A sad day (Updated)

| February 25, 2014

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It is my sad and solemn duty to inform you all of the passing of Nickolas “Nick” Androsky, AKA Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich, on Saturday February 22, 2014. His brother emailed to tell us yesterday, along with a request that we remove the post about him. Of course, even if we were so inclined, Nick’s legacy is spread across the internet in a thousand forms, so I’m not disposed or inclined to comply with the family’s wishes.

With my limited resources, I’ve only been able to verify with the funeral home, Penwell-Gabel Funeral Homes & Crematory in Junction City, KS that they cremated his earthly remains and that a memorial service will be scheduled at a later date. So there’s no need to pester them about it.

According to his brother, he died on Fort Riley, one can only imagine why he was there at the time of his demise. But he was treated and died at Irwin Army Community Hospital on Fort Riley. Of course they wouldn’t give me any information.

It was just this last year, that we caught him still clinging to his lies. So it’s a reasonable assumption that he was still playing the roll when he died. By the way, I’m not sure how he died. The internet is such a mess these days that I can’t even find the medical examiner’s website for Junction City. Now you know as much as I know.

UPDATE: I’ve just confirmed with an anonymous, reliable source that poor Nickolas has indeed passed on to his great reward.

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@42 but what about the memories? they can always come back and remember that time he got caught, and the uniform and the picture in the confederate stone! those are family treasures and I believe we should keep them so anyone can see.

@46 Sad part is that most of them are just considered to have a “Good Fantasy”, this is part of the empathy we feel (which is good to a point) between our species to learn and cover our problems, so most of them don’t want to break him out of it because is “harmless”. I presume it would have been extremely difficult and painful and I hope the family can cope and I send them good wishes …


I think you can be sympathetic towards his demise without excusing his actions. That guy was obviously a nutjob and it’s a shame he apparently had no one to help shape him up. I agree that a disturbed man like this is a far cry from the scammers. I wouldn’t have a smidgen of sympathy for the assholes who pad their resumes with fake military service, but to me that’s a different story.

I don’t see why the posts should come down, though. If his family is so distraught about this, perhaps they should have gotten off their asses and tried to get him the help he obviously needed. It’s a little late to take an interest now.


May God have mercy upon his soul. Because I won’t !

Frankly Opinionated

And another one bites the dust.
Androsky’s phoniness aside, his Big Chicken Dinner was based on “On Duty” substance abuse. IIRC, it was that he was “sniffing” or “huffing”.
He won’t be missed.

vietnam war protestor a.k.a. u.s.s. liberty.

No matter what we may have thought of him on a personal level, you must agree, his was an untimely death. Hands and hearts folks…hands and hearts.


I agree, keep Nick Androsky’s information up as a reminder to others… who like to claim things that they weren’t… that not even their passing will result in their deeds being “brushed under the rug.”

As for the family, I wish them luck. The step father must be really going through a tough time. He probably gets ragged on for his wife’s age seniority over him. Now, he has this incident that’s getting other sorts of attention placed on him.

The step dad, and the mom, might live in post housing. Nick Androsky may have done something, while at post housing visiting his parents, that resulted in him going to Erwin. If this is the case, it’d make sense that CID is investigating this.

I used to be stationed at Fort Riley.


One down.. thousands more to go. The guy has enough screws lose to drop engine off a B-52. Personally I hope he finds some kind of peace that he could not find in this life. I ain’t shedding a damn tear for him that for sure.


I heard Giduck volunteered to dig the grave and give a 21 shovel salute.

Farflung Wanderer

@55: That actually sounded… Sane. Understandable. Logical.

Okay, who is stealing his identity now? Hondo? Sparks?


I say leave it up. Condolences to his family, but his stolen valor antics should remain as a reminder/warning to other poseurs.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

There is no mercy for this kid or any of us, thousands of other Americans died today most of them unknown to all but a dozen or so family members and of those thousands not a second thought to their passing…..most of our lives are meaningless to the species at large…that’s what makes observing human behavior so entertaining. So many of us attempt to find meaning or apply meaning in a world where our existence is a meaningless accident of cosmic chemistry….so many behaviors applied to so many variants within the species all to provide some evidence of our own superiority when in the end we all share the same fate as the smallest fruit fly…

Another dead liar, one of many who will cast off their mortal coil today. So it is, so it was, and so it will always be until this earth decides to try its’ luck with a different life form and casts us off as it did the dinosaur…c’est la vie.


