heroic medals.

        • SteadyForce says:

          When are we going to verification of your heroics? Do you have a relative named Jimmy Toney from Clinton, KY? You may have a lot to hide. We’ll find out everything about.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Hell, those look like the yellow PVC-lined gloves used by Janitors and people working with HAZMAT!!

  2. ChipNASA says:

    “Grandpa Soup Sandwich?”

  3. LebbenB says:

    I’m gob-smacked. It looks like military clothing sales threw up on his uniform.

    • K.D.Toney says:

      what is wrong don`t you have one,that looks it.

      • LebbenB says:

        True. Because, unlike your uniform, everything on my uniform I’ve actually earned and is backed up by my 2A/2-1, ERB and DD214.

  4. rb325th says:

    Korean War Veteran,no Airborne and no CIB either…
    Damn, why not just be proud of your War Time Service? Why make up more to it than there was?
    I will never get it…

    • K.D.Toney says:

      If you don`t have,then don`ttalk

      • Bobo says:

        Mr. Toney, perhaps you should examine the terain before you execute a frontal attack. The vast majority of us here are veterans. One of the few benefits of being in the military of a nation at war for the past 13 years is that most of us are also combat veterans. Despite not knowing him, I’d guess that rb325th served in the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment and, as such, has served in combat as a paratrooper in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

        So, instead of making blanket assumptions that no one here has worn a uniform, you should probably assume that whoever you are addressing has, at a minimum, medals similar to those that you have earned, and in many instances, the ones that you are wearing without having earned.

  5. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Dressed like a South American Field Marshal… and threatening to sue anyone that calls him out. How many times have we seen this story play out?

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:


    • B Woodman says:

      I was thinking a NORK General when I saw all that bling that threw up all over his suit (I refuse to call it a uniform).

      • K.D.Toney says:

        you are a jerk to talk about something you don`t know any thing about.and to talk about someones uniform without the complete story.

        • Jonn Lilyea says:

          If you’re waiting for me to argue that I’m not a jerk, I won’t. But there is a way to fix this, if you’re correct, show me the authorization for your Silver Star and your Purple Heart and I’ll apologize. Otherwise, calling me names and threatening to sue me won’t affect me much (yeah, word of your litigious threats have reached my ears).

        • Geetwillickers says:

          Mr. Toney,
          So – this is your opportunity. Tell us the complete story. I think you will find that the folks around here respond very well to calm and reasoned discussion. But if you want an insult war, they are also very responsive.

          If you have information to contribute to this discussion, please do so. If those awards you are wearing were indeed earned, then we, as a veteran community, would love to assist you with the process of correcting your official record to include them.

          On the other hand – we are very experienced and very good at detecting deceit. We have representatives from all branches, and veterans from all conflicts, including the Korean War who can corroborate, or call BS on your claims. Provide us with documentation, and we will be honored to assist you with getting it to the right place to correct your record.

          But come here shouting insults and insisting we don’t know anything, and you will simply waste a lot of time. We have seen it before. Whether you realize it or not, you are starting out in precisely the same script that most of the fakers who come here to defend themselves follow. So stop… take a breath… and tell us your side of the story. If you are honest and respectful, I can guarantee that we will be as well.



          • ChipNASA says:

            Mr Toney,
            Just to pile on with what Geetwillickers said…
            We will bend over backwards to assist you and give you the benefit of the doubt until you give us cause to feel otherwise….and if that’s the road you choose, to be combative and belligerent, then make no mistake about it….
            We. Will. Break. It. Off. IN. YOUR. ASS……Old Man.

            Your Choice.


        • Bobo says:

          Repost, just to make sure that Mr. Toney sees it:

          Well, surprise. Mr. Toney has come here not to defend himself, but to case dispersions upon those of us who question his wear of specific medals and badges.

          As I said earlier, I am a member of several fraternal organizations that threatened with extinction because there is little interest in them by the younger generations. Obviously, you have committed a significant amount of time and effort into the IOOF and must have its best interests at heart. Your personal actions and behavior, along with the reaction of Mr. Smith, have generated a sizable and negative perception of the IOOF across the veteran community, with many of us in the demographic that you are seeking to continue the IOOF’s mission. I hope that you and Mr. Smith take that into consideration as we move forward through this process, and how any deception or strong arm tactics will be viewed by those of us who are all prospective IOOF members.

