Peter Lawler; phony Beirut Marine/sex offender

| February 2, 2014

Peter Lawler

Scotty sends us his work on Peter Lawler also known as Pedro Lawler and Pedro Miranda who pretends that he was a Marine at the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983. Of course, he’s not;

Peter Lawler FOIA

What he is, actually, is a sex offender;

Peter Lawler Sex Offender

He even skipped out of prison and went on the run when his fellow criminals reported to prison officials that they saw him talking to a 17-year-old girl (who was apparently and rightfully “creeped out” by Lawler according to local news;

Mahoney says that Lawler allegedly made contact with a 17-year-old female while out during a volunteer program. He did not make any advances but he asked if he could see her again. The female reportedly told authorities Lawler creeped her out.

Other inmates learned of this, and Dane County deputies were alerted. Speaking with the 17-year-old is a violation of Lawler’s parole. When Lawler found out that deputies were about to speak with him on the matter, he fled from his dorm door.

It looks like he was on the loose for about 14 hours. I hope it was worth it, Peedro (intentional misspelling).

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Just An Old Dog

Pedo Lawler is known for using an alias. Dollar to a donut Mizz Warner is him.

Just An Old Dog

Jesus tapdancing Christ… This guy is lower than Whale Shit. Susie G Warner is no doubt a victim of this piece of shit.

A Proud Infidel

Susan, if you’re not pedo-scum’s sock puppet, you’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and being his enabler! I’ve been there, done that overseas, tested positive for TBI, and I’ve NEVER done any of the shit your pet perv has, TBI and PTSD are NO EXCUSE!!


@Chip: Gregory Charles Banks has some disturbing indicators that may yet prove him a pedo as well as phony. Stiff competition this year!


Here’s the deal, gentlemen: we can try to find some of the survivors of the Beirut bombing and ask them if they remember this asswipe.

Those people would be, among others (with their rank at the time):

SSGT Randy Gaddo, who shot a lot of the photos in the aftermath of the bombing
LCPL Thurnell Shields
Glenn Dolphin, also shooting a lot of the phots after the bombing
SSGt Robert Kline
Bill Fley
Mike toma
LCPL Jeff Nashton, who was rendered blind and nearly deaf by the blast
LCPL John L’Heureaux

And last, but certainly not least, GSgt Richard L. Ray (Ret), who I am quite sure would remember whether or not this scumbag lawler was anywhere within 1000 miles of the bombing.

My advice to Susan Warner is to put as much distance between you and this maggot as you can, and as fast as you can. Just get a no-fault divorce and learn your lesson. These people pray on the weak, the lonely and the helpless. Your cat is a better companion for you than lawler, who is nothing but the scum of the earth.


@55 Ex-PH2 – SSgt (retired as a CWO-4) Gaddo is one of the Marines I emailed (see @38). He is the Founding Vice President of the Beirut Veterans of America. Hoping to hear from him soon.


Marine__7002,I would ENJOY CWO Gaddo’s response to lawler’s claims. Thoroughly enjoy it.

I would love to shoot pix at a meet and greet, also.


From the first screen capture on Scotty’s page:

“I was with 3rd Mar Div at Lejeune…”

WRONG. 3rd Mar Div has always been on the West Coast. 2nd Mar Div is at Camp Lejeune.

“…then I got sent to the Wingers at Cherry Point.”

In 21 years I NEVER heard any Marine Aviation units referred to as “Wingers.”

In the third screen capture down, he lists one of the places he lived as “MCAGCC Marine Corps Base” in October 1983. The bombing in Beirut OCCURRED in October 1983. Where the fuck were you REALLY in October 1983, Peedro?

“Just an office poogie 0431/Embark/Logistics Clerk!”

Whutinthehell is a “poogie”? Peedro, you tryin’ to say “POG”? “Pogue”? THIS is what a “poogie” is:

As for those photos purporting to be him: in the screen capture from his Facebook page, on Scotty’s page above the photo at the bottom, he says about the explosion:

“I don’t remember the sound of the explosion. It blew one of my boots clean off. I broke my collarbone and burned my hands and left side of my face.”

More unadulterated bullshit. If he had broken a collarbone, he wouldn’t have been able to help to carry a body bag or lift debris, nor would he have been able to wear a flak jacket. Oh, and where are the burns on his face? That particular Marine in the photo sure doesn’t have any burns on his.

And finally, he says,

“Even still, I waa [sic} part of Black Friday relief efforts.”

Peedro, WTF are you talking about? The bombing occurred on a SUNDAY.

Pure, unadulterted, heap-o’-steaming bullshit. Susan (if you really exist), you’re either exceptionally naive to believe all his garbage, or (as mentioned above) you’re just a sockpuppet. Or maybe you ARE him. Doesn’t matter, Peedro is a fraud, plain and simple.


