Cody Stermer; X-box commando

| December 27, 2013

Cody Stermer

Scotty’s FOIA Machine strikes again, this time with Cody Stermer, seen in his authorized uniform above. Cody claims to be a Warrant Officer in the Army, and he’s a helicopter pilot, in his mind.

To prove it, he wears some video game dog tags. Totally legit. However, the National Personnel Records Center says “Who?” And AKO agrees with them.

Cody Stermer FOIA

Scotty has been cranking out these phonies at neck-breaking speed, but I think that it’s because the log jam at NPRC after the government shutdown has been broken.

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The Lurker Formally Known as Curt

He “graduated in honors”…? His grammar are poop!


Green Thumb

WO1 AND a USAR Commission and he works at McDonalds?

Not knocking McDonalds at all, just his employment in that venue seems somewhat unlikely considering his professional background and skill sets.

But hey, who knows? He appears to be in a junior management position although I really do not know being that I have not been in McDonalds in years.


Logjam, indeed. The flood of turds that was backed up is now breaking loose.

The BDMSP Memorial Tournament might have to have quarterly qualifiers at this rate.


Sure has not taken long for all my holiday cheer to completely evaporate today! Between all thse damned posers, and the “viral” spreading of bogus stories and other idiocy on facebook…
Going to go take a break now, because people in general just suck.


Wonder how much longer until McDonald’s fires his ass for bringing discredit on the company he currently works for?


Dano–unlikely. They’ve got bigger burgers to fry, considering they just took down their incredibly useless company employee website–you know, the one that encourages them to NOT eat burgers and fries, but salads, or to give up the nanny and pool keeper to save a few bucks.

I wish I was kidding.


Scotty, you’re getting downright feverish in your pursuit of these blowhards.

Well, if Stermer’s this much of a jackass, someone at McDonald’s will see it and take him to task over it. Anyone who thinks his employer won’t look at something like this as a character defect is just plain stupid.

The worst part? Stermer has a couple of paper napkins with ketchup and mustard stuck on his arm, pretending that he’s ‘wounded’. Cheap trick. Try using the fake blood they use in prop shots, dimwit.

Green Thumb

Also, those appear to be some sort of ROTC or JROTC ribbons?

Any help?

NR Pax

I can’t believe how many candidates we have for the tournament already.


He said that he was supposed to be part of a super soldier program from Boeing’s base in Arizona? Someone watched “Universal Soldier.” 😀


This douchebag graduated high school with honors? Really? Can’t write worth a damn, can’t spell. Grammar is a foreign concept. Or perhaps this is situation normal for HS grads these days.

Xbox Bedwetter


Scotty the “Poser Disposer and Douchebag Exposer” has been really good this year.


I don’t see why more people try to fake being a CWO. Its such a niche, “elite” pay grade. We had a CWO3 in my department, and whatever he said fucking went. Officer and enlisted paid attention when he spoke. Outside of army helicopter pilots, CWO means so much time in rate that they had to invent extra pay grades to contain the knowledge.

You would think the fakers would take to it like flies on shit merely for the respect those pay grades receive in service.

Frankly Opinionated

Only a WO-1? Hell even Kyle Barwan claimed WO-2. This guy must have recycled his poser class and then got dropped.
And, on the phony warrant officer note; Our resident, repeat offender Kyle Barwan claimed, on Dec. 19th to be “headed out to a funeral De Oppresso Libre” for CWO3 Leo Jankowski.
Anyone know of a Warrant Officer by that name passing recently? I prayed at the altar of St. Goooooooogle and found no reference to that name.
“Barwan the Bullied”, sez: “For all of you that do what we do headed downrange… Damn Few!” What in hell ever that all means.

AW1 Tim


Anyone wanna bet all these guys will be stumbling over each other to see the new Walter Mitty movie? 🙂


His POF profile says that he has never been in a relationship or done anything with a woman other than talk. May be the only true statement he has ever made.


As I have stated, things have absolutely gotten worse on the phonies front.

Now it’s practically every day, and sometimes multiple times a day, that we read of yet another one claiming falsehoods about military background (or lack thereof).

You’d thunk in this internet age of ours phonies would know better, but obviously they don’t care.

Their narcissism and psychopathy trumps all common sense.

Green Thumb


“Their narcissism and psychopathy trumps all common sense.”

The Phildo and Paul (of the Ballsack).

How true.