  6. Pineywoods NCO says:

    Oh my God…

    My grandfathers are rolling in the graves in embarrassment.

    Must be the dementia from hitting the bottle a little too much.

    • Pinto Nag says:

      No. There is no excuse. It’s time for this to stop.

      • Pineywoods NCO says:

        Pinto Nag

        I agree, no excuse…but this guy and his group have to be brain dead en masse.

        • Pinto Nag says:

          For some reason, this moldy old man irks the hell out of me. We should be able to look up to our elders, not have to smoke them out for full-throttle, raging dishonor.

      • Fsckity-Fsck says:

        Stop? All he’s missing are some “jazz hands” to complete the ensemble.

        He’s everything King of the Military Fakers John Giduck aspires to be but lacks the balls to actually put together.

        Good catch whoever noted the bull riding gloves.

        • Sparks says:

          Looks like he should be out front with a baton leading the USC Trojans Marching Band. I’m sure he’d lead a great rendition of “Tusk”.

    • K.D.Toney says:

      yes they are, to think they have such a Jerk for a grandson.

      • Hondo says:

        Toney, my late uncle legitimately had a SS and a PH. His SS and PH are documented as matters of public record. Ditto his CIB.

        My late uncle’s CIB was from World War II, so he also legitimately qualifies for the BSM.

        Your SS, BSM, PH, and CIB aren’t listed in the extract of your records above. That extract is NOT a “phony document” – it’s a document provided by the National Personnel Records Center as part of a reply to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding military records.

        If it’s not in your records, fella – well, based on what we’ve seen in the past, it almost certainly isn’t legit. And if it is, there’s a process to correct the records. In your case, that’s called the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR).

        If you feel something is missing from your records, well, then take your case to the ABCMR. However, be advised: they have the Army’s experts on researching Army military records, regulations, and awards. They most definitely know what “right looks like” when it comes to awards and personnel files.

        As I said earlier: we’ll soon see if a second FOIA regarding your records says anything different than this one did. I’m guessing it won’t.

        But if you have other docs, we’ll be glad to look at them. Send them to the address(s) listed under “Contact Us”.

      • Bobo says:

        Well, surprise. Mr. Toney has come here not to defend himself, but to case dispersions upon those of us who question his wear of specific medals and badges.

        There is a very simple fix to all of this, Mr. Toney; show the award documentation to the admin that differs from the FOIA request.

        As I said earlier, I am a member of several fraternal organizations that threatened with extinction because there is little interest in them by the younger generations. Obviously, you have committed a significant amount of time and effort into the IOOF and must have its best interests at heart. Your personal actions and behavior, along with the reaction of Mr. Smith, have generated a sizable and negative perception of the IOOF across the veteran community, with many of us in the demographic that you are seeking to continue the IOOF’s mission. I hope that you and Mr. Smith take that into consideration as we move forward through this process, and how any deception or strong arm tactics will be viewed by those of us who are all prospective IOOF members.

        • K.D.Toney says:

          Bobo you sound like a very good guy.if you will email me i will tell you how you can find out the truth my email is above. thanks

          • Bobo says:

            Mr. Toney,

            I don’t see an e-mail address for you in the thread. Feel free to contact me at tahbobo at gmail dot com with anything that you have.

            Just to be fair, I’m not an admin person. I’ve got almost 30 years of service between the Navy as a submariner and the Army as an infantry officer. I’m also the guy in one of my fraternal organizations that checks DD-214 to see if members can be awarded our medals for military service. If I were you, I’d start with the explanation for the Silver Star and work down from there. I’m a fair man, but I’m a skeptic at heart.

            • SteadyForce says:

              Bobo, Any word yet?

              • Bobo says:

                SteadyForce, negative contact from Mr. Toney.