Certainly wasn’t me, Farflung Wanderer. I have no idea what “Hands and hearts folks . . . hands and hearts” is supposed to mean. I can only assume it’s some bizarre stoner version of “have a heart”. Does anyone have a vietnam war protestorese to English translator handy?

Besides, the first sentence seemed at least reasonably lucid. I can come up with substantially more incomprehensible gibberish than that if/when I put my mind to it. (smile)

Oh, and vietnam war protestor: ya might want to put the bong down while commenting. Improves your ability to put your point across.

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

Whatever his sins on this earth were he will be judged, as we all will.

I hope he finds peace from his demons.

I have no desire to cause further pain to his family. I am sure he was loved and will be missed.

Leave it up as a cautionary tale to others.


Regarding the late Soup: may he find the balance in the afterlife that eluded him on earth.

But I also don’t think taking down his web pages here would serve any substantial purpose other than to obscure the truth, painful though it might be to some. Truth is truth, not what we want it to be.

Besides, I kinda doubt Jonn’s going to take them down. Period.


While you guys are still annoyed with him, and still want to pound SoupSandwich, he was a pathetic soul who did NOT get what he needed from his own family. To some people there is a stigma attached to bizarre behavior that, even now, they think will rub off on them. I lay the blame for this entirely at their feet.

AS TO Ms. Cheesey Fonduedatenight, she’s approaching 80 and NOW she’s worrying about her mortality? Like I give a FLYING FUCK IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WHAT THAT SELF-CENTERED BITCH WORRIES ABOUT. She should be cremated with copies of the death certificates of all 58,000++ men and women who died over there as fuel for the flames. She’s just as self-centered as any of these SV attention whores and I, for one will NOT do anything but blow my nose on her funeral announcement.

E-6 type, 1 ea

“the funeral home, Penwell-Gabel Funeral Homes & Crematory in Junction City, KS that they cremated his earthly remains”

Dammit, I called dibs on that.

Too much? Too soon?


Don’t take it down. The NOK can blame us all he wants to but Soup is the one to blame, Not TAH.


This dudes facebook is a goldmine of posers…

https://www.facebook.com/sasha.lachinski for example.


Condolences to the family, of course, but I say leave it up. There’s more shame in having been court-martialed and given the BCD boot than there is in having been caught wearing an unauthorized but so-ridiculous-it’s-funny uniform. It was already obvious to most of us that he was a sad, sick man, not in same the league as most of our genuine shitbag posers.


I will take no more pleasure in the fakery finery of our absent friend Soupy.

However, Jonn’s logic is sound. Dude did what he did. Cautionary tale.

AGAIN, SV was only a symptom of worse problems. With Soupy, it was mostly self destructive behavior.

As far as Hanoi Jane goes, fuck her with a crowbar. Ex … Once again, our friend Shep cones to mind. Why couldn’t Jane get the heaping dose of Monsanto’s Finest that Shep (and so many better people than that bitch) sucked up?

Farflung Wanderer

@68: Nice find. Looks like some air softer trying to be something else entirely.


You don’t suppose we can get Westboro Baptist Church to provide their honors on this?


@15 His stepdad is the same one he went to the graudation to see in that nightmare of a uniform. So he went back to see his young stepdad and his mother who is married to him of course. Thats an ugly way to go out if its true.


I talked to a fellow contractor out in Kuwait who was stationed with Androsky in Pope. There were red flags about him in his first two years that nobody stopped. But in the late 90s and early 2000s, Air Force was so desperate for people, they didn’t give a shit about red flags. They gave people 6 strikes and you are out. I worked at Scott AFB in Illinois and they had about 7-8 controllers I worked with that had mental problems from Extreme anxiety issues to alcoholism to just run of the mill schizos. They did nothing to stop this behavior and allowed these people to work because they only cared about bodies instead of caring about the people.

