Greg Banks in the news

| February 11, 2014

So, thanks to the efforts of MCPO NYC USN Ret. and Oathkeeper, Greg Banks was publicly outed in his community. There was a TV broadcast last night (I’m waiting for the video to be available) and he was featured in the New Times;

“There’s no doubt about it, he’s perpetrating a fraud,” said Terence Hoey, a retired master chief petty officer in the Navy and a regular contributor to website This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here, who helped unmask Banks’ alleged deception.

“We in the veterans’ community don’t give these guys an inch, and we will go to great lengths to expose them,” Hoey said. “The No. 1 remedy for stolen valor is the truth, and we are truth seekers.”

A search of military records initiated recently by one of Banks’ fellow Masons revealed that no one with his name and birth date was currently serving in the military.

“We have conducted extensive searches of every records source and alternate records source at this center; however, we have been unable to locate any information that would help us verify the veteran’s military service,” Michael Harris, an archives technician at the National Personnel Records Center in Missouri, wrote in a Dec. 13 letter.

Apparently, little Alex, the phony Marine who harassed us with phone calls and threats also called the cops on a reporter who showed up at Bank’s office;

When a reporter went to Banks’ office on North Street, a man who wouldn’t give his name, accused him of “harassing us all day,” referring to three phone messages left on answering machines at the counselor’s two offices and at his home in Brookfield.

Told that Banks was accused of falsely claiming to be in the service and portraying himself as an active-duty Army officer, the man said, “That’s no longer accurate,” but wouldn’t elaborate and called 911. Police responded but declined to take any action.

Alex went to Parris Island for a few weeks until the USMC realized that they made a mistake and sent him home. But this was on his LinkedIn profile last month. Some of our resident Marines checked on MOL for us and he didn’t appear in the database.

Alex Sawtelle

And they used my favorite comparison;

“Since the police won’t usually prosecute, we’re the stocks and dunking chair in the public square,” Lilyea said. “The only thing we can do is shame these guys.”

The video is now available;

WFSB 3 Connecticut

WFSB’s article is at this link.

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A Proud Infidel

Posers, they never learn that YOU DON’T MESS WITH REAL VETS without painful and extremely embarrassing consequences. Alex appears to have one foot in a hole and the other on a banana peel, it’s just a matter of time until he meets up with a real USMC Vet and faces the music as well!



Air freaking Borne!! No slack!
His little butt boy Alex needs to wise up and abandon that ship of fools he set sail with too.

Old Trooper

Outstanding, Master Chief, Oathkeeper, and, of course, Jonn!

Combat Historian

Great work, guys!

greggy boy, enjoying the limelight with your little friend alex?

A Proud Infidel

How soon do we get to enjoy watching the blowout coming to Bernastypants?


This story makes me happy. Thanks so much for all your hard work in busting these fools.


@1–it’s CONNECTICUT, for Chrissakes. They elect phony Marines (or at least lying ones) the Senate there.

And good on everyone for the work they put in. Well worth seeing this clown get his.

Old Trooper

@10: According to the video; the WSFB I Team did all the work. No mention of TAH, Jonn, Master Chief, or Oathkeeper in that story at all. That’s ok; The newspaper has it, though.


So, I guess that the Connecticut Department of Health wouldn’t care if a care provider was a mass murderer, as long as he didn’t murder a patient. Nice to know.


Unfortunately, I live in the People’s Republic of Connecticut, home of Senator Blumenthal, a decorated Vietn…..oh, wait a minute……

Here’s what I woke up to this morning. Front page of the Connecticut Post.

Have a nice day, Greg!

AW1 Tim

As a Freemason, I’m doubly pissed at this guy. One of the Lights of Freemasonry is “Truth”, and he has hoisted himself with his own petard in this case. No Lodge of Masons would ever permit him access after a stunt like this.