                Mr. Toney, you have my e-mail address and I’ve sent an e-mail from it to the e-mail address that you have been using to contact Jonn. I hope that you are able to at least send me something confirming that you have my contact information so we can get the ball rolling. I, as I’m sure the rest of us here, would primarily like to ensure that your Silver Star is properly recorded so that this is not a repetitive exercise every time someone questions it.

      • rb325th says:

        So, you have orders for your Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Combat Infantrymans badge, and basic Airborne Wings?
        Put up or shut the fuck up, they are not in your offical records.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    I swear, I’m just LOST in all the glory!

    I had no idea a Spec-4 was allowed to wear scrambled eggs on his hat.

    • rb325th says:

      The hats are a part of the uniforms of “Oddfellows” group he belongs to. It is more the medals he is wearing and claiming to have earned on that uniform…
      Side note, I was not even aware they even still existed. Pretty much died off around here. No young blood was ever brought in.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Maybe it’s the ‘oddfellows’ nominative.

      Makes people wonder, and speak quietly out of the sides of their mouths, behind their hands.

    • jesse dalton says:

      according to this fool he was a sp-3 in the army maybe he landed on his head jumping from the tower I do see basic jump wings on his chest

  8. MGySgtRet says:

    Pathetic. An older, more dusty turd, but a turd none the less.

  9. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Want to sue … Take a number, shut up and get in line.

  10. Bill says:

    P. M. stands for Patriarchs Militant


    2013-2014 OFFICERS OF THE


    Page 5 or 6.

    • ArmyATC says:

      Holy shit!! Everyone on that list is a general. For an organization that seems to be steeped in religion, I wonder how the members would feel to know they have a liar running their military order?

  11. Michael says:

    He’s scored expert at everything and wants you to know it.

  12. Beretverde says:

    Truth molesters come in all shapes and sizes…and ages as well.

  13. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    THEME: Build the Order through Friendship Love and Truth and Universal Justice.
    Motto: Working Today for Building Tomorrow.
    Aim: To walk with honor, and to wear the uniform with pride, work with our Cantons to be proficient in training members in the Ritualistic work.
    Goal: To Be The Very Best We Can Be.
    Guides: The Holy Bible, Rituals, G.M.C. By-laws, and Code of General Laws.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      I see that the TRUTH thing is just a little bit of a reach for Kirjath Toney, Master Blaster…

  14. Sapper3307 says:

    WOW an expert badge with things on it awesome!!!

  15. Sparks says:

    Well since it is “Cinco De Mayo” once again, he looks like a Mexican Generalissimo. (For every three Mexican troops there has to be at least one Generalissimo, minimum.) Cinco De Mayo, the holiday that 95% of Mexicans don’t know why it is celebrated. To them it simply means “party on”. Rather in the same category as Kwanzaa. Happy Cinco De Mayo to all you history students out there of the Battle of Puebla! Oh and Happy Kwanzaa to. I know it’s early yet but you can’t pass on good tidings often enough I say.

  16. JarHead Pat says:

    Sigh,It just will never end will it.We need to make him famous.

  17. Pinto Nag says:

    Mr. Toney, this song is just for you:

  18. thebesig says:

    Please treat this as “confidential” and don’t let Dennis Howard Chevalier come across this group. 😯 The last thing the women in his area needs to hear is about him being a retired General in the US Army. 😆

  19. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He has those medals scattered about his uniform like he’s a North Korean General!!

  20. Club Manager says:

    Hey! Hey! At least he’s not displaying a Ranger, Sapper or 100 missions in Tokyo bars tab.

  21. Pineywoods NCO says:

    Independent Order of Odd Fellows and partners….


    I think I just hear the fleeting sounds of brain cells dying from seeing such stupidity.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Commander Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics is certainly and in all probability a member.

      Actually, he probably sits on the board.

  22. Pinto Nag says:

    Here is the information for the Odd Fellows Sovereign Grand Lodge:

  23. Sapper3307 says:

    The Antarctic service badge with winter over device is the best but no fakers want it.

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    That does it. I’m making up my own awards and badges. I already have my squadron patch, and my doorgunner graduation certificate, so it’s just a small step to being a Galactic Interferometer Artillery Clanmember.