@57 Ex-PH2: I’m hoping he stops by here and pays us a (virtual) visit. The Association just had a 30th Anniversary Rememberance at Camp Lejune, you might want to keep an eye on their web page for future events.


Pound him, Marine__7002.

Pound him the same way I pounded bernastypants – mercilessly.


@60 Ex-PH2 and Marine_7002…..

Oh no. Not another masturbation thread…..:-D


ChipNASA, this may be a poopsterbation thread.


Just a thought, but I am not buying victimhood for all the womens who defend these creeps. Sure, some are duped by the antics and I have much sympathy for those few. But, for most, they either know or should know what they are dealing with and willingly bought into the lies.


OWB, I agree, but I’m willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt.

Old Trooper

@27: Susan, I live in Minnesota, in the metro area, and if you would like to meet and bring his DD214, we can take care of this quick, fast, and in a hurry. We can meet at my Legion Post and have a Marine go over his DD214, because I was Army and don’t understand some of the Marine nomenclature they use to identify things. I know several Marines that were in at that time, as well as being Desert Storm Vets, so they would know the details that I probably wouldn’t (one is a retired LTC).

It’s up to you, but if you are really who you say you are, then it would be a good start to get this cleared up.

Just An Old Dog

Folks I am almost 100% certain that Susie G Warner was manipulated this piece of shit and is completely devastated by his actions. I have a very good reason to believe this, I think Valkyrie would agree with me on this, as I showed her some pretty damning evidence.


OldDog, it’s extremely difficult to admit that you’ve been had by a con man, especially when the reality is more devastating than the fantasy.

Think about all those people who trusted Bernie Madoff with every cent they had put away for retirement and will never get it back. Most of them, even now, still have some form of denial going on, thinking that they’ll EVER get back what they lost.

I’d have to assign the same mindset to Susan Warner, (unless she’s being sock puppeted by this scumslurper, which I doubt), mostly because he’s probably the ONLY guy who ever really sweet-talked her about anything. I would also bet money she gave him HER social security number to get a job.

Snap out of it, Susan. You’ve been had.

Green Thumb


Pond him the way Commander Monkress pounds the American taxpayer.

Also, is this pedophile old enough to have been in Beriut?


@68 Green Thumb,

According to this perp’s sex offender page at Scotty’s. He was 48 back in 2005.


@68 Green Thumb,


However, Scotty has screen-grabs of his former Facebook page claiming that he graduated high school back in 1981. Moreover, his information on Intelius claims he is currently 50 years of age, which jives with the high school graduation and approximate age/time with the Beirut timeline.


Ex-PH2@55, I know a Beirut survivor. Let me hit him up. I take offense against Beirut posers since a buddy of mine, another radio repairman died in the bombing.


Same reason I went after bernastypants. Nail this bastard to the wall, Hack.


No DD-214 yet?

I’m not surprised.

@60 Ex-PH2 and @61 Chip: Yeah, I’ll keep pounding him, but not in the manner that involves “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” 😀

A Proud Infidel

HAPPY curbstomping, Marine_7002, rip him Like Ex-PH2 did the phony Chief!!


Still waiting for that DD-214. *crickets*

Still waiting for a plausible explanation (that doesn’t exist) of all the lies and inconsistencies Pee-dro has come up with.



Piss drinker.

Combat Historian

…and the crickets go “chirp chirp” “chirp chirp”…


He’s having Black Friday flashbacks. He wants the 50″ big screen so bad, but the crowd of angry EBT card holders keeps stampeding over him. From his position on the floor, he briefly catches an upskirt view of a 14 year old. Fat chick coming his way….Oops! There went his collarbone…OUCH!


Susan G Warner you are a moron … your Facebook is all telling!

Peter Lawler also known as Pedro Lawler and Pedro Miranda you are a moron as well.

I was in Beirut … you were not!

Green Thumb

This maggot claims PTSD. And he might be correct.

PTSD: Physically Touching Schoolboy Deficiency.



Still no DD-214 *the chorus of crickets gets louder*


If only tarring and feathering were still in vogue….


“Was two.two clicks from blast. All I remember was feeling a hot air shove on my back. No noise. I don’t remember the sound of the explosion. It blew one of my boots clean off. I broke my collar bone and burned my hands and left side of my face.” — Pedro Antonio Lawler

All of that from being over 2,000 meters away from the blast?


This sleazoid creeps me out.

Old Trooper

Susan G Warner: My offer still stands. We can meet at my Legion Post and go over the DD 214 and clear this matter up. That you have not responded to my previous offer (#65) tells me that you don’t want to clear this up properly. Why?


