Cody Stermer; X-box commando

| December 27, 2013

Cody Stermer

Scotty’s FOIA Machine strikes again, this time with Cody Stermer, seen in his authorized uniform above. Cody claims to be a Warrant Officer in the Army, and he’s a helicopter pilot, in his mind.

To prove it, he wears some video game dog tags. Totally legit. However, the National Personnel Records Center says “Who?” And AKO agrees with them.

Cody Stermer FOIA

Scotty has been cranking out these phonies at neck-breaking speed, but I think that it’s because the log jam at NPRC after the government shutdown has been broken.

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Do they get credit for doing their job? No, they just don’t get reamed out by the Station Commander. They really end up on the shit list if they get a kid to enlist, but then he refuses to ship. Better to roll a donut up front than to have a dropped shipment.


Marine–it goes back and forth, just like the “scoring” of recruits. When I was in, it went from shipping until actually graduating boot because so many were copping to wild shit at MOT.

Personally, I think that’s the way it should be. Put someone in you think will fit and succeed, not just because you (or the station, or the District) need to make goal that month.


Hack–precisely. Cause you then have to make up that body you lost.

And of course, it was amazing how many times I got reamed by the Zone Sups, Chief Recruiter, et al, because “I lost” a nuke when the kid failed to ship, despite everyone from the CO on down telling the bag recruiters to keep in touch with their DEPpers. I was 200 miles away, they were 10. But I guess I was easier to blame since my office was right down the hall.


I was recruiting out in the Midwest. The SNCOIC was the biggest dick ever to wear a Marine Corps uniform. He was the epitome of the stereotypical sleazy recruiter. If I had to describe him, I would say think of Mr. Burns on The Simpsons. Short bald, and a pointy nose. Dumber than a box of rocks, too, but he liked to remind me that he was a GySgt. Good for him, I eventually became a GySgt. He lied to the kids, he lied to the parents, he lied to the recruiters and he lied to the Command. If I had a gun while I was out there, I would have shot him. No shit. My only consolation is that he was eventually relieved, and he and the Marine Corps parted ways, before he was eligible for retirement.


Maybe Cody Steamer (see what I did there?) can contact that Chinese guy that was selling enlistments to Chinese immigrants. He may meet their mental, moral and physical standards.

Frankly Opinionated

As I suspected, the e-mail used by Taylee-A in comment #300, does not exist. But who would expect a total zero, fraud like Cody Stermer to have anything but frauds for friends. Whether it was him, as a sockpuppet, of one of his zeroes is unimportant. They are all useless.


All of you are still going on with this shit. You guys made my conclusion even more true. Get on with your lives. Yiu are still picking on a kid and that’s just sad. This is what’s wrong with the internet these would never say the stuff to a person but you will post it on a internet. Also messing with someone’s legal actions is just down low and disrespectful in all ways especially when its not about you.

Green Thumb

Stermer strikes me as hanging with Nathan SEAL.


Taylee-A: you’re entitled to your opinion, ludicrous as it might be. We’re entitled to ours.

I think I speak for the majority here when I cordially invite you to watch this very much NSFW video clip until you “get it”. It contains our heartfelt wishes for both you and jerks like Stermer.

Green Thumb

Stermer’s other buddy.


@359–this from the dumb twat who won’t put up a legit e-mail address.

Projection–you’re doing it pretty well, actually.

Virtual Insanity


He isn’t a kid. He’s a full-grown liar and poser.

I’d happily tell him to his face, but I doubt he’ll be leaving Arizona any time soon.

Out of curiosity, how do you think we should be putting an end to his pretense at military valor, as well as his claims to be a cop?


@359 Taylee, i.e. Cody – picking on a KID? You’re 23 years old. You are (or are SUPPOSED to be) a grown man. Maybe if you had started acting like one before you committed that felony, you’d get some respect. I had many, many 18-year-old Marines who worked for me who had more maturity and intelligence in their little finger than you’ll ever have. Whine all you want, it’s not going to stop us.

As for “messing with someone’s legal actions” – bullshit. You got YOURSELF in all that deep legal shit long, long before Scotty and us learned about your silly little wannabee playacting, pretending to be the soldier that you know you can never be.

Can’t walk that cat back, bud. Deal with it. Don’t blame us for the fact that you got yourself neck-deep in shit.


I would say it to his face, but I wouldn’t want to get contaminated when those zits start erupting. I bet Cootie Steamer is one of those minimum wage dumb asses that takes a picture of himself messing with the food, then placing the photo online.

frankly opinionated

I think that there is a very good chance that Tay Tay is either Cody’s mother or grandmother, continuing as she has been doing all his life- covering his screwups, trying to help him to unfuck himself, as he careens through life with only himself in mind. Whoever this douche Tay Tay is; one thing is plain- Truth or honor is not a part of the makeup of this person.
Cody Stermer do you not realize that each of these stupid comments by you and/or your supporters only goes to help embed your name in the cyber granite that is the Altar of St. Goooogle. You are achieving a level of fame that even you didn’t expect.