On behalf of two CWO’s in my family, now deceased, I object to this nonsense. One of those CWO’s was my father, who spawned this retired SrNCO, and the other, his younger brother, who spawned a retired Marine officer.

Don’t EVEN try this crap around me!

(You CWO posers, consider yourselves on notice.)

A Proud Infidel

@16, 21Z, that could be the ONLY THING he’s told the truth about! Maybe he graduated from ” Short Bus Central” with honors in window licking, but that’s it!!


@11–sadly, it is. The local school district just abandoned letter (and failing) grades, all the way through high school. I wish I was kidding.


@21 Sad, truly sad. I had pneumonia in the fifth grade and missed so much they made me repeat it. It was hard at the time but in the long run was the best choice. Now, with “social promotion” and no failing grades, how do the truly excellent students stand out? Except for their own benefit in the long term for college. Locally we have this program called, “Pride Inside”. It is for all the loser ass wipe kids, with parents of the same cloth, who fail at everything. But you can still have pride inside for showing up, enough not to get kicked out that is. I cannot tell you how many bumper stickers there are for “Pride Inside”. They out number the “My Child Is An Honor Student”, 20 to 1, easy.


College and the real world will be a shock to these children.

A Proud Infidel

College, meh, but I think the real world will chew them up and spit them out before they even know what happened!


Not even college, PH2. After all, what better way to introduce the little snowflakes to the harsh reality of life by starting them off with a useless degree which only cost about $100-150K in debt to obtain?


Well, my own experience with these ‘special snowflakes’ is that they’re all illiterate.

Before I retired, when I was doing A/R with about 2500 monthly invoiced clients, I had no help with simple things like filing. So I told my boss I needed someone to just do the filing, because I couldn’t get caught up even if I went in on Saturdays.

He called a temp firm and they sent over this charming, darling, and very nice young lady who was unable to figure out what account numbers were, even if they were highlighted on invoices, and who made a complete mess out of my files.

She was quite reliable, she was a good little worker, and she had no clue about a simple alphanumeric client account system.

After three weeks, I sent her back to that agency and told them that, despite her alleged year in junior college, she didn’t understand the first thing about simple fiing and needed supervision – LOTS and LOTS of supervision.

And I thought, God help the company that gets her next. She was completely incompetent and couldn’t even sign her own name to a letter that she asked me to write up for her.

This is what our schools are turning out now? And I just found out that my state now has that wonderful communist-inspired Common Core curriculum, which not only distorts and rewrites history, but dumbs down the system until none of the students who go through it will stand a chance of getting into any college of any kind.

Now I know why my nephew is having my niece home school their kids. And I’m seeing that from other people, too.


@26 You are so right on this issue. Especially the “communist-inspired Common Core curriculum”. In Washington State the things they no longer teach are what I was learning in the fourth, fifth and sixth grade, i.e. Geography, US History, Civics and the beginnings of Social Studies. I talk with high school seniors who cannot tell you what country is north of America. Seriously. They cannot tell you what the three branches of government are or what the checks and balances system is. Leave out the whole (burns my butt) issue of NO literacy skills. The average senior reads at what for me was a sixth grade level. They cannot write a coherent sentence. Grammar is not taught at all. If I ask them what the subject and predicate of a sentence are they give me the most deer in the headlights, look you could imagine. Now, to the ones who do know all these things-they are the ones who have parents teaching them at home as well. They are perhaps receiving extra time with advanced tutors for the things left out in classes. They and their parents have the foresight to go out and get what the schools are leaving out. The schools teach to the lowest common denominator and believe me, that is pretty low. (P.S. Don’t bother asking them what the lowest common denominator is when reducing a fraction.)


Isn’t that the start of the illiterate serf class?

Geez, even ditchdiggers and teamsters, who drove six-up teams of horses in the 19th century, could read and write better than some of these kids coming out of schools now.

I don’t want to ‘feel good’ about myself. I want to be challenged. I don’t see that in these children.

But it does explain why they can’t read a map and rely on GPS prompts to find their way around.


@28 I know I am going on about the subject but it drives me to distraction. I look at the abbreviated text language they use and say, yep, that’s how their head is working inside about most issues. They take the path of least resistance. It is being taught that, as you said, it is more important to feel good about yourself, thank to excel at anything. Problem is, feeling good about myself doesn’t get me a job.