Androsky just never got the help he needed and that is why we are at where we are with him. He probably had tons of enablers by his side.


New stolen valor tourney name?


Oh yeah,and to people like TXgunner and Vietnam Protester. Why are you asking this site to take down his information. When you can just do a search and many older blogs that are not circulating will still have his information up?

The internet can’t be scrubbed, fellas. So even if they did take down his stuff. He still will remain in the history of our minds as the guy who attmempted to inflitrate a base with the most fucked up uniform mankind has ever seen.

Former SGT

As a U.S. Army Veteran and former NCO this is what I have to say.

Keep his entry up, just make sure you mention at he very top that he has deceased. Take all name calling and insults down, just show the pictures and narrate the story. This man was mentally ill, but many who impersonate us are not. Taking this entry down, just shows the impersonators if they fake mental illness they can get away.

B Woodman

I’ll see if I can get my SiL out that way to pay a “visit” to the gravesite in awhile. And leave a deposit.


I say. ..Take it down, there is no honor in hurting those who are close to him. His behavior and stupidity are due to mental illness.

I have walked the walk, and served with some of the legands. we aren’t a bunch of 2nd grade kids who need to dogpile on a dead guys family or memories.
There are many many other examples of fools that can be hoisted up to showcase the error of trying to be posers. I suggest that we take the high road, move along and put it behind us. I also acknowledge that it will live for eternity in .com land, just think that we should do the things we can do with little regard to what others do or allow. Honor is ours.

My .02 cents


@77 Well the thing is…he didnt impersonate us. He was embellishing to the 10th power. He knew what he was doing and continued to keep doing it. There is a moral compass in a human being, he just didn’t want to follow his compass. People around him didn’t clearly tell him to stop embellishing and posing as something he was not.

Why would they take down the insults, its clearly dated before his death. Siphering through each thread and thousands of post is unecessary. I bet the family only asked TAH and nobody else.


For those who loved him and mourn his loss, I wish to pass along condolences. Even liars and thieves have loved ones who mourn their passing. When families must deal with the loss of someone who is also a troubled soul, the mourning is usually deeper and takes longer to accomplish.

For all who can remember having moments of joy with this man, my prayer is that some day that is all you will remember of him. Meanwhile, there is nothing we as veterans can do to ease the pain his misdeeds caused you. Whether there was or was not anything more you could have done to contribute positively to his life is none of my business and strictly something for you to sort through.

It is indeed sad that he wrote some really bad chapters to his life, but that book is now closed. Nick removed himself from our community of veterans a long time ago. Nothing can be done to remove the pain he tried to cause all of us either.


If their life story is taken down after their deaths, logically, they will just fake their deaths (or not) rather than come clean and apologize. Death, either real or fake, should not be a viable option for them to restore their character IMHO.


Well…fact is, we are our deeds. It really doesn’t matter if this is taken down or not. He did what he did. Covering it up won’t change that.


#82 Jonn, that is a ballsy move to claim he is dead and post an online obituary in the Junction paper.

If they were to think that announce him dead would erase his history. Who knows, maybe his stepdad and mother paid for him to have a legal name change hoping he could ‘start over’

But even so, that is risky and stupid.

And I agree, people who keep talking about taking this down just made up their own assumptions as if you were debating it.


Just to be clear: it should stay up. I was only saying I get why his family wouldn’t want it up.

If he is even dead.

Green Thumb

@82 (Jonn),

“And as a side note, I’m not completely convinced he’s dead. He’s dead on Saturday morning and in an urn by Tuesday morning? And that includes the post mortem exam? And there’s no service even scheduled yet? It seems just a little too convenient and speedy to me. And why bother TAH…his pictures have been posted in a thousand other blogs and forums.”

Unless someone (family?) wanted this (his) shit over with and buried.

And quick.

Would not blame them.


In the words of Curly Bill Brocius, in the movie Tombstone:

“Well… Bye.”

Nuff Ced


@GT I was thinking that too. They may have done this. But thats pretty morally fucked up to go to a newspaper and run an Obit on the guy.


OK. This is settled. Post stays up and BOLO for a guy that looks exactly like Nick!

