Earl Littman; phony SEAL & phony charity

| May 22, 2013

Don Shipley and Mary sent us a link to the Baltimore City Paper story about Earl Littman who claims to be a “World War II SEAL” and he’s trying to raise money for veterans with a 501(c)3 called “Back Our Vets“. The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be much about Back Our Vets on the internet. ANd, oh, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Littman wasn’t a SEAL, WWII-type or otherwise.

I asked Littman to send information about his non-profit, starting with its incorporation papers. He emailed me a week later saying the state of Texas had not yet sent those papers to him. (He also asked which of three linked videos looked and sounded best. In them, he appears with the Seals-only Special Warfare insignia (AKA “The Trident”) signifying his elite status. I picked the one in which he says:

“I was in Team 1 of the original Navy Seals…as a navy medic I experienced people falling down with wounds and some falling down forever.”

I asked Littman for his military discharge records, and also got no reply. I emailed him notice that VeriSeal had found no record of his alleged Seal service either. I expect no reply to that either.

Of course, his file isn’t available because the operations he participated in back in 1944 are still classified. The existence of the Enigma cipher machine was declassified in 1975, but Littman’s missions are still secret.

UPDATE: Mr. Littman did email back late last night:

The only possible way that you or anyone else can check my service record is to see if the Pentagon will release confidential and secret information on the 100 members of the “secret combat naked warriors” during the period of 1942 through the end of 1945. Upon discharge we were sworn to never tell for the rest of our lives; “what, when, where , why or how” we performed our duties. It was suggested we not try to stay in touch with one another as we might talk about our missions which was taboo.

Yeah, good luck with that, Earl.

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I’m not allowed to even discuss what I had for lunch, top secret sandwich…


Hookay…senility has kicked in big-time on this one.

And considering the term SEAL didn’t even exist until 1962, as most of ya’ll were already aware, yeah. No. Not even close.


Just went to his Facebook Page,

He is ON HIS KNEES, loving Obama and Hillary and Pelosi. This guy is a POS and I don’t even know his full story yet. Facebook page says he’s writing a book though, “The Arsenal Of Hope”. Perhaps after all these decades we will get the truth about the “secret combat naked warriors” of WWII. I think he watched “Inglorious Bastards” too many times.


“What I did is so secret, the doctors at the VA cannot even examine my stool sample without a clearance…”


@1 Just laughed coffee out my nose! Thanks.

B Woodman

Teh Stoopid is strong with this one.


Naked Warrior is my Native American name.* My spirit guide ironically is a bear wearing a tuxedo and tophat.

*I have as much as Monkress, so why not.


Okay, TSO–not that there’s anything wrong with that, provided you don’t shave your facial hair to look like one of the Village People and dance around the campfire in Yellowstone in assless chaps.


Well, now that it’s out in the open, I’m ready to come forward with the truth that I too was one of the “secret combat naked warriors”. Mr. Rogers, Bob Keegan, Lee Marvin and I tried to keep in touch over the years with Earl but he kept his oath faithfully. Rogers said it was because Earl still owed him $20 he lost in a secret naked poker game we had with Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt at Yalta, but, like all things regarding our unit, that card game never happened. Wink, wink.


While I was in Liberia in 1995, we heard tell of a General Buttnaked, who believed that fighting in the nude made him bullet proof. I have a feeling that the “Secret Naked Combat Warriors” may have been General Buttnakeds inspiration.

2/17 Air Cav

Well, for once someone at a newspaper other than Andy K. actually spent a few moments asking questions. Sealy the Magnificent couldn’t produce any bonafides for the reporter who also noted that BEFORE the SV Act was declared unconstitutional, a Houston paper ran a story on this guy and his ‘charity’ and buddy boy never mentioned the SEAL history he now claims. Funny how that works.


You can’t make this shit up…. Keyboard #4


You guys have to see his Youtube Video.. What a complete and utter asshat !


OK, I will reluctantly admit to having also been in that unit. What a relief it is to finally get that out in public!

Small matter that I hadn’t been born yet, but don’t get hung up on the details. Oh, and it’s all still very hush-hush because service with the Navy was forbidden in my family, so I cross trained immediately following that SEAL mission to the Air Force.

What do ya mean? Sure, the Air Force was secretly formed in 1944 but because of the secret squirrel nature of the missions it was not “officially” formed until later.

Makes about as much sense as the one this clown is putting out there!

Joe Williams

@13,Master Guns link Please Joe

El Marco

January 1, 1962, Navy SEAL Team #1 was put into operation. They didn’t exist prior to that, except as UDT. I am a product of the Arkansas public education system, but even a dumbass like me knows WWII ended in 1945……NOT 1962.


What a loon. Secret combat naked warriors indeed.

Combat Historian

I was once a “Secret Combat Naked Historian”, but the MPs arrested me for indecent exposure before I could go out on a mission…


@15, be careful what you wish for. Links to the loons youtube videos.


“Who is earl Littman”…. this guy is making his entry into the SVT easy.


So does this guy make it into this year’s tournament??

Looks like he’s really trying.


@8 NHSparky; chaps are, by definition, “assless”, otherwise they’d be called “pants.”


Another nut job. It is sad because a “buddy” of mine who passed away three years ago was the real deal…a Navy Frogman in WWII. In his honor, I hope this phony gets outed and his comeuppance.