    • A Proud Infidel® says:

      Just lemme know, Ex-PH2, and I’ll put in a good word for you at The Intergalactic Task Force HQ!! We still need some good Door Gunners that are good with a Plasma Gun or Rifle!

  25. Green Thumb says:

    An old turd.

  26. Green Thumb says:

    And what is up with the yellow gloves?

    • Hack Stone says:

      Are you sure that he is wearing yellow gloves. Maybe he is so old that his hands are leathery, and he also has jaundice .

  27. Marine_7002 says:

    I emailed the Sovereign Grand Master, Robert Smith, at

    Feel free to pile on.

    • Doc Savage says:

      I sent the following to Grand Sovereign Robert Smith…we shall see if he replies.


      It has come to my attention, and the attention of many other veterans, that a member of your organization, The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, has been wearing military awards to which he is not entitled.

      Mr. Kirjath Toney , has been wearing, the Military order of the Purple Heart, The Bronze Star, and The Silver Star.

      An investigation into his military records from the National Personnel Records Center, that were released under the freedom of information act, have revealed that Mr. Toney was never awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, or, the Purple Heart.

      In addition, the Federal Government maintains a national database of all Silver Star recipients; Mr Toney’s name appears nowhere in the registry of Silver Star recipients.

      As such, unless, and until, Mr Toney can provide legitimate documentation of receipt of those awards, he is guilty of Stolen valor; or, in lieu of that, he can apologize for wearing those medals that he is NOT entitled to wear, and cease wearing them in the future.

      As a retired Senior Non Commissioned Officer, and a combat veteran, I find this to be unacceptable, and a slap in the face of all those that have legitimately been awarded the above medals.

      I would expect that any former service member would feel the same, and do what is right, that being, confront any that would dare to claim awards they have not earned, or embellish an otherwise honorable term of service .

      I of course leave you to your conscience to decide how to approach the matter, but, I can assure you, this matter has already become the focus of a large number of former service veterans, and it will not simply “go away” or collapse under the threat of lawsuits for supposed libel, slander, or defamation.


      xxxxx xxxxxxx
      SFC, USA (Ret)”

  28. Marine_7002 says:

    Hey, Kirjath – sue me too! I don’t wanna feel left out.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Could this asstard get ahold of AR 670-1 while he’s making up his crap? (RTFM, grandpa!)

  30. Jarhead says:

    I’m sure he’ll join the “I’m a butt hurt poser” class action suit run out of Portland…ha!!

  31. Smaj says:

    That crazy old asshat actually showed up at Arlington National Cemetery dresses like that? What. The. Fuck.

  32. JarHead Pat says:

    Hahahaha cockfag already blocked me on facebook.

  33. HS Sophomore says:

    Perhaps we should check the court files for legal name change documentation. I get the feeling his name might have been ‘Androsky’ in a previous life.

  34. Tman says:

    The insidious thing about older phonies is that, even more so, people don’t want to question them or their service ‘credentials.’

    I suppose it’s because to the average person it’s considered rude to do so, that we can trust these people.

  35. Marine_7002 says:

    Here’s the response I got from the Grand Sovereign Robert Smith:

    “Get your facts Straight and stop spreading vicious lies or you may be charged with a criminal offence. I have seen K. D. Toney’s OFFICIAL DOCMENTS concerning these medals and HE EARNED THEM”


    You’re not going to be charging me with any “criminal offence”.

    Truth is an absolute defense here. Good luck with that.

    • A Proud Infidel® says:

      Un-damned-believable!! Are they THAT out of touch?! Like I said earlier, he has those decorations spread all over his uniform like he’s a North Korean General!!

    • LebbenB says:

      Sounds like the response from the San Fran chapter of the American Legion.

    • rb325th says:

      Just what fucking criminal offense does he seem to think HE can have you charged with?

      Mr Smith needs to get his head out of his ass, maybe even produce said “records”.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Sounds like someone in the local press needs to open Mr. Smith’s eyes for him… his buddy is wearing medals that he didn’t earn.

      Anyone know where their HQ is located at?