If you are his mother or grandmother, as suggested above, then know this: covering for little Cody and protecting him from the consequences of his own decisions has stunted his growth. He is not a “kid” anymore by our standards.

By the time I was his age, I was in charge of billions of dollars worth of government assets. One screw up from me when I was his age could have wiped out thousands of lives, and made the city of Norfolk into a ghost town.

Others here led men into battle when they were 23, or saved the lives of disaster victims when they were 23, or had to write rather unpleasant letters home to the families of their fallen comrades that died when they were 23. When we were Cody’s age, most of us had already been doing those things for five years. Cody who still lives with his fucking mom, who spends time stealing other people’s property, and pretends that he’s a goddamned war hero on the internet. Cody, who cannot even handle the small level of personal responsibility required to be a productive citizen.

He’s using the blood of my brothers and sisters to exploit the kindness of strangers in order to earn himself free stuff, and I want that shit stopped this very instant. I would say all this and more to his face, and be willing to take it further if he wished. But on the internet, ridicule is all I have.

Stand by, Taylee-A. This is not the end.

Virtual Insanity

Oh, and TayTer, take a look at my picture in the Member’s Gallery.

At 23 I was a leader of the type of men Cody claimed to be.

You think his bullsh!t shouldn’t piss me off?


Oh, yeah, Tay Tay. We really care what someone who expects of us that which you do not expect from the “kid” might think. Sure. Like that approach is gonna work. (With anyone.)


Hondo figures it’s him (again), see #310. Makes sense, since the dumbass has a propensity for sock-puppeting, instead of having the gonads to post that shit under his real name.


Last “Taylee-A” comment was indeed also from a Verison Wireless IP in Phoenix, AZ – just like the previous “Taylee-A” comments. Either it’s a sockpuppet or (based on other info transmitted by the device) it appears that Stermer has used the same device to comment elsewhere. However, the “Taylee-A” persona seems to be the only persona using that device and broadcasting from that class C IP network commenting here at TAH. All comments at TAH from that class C network and/or device seem to be to this article.

IMO, it’s either another Stermer sockpuppet or he’s having someone use a smartphone that he’s used elsewhere to comment here on his behalf. I’m guessing it’s just another sockpuppet, but there’s a chance I’m wrong and he’s got a accomplice (willing or unwitting) in his sh!tbaggery.


Makes no dif to me if it is him, one of his alteregos, or a sockpuppet. My reaction is the same – the opinion of a low life fool is simply of no consequence.

The only function this idiot serves here is as a punching bag, one which apparently he has willingly accepted. That alone proves his defectiveness as a human being.

2/17 Air Cav

He’s just a punk and a felon. His future is written. He is relegated to the junkheap of humanity. At one point in his life–likely when he was a baby or a toddler–he had potential. Now it’s ‘woulda, coulda, and shoulda.’ He probably deludes himself into thinking that ‘tomorrow’ things will be different. They won’t be. So, for me, I’m done with this guy. Throw him on the pile. Next.


His ex girlfriends name is Taylor, I just realized this. I sent her an email right before I took it all to court trying to convince her that he isn’t what she thinks he is. Back then she was crying and scared, but a few days later we had heard that she went back to him because he would never lie to her… Yea. Right. It might be her or it might be him and that’s the only name he could think of. I’m not sure, when I talked to her she hadn’t heard from him in weeks yet he was telling everyone that she was pregnant and that they were engaged. Which wasnt true obviously. But if it is her then I hope she really reads this and finally figures it out herself.


For a person who says they have a restraining order and say they want nothing to do with him yiu do say alot about him. It must be that young live that still have feelings


You know for a person who has a restraining order on this guy you certainly talk about him alot. That must be that young feelings coming. If you have a restraining order that means you want nothing to do with him. That also means commenting about him


Uh, Tay Tay? You rank among the willfully ignorant.

Whatever. Please take your silly soap opera elsewhere.


@376–And yet you’re still here, talking crap of which you know nothing.

Scooter, you should feel honored you’re among your betters. Sit back and remain silent and watch. You might learn something. Probably not, but you never know.


This Steamer shit head is a total fOOking mess! Telling ya!


“Taylee”, you’re so full of shit that your eyes are turning brown. Nothing in a restraining order prevents the person who obtained it from telling other people that the restrainee is a turd and a liar.

Methinks this is the first we’ve heard about an RO being on Steamin’ Stermer. Just what exactly did S’S do that required an RO? Please, do tell. And while you’re at it, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re so intent on supporting a convicted felon who lies through his teeth and has spent almost five years on probation, with the prospect of going to jail. Are your standards really that low?