@83 thebesig, he was referring to an excessive load of industrial strength hydrogen sulfide, which exploded in his pants and went right up the back of his shirt.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

@83 he meant two clicks of the ruby red slipper heels, so he was stateside when the thing went off…with all due respect to his woman it’s hard to disparage the character of a sex offender…sex offenders with teenagers usually all tell the same story Ms. Warner, that they were somehow victimized by a liar….in the one case where I know that to be true there was evidence in court in the form of a fake drivers license, resulting in the defendant being released on the spot and the young lady being charged with misdemeanor possession of false documents…in no other case was any such evidence presented and in those involving chat lines, well usually some form of meeting gets set up to make an actual case that can be prosecuted. Otherwise it’s really difficult to prove there was ever going to be a crime if it doesn’t advance beyond words on a computer screen…

Green thumb


“And claiming that he was a Beruit veteran…a turd of the lowest, smelliest, worthless kind.”

I am in awe of the descriptive qualities of this statement.


It’s true. He does offend sex.

Oh, that is SO bad. Sorry, one and all.

Just An Old Dog

There is no DD214 and no response from Susie G Warner because she probably found out she was duped. There is really a special place in hell for this guy for what he did to her,

Green Thumb

Keep your pants up, folks.


Old Dog: I think I’d have a bit more empathy for Susan if she had come in here with a “Hey, what is going on here?” attitude. I would have even understood if she’d presented her side of the story and stood up for him a bit, as long as she did it with a bit of respect. Instead, she came in here with guns blazing, being a ‘white knight’ for Lawler.

“Sempe Fi my ass boys. That’s all you are. School yard bullies.”

And now that she’s probably found out what a POS he REALLY is, she doesn’t even come back to acknowledge that we were right. I wasn’t expecting her to…not with that attitude…but my drill instructors told me to find “sympathy” in the dictionary between “shit” and “syphilis”, and that’s all she’s going to get from me as long as she remains silent.

DD-214? *crickets*


Another day, another 24 hours of crickets chirping.


Still nothing *chirp chirp chirp*.

I’m one of those sociopaths who don’t have a facebook account, can someone check his account(s) and see if he’s still rocking those lies?


@94 Marine_7002…from Scotty’s page it looks like the Facebook pages have been deleted BUT he’s still rocking the lie in his twitter account

” Hi I’m Peter, I sing play guitar and I’m a USMC combat veteran. I’m available weekdays and evenings to geach guitar at my location. brooklyn center, mn .”

Pintrest account still rocking the lie

Pedro Lawler

i am a USMC veteran, I sing play guitar. I suffer from PTSD, but through the help of family and a few close friends have come out of the darkness, thanks also to music…..



Marine_7002: today’s politically-correct preferred version of the old phrase you used in comment 92 is “between manure and venereal disease”. (smile)


@95 Chip: thanks for checking. Those Purple Heart hats need to be ripped off his ugly misshapen gourd and given a decent burial. He’s defiled them.

@96 Hondo: or as my Yooper friends would say, “Dat ‘tween ‘nure and da clap!”

Yeah, you’re right. Just doesn’t have the same alliterative ring, nicht wahr?


Still nothing from Susan. *crickets* And Pee-dro still has his “USMC Veteran” claim on Pintrest.

Guess he can’t remember where he posted all his bullshit lies.


Wow, just wow. I know there are guards and ex-cons lurking, so please back me up if the trolls come out. I was a closet junkie for many years, always blessed enough with ways to cover it. Then it all blew up, with me being the only one surprised. While waiting on a lawyer who was related, a public defender got a hold of me. I knew he wasn’t assigned to me but whatever. He felt the infantry, peace time Panama, and using drugs down there would be my ticket out. Enter my real lawyer. He pointed out I was a buzz-hound LONG before I joined, my only genuinely dangerous bouts in country were due to copping hard stuff out in the boonies, and my good conduct medal was more a bone from heaven than anything I ever did. When you are busted, cold busted, man up or suffer the extra consequences. It turns out my judge was a fellow vet. Had I blamed the military, claimed anything that wasn’t true (they waited for St. Louis to send my records before sentencing) and dodged personal responsibility in any way, he would of CRUSHED me. Luckily my counsel was sound and I got a lot less than I deserved. Oddly enough, the only fellow addicts I know who are still clean are mostly vets. They are proud that they drove trucks, strung commo, whatever. Now, what is really going to get everyone’s blood boiling is some states and commonwealths view his kind as a sickness that makes them criminals. They get sent to a separate SCI so us “real criminals” can’t get at them. If you catch me in the right mood, I may agree addiction is an illness. That being said, I am even more responsible for my actions and how I deal with the “disease”. The reason I am posting all this here is because while I was sitting in the county, waiting to go to court, there was a cop there who was also a guy I knew from high school. I never cared much for him, nor… Read more »


Pee-dro took down his Pintrest account. His Twitter account still says he is a USMC veteran.

Nothing from Susan, of course.

This turd is so lame that I don’t think he’ll even make the “Shameful 64” for the Tournament.