MGySgtRet: ah, yes – ol’ General Butt Naked:


Interestingly enough, he seems to have “got religion” and reformed:


Veritas Omnia Vincit

“secret combat naked warriors”

I admit that I was a member of this esteemed group during the late ’70s….while stationed at Ft Benning we were spirited to Atlanta where we were required to spend an inordinate amount of time in discos listening to the Bee Gees while drinking cheap vodka tonics, after several hours of intelligence gathering in these locations we would then be required to escort women 10-15 years older than we were to their place of residence and spend the night while gathering as much information about their jobs, boring lives, and idiot ex-husbands and boyfriends as we could stomach. Some of these missions required extended stays in the homes of these women, returning to base exhausted, but well fed, and quite relaxed….some poor souls were seriously injured however when their intel missions were overwhelmed by a dangerous operative known only as a “plumper”….


Another real winner for sure… If brains were dynamite, he wouldn’t have enough to even blow his nose!! Now let me tell y’all about my time as an Apollo Mission Door Gunner, I was recruited right out of the nursery,… *OOP!*, that’s still highly classified…..


This guy is full of it. If he served at all, his records are either at NPRC or in archival storage (he may have left the service 62+ years ago). The Pentagon has nothing to do with releasing them; they’re governed under the FOIA.

My understanding is that the SEAL database is comprehensive for all BUD/S personnel – ever, including WW2 and Korea “Frogmen”. If VeriSeal has checked him out and said “NO”, that’s definitive enough for me.


@1 – too late. I broke your encryption code with my recently declassified “Secret Combat Naked Decoder Ring”.

Side note: You should stop eating those kind of sandwiches for lunch. They’ll kill you.


SHUUUUUHHHH! All I have to do is access a Zygorpian decoder one one of their Stealth Saucers at Area 51, and I’ve got what I want. I’m even posting this sans my tinfoil hat, and *PZZZZT!*,….. Hey, look, a Seagull!…..


Wow this guy is more secret squirrel than me and I’m so secret squirrel that my dog had to get a TS clearance before I could pet him.


I have already said too much………….


Secret Combat Naked Warriors

Sounds like pretty much every time I was in the PI. Yeah, there I was, dropping trou, San Miguel in one hand, tossing pesos off the Shit River Bridge in the other…it was hell, man. Pure hell.


Earl: “No, I don’t think I’ll ever get over Macho Grande.”


@33 Those wounds run…pretty deep.


Howie came unglued??

Oh no, Howie was a rock, the best tailgunner in the outfit. Buddy came unglued.


You might want to find out which nursing home he’s in, and check with the Supervisor. I think his medications need adjusting.


There’s stupid and then there’s ‘How f’n dumb do you think we are?’


Hmmmm. Both Texas and Virginia seem to be “one party” consent states with respect to taping telephone calls.


Perhaps Don Shipley will give this tool a call.


Okay I saw the Youtube video. I am coming out. I was a “secret naked ‘nam warrior”. We only spoke Klingon on missions. Airlifted out after every mission with no contact, except with other warriors. Our motto was from the old guys before us, “We don’t often fight as secret warriors but when we do, we fight naked. Stay naked my friends…and secret”.
This guy has the worst rug on his head I have seen in a while. Probably still keeping it hairless and naked, all over. I can’t believe the SEAL Trident he’s wearing in the video. But why not. An assclown like him looking for 2 cents would be expected to look like 2 cents. Stay naked…and secret.


Before we know it, he’ll be telling us about his secret missions in Paprika!


What does one do when the leave the Secret Combat Naked Warriors? They join the Naked Justice Squad:

And “You’re welcome” to those of you who’ve never seen this cartoon before.


Apparently math was not his best subject. On his FB page he claims that he was 19 in 1943, but he is now 86.


I thought Medics in the Navy were “Corpse Men”?


1944, huh? Okay, I haven’t read any of your informative comments yet, just the article, but let me say this up front:

He’s my age. He was born DURING OR AFTER World War II. WWII vets are in their 80s and 90s now. I ran into some a the DAV field VSO visit at Kenosha last July. One of them was in a wheelchair and was there with his son and grandchildren.

Further, the SEALs did not exist until Jack Kennedy made SEAL their designation in 1962. Before that, they were UDTs and were commonly called frogmen.

I went to Littman’s LinkdIn page: he looks rather young to claim to be 86. He’s closer to my age and he’s a lying, phony SOB. I wouldn’t believe him if he said there was a spider on my shoulder.

I’m done now. Any questinos.


In regard to secret naked combat warriors, I never applied for that position.

However, I did participate in training homeless homing pigeons during WWII and secretly transported top secret corned beef sandwiches from the Secret Squirrel Deli on 32nd and Whalen in Pensacola to the hidden bunkers where Roger Staubach was planning the next footballs games with the Pensacola Goshawks. But it’s all so secret, I can’t discuss it, other than to say I had to wear an astronaut’s spacesuit when I did it.


@40 – Infidel, how do you know about Paprikaland? That’s a SECRET!!!!

2/17 Air Cav

I heard from someone that I was once a furless secret squirrel but that I was forbidden, for life, to let myself in on what I did. If the veil of secrecy is ever lifted, I will tell myself. Until then, no.


NHSparky and Eggs (33&35) I needed a good laugh this morning.

And he bailed out?

No. Andy hung tough. Buddy bailed out. How he survived, it was a miracle.


Why is an image of a furless squirrel wearing a veil now stuck in the frontal lobes? “Top Secret” may be stamped across the backside of said squirrel.