      • Hondo says:

        This is from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows website Contact Us page:

        Sovereign Grand Lodge Headquarters
        422 Trade Street
        Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101

        Telephone numbers and e-mail contact info (SGL Secretary and Webmaster) are also located on that page.

      • Bobo says:

        There is a small local paper near where he lives that might be interested. I don’t have the name, but if you Google him there is an article in it about him.

    • jesse dalton says:

      If a person is charged for telling the truth I belive I want some of that TONEYS a phoney

  36. LebbenB says:

    Any idea of what this guy did in the Army? The FOIA says he got out as a Spec THREE, so I’m thinking something in the Combat Service Support side of the house.

    • rb325th says:

      Never even heard of Spec3 before. That has me kind of confused.

      • LebbenB says:

        I had to do a little digging on that one myself, Falcon.

        1955 was the start of the Specialist rank system. Initially, four grades were authorized:

        SP3 – E4
        SP2 – E5
        SP1 – E6
        Master Specialist – E7

        So Toney the Tiger was discharged as an E4 after four years of service. In and of itself, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all the other fake crap he’s added to his service that gets my dander up.

        • Hondo says:

          LebbenB is correct. From 1955-1958, Specialist ranks were as he described. At that time, the highest enlisted grade was E7.

          In 1958, grades E8 and E9 were added. Specialist ranks were reworked and expanded. The final digit of the rank was aligned with the rank’s paygrade. They ranged from SP4 to SP9 (E4 through E9, respectively).

          SP8 and SP9 were deleted in 1968 when the rank of CSM was created (it’s unclear to me whether or not anyone was ever promoted to and held SP8 or SP9 rank). SP7 was abolished in 1978; SP6 and SP5, in 1985. Also in 1985, SP4 – now the only remaining Specialist rank – became simply “Specialist” (SPC).

          In this case, the Wikipedia article on the subject is actually a pretty decent rundown.

          • LebbenB says:

            “…it’s unclear to me whether or not anyone was ever promoted to and held SP8 or SP9 rank…”

            Everything I’ve read about the Specialist rank structure leads me to believe that no one was ever promoted to those grades.

            • Hondo says:

              Same here, LebbenB. But I haven’t ever seen definitive proof either way, so I don’t know for sure – and 10 years is a long time for no one to make it from SP7 to SP8.

              • LebbenB says:

                From talking to some of the old-timers around here at Sill, when a Spec7 made E8 he/she was laterally promoted to MSG at the same time. Anecdotally, it seems that’s why no one was ever promoted to Spec 9.

                • Hondo says:

                  Certainly the case after 1968. And also plausible between 1958 and 1968. I just wonder if that was universally the case – particularly in medical units and Army bands.

                  My recollection from the early/mid 1970s was that SP7s were most common in medical specialties and Army bands. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing some in both pre-1978 – and I also think that was the only place I ever saw them. (Been literally decades and I was just a youngster at the time – albeit one with a keen interest in the military – so I could well be wrong.)

                  If any SP8s or SP9s ever showed up, I’d guess medical or Army band units was the place. And it’s entirely possible none ever did, but were laterally promoted to MSG even in those organizations.

                  I’d love to know the definitive answer on this one. Trivia? Yes. But still interesting as hell.

                  • LebbenB says:

                    “I’d love to know the definitive answer on this one. Trivia? Yes. But still interesting as hell.”


                    • David says:

                      Hardly authoritative but in ’77 when I first went active duty, was taught that SP7 was limited to band members but was going away. In most MOS, if there were leadership slots at a grade (such as staff or buck sergeant) the NCO grades were used. Some technical fields had SP5 and SP6 but they were being phased out rapidly. The badge of rank was a specialist’s chevron with curved ‘rockers’ cut into it parallel with the upper curve. At the time I believe they said in some MOS both ranks (eg. SP5/SGT) depending on your position, but once you went to be an NCO you could not revert to specialist. Seemed arcane and stupid then, too.

                  • Jonn Lilyea says:

                    When I came in the Army, there were two E-7 ranks; Sergeant First Class and Platoon Sergeant. They wore the same rank, but the SFC was the technical rank, while the PSG was the leader rank. They didn’t need Spec. 8 & 9, the Army already had Sergeant Major and Master Sergeant for the technical ranks.