It’s one thing (and a damned bad thing) to be a military poser, but to take that into your own Lodge, to stand in front of your Brothers and receive an award based upon your lies, to basically wipe your feet on everything the Lodge stands for, well, he’s about to find out how difficult life can be.

I do not doubt that among his Brothers in that Lodge (and others in his Grand Lodge) are Bankers, Real estate Agents, Contractors, Cops, State Employees, and actual Veterans. They will remember this for a VERY long time. Some day he might need to ask for help from one of those folks. Might need a business loan, want to buy a piece of property, need work done, etc. He’ll find out then just how costly his little stunt can be.


OK Banks,

You know who I am now.

I will say this to you and Alex stay clear …

Only warning!


So weeee Alex is still hangin’ with gweggy ‘cody’ banks?

Maybe, just maybe, someone will point out to weee Alex that his association with this individual is not the best thing he can do for his career… if he actually has one and isn’t just there for the ride and the egofeed.


It has become clear to me that Alex will never learn. He will reap what he sows.

Army Medical

Thanks to oathkeeper and MCPO NYC USN.

I hope Greggie Boy has a wonderful day today!


Did anyone else notice in the video that sometimes they blurred out the face of the man standing next to Banks and sometimes they didn’t?


Yep, noticed that, Twist. Hmmm.

Am willing to hold up just a bit on Alex until it is confirmed how long he has “known” this fool. Could be that Banks had undue influence on a minor, for instance, or not. We simply do not know.

Either way, at some point Alex will understand the truth and have to deal with it more appropriately than he is now.

Green Thumb

Great Job!

The day is off to a good start!


Well done, gents!


The truth burns and seers you, doesn’t it Greg? Come clean publicly Greg, confession is good for the soul. Isn’t that what you would tell your patients?


To Master Chief, OathKeeper, Jonn and all those who worked hard to make this news story happen…thank you and THANK YOU!

Excellent work, well executed and timed perfectly. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate you guys. Knowing you are my brothers and sisters here at TAH makes me one proud old veteran.

Hat’s off to you all and a big standing ovation is in order!

Brings a little tear of pride to my eye just knowing you all. This site is the camaraderie I miss so much from my time in service.

If there is anything I can ever do for any of you folks here, just ask Jonn for my contact information. I’ll always be glad and proud to help any of you.


Wow. OUTSTANDING article. Great job to all who helped expose the clown. Yea, an ill-fitting uniform, wrong beret, beret looking like a ‘muffin top’. No problem passing off as an active duty officer. Right.
Now I guess we all know who the Master Chief is now. Yea, I’d advise them both stay clear. Great that the Lodge is taking care of it’s business as well. Funny that the MC groups don’t nearly as often. As for little Alex, a few weeks in boot camp do NOT make you a Marine, it makes you a Phoney Marine wanna be Poser.

A Proud Infidel

To everyone who made this happen, KUDOS, GOOD BOURBON, GOOD SCOTCH, GOOD BEER, AND A GREAT CIGAR!!!

A Proud Infidel

OH, AND GREAT FISHING TACKLE, Y’know I’m thinking about the important things first!!!


Jonn, any chance that you can name drop Bernath in the WABC thing? You know, he was a big shot reporter in NYC back before he attended Cambridge.


AW1 Tim is correct, he lied TWICE. We Masons take that quite seriously. He lied to gain admittance to a Lodge, and thats grounds nowadays for being kicked out, a hundred years ago, worse…


Standing-O to Jonn, MCPO NYC USN, and Oathkeeper!!!!

Well done, gentlemen!

That video was icing on the cake … the cake being the print article that mentioned that TAH somewhat had something to do with outing this poseur!

Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks Gregory Charles Banks



To all those who worked in this poser, well done!! Gregory Banks wanted attention. I hope he basks in the limelight he craved so desperately.