Green Thumb



A Proud Infidel

I have to agree wholeheartedly with you folks about today’s publik shcooolz edyookayshun system, which this boy is obviously a product of. He looks like the kind or Momma’s Boy that couldn’t even get laid in a Women’s Prison!

Green Thumb


Dude probably does not need school.

He looks like a local rent boy who gets his fair share of work.


johnny boy

This young man dreams big still lives in a fantasy world and sucks his mommies tits. He is the type of childonly a mother could love


Hey, GT, I get your point, but I think that if the douche Stermer was locked up with William “Bill” Blake of Bartlesville, Oklahoma (aka Zippy the Pinhead), that Bill Blake would be taking it up the poop chute, smiling all the while.

Bedwetters a pair.

Don H

@ 8. I can’t say for cettain that they are JROTC ribbons, but it is definately a JROTC shoulder patch he’s wearing, and most likely a JROTC beret flash as well If you’re gonna be a poser, you need to crop effectively . . .


This fool just wants to be famous. Maybe we should make him famous. I’m sharing this with all of my friends. Hopefully he gets what he always wanted.


Burger Flipper has moved up in the World. He now works at Arby’s instead of Mickey D’s. He’s been keeping me entertained on Twitter this morning. the normal Poser Tactic’s 101 in full force. First comes the claim that I photoshop his face on the uniforms. Then he claims that he has my IP# and I have felonies on my record. Then he claims someone hacked his computer & put all the false claims about him online.Now he is claiming that he is going to take me to court.I’m going to borrow my grandsons X-Box and meet him on the field of battle instead.

2/17 Air Cav

@36. “Then he claims that he has my IP# and I have felonies on my record.”

In poser world, you are a felon. Think of all the posers you’ve put an end to. Congrats.

Green Thumb



The usual poser SOPs.

The only exceptions I usually receive are the threats.

Green Thumb



The usual poser SOPs.

The only exceptions I usually receive are the threats.

Frankly Opinionated

@36. “Then he claims that he has my IP# and I have felonies on my record.”
Kyle the Crackhead Barwan told someone that he had me checked and found that I was a 17 or 18 year Ranger NCO thrown out of the Army and imprisoned for smuggling Pot, now out and on parole.
Anyone here ever hear me claim to be “Ranger”? Didn’t think so.
Anyone here know how to get a US Passport, US Passport Card, US TWIC Card, FL Concealed Carry Card, while a felon? Didn’t think so.
He told that person that my psuedonym is my real name, and that he has law enforcement coming after me. Anyone know anywhere I can hide out?


Just bring the dogs and their bowls, Frankie.


@41 Frankie I got you covered bud. Anytime, anywhere you need help! You always have a place here. (Don’t tell anyone…I am on the lam too so we can commiserate. :D)

Frankly Opinionated

@#42: Yep. Email on the way, on another topic.

Green Thumb


Bill Blake believes I am a homosexual in a wheelchair that is angry I cannot get paid.

No shit!

I cannot even make this stuff up.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

So wait a minute, flying a helicopter in Battlefield 4 doesn’t get you a warrant officer spot? If that’s the case that pimply faced geek at Gamespot is going to take a beating….I only bought it for the chance to call myself an Air Warrior….

Lots of warrant officers work extra hours at McDonalds…after all when you want to capitalize on that flight skill putting some burgers into a bun for minimum wage is a great payout on your investment….

Geez where do all these turds keeping floating out from these days?


Why don’t these guys shoot for top score?

I mean, come on, just a WO when you could go Infantry Weapons Officer (MOS 0306). Who wouldn’t want to pretend to be a Gunner! Them ones ain’t your average, run of the mill, everyone gots loads of em, type WO. Nope. Not. At. All.

Just think of the stories you could make up to go along with being a made up Gunner!


Oh, Cody, you stupid fucker. Maricopa County deputy now?

Seriously? Did you forget that impersonation of LEO’s is a FELONY in Arizona? And I’m sure Sheriff Joe takes a very dim view of someone pretending to be one of his boys.

Hope you like pink underwear. I get the feeling you do, though.


NHSparkey: not to mention the unlawful use of interstate telecommunications to harass and/or interfere with commerce. Federal law takes rather a dim view of that as well.

Sterner, you might want to quit while you’ve still got an ass to lose.


Yeah, well, in a perfect world other people who have been making those threats would be in jail now too, but I guess Maryland really doesn’t give a shit as to which laws they’ll enforce and which they won’t.

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