        • rb325th says:

          Well, we learn something new every day! Thanks for the information and links!

  37. nbcguy54 says:

    I reckon we could all just take turns asking him what’s up….
    Wonder how long until his email account is closed?

  38. Marine_7002 says:

    See Doc Savage’s post above. Good job, I forgot about checking the Silver Star database. Here’s what I wrote to Smith this morning:

    Mr. Smith: This is his OFFICIAL record as provided by the National Personnel Records Center:

    He evidently served honorably and faithfully for four years and achieved the rank of Specialist 3 (E-4). What’s wrong with that? Why would he feel the need to embellish his record and wear awards that he didn’t earn?

    Let me point out, Mr. Smith, that one of the awards that Mr Toney FALSELY wears is the Purple Heart. Let me remind you that the Purple Heart is awarded for wounds received in combat. I have known numerous Marines who received that award because they were wounded while in harm’s way. I have also seen the Purple Heart engraved on the tombstones of more Marines that I can count; many of those Marines received that award POSTHUMOUSLY. ALL OF THEM, whether they survived their wounds or died from them, suffered and bled. MR. TONEY DID NOT. HE WEARS THAT AWARD UNDER FALSE PRETENSES.

    Also, one of my drill instructors received the Silver Star for heroism in action in Vietnam, as a private first class. I have spoken to the man on numerous occasions in the last year; he is a humble, down-to-earth man who downplays his heroism and talks much, much more of his friends and fellow Marines he served with. Mike EARNED that Silver Star – MR. TONEY DID NOT. HE WEARS THAT AWARD UNDER FALSE PRETENSES.

    Feel free to show the official record to Mr. Toney. If he still claims that his so-called documents are valid, feel free to send them to Jonn Lilyea (the blog administrator) at He and the rest of us who post on that blog are thoroughly familiar with military personnel records and can tell you exactly what you’re looking at, and what is right and wrong. Furthermore, there is a process where you can obtain Mr. Toney’s records yourself through the Freedom of Information Act, by submitting a Form SF-180 to the National Personnel Records Center. See the information at to do this.

    Semper Fidelis,

    • Doc Savage says:

      Well said Sir….if enough e-mails begin to fill his in box, perhaps he may pay attention.

      Any service member with honor would.

    • Bobo says:

      The IOOF, like several similar fraternal organizations, is suffering from a lack of interest from younger potential members. As such, they are on the verge of extinction. Given their desperate need for new members, and their apparent interest in the military society, one would think that the head of the organization would find a better and less terse way to respond to questions of stolen valor among its senior members brought on by veterans who might have an interest in their organization.

      While I never had a serious interest in the IOOF, despite some family connections, my level of interest has now decreased to NFW after seeing Mr. Smith’s response. Perhaps he should consider that the next time a similar issue presents itself.

      • Pinto Nag says:

        I think part of the hosility we’re running into from IOOF is that there is also a potential loss of membership dues if they out Toney. Embarrassed, he’ll probably leave the organization. Like you said, they’re hurting for members, and any loss of a member is a loss of revenue as well.

  39. SMairborne says:

    Folks, there’s a perfectly good explanation and I happen know to know… He is the oldest, living, Michael Jackson back-up dancer. This is just the costume he wore. OH, the good ol’ days…

  40. Green Thumb says:

    This turd probably has drinks with James Ferris.

  41. SteadyForce says:

    Toney likes to threaten people with lawsuits. I say bring it on. This fake does not have guts to sue anyone because truth shall come out. He shall be known as a fraud and a fool. He is the dirt below our feet. To walk into Arlington, sacred ground for our heroes, and stand at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier wearing the medals he wore is deplorable. Hell is his place of dwelling. We know where he lives.

  42. Marine_7002 says:

    Toney’s down in the dumps. His chances of making even a small wave in the SV Tourney have been swamped by Bernath’s latest nuclear-level douchebaggery. Poor guy.