Just An Old Dog

This is what is supposed to happen to someone who makes such a public spectacle of being a poser. Widespread and public humiliation.
Looks like the Masons cut him off at the knees. If I were him I would be more worried about them shutting him down then the State.
Like someone pointed out above Masons are everywhere, and hold influence. They can be a good friend to have. Or they can serve you your ass on a platter.


No impact on the care of patients? What the fuck? Doesn’t moral standing have anything to do with some of the oaths health providers have to take? Serious question I don’t know. And who could look at it and not come away with the obviously sick behavior of being a PTSD counselor at the same time as completely fabricating a story about being wounded?

Also could someone fill me in on this Alex dweeb and how he fits into all of this?




Mutherfarking INTERSTATE LOVE SONG!!!!

Waiting on a Sunday afternoon
For what I read between the lines,
Your lies.
Feelin’ like a hand in rusted shame
So do you laugh or does it cry?
Leavin’ on a southern train
Only yesterday you lied,
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by,
All of these things you said to me.
Breathing is the hardest thing
To do. with all I’ve said and
All that’s dead for you,
You lied – good bye
Leavin’ on a southern train
Only yesterday you lied
Promises of what I seemed to be
Only watched the time go by,
All of these things I said to you.


@ Smoke Check …

“Also could someone fill me in on this Alex dweeb and how he fits into all of this?”

Alex was or is Banks’ 18 or 19 year old failed Marine PR Representative, who contacted me and attempted to conspire on the behalf of Banks to destroy evidence of a crime and or impede a possible criminal investigation.

When I told him I recorded the entire phone conversation, he went zanny crazy crying and popped right out of his evening gown!

He said, “you have just violated many federal laws … I never gave you permission … (or words to that effect)”

I hung up … laughing so hard!


HA! Hilarious. These Guys really do have a script they read from don’t they. And it never ceases to amaze me how they flock together. There’s got to be some secret network for them to find each other and trade their fake war stories.

Thanks for filling me in Master Chief.


Wait. It all makes sense now. The secret network has got to be motorcycle clubs. Seems like half the phonies exposed lately are somehow tied to one of these clubs. Gross.


Dude’s getting real famous real quick

Green Thumb

He asked for it.


GT: yep. As I said elsewhere: Banks is about to find out the hard way that being in the middle of an impact zone is NOT something you want to experience in person.

Especially if you’re the one who called in the fire on yourself by being an idiot.


Ah .. I feel like Sally Fields!

Old Trooper

@44: Alright, Navy, keep that shit to yourself!!


@ 45 … sorry!


Hey Greggee Boyee,

You had your chance!

You want to deliver those uniform items now?

Have Miss Alex call me!

I won’t record the conversation this time!



Okay, so will we mere mortals who don’t live in New Yawk get to see the interview at some point? ‘Cause if it isn’t local, I won’t get it at all.

Banks, banks, banks, you dumb, stump-sucking nitwit. All you had to do was avoid the fake army crap and none of this would have happened.

Wee Alex will probably go into hiding now.


ALCON – Just received word that WABC is airing at a later date due to a news logjam today.

Will advise future air date when able.

Meanwhile, this thing has gone coast-to-coast with Fox, CBS, and ABC affiliates.


Thanks Oath.

Stars and Stripes was awesome sause with Irish whiskey on top!

Truth be told: the editors at Stars and Stripes monitors TAH along with many other news outlets.

It is rumored that TAH is amoung the most closely watched blogs world wwide.

NASA recently reported, there has been an interesting thing going on in space. Most space aliens read everythging at TAH!


#27 A Proud Infidel –

Tough choice for me – Four Roses or Woodford Reserve Bourbon….the cigar is the easy part and then I might add my new favorite stout, Bourbon County…..OMG is that good!

The post above, hard work by Master Chief, Oathkeeper and Jonn along with the exceptional group of veterans and interested parties herein gives me hope that all is not lost.

God Bless us all!


Oh sh!t Greggee Boyee,

The blog super computer thingy picked up your story ….

You are now WORLD WIDE NEWS!