E-6 type, 1 ea

Stolen Valor Tournament name time.

My vote:

Cody “The Cleveland” Steamer

OIF '06-'07-08

@382, it would be a dead tie between Cody Stermer and William Church, but just think, we still have six more months to go.

Frankly Opinionated

Taylee is a tool. As “Marine_7002″ asked:
” Are your standards really that low?”
Is this criminal, lying piece of shit, really the best you can do? Did he not tell you at one time that he was former or present military? If so, do you not hold your acquaintances to a higher standard?
“Pathetic” sort of describes it.


Tay Tay and Cody the Poopchute Diddler.

OIF '06-'07-'08

@384, something tells me that Taylee is suffering from a major case of “Bad Boy Complex”. I have seen these types of women throughout the years, and for those that are now in their middle-ages and even older, have no happiness in life at all.

Tay-Tay’s day will come when she will regret ever knowing Cody, but that is a lesson in life that she will have to learn the hard way. You cannot reach these types of women period. I know this from personnel experience. My mother was this way for as long as I can remember.

OIF '06-'07-'08

As an edit to my above post. This complex is known in the mental heath field as the “Messiah Complex”.


The minutes for dipshit’s latest probation hearing are posted at

He admitted to a violation of Condition 15a of his probation, which appears to be related to the restitution, fines, and/or fees he has to pay. His disposition hearing is set for Feb 27.

Obviously, S’S is continuing his delinquent ways by not paying up as the court has ordered.


Green Thumb

I was travelling so I had a break in contact.

Is X-Box boy still running his semen sampler?


@389 GT
Mouth or ass GT?

Green Thumb


Ass would be a repository (which I expect it is).

Clone Wars Protestor aka HS Sophomore

@391—No, it appears he has gone to ground for now. Unfortunate—that was kind of fun 🙂

A Proud Infidel

Meh, methinks he’s crawled back under his rock, not unlike a cockroach hiding under the refrigerator and waiting!


@302, 303,359 etc…

Gay Tay-Asshat, pole sitter. GFY.





He’s probably working his Xbox over time, figuring that he’ll be without it when the judge incarcerates him for his numerous probation violations and inability (or refusal) to pay his restitution.

Wonder if there’s an Xbox game that’ll prepare him for getting cornholed by his fellow inmates.


Marine_7002: dunno. But if there’s a Beavis and Butthead-themed game out there, he might want to try role-playing the “Cornholio” character.


Hondo: haveing him role-play “Cornholio” would solve a dilemma for me. I’d have trouble trying to figure out whether he would be better-suited to play Beavis, or Butthead.


Marine_7002: glad to help, amigo. (smile)

As to the dilemma, I might be able to help with that also. He’d have to be Beavis.

Butthead was the smart one. (smile)

Cody Stermer

I told you guys they won’t send me to prison. I know this state alot more then you guys know

Green Thumb

Still claiming to be a “Special Investigator” for the state?

You, half-man, are a coward and a shitbag.


OIF '06-'07-'08

Your still a liar and a poser, and just because you did not go to jail this time does not mean you won’t the next time.


Don’t worry, scooter. Sooner or later, you’ll fuck up bad enough or enough times that the courts will get tired of your shit and just stick your worthless lying ass in the slam so you can be Bubba’s bitch for a while.

I don’t need to be there to enjoy it, cause it know it’s about as certain as the sunrise you’ll be there soon enough.


‘Smatter, cody? Not getting enough attention these days?

You’re just a small fish in a big pond. We already breaded and fried you.

Would you like fries with that?


I do believe he’s not feeling the love. Poor little guy.

Cody Stermer

Why does everyone think I work for a fast food. I don’t I work for Verizon selling cell phones. The judge will never put me in the slammer. I’m not a community threat to go to prison


Maybe it’s that McDonald’s shirt you’re sporting? And scooter, selling cell phones? Seriously? I’m curious, does your current employer know you’re a bad boy, or did you “forget” to mention it? I bet they’d like to know, wouldn’t you agree?


Yep. Still lying. My mom said she saw him at Mcdonalds and I personally saw him at Arby’s 2 days ago. He’s not going anywhere… he just likes the attention hes been getting.


Verizon cell phone salesman…hahahahaha!Llama minge boy.

Green Thumb

I actually thought you worked as a Manhole Inspector.


You suck… coffee spurting through your nostril burns! LMFAO!!

A Proud Infidel

Cody, does your mommy even let you out long enough to make even one sale? Nd yeah, they’ll hire just about anyone to do sales, I think you got the sales job because someone realized you’re a bullshitter! And good bullshit artists usually make it as salesmen, but you’re only a halfassed bullshitter, and i think you’ll soon be asking your mommy for more advice!!