  43. Dress Blues says:

    What is Arlington doing about this? TAH highlighted another incident (Woodward?) a while back – same thing. Wreath laying phony.

  44. SteadyForce says:

    I cannot believe Mr. Smith, a leader of the Odd Fellows group would tolerate the fake to wear these unearned awards and destroy the reputation of his organization. My God, THE SILVER STAR! PURPLE HEART! AND A BRONZE STAR! None show up in his records! He disrespects all of those who have served. By going to Arlington and wearing those awards, he brought dishonor to himself and his organization. Are there any vets in the Odd Fellows?

  45. ChipNASA says:

    I’d give K.D. Lang more credence than K.D.Toney, Fraud, Fake and PHONEY.

    /also illiterate dumbass.

  46. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Kirjath was pretty vocal when he thought no one was paying attention, huh?

    • Bobo says:

      I think that he had to take a nap before he got a third of the way through the comments. We’ll see what he comes up with if he reads the rest of them.

  47. Marine_7002 says:

    I wrote Mr. Smith, his reply is at the bottom of this post. My reply just above it. Obviously Mr. Smith doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the conduct of IOOF’s members.


    I and other veterans bring this to your attention (again) because, among other things, it makes the Odd Fellows look like they are tolerating a man in their ranks who lies about his military awards. We saw the photo of him participating in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery while wearing those unearned awards. Really? You don’t care about Toney acting the fool in a ceremony held at America’s most sacred and revered burial site? Are your organization’s standards really so low that you welcome people like him in your ranks? Is that the message you are sending to other veterans? Doesn’t the IOOF care about its image? Don’t you feel the least bit embarrassed that he is acting in such a dishonorable manner? Doesn’t it bother you that men – REAL men – suffered and bled and died while performing acts of valor that merited those awards, while Toney wears them merely to impress people and stroke his own ego to make himself look good?


    Semper Fidelis

    On Thu, 5/8/14, Robert Smith wrote:

    Subject: Re: Stolen Valor – Kirjath Toney
    Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014, 9:50 AM

    If you have a problem with Toney and stolen
    valor why are you complaining to me. It is a federal offence. Talk to the U S Army or the States Attorney.

    • Pinto Nag says:

      The deadliest rot in a tree starts on the inside. Smith is an example of that kind of rot in the Odd Fellows. It’s attitudes like that, that have allowed dishonor to metastasize in their members.

      • Hondo says:

        IOOF Grand Lodge is in Winston-Salem, NC. There appear to be two largish newspapers in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point area:

        Winston Salem Journal. It’s “Contact Us” page is

        Greensboro News-Record. Its “Contact Us” page is

        I’m curious if one or both of those newspapers might be interested in how the IOOF leadership appears to have a “I don’t care” attitude towards it’s senior members being deceitful and showing gross disrespect for the military via wearing unauthorized military decorations at Arlington National Cemetery.

  48. Marine_7002 says:

    From a post by Toney:

    “you are a jerk to talk about something you don`t know any thing about.and to talk about someones uniform without the complete story.”

    You’ve posted several times, chastising us for not having the complete story, yet you don’t have the gonads to explain what the complete story is. I’d say it’s because that complete story includes lies, deceit, and the wearing of awards that you never earned and do not deserve.

    As a staff NCO I once worked for liked to say, “Fuck up, fess up.”

    You should try that.

  49. SteadyForce says:

    Mr. Smith most likely never served in our Armed Forces. Perhaps we should take a closer look at IOOF and who is wearing unearned awards. Like many of us, I would bend over backwards to assist Toney if he has documentation of Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Silver Star and give him the respect he deserves. But, his and Mr. Smith’s responses have been negative to say the least. I hope the real veterans in the IOOF step up and clean up their organization. Toney and Smith are ruining the reputation of the IOOF.

    • tm says:

      He has served (hence the FOIA reply from the NPRC in the post).
      If past is prologue, I doubt that any documentation is forthcoming.
      We can take wagers on which convenient excuse will be used to explain said lack of documentation.
      Now, I don’t wish to completely exclude the remote possibility Toney will cough up some sort of documentation. After all, he has the example of Visconti to follow there.