Any questions?

mr. sharkman

I’m about 80% in Poppadelta’s corner here. I have confronted phonies at wakes for fallen Brothers. I have confronted phonies claiming to have been involved in combat operations where I lost Brothers. Venting spitefully on the internet isn’t my thing, because it almost cheapens the level of emotional involvement. 1 time out of 10 the stars align and you wind up in the dark outside the bar 1 on 1, and even then in my experience it never comes to blows. But the interaction and the look on their face when they really see what they brought out in you tends to be enough. I’d like to think the 1 in 10 encounters actually result in some permanent behavior modification. Maybe I’m a tad overly optimistic. I don’t think the initial post on this guy should be taken down just because he’s moved on. But the piling on is a little much. He’s moved on. If there’s a heaven above, he’s answering for everything he ever did to the ‘final authority’. He’s also getting credit for any good he may have done, none of which we are aware of. That doesn’t forgive his theft of valor, but those deeds are still on the ledger. The comment about someone ‘leaving a deposit at his grave site’ is completely out of line in my opinion, and similar attitudes only give people on the fence re: stolen valor a reason to doubt the character of the people and groups who spend so much of their time on a worthy cause. Mr. Lilyea and all the other leaders tend to handle it right – scathing without being demeaning in an overly vulgar or juvenile manner. The inherent composure in their demeanor adds to the weight of their arguments when someone with no personal reference (when it comes to stolen valor) is first introduced to a TAH ‘bust’. Vulgar, juvenile, obviously false statements of bravado all have the opposite effect on the people who don’t yet ‘get it’. On a side note, he did serve. Maybe he was a no-load. He certainly had issues and… Read more »

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

He was adding friends on facebook on Feb 23, 2 days after he died


Jonn, you’re batting a perfect game today. Again, your logic is ‘crystal,’ as saith Colonel Jessop. Considering his history, I concur – don’t consider it fact until you see a death certificate or at least get it verbally from the M.E.

If he or the family faked his death, may I please make a motion to reintroduce him as a late entry in this year’s tourney? Just on general principles.


@ 91 Your post is overly ridiculous as the graveyard guy. Pretty sure about 90 percent of the people here has served or currently served. Hell, I am talking now from my work computer.

Androsky was a piece of work during his military days and afterwords. Your thought on heaven is an opinion. Thats fine, when you weigh the bad about this guy versus the good. He was a bad guy even near the end when they caught him lying again. He clearly was not ashamed of it. Not in his faulty mindset.

This is the second or third time I seen someone try to tell people to ” Head back to the compound, rest up, and get ready to go out again in a few hours. This job is done.”

There is a reason why Jonn posted it. To have a discussion, so let people talk about it.


@ 92. Are you shitten me?

mr. sharkman

Final comment on this one: if he did actually attempt to fake his death, I would need a few weeks to contemplate a proper course of action. To make certain it was properly thorough. The Master Chief would of course have the plan ready in a day or two.

I guess having to deal with so many phony scumbags has altered Mr. Lilyea’s 6th sense in the form of specialization. I’ll admit the possibility of him faking his death at a military hospital never occurred to me.


Mr. Sharkman,

You talkin’ to me?

Because if you are, I have not heard a fuckin’ word you said.

You might want to check your humility and sensitivities at the door.

Look at what this kid did.

He was a POS. Period.

Wait a second, we don’t even know if he is dead yet.



Master Chief: please don’t aim the friendly fire at me, but I think Sharkman (@96) was paying you a compliment. He is correct in pointing out that you have been turning and burning these posers the last month or so. Phony Chief Bernath, SF Wannabe Banks, Wotund Willie the Wound Wanger, and now the Round Marine have all felt your boot in their slimy asses.

E-6 type, 1 ea

That fake obituary would be a hard one to pull off, I would think. Then again, it may be as simple as calling the funeral home and telling them someone died. I don’t know how it would work, but Soup wasn’t gifted an over-abundance of brains, so I think faking his own death would probably be a little out of the realm of realism for him.


Okay. It is late. We will look for Nick in the morning.

But look at post # 92 …

I think we have a story here!

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

Master Chief,

I would never in a million years shit you


Look at his recent activity, friends added feb 23